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Drama Free Steel City

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08:22 PM ET (US)
wassup Pfunk . . how have you been?


as for rating. . shit has been a bit wacky and weird

I got ebola --green bags --they were 7/10 for about 10 days . . now they are a 4/10 . . still not bad for the price of 5 a bag . . but I woud rather spend 6-8 bux on something better

getting blue preprint Focus bags. . they are decent and nicely packed. .they are right around a 5- 5.5/10 . .this is my overall rating too. so some may think they are a little better then a 5 or 5.5. . the price is not bad for buns of these either. . but it aint 5 bux for singles. . lol

I been trying to buy up the rest of the PASSIONS . . there are 2 kinds. . both are fire. . both have that nice light blue stamp on a white glassine. . these are normal jersey bags that we all love. .
the only difference is one of them have small lips and say passion. . the others just say passion. . both are a solid 6!

ive had some other pre-prints called KISS ME for awhile. . price is pretty normal on these. . these seem to keep me off sick for extended periods, however; they don't have that hard of a rush unless I am maxing out. . they do get me nodding though. . I would give them a solid above average. but below a 6/10 . . not bad at all

I might make a small list of the others that I have tried and either there wasn't a lot of them. . or they were from someone that doesn't really push out a lot. . . but I really haven't had any garbage for some time. . the worst I have had has been some raw (actually scramble) here and there that has been cut too much, or cut wrong all together and were dirty. and just stuff I didn't like. . ill post them up later. .

Technical User
08:09 PM ET (US)
hey stampchamp , or anyone that knows me. . can you send me the link to the other board. . something happened with my Yahoo account and I cant even remember the address . . LoL . . . whoever can send it to my Hotmail account

Technical User

PS. . I do got some reviews for here, coming in a few minutes
04:53 PM ET (US)
No way to get u to the new site otherwise
12:05 PM ET (US)
Onemorethatsit u got email?
PFunkPerson was signed in when posted
07:54 PM ET (US)
I'm looking for a person looking to share a trip out west or possibly someone that knows people in Jersey. Reply with e-mail. The right person could really come up and definitely be taken care of first class all the way!!
06:30 AM ET (US)
I just looked bk a few pages and seen the lion king review guess I'm gonna grrab some will post my pers opine of them a little later I tried to c if someone would email me new board link but nothing was n my box so that's why I'm still here tryin to help people not od or waste money and all that cool junkwell peace out and b safe
08:20 PM ET (US)
Hey there just wanted to give a review then ask a ? First the ? Anyone out there do any lion kings would appreciate if someone could tell me what's up wit them.well here my review for th e
whole smeal baseballs were great blue writin and wht bag filled about a 7 big and the quality was a high 6 maybe a low 7 was h@ppy lol next ones marvelous purple ink wht bag about a 5 just normal wethey were filled well and some weren't then high times green ink with a marjuana leaf were the same as marvelous and the hot sauce red ink with a chili pepper about a low 6 on qual and on amt were filled soso like a 6 so there ya got it
Shooter Rich
07:27 AM ET (US)
Anybody tried or heard of (American-Thunder)? or (Ready or not's)?
Shooter Rich
07:12 AM ET (US)
Another good batch going around right now called (Power-Hour) and (Power-House) same shit diffrent stamp thsts all there kill as fuck my buddy od'd 2 nights in a row off them boys and olny did 4 the firdt night fell right on his face soon as he pulled the plug out be carefull he fell back out the next day on 2 and a couple scrapes thats it im glad i was there you know he usually does a bun shot twice a day so whats that tell you theres alot of them going around southside carrick homestead power hour is a purple pre-print with a gorilla lifting weights and pwer house is green preprint with guy has a firework light in his hand (becarefull with these)
Shooter Rich
07:03 AM ET (US)
(RX-360) red pre print are flame id give them a hard 7 size is nice and rush is amazing there a lil better then them blue (LEXUS) them were fire too ;exus is white dope 360's are a off grey coloul like so,e good raw there not beat up bad at all. If you come across either there worth the doe 360 a bic but hey its good dope!
PFunkPerson was signed in when posted
09:10 PM ET (US)
Anyone looking to share a ride to Arizona and possibly S. California. Post reply. Serious individuals only.
Deleted by author 02-09-2015 05:47 PM
09:32 AM ET (US)
Never mind South hills guy. If you rated Ciroc at 6 you are either a baby at doing dope or just don't underst the rating system.
Edited 02-09-2015 09:33 AM
Deleted by author 02-09-2015 08:36 PM
southhill guy
04:34 PM ET (US)
What I've seen is iron man white bag blue stamp 6.5
Ciroc white bag blue stamp 6.0
Young money white bag red stamp 7
Then theres been these purple checkers complete junk
11:37 PM ET (US)
Hey just got back to the burg and need a tour guide willing to party and pay for the pleasure. Email me at hellboy.williamsburg AT gmail dot com. Im legit and if you know what my email address means please contact me i am looking for my friend from brooklyn. We lost touch want him to know i am ok and back home in pgh.

So far i found these mojos with maroon stamp in a thin skinny bag. Would put them at an 4/10. And supermans red on white. 6/10

Thanks and happy hunting!
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