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Drama Free Steel City

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ptown dope
04:28 PM ET (US)
Well Long time since last post...
Here is the situation in Paterson... So a month or 2 ago the people putting out the "blue stamp" got popped. the blue stamp ppl always put out consistant fire never had to ask what stamp it was, never had to worry. it was always 6.5 or better.

Now paterson is back to the usual roll the dice and pray for fire days...

I can put a huge list of stamps i got but i figure anything over a week is irrelevant.

Pedigree (purple stamp) -- FIRE --
Quality: 6.5
Quantity: 5.5
This shit, white flaky. and was amazing. very happy about it

Dead End (blue).
Quality: 6
Quantity 6
White Flaky and very good too

Blue Label (blue)
Quality: 4
Quantity 3
Pretty weak shit. tiny bags... shit overall (white flaky dope -- mixed cloudy which is odd)

Kill Zone (purple)
Quality 6
quantity 5
Good white flaky.

Blank white bags (no stamp)
Quality 5
Quantity 8
SUPER HUGE... Brown Powder. but the size made this shit pretty good! $40 per bun for NYC Sized bags. cant go wrong.

Hot Sauce
Quality 4
Quantity 5
Tan/off white flaky. not great.

LTB Lick the bag (blue)
Quality 4.5-5

So overall the quality hasnt been horrible. but being spoiled for a year straight with fire everytime really fucks me up when i go down and get some shit like blue label which was weak as fuck and tiny.
So it has been a gamble. They even started back with knock offs. Putting the same exact stamp out, but the dope inside completely different.

Im actually preparing to quit. I got everything i need to do it (weed, xanax, and subs). So today I only bought 6 bags (normally im doing 2 buns a day)... but i just wanted to get enough just to get me right for the holiday dinner. after today im going to take a serious shot at quitting. i figure take a bar, smoke myself retarded until im ready to take the sub. then continue to smoke until the sub works its way in my system. and in a few days i should be good to go. no more giving my hard earned money to these dealers. i plan on putting at least 50 bucks away everyday then if i ever get tempted to do shit i can look at what i saved. the 12 years that i have been on dope i could have probably bought myself a house with the money i spent. which makes me sick.

hope all is well with u guys.... idk how many people from paterson are left on here. lol.
pittsburghkidin the woods
08:16 PM ET (US)
anythimg around punxsytauney tonite
01:29 PM ET (US)
You guus are doing great work here since we left. Clearly you all stood by your words regarding the fact that you all wanted this site for harm prevention.
Sauce118Person was signed in when posted
04:48 PM ET (US)
Check your spam or junk mail folder. That's where mine was automatically sent to.
01:57 PM ET (US)
I dunno what's up wit my gmail u all sent me the link I look its always these movie and music promos what am I doin wrong here really miss posting with at least I consider u my online dope buds would like to get over there but nothings showin in my mail except for those promos but anyways ill rate one here in just in case whaite bag blue stamp with the name showtime these were real good about a 6 loved the nod I got and they were a lot bigger about a 6 in size to great ones next ones r burberry haven't got yet so does anyone kno antthing on them?
25homesPerson was signed in when posted
10:21 AM ET (US)
@onemorethatsit check your gmail bro I hit u with the link
02:23 PM ET (US)
Feugos white bag red text ave normal 5 also 5 with quantity weren't te smallest but wish I didn't have to do so many.I got the always good gain white with pink stamp with the words slways good these were better than fuegos bout a six at least got high off em.god I feel like its a ghostboard online in here is anybody out there hello!!! Well have fun and b safe just do it to it
Deleted by author 04-04-2014 10:07 AM
Too Blue
12:47 AM ET (US)
White bag, green stamp of name & Sprite bottle.. I'd rate quality about a 5, and quantity average or just below.. IV as usual, copped from North Side.. These were weird, I was disappointed right after doing my first shot.. But it slowly kept coming on, a super slow build.. But in the end, they were decent..

White bag, red stamp of just the name (sideways), these were the thinner bags, and were not taped.. I'd rate the quality solid 6.5!!! Quantity was nice too, real fat, i'd rate quantity a nice 7-7.5.. IV as always, also copped from North Side.. These had me worried, not being taped, and being the thinner bags (I never have luck with those). Boy, was I wrong!!! These were best bags i've has in a loooong time!!! First thing I actually consider "fire" in a long time!!! I highly recommend looking for these.. But, BE CAREFUL!!! I normally do 5-6, I only did 4 of these, and I went out!!! After I did shot I was standing at my dresser cleaning up, I had crazy pins n needles!! Next thing I know, I wokeup 30-40min later, on the floor next to dresser, drool all over my face, lol... My body was very weak, took me a bit to get up, and even longer to fully come out of it.. I was still real messed up for a good bit too.. Again, this was from less than my normal dose.. So, in closing; these are DEF something to look for, but please BE CAREFUL!!!! And I suggest starting with less than your normal dose, for sure!! Alright thats all, as always, everyone Have Fun, and most importantly; Be Safe!!!! :-)
08:02 AM ET (US)
Thx dopey maybe a few other people can leave a few ratings as well so whomevers left here at this board can read and not get ripped off out there or od on some mean dope which this message board is indended for,as far as the insults u have to ignore them hopefully some nice spirited people will post some ratimgs so we can get a feel for what's good and what's not and what's way too hot.believe ir or not this little place online has helped me in my decision making on what shit to buy really sways my I wanna thank all who has helped me I hope everyone doesn't abandon this site becuz if that happens its gonna b hard to just look up a bag of h with a rating sorry for the long post just wanna get this place back to the original topic.I will give a rating when I get my new shit later.b safe people
12:33 AM ET (US)
this is crazy, there used to be new ratings everyday and now my post from a few days ago is still at the top.. I guess ill rate even though im still new to this so i feel like im gonna rate shit wrong, I always see posts of people yelling to "read the fucking rating scale!!!".. oh well, here it goes.

hard tens: white bag with red dice
quality was a 3 if that and they were super small. dont waste your money, they sucked. I felt nothing off 4 and I usually do 2..

brick city: white bag red text and I think a picture of a house.
these were alright, about a 5. decent size bags too which was nice since I feel like everything has been so small!

half baked: white bag purple text
rate about the same as brick city ones, nothing spectacular but they got the job done.. pretty small though.

dont chew me out if I did this wrong, sorry. this is my first rating post, I usually just read...
10:41 PM ET (US)
Over the last week I haven't had anything real good but just gettin by I guess yesterday some white bgs w red stamp called max bs they were about a 5 legs were good on them more heroin last longer if that's what u like. Then today I got some plain purple bags no text about a 4.5 a lit below avrge so that's all rite now someone else gotta post cmon even if its garbage let me know.
07:40 AM ET (US)
Good morning ! Who goes thar?wow this site is dead.what happened here.finlly got somethin new to post white bag purple stamp with the word life supports -4 these were ok just enough to b average would get again if I had no choice but so damn small would ask my mn to throw some extra in to make up the amount in size but if I could get somethiing a little bigger and more comperable I would so these were nothin special but not garbage.well I hope to c more ratings here to give me somethin to go on please post __________b safe
07:12 PM ET (US)
anyone try the hard tens? new to my area, a little nervous about them...
greenmangoPerson was signed in when posted
03:37 PM ET (US)
anyone try king kong?
Too Blue
06:01 PM ET (US)
Stimulus Package:
White bag, purple stamp of just the name.. I only had one shot of these, but it was a 5-bagger (I usually do 4-6}, so I feel I got a pretty good feel for them.. I'd rate quality about a 4-4.25, and quantity was pretty much just average.. IV as always, copped from North Side..
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