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Drama Free Steel City

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06:31 PM ET (US)
I cant believe I actually came back to this site to use as a reference. I guess I made the right decision by moving the board. We havent had one idiot, arguement or bad rating...bkackboi if you want the url then somehow get me your email address or contact info.
gra pete
06:52 AM ET (US)






gra pete
06:51 AM ET (US)
Ccv hh
gra pete
01:35 PM ET (US)
Mannnnnnn u all bz solicitin on diz site yo!!
carrie taylor
10:58 AM ET (US)
it cracks me up when trolls get on here trying to flex there geeky computer muscles. If you dont do bags get the fuck off the sight. Stay in your mommies basement and keep picking fights online because you know if you go outside in the real world and not cyber space and run your mouth, especiaslly to the people on this sight you wouldn't be going home to mommies you would be waking up in the hospital. and just so there is not any confusion im talking to you gra pete. Or to fix that typo on your name Gay pete.

I'v had these 3 times now and every time there different so instead of rating them (which is impossible cause there different everytime) Im saying this watch out for these. There white bags with a red stamp. Its raw cut. These dealers crack me up tryin to do this in the burgh. I could understand if it was scramble like in Baltimore (for those that don't know thats raw dope cut with morphine) You pay $10 for it in baltimore its in a capsule and its the size of 2 stamps here. Here they cut it with Lord knows what but it definetly isnt morphine and still its small as fuck and garbage. I'm thinking on gettin people together and goin to Minneapolis thats were the best and cheapest is. Just cause I'm sick of this garbage
gra pete
07:37 PM ET (US)
Its cho-lo...stupid nuuuuuu
Black Boi
03:10 PM ET (US)
Gra Pete why the fuck you on here? , dont get on a topix page of something you dont like and put anyone down. i dont get on your kiddie porn site and knock you Cho-Mos, so kick rocks asshole, and if you are gona talk shit make sure u know what ya talking, i can clearly see you dont know shit. Anyway todays flavors

J Biebers
White bag purplish stamp
J Bieb Personal kinda with J Biebs
6/10 Good Quality shit
5/10 size, normal jersey size, some small some to fold
legs 7 hours
Great pins and needles

Stamp: Ill Be Back
Grapic, Eagle with letters
Color, White with black preprint
Quality 7/10 Fire, if you dont like my 7 and say its unaccurate i say u dont know shit 3 year beginner and suck my white dick
quan, 7/10 & 4/10 most are close to full fold and the rest are small as shit
Legs 8 hours
Deff get these while u can, nice rush

Stamp Black Panthers
Graphic , Black Panter, Preprint
Color. White bag, black preprint
Quality 5/10 ok normal shit, better than alot of garbage in pitt
Quan 3/10 small , about a fourth a fold
Legs 4 hours
will get if nothing else but not terrible
01:07 PM ET (US)
gra pete I don't think im educated, But I bet I can beat your pussy ass my son!!! Put that in your douche bag and clean your ass out fag boy!!! Oh and by the way, did Black stamped Bugatti this morn, dope might be good if there were any n the bags. These don't even rate, but I'll try.

Black Bugatti stamp ( Not the original logo coming out of jesey, some sort of knock off)
Quantity 3
Quality 4.5
Rush Might have been one had I done 20 bags instead of 15.
Legs its been five hours and im fucking pissed.

Garbage bullshit wanna fucking shoot the nigga that bagged this mess.

Sin City

Quality 6
Quantity 5
Rush 5.5-5.75
Legs 6

Nice stuff here.

White Bag Purple Stamp

Quality 5
Quantity 5
Rush 5
Legs 5

Average jersey dips.

D Block

Quality 3.75-4
Quantity 5
Rush 3
Legs 2

Avoid at all costs

Green Giant
White bag Blue Stamp
Quality 5.75-6
Quantity 5
Rush 5.5
Legs 6

Decent whitish Jersey dope. Hard to tell if its fentanyl based. Very unlikely, but a possibility.
gra pete
10:52 PM ET (US)
Pfunk thinks hes educated becazhe can copy an paste articles he read on the war on drugs an pretend they ar his own lolz. Hay 25whores y dont u get off welfair homey!!!
gra pete
10:50 PM ET (US)
I can already spell dick bag. See d-I-c-k. B-a-g...dick bag. I spelled it perfect u jewbag!!!!@
PFunkPerson was signed in when posted
08:26 PM ET (US)
@25 Homes. Decriminalization and the ultimate legalization and the end to our Governments prohibition policies on all drugs, will be the beginning of dismantling the privatization of prisons accross America and the downsizing of related court programs and probation and parole personnel, which will make a lot of these Parasite cocksuckers go get a real job and leave us drug users alone!
PFunkPerson was signed in when posted
08:20 PM ET (US)
@25 homes. I very rarely come here anymore!! I only pop in once in awhile just to see if the site changed.
25homesPerson was signed in when posted
06:29 PM ET (US)
Learn to spell dick bag before you try and make any more stupid 10 year old comments douche bag gra pete
gra pete
03:46 PM ET (US)
I get a hard on when I shoot crack cocaine an heroin
gra pete
03:44 PM ET (US)
Blah blah lets decriminalize heroin. It should be sold over counter lile asprin cuz it aint bad lolz
25homesPerson was signed in when posted
01:49 PM ET (US)
@PFUNK y is this idiot even on here. .I don't get it...ppl don't understand the daily struggle either unless you been there.. and even if you manage to get clean I don't care what anyone says it's still a daily fight to stay clean. . Ppl have no idea. . How long you been on this board? You ever rate?
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