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North London Chin-Waggers

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Margaret baker
15:20 GMT
Good afternoon all, just found a promotional video on you tube called 2014 FlyBy, don't know how to post the link but thought you could do your own search if interested, it's about The Meridian Waters redevelopment. Sure most will recognise the area from your youth. Will be interested in your views,,what it dosent tell you in the video is that the disused low level rail way route is to be re-jiggled to provide a cycle/walk route to Edmonton Green, the bit from Montague Road to Plevna Road has been in use since the sixties as a walk through to the green even before the tracks were lifted, also the Meridian Waters Station will be the renamed Angel Station
Margaret baker
09:30 GMT
Sorry to hear you are under the weather Colin, hoping you bounce back to us soon.

Think I am all histories out now in Colchester, got to be time to hit the shops lol.
08:37 GMT
Colin, Hope it is only a little blip on the health front and you are up around and fighting fit very soon.
Colin C
03:12 GMT
Good to see the gals back on the site. Livens things up a bit. Am not feeling too well at present so won't be posting for a while but hope all of you out there will keep up the banter in my 'absence'.
Margaret baker
22:17 GMT
That's great Jackie look forward to it. Ha ha is London ready for us lol, will need to wet our whistles after, hopefully the evening will be crisp and clear.

Will have to wait and see about the toilet block, at lest it has a reprieve for now, yes Pymmes needs a cafe.

I plan to visit dugdale at some point to browse the archives on Pymmes, but awaiting outcome of funding first, for the wetlands, it's ongoing, will be my winter project.

Yes lucky, with such fine weather as well, will let you know how the viewing of the dig goes tomoz, there's a group Colchester old farts, they been talking about plague pit Mersea Road roundabout, near where I am staying.
21:54 GMT
Margaret. love the Castle and park in Colchester, you are lucky to be there for more than a day at a time so can explore it properly.

Yes I am definitely up for meeting you to visit the poppies at twilight. I'll do some research and sort out times. We both have things to do with the family but I seldom, initially, go out in the evening these days but the mornings extend into the afternoons and the afternoon to the evenings. I'll pm or email you so that we can arrange a date. The last poppy is due to be placed on 11 November so we need to find an evening in October when we are both free.

Do you think that two 'ladies of a certain age' will be safe or should I put it another way, will the wayward yoof be safe with us around. LOL

Saving the Cilla series so that I can watch the whole thing on a miserable winter Sunday afternoon. Visited Liverpool last year and had a totally brilliant time but one of my friends felt less than comfortable in the area around The Cavern so I let the Beatles fans go into the club whilst I stayed with said friend. I feel so sorry for people like her who find a city environemnt threatening.

Do you think that the old toilet block in Pymmes could become a cafe? Well done on all your work preserving such a beautiful local park and if I can help in the research give me a shout.
Margaret baker
08:02 GMT
Watched part one of three of CILLA last night, Sheriden Smith plays Cilla, very much enjoyed it, a blast from the past 60's Liverpool and music scene, one to watch when it goes overseas

Where I am staying Colin, new builds, on old army barracks, pubs closing down even in a garrison town, plenty of homeless and drunks around more so than Edmonton, they appear to me white English, and they have a murderer on the loose, home from home lol. Wonderful history here been overdosing on history lol, Castle Park is a wonderful park and beautifully kept, definitely a destination place to visit, goodness knows what impression foreign tourist get of social situation, mainly American and German. If only we could discover Roman Ruins in Edmonton would get more funding then.

FOPP does a lot of arse kicking in a gentle way of course, a matter of keeping on nagging, we have a very dry spell here just now and water levels in the little lake is diminishing, we have fish and newts in there so nagging to keep the water level topped up by staff. I am gathering info on Pymmes Park Lake at the moment, if the wetlands goes ahead hope to be able to put together a written/photographic/on going history of the lake, to be kept in the visitor centre when finished. Will be my winter project.

Still got busy time up to Xmas, spending a week with my great grand kids whilst parents go on holiday that's going to be very isolating for me, in very rural Essex. Then at my friend and neighbours, whilst they on holiday, plus a few days holiday in Wales with my cousins. Need to put my garden to bed and complete my wild life pond before winter sets in, arrrgggg! So much to do, so little time.
Colin C
03:37 GMT
MAARGARET - welcome back. Good to hear from you. Agree about the Scottish malarkey. Once the Union is fractured I am sure chaos will ensue. Guess we just have to wait and see. Pleased Pymmes Park still going strong - fond memories of the park. Very surprised to hear about Colchester, had no idea it had such problems. Sounds like your holiday in France was a blast - good for you and yours.
Young Ed
23:59 GMT
Welcome back Margaret.Chas (of Chas and Dave) if that's who you mean is on Twitter as well.
Ronnie D
22:45 GMT
Gary Sleap: No worries Gary, I get a bit irate about this Country of ours, or lack of it, we have given to much away already to the appeasement of others and I think it's very wrong.
Margaret baker
16:14 GMT
Ron v, tried to find chas's column on line couldn't find it, can you post a link please.
Margaret baker
15:55 GMT
Gosh diddnt realise it's been so long since I posted, apologies and thank you for concerns, I am fighting fit and well.

I have been very busy with Pymmes Park issues on and off, FOPP has successfully prevented the demolishing of a small building for the moment anyway, the location was near the tennis courts and had been fitted out as a pay for toilet which laid unusable after vandalisim, now the challenge is what to do with the building was it's been gutted out the ice cream man might be interested to use it as a small cafe, anybody on here have any suggestions, it would have to be self funding/profit making project.

The Edmonton Carnival as we remember is no more but from the ashes has risen The Edmonton Festival, runs last weekend in July, at Pymmes Park, using the whole park, various community, Art Start, Health tents along with the usual selling tents, in the sports field a Big Top was erected hosting music events, FOPP opened
the visitor centre this year, expecting the festival to run again from Pymmes next year.

Wild life and lake pollution is still top of FOPP agenda, it's ongoing and Enfield Council arrange for a few of us to visit the Olympic Park wet lands what a fantastic park to visit, learnt a lot from our guided tour by a expert in the field. So will let you know in due course about plans for wet lands in Pymmes. Incedently I have visited a few parks and all seem to have this strange algae problem to some degree, including Buck House.

I am in Colchester just now caring for home and pets of a friend so have taken full opertunity to explore history here, looking forward to visiting a Roman dig this week, The Circus, chariot racing etc. Big drink/drug/homeless problem here, prefer to live in Edmonton but envy Castle Park.

Had a great family holiday in France 13 of us rented a 8 bed roomed farmhouse for a week, set in 350 acres,,nobody could hear us scream lol,

Still cannot work out how to put photos on here, tried all previous suggestions, can't do it on iPad either.

I have heard The greatest breeding population of peoples at the moment worldwide are those that belive in Islam, the declining breeding population are those that believe in christiandom, doesent take much to work it out does it.

Scotland....United we stand, divided we fall. The beginning of the end.

Jackie I would like to visit the tower for last post too, I haven't been to see the poppies yet, could we go together? Judwat@hotmail.co.uk

In March I was lucky to go to Ceromony of the keys as a special guest, mess room for drinks,,it's a different world at night in the Tower, what a grat address to have on your passport too.

Like Jackie I am not afraid to walk the streets of Edmonton and I WILL and DO challenge anti social behaviour,

Such a lot of reading to catch up with on here, good the site is still really chatty
Garry Sleap
02:52 GMT
Ronnie, my post regarding N.Ireland was based purely on land mass, not politics.
Ronnie D
21:09 GMT
Gary Sleap: I hope that Northern Ireland does NOT re-join the Irish Republic, there were a lot of British soldiers who died there trying to keep the peace, it would be an insult to them for Northern Ireland to become a part of the Irish Republic again, all those lives would be in vain, similar to those of two World Wars. In my opinion, that would certainly kick off the 'Troubles' again.
Besides that, the 26 Counties of the Irish Republic is virtually broke, it has already been bailed out from Economic Disaster within the European Community and I am pretty sure that they cannot afford the other 6 Counties in the North of Ireland to add to their financial burden.
The North of Ireland is still mainly Loyalist at the moment and even then I don't think every Nationalist would want to be in the Irish Republic anyway. The British Government offers various Grants to the North of Ireland, something the Irish Republic does not do and could ill afford to do either.
As regards Scotland, what will happen if they do go Independent, to their 'Armed Forces' considering that they belong to the British Army?
The Royal Navy could easily pull out of Faslane and move round to Cumbria, as to the Royal Air Force could pull out of Lossiemouth.
And what will happen to their National Health Service and Pensions that they have paid into?
Will England now send Scotland the bill for all the money that BP has spent in the research of North Sea Gas and Oil?
I am no expert on Foreign affairs, but from what I have seen, any Countries that have got their 'Independence' has ended up in the soft and smelly somewhere down the line or even a Civil War.
If Scotland does go it alone and it does go bandy for Alex Salmond, will England have to absorb the mass migration of the Scots into an already well overcrowded England?
Personally, I think it a case of 'Better The Devil You Know' than to take on a 'whole Country'. At least England has the financial backbone to help Scotland (Wales & Northern Ireland) out if need be.
Alex Salmond is 'Empire Building' in my opinion and he could well come unstuck if he isn't careful and I don't think he has thought it through thoroughly enough..........yet.
Ron V
13:03 GMT
looks like Margaret last posted in Jan. Perhaps she is still having probs with the internet!. went to the Tower last wek, the poppies are just breathtaking. If anyone reads Chas's column in the Sunday Express, what he said last week about a chap in our street playing knock down ginger after work was true... and it wasnt me ( and my lips are sealed), although i do have some great stories on what we got up to back then.
Colin C
01:39 GMT
JACKIE B - visited the area last year when in U.K. (hope it stays that way). Scarborough and Whitby just as I'd imagined them. Fylingdale - oh yes, they were part of Britain's early warning system if I remember correctly. Jogs my memory that back in the arly sixties (Cuban missile crisis I think) my dear old Dad answered the front door to someone who handed him a leaflet about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack (as was expected then, by the way) in which it said there was a margin of three minutes between the sounding of the air-raid sirens and the arrival of the first missiles to which Dad retorted 'oh well, just time to boil and egg then.' We had a laugh over that one for years afterwards.
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