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North London Chin-Waggers

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pauline a.
10:23 GMT
I was born in Edmonton N9 and think it is wrong for it to be called Enfield Now!
10:11 GMT

Coilin C,
The Green has been alterd twice since this photo was taken I have no idea what it is like inside now.
The block of flats between Alpha Rd & Cowper rd ( near the White horse pub Fore St) has been pulled down as it was all cracking up & just recenly a wacking great block has been re built in it's place.
Don't know about the Spurs ground as i take NO interest in sport but i do know that the spurs have built a LOT of stuff in Tottenham.

In the News , Spot on, I don't blame them i blame my fellow countrymen.
Colin C
23:39 GMT
That photo of Edmonton Green as it used to be was how I remember it. I did see the 'new' indoor market when I came over to the UK one time. I was impressed by how much tidier the area looked with bright modern buildings but there didn't seem to be much atmosphere about the place. Mentioning 'Spurs' made me think about the newly-planned stadium complex. Has construction begun yet? I see the team drew against Everton last weekend. Do any of you who subscribe to this site still go their home matches? I remember the long line of trolleybuses laid on to take supporters home back in the 1940/50s. Most times ended up walking most of the way as it was nigh on impossible to get on any of them.
Deleted by author 30-08-2015 16:57
In the news
16:45 GMT
I don't blame immigrants. They do what they are allowed to do. Politics is about the people you vote for doing the right things. and they have done the wrong things. So blame the politicians you vote for. If you keep voting for the same people who do the same things, don't be surprised at the same results. Want something different? vote different! Simple.

Margaret mentioned recently there are a lot of rough sleepers now in Edmonton. Every time I read the English news papers these days there is a story about Calais and the channel tunnel. Could there be some sort of a link? Have you noticed nobody tries to stop it? That's because the people you voted for signed the national sovereignty away to Europe. So they can't stop it!
09:18 GMT
Gentleman good to read your comment's and pleased to see you have at last seen the light of day.I am still in Carlisle returning Tuesday so will not need to post on a phone.Trust me things will get worse.When I bought this subject up I was told no politics so you are all not wet behind the ears.Well done
09:09 GMT

Hi ! All
Happy you liked the pics Jeff.
 Young & Ronnie are correct; the uk has gone to the dogs, helped by our traitorous establishment for short term personal gain.
My wife’s family have lived in Belgium for the last 50 years; it’s the same there, like Holland, France, Germany, bloody Middle Eastern wogs all over the place.
There countries are dumps & they come here & are fast turning every country they come to into the same.
You are right Ronnie D, once you start voicing an opinion the authority’s shut you up. So much for free speech & the news is doctored, there has been rail strikes, Dustman strikes, an farmers demos in Brussels & outside the EU buildings , Not a mention on the BBC or any other media.
Anyway let’s talk about Edmonton as it was.
Yea, the park is still there, the cemetery has shut for any more burials; it’s much the same as you probably remember it.
Pymmes Park is still there but reduced in size owing to the road being altered, (look on goggle street view & you can see it all) Silver St & Raynham Rd schools are still the same.
Edmonton Green area has been altered & the ‘’market’’ is inside like little shops.
Edmonton Tottenham boundary is altered, all the little shops are gone & a small park is there.
The Spurs i think own most of the land (in fact most of Tottenham).
Here’s a pic of what Edmonton used to look like
02:44 GMT
You hope it doesn't lose it's identity Colin? you're having a laugh aren't you? Long gone mate! That's why we're all interested in the 50 year old photographs! The truth may be a bitter pill. But it is the truth none the less. So let's not try to sugar coat it.
Colin C
01:55 GMT
Yes, it seems Europe in general has one hell of a dilema as to what to do with the flood of refugees/asylum seekers. I feel genuinely sorry for those who are desperate to escape the civil wars, ISIS attacks, etc. but their 'host' countries have enough home-grown problems to deal with and simply cannot afford to sustain the growing population. To a lesser degree, Australia has a similar problem but at least our Government has a tough policy in this regard so we MAY avoid the mistakes Europe has made.

Back to Edmonton. I guess it is a microcosm of the rest of the UK but let's hope it doesn't lose its 'identity' in the process. Good to see Pymmes Park and the like are being well tended. Does the small park at the corner of Church Street and the Cambridge Road still exist? I used to play there with friends back in the day when my Aunt and Uncle lived almost directly opposite.
Ronnie D
22:30 GMT
sirbillofedmonton: I couldn't agree with you more, at least if we had lost the war, we would all have blonde hair and blue eyes by now and it also makes my blood boil to see the Country as it is.....virtually finished and taken over by every Nationality except the English.
Those Servicemen that made the 'ultimate sacrifice' in two World Wars must be turning in their graves and wondering why they gave up their lives for England to become as it is now. I got out in 1990 reluctantly and I wonder how many others have left their native area's due to the pressure's of foreigners coming in and taking it over and making it 'theirs'.
This will probably go down like a lead balloon with all the Lefties and Do-Gooders, but it's high time 'Great Britain' stood up for itself, to Europe and the rest of the World. Enough is Enough.
Once England has been sucked dry of all it's Resources, National Health and Benefits, the 'ethnics' will piss off somewhere else with any luck and that will be the time to lock the 'Stable Doors' to ensure none of them get back in.
Others will say, 'Live and Let Live'. I don't have a problem with that, provided they are entitled to it, you couldn't go to any other Country in the World, and get Benefits, Housing and free Medical Treatment as soon as you got there without making some form of monetary contribution, having insurance or suitable funding to live.
That is why when you see Calais on the TV News, they all want to get to England. I wonder why????????????
During World War II, you didn't see the British people doing a mass exodus to Syria to get away from 'war torn' England!! and yes, the kids were evacuated to the Countryside, not Kos, Greece or Serbia.
Not only have we 'lost' our Country, we have nearly lost the 'Freedom of Speech' to, as people are not allowed to mention the 'truth' of what is happening in 'their' Country or what they think because those views would be classed as Racist and may face prosecution.
People ask me if I'm Racist. My answer is 'Yes'. So many people call me a Racist because they hear what they don't want to hear, I tell it as I see it and if that is being Racist, then I am not only Guilty, but Very Guilty. Being told so may times that I am Racist, I am actually beginning to believe it.
Thanks again for sharing the old photo's of a then predominately English Edmonton.
16:19 GMT
Very interesting photos Sirbillofedmonton.
Thank you for posting.
13:30 GMT

Colin C , lucky old you getting out,
 Edmonton In fact the whole of greater London is FULL of foreigners.
Edmonton is a dump along with Palmers Green, Waltham Cross etc etc. the only people with money are the drug dealers Haha!
Tottenham is all in the main afro Caribbean black.
The house prices are out of this world because they buy them, divide the rooms & fill them up with as many as they can fit in.
In 2000 i moved out & will not go back, I lived up near the Cambridge roundabout area, it was all Greeks, Turks but in the main nice people who lived like us natives , now the eastern Europeans & other with towels wrapped round their heads have come, it has REALLY changed.
As I’ve got older i think we would have been a lot better off if we had ‘’lost’’ the war. But i say no more as i really get up tight when i see the state this country is in.
If you remember the old Edmonton Library & the Nat west bank near the Angel , Well they are mosques & St James church in Fore St was turned into flats.
A lot of the pubs have gone, now flats or shops & restaurants, Even the old ‘’nick’’ is flats but they built a new state of the art police station around where the old Town hall was.
Most of the old factories have gone, Angel rd is a 6 lane motorway from the Manhattan at Green Lanes to Redbridge , Walthamstow dog track has long gone. But you may know all of this.
here is a old photo of the off licence on the corner of Fore St & Raynham rd now a Estate Agent, but the Co-Op funreal Dirctors is still going strong they have been there for well over 50 years.

By the way what about ''Tottenham pudding'' with the pink iceing
Colin C
09:43 GMT
SIRBILLOFEDMONTON - Cod Liver Oil and Malt - sheer bliss. Didn't realise it was still around. Will have to make further enquiries here in Oz. Cocoa powder, too. Remember haulting a big tin of the stuff home from school after food parcels from Canada and Australia were handed out. I dipped my fingers into it as I walked home. As they say in the song - memories are made of this.
07:23 GMT

Hi! Vlad , I think you will find that ''Doms'' was on one corner of the alley that led to Smarts place ( or Trafalger Place as i remember it, re named i think )A oil shop was on the other corner
if you look on street weiw you will see the ''Angel Cafe'' as i describe.

I(think Redmans & Curnocks wre turned into a Halifax. The Oil shop was a turned into a Card & odds & sods shop.

There is only one stall in Leeds St now & the ''Tuns'' pub is now a betting shop. But what happened to all my shrapnel & my phosperus bomb i had in my collection is what i want to know, And my cap badges, i had all sorts Haha!

None of the kids was evacuated around our way.

You & Colin C are right , i can't remember anyone getting hurt & looking back it was bloody dangerous, Did you ever go dustbin hunting ? Amazing the things we used to get , Fag cards etc

How about the peanut butter & coco powder after the war, a lady used to dish it out, greatstuff & cod liver oil & malt, i loved it ( still do) on bread.
Colin C
00:35 GMT
Yes, I, too, remember playing in the bombed-out houses and as you say I can't remember any of us getting hurt. In hindsight, it was probably a dangerous thing to do but there is too much protection for kids these days and I ponder as to how much fun they miss out on as a result.
16:51 GMT
Sir Bill. The name Curnock's rings a few bells but I definitely do remember the sealing wax sticks! Redmans became an ice cream parlour named Dom's around 1958 - 1962 (it's now Angel's Cafe).

We also played in a bombed out house, this one was in Barrowfield Lane just behind the Green, and as far as we were concerned the messier and more dangerous the better. I recall walking along the upstairs floor joists (no boards) to the other side of the room and hearing them creak. Strangely enough, I don't recall anyone getting hurt.
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