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North London Chin-Waggers

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Colin C
04:59 GMT
JACKIE - thanks a lot. I'd be interested in almost any photographs of the area. You mention ALMA ROAD - I went to the school there from 1947-51 as a youngster before going on to Tottenham Grammar School after passing the 11+ exam in 1951. Pleased to hear the old school building is still there. No tower blocks in my day of course but I have seen them featured in photographs of Alma Road.

SUE FIGG - We know of Hackham West. It isn't too far from where we live at present (Noarlunga Downs). We are now living in a new retirement village development which can be accessed online by entering the header RIVERPOINT RETIREMENT ESTATE, NOARLUNGA DOWNS. We have one of the very spacious individual villas and we have settled in as if we have never lived anywhere else. Great people and environment. I understand they are totally different to those available in UK. More like stand-alone homes. Anyway, have a look online - lots of photographs of the place and some of the people living here and no, it is NOT a nursing home situation - we are still fit and active and hopefully will remain that way for some years yet.
07:30 GMT
Colin, let me know if there is any particular place you would like to see and I'll pop out and take some photos for you. Alma Road is due to undergo another transformation soon as the tower blocks are coming down. Not sure if it is all four blocks or just two but the outside of the old school just hasn't changed but there is no longer a provision for secondary education there it is all little ones and now has a nursery attached. A new all form school has also been built in South Street on the site of the old gas works.

Local Studies has a huge collection of older photos with quite a few from the 80s so if you have an area of special interest I'm happy to wander up there to see just what they might have. Ond of these days they will all be scanned but right now it is a case of going through the photos manually.
Colin C
03:04 GMT
Hi JJackie
Very interesting post. I am sure you are right about media sensationalising such events and to be frank I was more interested in seeing shots of modern Edmonton. Still good to see how the area has been redeveloped over the years since our family left.
15:58 GMT
Sorry Colin, I didn't see the documentary on Edmonton. Even if I had known it was on I probably would not have bothered watching as I honestly think that the media goes somewhat? over the top re negativity when it comes to Edmonton. Some things we see in the media might just make a tad more sense if the researchers had more than a postcode knowledge of the area. If we ever really took notice I am sure that Margaret would not dare to even set foot in Pymmes. Or is it that the 'gangs' would not dare to take on a Maggie? LOL and I would never walk the streets of London again without a bodyguard which is never going to happen.

The 'leafy' side of the borough also has its fair share of knife crime as I was told of two stabbings in the Turkey Street area within a matter of hours and this seems to be reflected all over the London area. Unfortunately it often seems to be gang related as so much of the crime is young male on young male but now and again an adult gets in the way such as the knife murder of the guy in the entrance of a block of flats on The Green by a 12 year old. There was also a drive by shooting in Wood Green recently resulting in the death of an adult male and the severe wounding of an adult female but these incidents are fortunately very few and far between, unlike many other countries.

From a pushing 70 year old ready to travel and enjoy the length and breadth of the country, but London in particular. ALONE.
Sue Figg
18:35 GMT
Hi Colin, he lives in Hackham West. Do you know it? Looks like you have bad weather there at the moment. We have heat over 50c here. What is happening to the world?
Colin C
01:43 GMT
Sue - we also live south of Adelaide. Just where does your relative live?

To all Edmontonians - have any of you seen the TV documentary I spoke of on the 14th? If so, what were your views on it?
Sue Figg
10:06 GMT
Hi Colin, hope you are all settled in your new home. I have now found my relation that I was searching for. He lives just south of Adelaide. Anywhere near you? Just off to tell cousin Diane the good news. Take care.
Colin C
01:33 GMT
Margaret and Jackie - thanks for the good wishes. Loving new location already. Wetlands area has lots of new trees planted - looking good. Went for long walk by the river here and we both thought it looked a lot like countryside in UK..

Turned on TV the other day and Lo and behold - a documentary about the gang culture in Edmonton. Subject matter a bit grim but great to see modern buildings in and around the Green.
Margaret baker
15:06 GMT
Welcome to your new home Colin wishing you a long and happy life there.

Away at the moment will be home Sunday, looking forward to taking a walk over Pymmes and the new wetlands to see how it's coming along, the new trees not going in until September now because of dry weather.
10:36 GMT
Glad you are now settled in the new home Colin. Wish you a long and happy future there.
Colin C
03:06 GMT
Hello all - all moved in and settled in new home. Good to be back online.

PETE - not sure when cousin B ill sold out from the cafe butt SUE may be able to enlighten us. Like you I went there in the 1940s but one we moved to P otters Bar did not come back to Edmonton very often.
Deleted by author 28-06-2015 04:21
19:40 GMT
What year did the Broadway café shut down, I must have been taken in there at some stage by my Mum
Margaret baker
08:03 GMT
Good Tuesday morning all, weather grotty here in Edmonton but never mind, hoping it brightens later for gardening but first my morning walk around Pymmes Park just to check all is hunky dory, good luck with your move Colin.
Young Ed
20:43 GMT
It's all gone quiet ... Looking at the old photo of the cafe. Wondering what year it was taken, guessing some time between 1945 and 1955. Were cafes open in the war years with rationing? Also what might have been on the menu and what would it have cost in those days. Tea and toast sixpence? I have no idea.
Sue Figg [ Dumbleton ]
15:48 GMT
Yes Colin, I too have senior moments and I am a long way off retirement age. I am one of the younger members of the family. I never got to see the cafe as Dad gave it up before I was born. But I have fond memories of the old green, with the indoor market and all the colourful characters. We have been living in Spain now for 15 years. We have a security business here and life is good. Can't stand the cold and too many people when we come back. We like the quieter life. I must admit, I did not know you existed until cousin Diane brought your name up in our last re-union. I had no idea my Father had family in Australia. We went there 30 year ago for our honeymoon. Lovely country. I have family from Mum's side in the Sydney area. We had a really good time and have fond memories. Hope you are keeping well. Believe I may also have family in New Zealand, which I am looking into. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing ?.
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