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North London Chin-Waggers

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18:08 GMT
Peter Letch I was probably one of those annoying kids who got in your way to and from work but we usually went back home as soon as the factory hooter sounded. We also had to get out of the way when Berkels were kicking out.

I mentioned Spike Island yesterday to someone who told me she was Ponders End born and bred and she had never heard of it.

There is/was a 'Blue Plaque' from the Institute of Physics that commemorates Swan, Dewar and Ambrose Fleming that was placed on the old Binatone building which would have been the first building on the right after entering the gates of Ediswans. If you are interested I will dig out some old photos and post them.

Today I have been lucky enough to be able to pick up a leaflet that has an image of the plaque on the front and has info on Bazelgette, Babbage, STC, Thorn, Sir Hugh Myddleton, MK, Belling and the RSAF.

We are famous!
Pete Letch
15:54 GMT
JackieB - I worked at Ediswans in Duck Lees Lane in 1955, and it was taken over by A.E.I. Ltd, and moved to Brantwood Road, Tottenham. They had a department named Special Products, which I believe designed and manufactured the Asdic Control Unit to detect submarines. They also manufactured the Electroencephalograph for recording brain activities. When moving to Tottenham a transistor and diode dept., was set up.
Colin C
00:34 GMT
Hello everyone. Certainly plenty of info provided about Edmonton/Enfield industries and their locations. Some I remember well, others I don't.
19:56 GMT
Sorry forgot to mention that amongst the 'firsts' although not in Enfield was a flight on, I think, Walthamstow Marshes.

AV Roe made the made the first all English flight using an aircraft powered by a JAP engine.
19:44 GMT
There are so many industries from 'time gone by' that there would not be enough space here to list them. The A10 corridor, home to Gor-Ray, Sangamo Weston, Belling and Lee and so on is now pretty much all retail as is the section from Southbury Road towards Edmonton. Ferguson/Thorn occupied a vast area stretching to beyond the Lincoln Road junction.

Things change and we must change with them or give up and go under.

By the way how many of you know about the 'Enfield (London Borough of) Firsts'? The leaflet I have somewhere covers the old Ediswan factory and the inventions on site, Belling and MK of course plus the Lee Enfield bolt action at the Small Arms and a whole lot more.

I have probably given my copy away again as is wasn't where I thought I had filed it! If anyone is really interested I will try to get another one and post extracts here. I'd post the entire leaflet but it is too big for me to scan.
11:26 GMT
Hi Colin thank you for your post very good and sensible,yes things do change and looking back I can see that things have improved and got worse a bit of both.

 What seems strange to me is how daft some people can be,for example take a man and wife living in a 3 bedroom house looking forward to bringing up a family.One needs good health and a Job,that's how I see things in the past.Now lets have the same house with 500 people living in it many speaking a different language.We now have problems to get a wash in the morning,one bathroom,one toilet and so on chaos.

 And that is how I see things today the infrastructure of the country is not coping.Many people where I live do not have a doctor,do not have a doctor.And it is said another 1000 houses to be built close by.One never sees the police,no doctors,the hospitals cannot cope,the schools are full.

 We are full up,but most of all no work for the young ones.Well I have had a nag,see you all later
Colin C
08:59 GMT
EDDYMONTON-enjoyed reading that link. I guess it is a question of progress (so-called). As the years move on, things change, whether we welcome them or not. Some have been for the better, others decidedly not. However fondly we remember the past, we can't go back.
Garry Sleap
02:19 GMT
David Pickworth rings a bell with me, I'll have to ask her.
Pete Letch
19:50 GMT
Garry, That is the office where I worked, does your wife remember, Maggie Hargreaves or Pat Barclay at M.K. or Dave Pickworth at Bellings. I am still in touch with Maggie, and Dave.
17:10 GMT
Another defunct business- Main & Glover gas appliances. Now the site of a large Tesco and a branch of Ikea.
10:12 GMT
Thanks for the link eddymonton.
The memories keep on coming back.....thankfully!
Garry Sleap
09:58 GMT
Thanks for the warning eddymonton. ;)
09:01 GMT
  DANGER I am getting on my Christian and Political soapbox all those with faint hearts should not read this message.

    This is a nice link to the places of work available to us all years ago http://tottenham-summerhillroad.com/totten...strial_heritage.htm

And with work in Edmonton all so good
Garry Sleap
08:09 GMT
My girlfriend Lesley Akers, later my wife, worked at the MK in the office as a '40 column' punchcard operator. Then moved on to Bellings, same job. Then moved on to 'The Enfield Council' prior to us moving to Australia.
My uncle, Ron Plumb (RIP), was a Supervisor at Ferguson's.
Colin C
01:24 GMT
I remember Bellings and one of their products in particular - the Baby Belling, a small electric stove suitable for people living alone. Also remember Ripaults, Pickfords, Fergusons. We also lived quite close to the Gasworks at Ponders End - fascinating sight at night when it was brightly lit up. Guess that's all gone now, although I see the allotments alongside are still there. My grandad had two very large plots there and grew all our vegetables on them and really large and luscious strawberries too. I'm surprised the land hasn't been used for housing since those days but rather glad it hasn't. Not enough arable land around nowadays.
Ronnie D
20:56 GMT
Vlad the Imbiber: I also did my Electrical Installation Apprenticeship and enjoyed every minute of it at the Government Training Centre and out on site, putting theory into practise. My Apprenticeship took 3.5 years to complete. We used all MK Accessories, but unfortunately they got to be too expensive for use on site, but in my own home I still insist on using their switches and sockets.
Jeff: I surely remember Belling's in Southbury Road, my eldest sister got her first job there working in the Offices. Ripault's was another Company practically opposite Belling's that made wiring looms for motor vehicles and I think Tankards Transport was next door to them? Like Edmonton, that part of Enfield has also seen numerous changes and the fountain outside Ferguson Televisions with it's coloured lights is no more at the junction with the Great Cambridge Road, with Pickford's removals opposite, all long gone.
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