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North London Chin-Waggers

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14:46 GMT
Remember Tom Clays with a degree of affection. Back in the day we could actually get access to the mechanics of a car and I was often there getting new brake shoes etc. I can even remember how to remove a cylinder head and replace the gasket etc.

I no longer drive, having decided that a car is far too costly for a very few miles. BUT before I got rid of the vehicle when it gave me grief I was really good. ('onest guv).

Open the bonnet (it works) Look at the engine (still there) Kick the tyres (frustration) Check Oil and water levels (practical) and take it over the road to the garage with the appropriate laptop. LOL.

Edmonton Boy, as far as I remember BERCO was in Queensway near the junction of Ponders End High Street and part of it is now a sort of Laser play area and the ground floor a Cash and Carry warehouse.

The Town Hall clock has been restored and is now mounted on its own little column opposite the site of the old Town Hall. I do have some pictures but not sure if I can post them here.
18:44 GMT
Young Ed - yes you are right it was later called Tom Clays and I think they may have had another shop on the opposite corner next to the hall.

BTW does anyone remember the another Lock's motorbike shop in Tottenham about half a mile south of the Spurs ground on the west side of the High Road? I don't think the two shops were connected.
Edited 28-07-2016 18:48
Young Ed
17:27 GMT
Lock's (or Locke's) motorbike shop, thanks Vlad. How did I forget that. The car spares place on the corner of Bury Street, was that later called Tom Clay's?
11:44 GMT
The car spares shop on the corner of Bury St was named Clarkins (I think). On a Saturday or Sunday morning the queue of blokes carrying old starters, dynamos etc for exchange units went right round the corner. Mid 1970's an exchange starter motor for a Cortina cost about 5 not 200 plus like today. Also I could easily fit one in under 30 mins but today it's a nightmare.
09:56 GMT
Mozers......many a Saturday morning in there buying reels of tape for my tape recorder. They were never blank and some had some weird sounds recorded on them. I suspect they were from recording studios recorded at high speeds.
I wonder what happened to the stock when it closed?
Edmonton Boy
09:53 GMT
Hi All

as I'm only the boy round here ... many of the your sights & sounds of Edmonton were already gone by the time I was 11

but some traces of places still remained & they were the big mystery ... from the swimming baths across the railway line

there was a path that went out to Town Rd area with the allotments on the right of the path ... it also went off towards the back of the Granada

the whole area on the left of the path across to the railway lines was just scrub lane but there were lots of foundations of brick buildings

we often wondered who lived there assuming they were houses ... also the old witches house on the path fairly close to the Granada

I think it had lots of apple trees etc ... we used to run like mad past it in case we had a spell put on us .. lol

What ever happened to the big clock that hung from the Town hall type buildings ... surely it must have been saved .. ?

Don't ya just luv a good smell ... !!! ... at the Cooks Ferry ... on the Tottenham side ... the barges unloading / loading the wood Strong whiff or what ...

and something like paint or cleaning stuff along the road that led to Picketts Lock ... not far from the Cart Over Thrown ... could make ya hi ... lol

Is the Speed way track still in Montague Rd ... ? ... guess that's long gone ... my mate Rob ... raced there ... thought he was super brave ... no front teeth though ... lol

My first job was at BERCO windings ... near top of Southbury Rd ... close to A10 ... 1970 ... 8.10s flat ... my Mum used to take 3 keep ... most unfair ... lol

left just enough for Sunday night music at The Cambridge Pub ... pie & chips from the chippy in Fore St along from Park Rd & saving for those Levi's ...

wore them till they walked home on their own ... mum chucked them off eventually ... or did they go of their own accord ... lol

I remember going with the old man to get parts for the Corsair V4 at a shop on corner of Hertford Rd & Bury St ... most unusual it opened on Sundays ... handy ... name ... ?

Am I rambling ... yes ... so long ago
Colin C.
09:38 GMT
EDMONTON BOY - there is a website of Canvey Island memories -
09:37 GMT
Young Ed - the motorbike shop was called Lock's and was on the south corner of college gardens.
Colin C.
00:32 GMT
Hi all. You know the moment I'd typed in what I thought was the location of Berry's I remembered it was Firths I was thinking of. Senior moment. Mosers was a tip all right. My Mum worked as a cleaner for his wife at their home. Apparently that was just the same. She (Mum) didn't reign there long.
Nitty Nora - oh yes, with her stainless steel comb and "Dettol' solution.
Canvey Island - all familiar to me. Also the motor torpedo boats left to rot alongside stretches of the sea wall - had great fun clambering over them back in the day (mid to late 1940s).
Young Ed
22:15 GMT
Interesting memories Edmonton Boy, I was one of the people coming in to Berry's and buying guitar strings. Anyone remember the name of the motorbike shop along that stretch?
Edited 26-07-2016 22:15
Pete L
20:23 GMT
Edmonton Boy - You have really started giving me food for thought, I certainly remember the snooker hall, it was called the Lucania, and my mate's mother was the manager in there. Will never forget the clinic in the park, school health visitor said I was underweight, and to go to the clinic to get Scotts Emulsion. UGHH. By the way does anybody remember Nitty Nora at school.
15:36 GMT
EDMONTON BOY - I remember Mozer's very well and went in most Saturday mornings. I used to like all the handwritten labels on the items in the window. A really cheap item was usually labelled "A SNIP". I think a lot of their stock was retrieved from ex-millitary equipment.
Edmonton Boy
14:29 GMT
Hi All

so glad I came ...

Berry Pianos was about 8 shops from the Regal corner ( same side ) going towards Tottenham my mate worked in Davis & Kays photograpy shop
few doors from Berry's.

What ever happened to Frank Moser's ... !!! ... what a place ... how did they ever find their stock ... lol

Firth Bros ... posh ... ! .. not for the likes of me ... lol

Help ... Got a discussion going on with my V Old mate ... Edmonton Bath's Knights Lane ... were the public bathrooms to the right of the main entrance or to the left ...???

also I'm sure there was a tea / hot chocolate machine straight in front just right of the Posh pool ... ?

Geeky .., I know ... but a strong memory of standing in trunks freezing cos ya could not take drink in pool ... lol ... also remember them banning googles

on mixed days ... wonder why ... lol

Canvey ... bus from stop at old Fore St police station ... got off at Tottenham station ... just past the Victoria line tube station ( not there then, of course )

real steam train to South Benfleet ... then the old Green bus on to the island ... Thorny Bay camp ... caravans ... wash houses & water taps ... gas mantles ... what fun

But best of all ... the Army Gun emplacement's on the sea wall ... all gone now ...

One year we went Posh ... had half a bungalow in May Ave ... we used the front half and the owners moved into the back half ... chickens & all sorts running around ...

what a do ... nothing like Kings ... too posh for the likes of us .... lol

Am I rambling ... yes ... so long ago
Edited 26-07-2016 14:34
13:54 GMT
....I think the piano shop on the Broadway must have been Firth Bro’s Pianos.
13:52 GMT
But I thought EDMONTON BOY said that his shop was on the Angel?
12:03 GMT
Berrys Piano shop was on the L/H side of the Broadway,3 or 4 shops along from the Post Office
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