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North London Chin-Waggers

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Ronnie D
16:50 GMT
Colin C: Colin, many thanks for your reply and the e-mail address, I will contact them in the hope they can give me some information or point me in the right direction. Thanks again, appreciated.
07:55 GMT

Yesterday at the Tower of London. The idea is to 'plant' well over 800,000 poppies the last one to be placed on 11 November.


Here is a picture I took of the volunteers assembling and placing these giant poppies.
Colin C
04:32 GMT
RONNIE D - The only thing I could come up with is for you to contact the AUSTRALIAN NAVAL INSTITUTE @ navalinstitute.com.au as they maintain records apertaining to naval personnel in both world wars. Maybe they could help and if not may be able to direct you elsewhere to obtain the info you are after. Good luck anyway.
Ronnie D
21:49 GMT
Colin C: Colin, would you have any idea of where or who I could contact in Sydney that could provide details or hold records of where Royal Naval Ratings were billeted with Australian families in WWII?
I know that the Red Cross were involved in organising that in Sydney area during wartime, but surely those records must have been put or stored somewhere.
It could answer a lot of questions for me, if I could get some information.
Just curious, if not, no worries. Sorry for any inconvenience.
08:00 GMT
Colin, I really should have finished tiling the side of the bath, which I will try to do this evening as long as I don't get sidetracked. Today I plan to visit the Tower of London to see what is happening with the sea of poppies that are being 'planted' in the moat. The intention is to plant one ceramic poppy for each casuality of WW1 so I thought I would make a point of at least attempting a visit about once a month between now and November to take photos to show the progress of the project in stages. Have to wait until 9:30 until I can use my Freedom Pass so perhaps there will be time to pass the vac over my bedroom and the living room.
Colin C
01:37 GMT
JACKIE - no, it's not a waste of time looking at sites which provide you with pleasurable interest. The internet is a great technological development in my view - if used with discretion. Having an excursion into nostalgia is an enjoyable trip and let's face it, the housework can always wait. Anyway, at least you moved the tiles!!!!
16:45 GMT
Ron, if I could get my hands on you I might well 'send in de boys'. LOL. I have wasted at least two hours this afternoon looking at the Whirlygig site. Fantastic but I should have been sorting the housework and the like as today is my only free day this week to get bits done around the house.

Never mind, I've moved the pile of tiles on the bathroom floor to a corner so that we can use the bath and handbasin and the vac is in my bedroom also tucked in a corner. There is always next week but then I intend to visit the Museum of London where I can see Andy Pandy on a tiny mono screen. Off to check if the Olympic cauldron is on display yet as that is what we particularly want to see.
Colin C
07:38 GMT
RON - sounds an interesting place to visit for sure. Pity we didn't know of its existence before we came to London last year - would have definitely had a squiz at it. Oh well, some other time perhaps. Recently I found an episode of Paul Temple on YouTube (audio only of course). That brought back happy memories of our family sat around the fire with the 'wireless' playing nearby taking in the latest adventure of the famous sleuth. My Dad and I used to also like to listen to Journey into Space and I tuned in to Radio Luxembough to catch the nightly broadcast of Dan Dare - Pilot of the future. Great radio days. TV came along about then, too, but although a great invention, never quite had the magic of radio.
15:17 GMT
For a real overdose of nostalgia, may i recommend for those who live in or near London, or visitors, to make an effort to visit The Museum of Brands near Notting Hill. I visited this when it was in Gloucester and covered most items that would have been found in the average home from the 1890's up to the 1980's It had shop windows with such gems as the sweets already mentioned plus cigarettes ,Turf, Bristl, Grey, Airman brands long gone, and washing powder Oxydol, Surf, Tide. Mansion House polish, you will love it..Honest They even had aoop of TV ads running.

also, another good site to bookmark is Whirligig-tv.co.uk. This covers TV Radio etc mostly from the 50's but does run into the 60's onwards. As a bonus a lot of the contributors are ex performers and some of the stories are fascinating
Garry Sleap
08:47 GMT
Sherbet Saucers, Black Jacks, Spangles, Polo (the mint with the hole), Wagon Wheels... Don't forget the family outing to the pub and the kids would get a bottle of Tizer and an Arrowroot biscuit. Oh dear, I think we are all showing our age now.....Don't forget the Jubblies (spelling ?)
Edited 23-07-2014 08:49
Colin C
07:36 GMT
YOUNG ED - yes I remember those other drinks too and Batey's Lemonade (hope the spelling is right).
And do you remember sherbert dabs with their licorice 'straws'? Suppose this all dates me - no doubt there will be some out there who have no idea what I'm on about.
Young Ed
04:34 GMT
Colin I def remember drinking Tizer, and vaguely remember the name Idris, but not actually buying it. The other ones I remember were R Whites Lemonade and Cream Soda. Still in business? I have no idea.
Colin C
03:08 GMT
Hope my spelling was correct for Piccallili. Also I noticed a typo - they WELL here should read they SELL here of course.
Colin C
03:06 GMT
Yep, remember the jingle. Is Idris still made nowadays? The other drink from my younger days that I remember was Tizer - the appetiser. When sweets were rationed, we kids used to buy frozen Tizer blocks on a stick at a local grocers near Hazelbury School as well as spanish wood and real pineapple slices (a rare summer treat) for half-penny a slice. One favourite of mine that is still available is HP Sauce but here in Oz, I have had great difficulty in obtaining Crosse and Blackwell's Piccallili although strangely enough, can still get Branston Pickle. The mustard pickle they well here isn't a patch on Piccallili.
Dave W
22:46 GMT
I drink Idris,
Idris is the drink to buy,
I drink Idris, I drink Idris,
Idris when I's dry.
18:50 GMT
I drink Idris when I's dri
Idris is the squash to buy

all together!!!
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