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North London Chin-Waggers

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Ron V
09:55 GMT
Couple of things to catch up on,

Margaret, nice to see you posting again, Chas's column is in the Sunday Express, and is all about his allotment, however he has given mentions to Peter Huff and Tony Webster!
Do you recall Mr Hatchett who lived nex door to the shop. I am sure he use to 'farm' rabbits for the pot

Tube 24hr running.

They will do exactly as they do now. Shut down the line at weekends for maintainence when reqd instad of the 4/5 hours they used to have in the good old days. and speaking about them,and Scotland, what a link that was eh? If you can watch BBC i player do catch up on the prog on BBC4 last week about the Forth Road Bridge. Film shown for the first time and ElfenSafty wasnt even thought about!!!
And the trolley poles, my uncle was a driver out of Edmonton depot and used to take it turn about with his conductor in rewiring when he used to throw a pole. One day is was the clippies turn and he was sitting in his cab when the clippie went past about 8ft in the air hanging on for dear life, he had to grab her legs to get her down back to earth. Apparently new springs had been fitted and had been overtensioned!!!
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Pete Letch
20:09 GMT
Dancy's also had a record shop in Silver Street, Edmonton N18, as I have one of their record sleeves with No.21, and a phone no.4724 printed on it, and to anyone that is interested, it is NAT KING COLE singing "People." I use to call in sometimes before going to the Regal. Happy memories.
Young Ed
23:14 GMT
Good point Dave W. Obviously that would create problems ith track maintenance. But that was what the article seemed to be saying in The evening standard. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/t...t-year-9752126.html Maybe they will only be running overnight service on certain lines. Not sure. Yes DAve, The great escape was a great old war film, have watched it several times on DVD.

Ian in Rutland. I remember Dancy's when it was on the New Green, and a very good record shop it was too. I think a brother and sister ran it. Don't remember this shop next to the Granada, but I do remember the Granada, and was in it to see a couple of films, although the memory is very foggy.
Ian in Rutland
19:59 GMT
Great photos, my to be wife bought ' Remember When' by The Platters from the record shop next door to the The Granada in 1959 the 1st week I went out with her, wasn't it Dancys then? The next week I bought 'Here comes Summer' by Jerry Keller. Sad?
Dave W
08:31 GMT
Good pics Young Ed, not seen those before. Did you know that The Great Escape was voted by readers of a film mag, the number one war film.
Re the tube, I can't see how it can run 24 hours, what about the maintenance of it?
Young Ed
00:49 GMT

Another old pic of The Granada. It was showing "The Great Escape" So must have been 1963 or thereabouts.
Young Ed
22:47 GMT
Interesting video. I was just reading that the Tube will soon be running 24 hours a day. Wish they had that years ago. The Night 90 used to be a long and sometimes scary ride home. lol
Margaret baker
14:31 GMT
Thanks Dave that is the one, would love to live in the penthouse but I am sure it will be well out of my price range, seems the designers have taken bits from Canary Wharf, Olympic Park, and docklands and mixed it all up, hey presto Meridian Waters, lovely.
Dave W
23:11 GMT
Looks good if it ever comes to fruition. From what I have seen of the area in recent years this is something that needs to happen. Here is the link to the film I found, hopefully it is the one Margaret mentioned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ6VBhm4gK0
Margaret baker
15:20 GMT
Good afternoon all, just found a promotional video on you tube called 2014 FlyBy, don't know how to post the link but thought you could do your own search if interested, it's about The Meridian Waters redevelopment. Sure most will recognise the area from your youth. Will be interested in your views,,what it dosent tell you in the video is that the disused low level rail way route is to be re-jiggled to provide a cycle/walk route to Edmonton Green, the bit from Montague Road to Plevna Road has been in use since the sixties as a walk through to the green even before the tracks were lifted, also the Meridian Waters Station will be the renamed Angel Station
Margaret baker
09:30 GMT
Sorry to hear you are under the weather Colin, hoping you bounce back to us soon.

Think I am all histories out now in Colchester, got to be time to hit the shops lol.
08:37 GMT
Colin, Hope it is only a little blip on the health front and you are up around and fighting fit very soon.
Colin C
03:12 GMT
Good to see the gals back on the site. Livens things up a bit. Am not feeling too well at present so won't be posting for a while but hope all of you out there will keep up the banter in my 'absence'.
Margaret baker
22:17 GMT
That's great Jackie look forward to it. Ha ha is London ready for us lol, will need to wet our whistles after, hopefully the evening will be crisp and clear.

Will have to wait and see about the toilet block, at lest it has a reprieve for now, yes Pymmes needs a cafe.

I plan to visit dugdale at some point to browse the archives on Pymmes, but awaiting outcome of funding first, for the wetlands, it's ongoing, will be my winter project.

Yes lucky, with such fine weather as well, will let you know how the viewing of the dig goes tomoz, there's a group Colchester old farts, they been talking about plague pit Mersea Road roundabout, near where I am staying.
21:54 GMT
Margaret. love the Castle and park in Colchester, you are lucky to be there for more than a day at a time so can explore it properly.

Yes I am definitely up for meeting you to visit the poppies at twilight. I'll do some research and sort out times. We both have things to do with the family but I seldom, initially, go out in the evening these days but the mornings extend into the afternoons and the afternoon to the evenings. I'll pm or email you so that we can arrange a date. The last poppy is due to be placed on 11 November so we need to find an evening in October when we are both free.

Do you think that two 'ladies of a certain age' will be safe or should I put it another way, will the wayward yoof be safe with us around. LOL

Saving the Cilla series so that I can watch the whole thing on a miserable winter Sunday afternoon. Visited Liverpool last year and had a totally brilliant time but one of my friends felt less than comfortable in the area around The Cavern so I let the Beatles fans go into the club whilst I stayed with said friend. I feel so sorry for people like her who find a city environemnt threatening.

Do you think that the old toilet block in Pymmes could become a cafe? Well done on all your work preserving such a beautiful local park and if I can help in the research give me a shout.
Margaret baker
08:02 GMT
Watched part one of three of CILLA last night, Sheriden Smith plays Cilla, very much enjoyed it, a blast from the past 60's Liverpool and music scene, one to watch when it goes overseas

Where I am staying Colin, new builds, on old army barracks, pubs closing down even in a garrison town, plenty of homeless and drunks around more so than Edmonton, they appear to me white English, and they have a murderer on the loose, home from home lol. Wonderful history here been overdosing on history lol, Castle Park is a wonderful park and beautifully kept, definitely a destination place to visit, goodness knows what impression foreign tourist get of social situation, mainly American and German. If only we could discover Roman Ruins in Edmonton would get more funding then.

FOPP does a lot of arse kicking in a gentle way of course, a matter of keeping on nagging, we have a very dry spell here just now and water levels in the little lake is diminishing, we have fish and newts in there so nagging to keep the water level topped up by staff. I am gathering info on Pymmes Park Lake at the moment, if the wetlands goes ahead hope to be able to put together a written/photographic/on going history of the lake, to be kept in the visitor centre when finished. Will be my winter project.

Still got busy time up to Xmas, spending a week with my great grand kids whilst parents go on holiday that's going to be very isolating for me, in very rural Essex. Then at my friend and neighbours, whilst they on holiday, plus a few days holiday in Wales with my cousins. Need to put my garden to bed and complete my wild life pond before winter sets in, arrrgggg! So much to do, so little time.
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