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North London Chin-Waggers

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Deleted by author 28-06-2015 04:21
19:40 GMT
What year did the Broadway café shut down, I must have been taken in there at some stage by my Mum
Margaret baker
08:03 GMT
Good Tuesday morning all, weather grotty here in Edmonton but never mind, hoping it brightens later for gardening but first my morning walk around Pymmes Park just to check all is hunky dory, good luck with your move Colin.
Young Ed
20:43 GMT
It's all gone quiet ... Looking at the old photo of the cafe. Wondering what year it was taken, guessing some time between 1945 and 1955. Were cafes open in the war years with rationing? Also what might have been on the menu and what would it have cost in those days. Tea and toast sixpence? I have no idea.
Sue Figg [ Dumbleton ]
15:48 GMT
Yes Colin, I too have senior moments and I am a long way off retirement age. I am one of the younger members of the family. I never got to see the cafe as Dad gave it up before I was born. But I have fond memories of the old green, with the indoor market and all the colourful characters. We have been living in Spain now for 15 years. We have a security business here and life is good. Can't stand the cold and too many people when we come back. We like the quieter life. I must admit, I did not know you existed until cousin Diane brought your name up in our last re-union. I had no idea my Father had family in Australia. We went there 30 year ago for our honeymoon. Lovely country. I have family from Mum's side in the Sydney area. We had a really good time and have fond memories. Hope you are keeping well. Believe I may also have family in New Zealand, which I am looking into. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing ?.
Pete Letch
14:16 GMT
ColinC: They had a searchlight, and "Bofor" anti-aircraft gun in Pymmes Park, so if the searchlight was on it would not have been too distant from you. Another experience was to go out in the street before school and collect shrapnel.
Colin C
04:09 GMT
Some more memories of the war years - being blown down steps into air-raid shelter, splitting open my head (explains a lot about events later in life - ha, ha). Mum wrapping my head wound up in vinegar-soaked 'bandage' and rushing me off to doctor in push-chair. Suppose I was about 4 years old at the time. Later learned a V1 or V2 had fallen somewhere relatively close by. Also walking up Church Street with my cousin and Aunt in blackout and seeing searchlights in the distance trying to pick out enemy bombers. Like EDDYMONTON said in his posting - all seemed 'normal' to us then as we had never known the peace of the pre-war years.

By the way, we will be moving house soon and will not be connected to the internet for a while so I will sign off now with all good wishes to you all. Keep posting your news and views. Will catch up in due course. Au revoir.
09:26 GMT
War years I lived in St Malo avenue,bombs yes one dropped in the back garden opposite us,but turned out to be a dud,Grouties greenhouses {I think that is how Grouties might be
spelt } in Montague Road they got hit,coming out of the Empire one night pitch black then an air raid had to take shelter in a house in town Road.

 It seemed quite normal great memories. Also Field guns being towed around our street.
Colin C
01:08 GMT
SUE - sorry for the mix-up re your parents - put it down to 'senior moment' - get a lot of them these days. Your Dad, Bill, was my cousin and your grandmother, Alice, was my Aunt on my Dad's side of the family. As I've mentioned before on this site, I can recall going to the Broadway Cafe during the 1940s and early 1950s. Was a popular venue for the trolleybus crews as I remember. So you are in Spain now, eh? Seems a lot of Brits have gone over there to live in their latter years. Can understand why, as I have always liked the country and its people, not to mention the climate. I moved a bit further afield, coming to Australia in 1967. Been back to the old country several times but have to admit I only returned to Edmonton once or twice during those visits - found it greatly changed and I believe it is even more of a different place now judging from the comments of others and the photos I have perused. Looks so neat and tidy now on the Green but for me, it appears to have little soul. Just a personal opinion and I suppose I am living in the past to some extent and as a famous author once said in one of his novels - 'the past is a different country, they do things differently there'. Seems apt somehow.
Sue Figg [ Dumbleton ]
20:57 GMT
Hi Colin, No I am no longer living in Edmonton, but now in Spain. Margaret and Bill were my Parents. Alice was my Grandmother. I came back recently and had a re-union with the Dumbleton family. Also visited Dumbleton Hall in Gloucestershire.
Margaret baker
13:17 GMT
Good Friday all from a soggy Windsor where I am for a couple of weeks lucky to be here while the 800 year signing of Magna Carta celebrations are going on the actual day of the signing is June 15 should be a flotilla going along this part of the Thames.

For those interested in Pymmes Park there was a photo shoot last Wednesday at the site as a launch, I attended was photographed but lost out to councillors in newspaper publications ha ha, two good and accurate reviews on line to read can be found below.

Www.Enfield-today.co.uk Pymmes Park wetlands will purify pollution in lake

Www.Enfieldindependent.co.uk. Wetlands to rid lake of pollution
14:08 GMT
Thanks so much Pete and Colin. I will pass on your memories to the Local Studies staff.
Colin C
03:23 GMT
JACKIE B - I was born in May 1940 (at North Middlesex Hospital) so of course unaware of early years of the war. However, I do remember air-raids in 1944 and how the family plus the cat scooted down to the Anderson shelter that had been erected in the back garden of 23 Northumberland Gardens when the sirens sounded at night. Went into North Mid to have my tonsils out when I was 4 but had to be evacuated to a rural hospital (not sure where) due to the commencement of V1 and V2 attacks. Also remember the celebrations of VE day - big bonfires in the streets burning effigies of Hitler and his crew. All seems so VERY distant now - a different world entirely. Will rack my brains for any other info regarding my experiences of the war and post them on here for you to pass on.
Pete Letch
21:06 GMT
JackieB : During the war years I spent very little time in Edmonton, during the bombing of London, I was one of the hundreds of kids from Edmonton that was evacuated. In 1941 with a brown label attached to the lapel of my coat I was on my way to Whitchurch in Wales. There I stayed till 1943, after a year the dreaded V1 and V2's started coming over, and I was off again, this time to Wolverhampton, where I stayed till the end of the war. I don't know how my pld grey cells remembered all that. lol.
16:08 GMT
Pete Letch, and anyone else on this site, do you have memories of WW2 that would be willing to share with Local Studies? At the moment the staff are working on projects covering both WW1 and WW11.

Memories of any kind would be much apppreciated. Contact me and I will pass on the info to the staff who will in turn get in touch wih you and arrange interviews either in person or on the phone.
Colin C
13:51 GMT
SUE - oops, sorry. Margaret wasn't your Mum was she? Sorry about the slip up. Great to see the front of the Broadway cafe again after so many years. Loved popping in there on way home from Saturday morning pictures at the Edmonton (later Granada) cinema.
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