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North London Chin-Waggers

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20:42 GMT
I used to be a regular on the old Edmonton board before it closed down, discovered this forum clicking on items on Steve Pickering's Old Edmonton Pintrest Site. Still particularly interested in information on the indoor arcade going up the hill to the Empire, Knights Road baths and the 10th Edmonton.
Dave Waller
08:13 GMT
Thanks Young Ed. That's 9 now.
Young Ed
04:40 GMT
I'm in Dave - busy at the moment. Will shoot you an email tomorrow or sat.
Dave Waller
22:22 GMT
Thanks Ian.
Ian in Rutland
22:02 GMT
Count me in Dave
Dave W
21:23 GMT

Quick Topic Pro invoice has now been paid. There are at present just seven (including myself) that are willing to contribute. The cost as it stands is 6 each. I will email everyone as to how to pay on Monday, thus giving other people a chance to assist.
The seven are:- Me, Nick, Colin, Roy, Ron D,Ron Silverfox & Garry
Dave W
14:02 GMT
Payment will be made tomorrow, as soon as I get time I'll email everyone with the costs (in GB Pounds).
Thanks everyone.
Garry Sleap
07:08 GMT
Colin and myself are in. I'll try to remember to pay in 'Pounds Sterling' this time. LOL
Dave W
22:50 GMT
Including myself, there are know five.
Dave W
18:03 GMT
Only two people have so far come forward, I do need some more. There is only 24 hours left in which to renew or to cancel. Sorry about the short notice but, that is all the time I was given.
Dave W
11:14 GMT

Hi everyone, It's that time of year again. Our subscription for Quick Topic Pro is due on the 18th of December. Please email me if you wish to contribute towards the cost. dmwaller@talktalk.net
Edited 15-12-2014 14:18
Colin C
06:34 GMT
HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL - hope you have the best of times with your families and/or friends.
Ronnie D
22:39 GMT
Young Ed: The same to you and to all the other contributors of this North London site. Thanks for all your answers throughout the year. Have a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous Christmas and New Year.
Young Ed
22:32 GMT
Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.
15:28 GMT
Colin Hamleys is almost in the middle of Regent Street and sells nothing but toys, all five floors of them. A paradise for kids of all ages especially me.

This week has been very much a catching up time. Presents bought apart from a few stocking fillers that I can get in any supermarket and will be wrapped this evening. Tree ready to put up and decorate and all the materials, apart from the fresh flowers, bought and ready for me to make my door wreath, table centre and real mini Christmas tree. Will probably do those tomortrow and will have a route (meant root but forgot about predictive text) around my artificial flowers and see if any of those fit into the design.

I know it is Christmas now because I was in Enfield Town this morning and the Salvation Army brass band was playing in the precint.
Edited 14-12-2014 17:06
Colin C
22:46 GMT
IAN - thank you for enlightening me about Hamleys. I guess I must have gone there at some stage when I was a kid. I do recall going with my parents to a big department store where they had a 'Santa's grotto' back in the 1940s but I always had it in my mind it was Gamage's Dept Store but perhaps it was Hamleys. Sounds like a kiddies paradise. Had a look at the photos of the lights in Oxford Street and Regent Street - look great. Miss that part of Christmas - lights, shop windows with their lights on at dusk, groups of street carol singers and the bustling crowds. Never the same out here in Oz. Still enjoyable but doesn't have quite the same atmosphere somehow.
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