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North London Chin-Waggers

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Young Ed
02:35 GMT
I found these elsewhere on-line Colin. Not sure if it was opposite Alma Road School. It looks like early 50s to me. Someone else will probably know.
Colin C
00:24 GMT
YOUNG ED - was that corner shop and houses opposite Alma Road School by any chance? I seem to recall going to Houghtons to buy large sheets of blotting paper and pencils to use at school. Memory hazy but the scene does look familiar.
Young Ed
23:30 GMT

I believe so Ronnie D. One more. Alma Road Ponders End. Date Unknown.
Ronnie D
23:24 GMT
Young Ed: Would that Level Crossing at Montagu Road, be the one and same that went to Edmonton Lower Level Station from Angel Road?
Nice photo of the Green also. Thanks for sharing.
Young Ed
23:21 GMT

Ponders End 1965
Young Ed
23:19 GMT

This one probably had been posted before. The Green 1960.
Young Ed
23:15 GMT

Some old Pics I found. Montagu Road. 1959
Young Ed
19:37 GMT
Well I think we could discuss that topic till the cows come home Jackie. So I'll try to steer the conversation back onto local matters. The Guardian has an article on Enfield today. Looks like they are going to be building a lot of new counsel housing.


At least I think it's Enfield ...
12:59 GMT
Young Ed. I am a fair shot but don't like guns, especially when they are stored 'my' bedroom. In the example that Roy stated a tiny kid had been given access to a deadly weapon. Would you give the keys of your car to a nine year old especially if it was an automatic over which neither you or she had control?

Unfortunately we can't ban stupidity now matter how hard we might try.
Young Ed
19:29 GMT
I frequently see articles in the papers where people get run over in their own driveway by idiots behind the wheel. Same thing. Stupid people everywhere and accidents happen. I hear no outcry to ban cars.
14:43 GMT
What idiot puts such a powerful weapon in the hands of a little kid? I was taught using a .177 air rifle and every time I picked up that air gun it was drummed into my little head don't point unless you intend to injure/kiil.

I still have problems when visiting family when they show me their concealed gun cabinets or locked racks plus of course the feedom to carry a firearm openly in the pick up. Such is the US gun 'law' which seems to be non existent.
Roy Fischer
09:38 GMT
Have any of you seen the news today about a nine year old girl killing [accident] her shooting instructor with a 40 cal Uzi. I taught my kids to shoot [now 39 & 36] and they are safe and responsible. You NEVER let a young kid have more than one round in an auto until they show they can handle the recoil. Also, no reason to let a nine year old girl fire an Uzi....stupid.....what's the point. 40 cal is more than a kid should have/use. 22 for plinking at the most. Hope this might lead to some common sense.
Young Ed
00:06 GMT
Jackie Thank you so much for following up the Union Road thing. Such a random thing. Garry shows us a toy, Jackie follows it up. I google it. This is what I googled. I hope you'll all find it interesting. Helps me understand where we come from and give context to our lives.




And by the way Jackie B, I had no idea the matchbox factory was in or close to Edmonton. Or maybe I did at one time and I since forgot. Feeling old! lol.
Edited 27-08-2014 00:07
08:43 GMT
Young Ed, I also wondered about Union Road so did a bit of digging and as far as I have been able to discover so it was the former name of Bridport Road that, coupled with the fact that Lesney toys first went into production in the old Rifleman Pub in Union Row, show that it might just be a bit of a nod to the Matchbox past. Union Row was on the Tottenham/Edmonton borders as far as I have been able to find so far. Blame a very wet Bank Holiday Monday for my fit of the anoraks. LOL

If anyone has Margaret's e-mail address perhaps they could drop her a note and let her know she is missed. She is probably being kept very busy with the family and her involvement with The Friends of Pymmes Park.
Young Ed
22:36 GMT
Roy F: That sounds like a nice stay in London. The posh part of town. Notting Hill, the other end of it at Ladbrook Grove used to have a good weekend market (Portobello Road) is that still going?

Jackie B, always good to get your local point of view, of Edmonton goings on etc. You seem to have taken over from Margaret. Hope she is well wherever she is?

Garry S, Never heard of Union Road, made up name is it (on the side of that bus)? Used to have the matchbox cars as a kid. "Hot Wheels" I think they were called.

I think it's fair to say - regarding the terrible stories that so frequently get published in the Enfield Independent, that it's not just Edmonton. The same problems are all over these days.

I find the Evening standard web site also has some good local London stories.

hope the rest of the year sees some improvement in the general wellbeing of the world. Far too much doom and gloom at the moment.
08:35 GMT
No Colin not food for thought I notice you mention the Bible and I see a hidden link/hint to the Jehovah's witnesses of which you have friends in Australia who place these ideas in your mind.And I have to tell you they are a cult with a very false message and I advise all persons not to listen to them or for that matter the Mormons.All points I raise can be verified by history.Just a few wrong dates from these people 1874/1914/1925/1975/ and many more also the bible they use has been altered so burn it, it is called the New World Translation so a quick google and search will reveal all be a detective educate your selves. This is in reply to post 5562
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