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National Reassessment - NRP

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KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
10:43 AM ET (US)
As far as the Pittman settlement is concerned, This is very typical of a large class action. The settlement pertains to a certain qualified group of employees that were discriminated against in a certain way. To weed out the ones the qualify and that do not qualify takes time. The less in the group the more money that goes to the ones that were actually discriminated against. So if you qualify-- You will get a nicer check.
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
10:40 AM ET (US)
HAVE another drink TURN?? What in the world is your problem?
02:42 PM ET (US)
  OKAY! My parting words are, all fights are similar. It's the fight, at the time, that counts. Timing is everything. This NRP fight shows some interesting promise. Best of luck to all. Hoist-a-legga.
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10:09 AM ET (US)
Turn To Take - you need another board to visit.
04:20 PM ET (US)
  I'm just gonna say, There's some UGLY money out there. I think anyone on this site, can see UGLY MONEY. VOTE RIGHT. Without going in to great detail, ONE side WANTS us over there fighting, sacrificing (our babies) and One side is holding off for something other than just us jumping in like we always have before. Anything, at this point can be the wrong decision, or can backfire, or could be the answer to what WE may really need. I don't want NO more babies dying over there, or HERE! NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE IN MIND FOR US.
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03:01 PM ET (US)
  HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! This one always tripped me out! We know it wasn't top dog, but yet correct me if I'm wrong, first success story where they could colonize. Good for many, and SAD, SAD, ending for the Indians it affected with UMM, horrible virus, SMALL POX! How many really died? Always makes me wonder how this isn't the BIGGEST racial issue in this country. But you know what they say, the MEEK will inherit the earth. Meek seems to me is, no one causing any disturbance. All walks of life need to do a little soul searching right about now. And the virus issue, they don't know anything. We seem to be winging this one. Can this come by way of bird, insect, AIRBORN? Wash your hands all the time and wear a mask like so many countries have been doing for a very long time, is really our only defense right now. Scares me that Bangor, Me is an international airport. Better be one of the next airports screened. Hope so anyway. PEACE OUT!
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Deleted by author 10-12-2014 02:49 PM
02:34 PM ET (US)
 I wish it was just caffeine. Truth, this is what really scares me. The border down south, that they made millions from(when they wanted the money), is at least watched over. Maine, Canadian border protection is when they are looking for Canadians poaching Maine moose(different laws on baiting issues). That is the border patrol in Maine!! Where do you think the bad guys are gonna come through again? TEXAS?? ARIZONA??? OKAY, NEW MEXICO? Yea, RIGHT! So when I talk to you, it is out of love, or I would not waste my time. When things look there worst, just take a look around.
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11:57 AM ET (US)
01:35 PM ET (US)
 I really think it's takin this long because now they have to weed out those that the USPS sent in that don't(LIKE ME) (and they did it on purpose I'm sure) qualify for this suit. Hey, ME, you use the word Newbie, that made me chuckle, I'm thinking YES, You know, suck what you can out of anyone that can share some light. Tell them they have such a pretty name and thank you for calling me back. you are the one the office needs to put on the phone when employees call about this problem(and call it a problem because Woman love to solve some problems). And then ask your questions! Young folk in there(young meaning NO years). If it's a man on the phone, I don't know, I've never had a man answer the phone in that job! I TRUELY hope they weed out all the employees(that really weren't part of this PITTMAN suit) so that the one's whom this money BELONGS too reaches the bills they owe. HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYBODY!
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KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
08:36 PM ET (US)
Greetings here is what the class site stated about the verification of employees

Who determines if my claim form and release was filed timely?

Class Counsel and USPS do not determine who filed a timely claim form and release. The parties selected a neutral third party as the Class Administrator to make this determination. However, claim forms filed after June 19, 2014 are presumed to be untimely. The Class Administrator’s determination of which individuals have submitted timely Claim Form and Releases shall be final and unreviewable.

Why does it take approximately 300 days for the settlement checks to be issued?

The agreement provides that within three hundred (300) days of the date of the Notice of Final Agency Action, or as soon thereafter, as is practicable, the Class Administrator will transmit Settlement Award checks via First Class Mail to each eligible class member. In addition, information provided on the claim form and release will have to be verified by Class Counsel. Class Counsel will verify information on the claim form and release using USPS electronic personnel data (Form 50 data).

What is the difference between a potential class member and an eligible class member?

A potential class member is anyone whose name appears on the class list provided by USPS to Class Counsel on September 26, 2013. Out of an abundance of caution, the USPS placed people on the class list who may not be permanent rehabilitation employees. An eligible class member is any potential class member who submits a timely claim form and release and is determined, in accordance with the terms of the Settlement Agreement, to be a permanent rehabilitation employee during the class period which is March 24, 2000 through December 31, 2012.
Carolyn. olsen.
04:26 PM ET (US)
Ater working in the post office 32 years same crap still going on its never going to stop never !!! Union is a joke they sleep together !!!! As for the Pittman case what ashame that we must be treated tbis way our rights arent being addressed. As Handicap laws do exist and fair employment laws exist so why is this still going on becase were federal empoyees. ??? What a crime of injustice. Come on there has to be someone to help us ???? And as far as these so called job offers now thats a real joke. They can take that job away from you anytime they want another form if tbere abuse. Yes abuse think about it
03:46 PM ET (US)
HRM in my work area was a slacker's paradise. Everyone, I mean everyone , who couldn't handle regular job duties tended to end up there. It was like they all had a special message sent to them from the great slacker in the sky that this is their calling. Talk about ineptness.
03:33 PM ET (US)
TURN TO TAKE.. sorry I wouldn't trust anything HR tells you unless it is a newbie who doesn't know the rules yet...I was told by a new HRM a yr or two ago that they were told that they had to hire NRP employees back.. just beware if they do, there will be a new catch to that job offer.. or it will be to get a LWEC done on you and you will get walked out with 0 pay..
If the lawyers got all our files.. to me that means it's just gunna take longer but any news about the nrp is nice to hear.. thanks....
03:00 PM ET (US)
 Well, happy to say I read what I wrote yesterday, and it made no sense to me, so please listen to my conversation with HR. Pretty much she confirmed that if you received a letter, you don't qualify. From the small state that I'm from, what was interesting was I asked what is my code incase I should need it in the future. After giving my life away over the phone in addition to major compliments, She said, the McConnell case is completely different from this, (and I'm talking to someone probably worried about her own job, if it can happen to you it can happen to me mind) she went on to say the McConnell case you won't have to have anything, they (lawyers I'm guessing) have asked for ALL the files on ALL AFFECTED EMPLOYEES! That's what she told me. And she on the phone told me this is the one you qualify for.(McConnell) Interesting or not, gotta share this one. She almost seemed happy to share! Go figure!
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12:00 PM ET (US)
Donny a good point you brought forward.

Many of the Top Union Officials have no clue on how to help most members or they have no time for us.
Your told one thing - however it is not the truth. Years to act on a filed grievance and you have to plead to have them look at it to do something. You are correct Donny!
Edited 10-10-2014 12:03 PM
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