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National Reassessment - NRP

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Deleted by topic administrator 07-22-2014 08:51 AM
01:47 PM ET (US)
Does the post office have to pay out of schedule if the "lobby assistant" job has a two hour lunch and you are a letter carrier?
  Messages 4804-4803 deleted by topic administrator 07-21-2014 08:56 AM
10:42 AM ET (US)
In case anyone missed it there is a update on the Pittman v. Donahoe class action settlement website. (This class action was formerly called walker v. donahoe and is referred to in some places i've read as phase 1 of the nrp.)
Edited 07-17-2014 10:49 AM
03:45 PM ET (US)
Saw in the Postal record a list of Postal Lawsuits didn't see anything about NRP. The union pretends it never happened. Did see where someone filed against Vince Sombrato and it still hasn't been resolved, that is a scary thought. With this NRP lawsuit I can wait till hell freezes over and it looks like thats just what we have to do. We will get there and they will pay big XXX-time!!!!!! Forward my checks to the BIG Island.
Carolyn Olsen
05:16 PM ET (US)
Isn't there any watch dog group what ever that is to look into this what a bunch of crap. What about senators.? ???
On Jul 13, 2014 9:50 AM, "QT - Beebibo" <
qtopic-44-gDC2EdHJvaLm3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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12:50 PM ET (US)
C'mon guys a partition with New Jersey tomato is not the tell tell all on this class action suit. It' s not the end of the world if we don't get any signatures. Hold the attorneys at Solomon And Thomas accountable. I will call them Monday after all it has been over 6 years. Keep the eye of the tiger guys..
12:38 PM ET (US)
Carolyn, with only 8 days left to get the required amount of signatures, no way are we going to make it.

The Jersey Tomato Press did help me I can tell you folks and I thank the Editor for her efforts to help all the Postal Employees.
Carolyn. olsen.
11:22 AM ET (US)
Can i sign that petition on line i have way to get out ??? Send it to me ill sign . Thank you. Still no new paper work from that great law firm !!!! Like I said bend over again !!!
09:55 AM ET (US)
Its really a shame to only see 91 people signed the petition.

I have read the stories written here many times of the abuse employee's have gotten from just trying to get their benefits, etc. How about the many NRP stories ? Yet the petition is not going to help, sorry to say. We all needed this help so we could be heard.
Carolyn Olsen
08:59 PM ET (US)
What a waste. of time we're all beating a dead horse what. For. Pennies and more disappointment. Just bend over again. And as for the unions their. All sleeping together. The only whatsoever got anything done was I did it myself
On Jul 7, 2014 2:45 PM, "QT - Ssa" <qtopic-44-gDC2EdHJvaLm3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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Carolyn Olsen
08:29 PM ET (US)
All this is uncalled for Had questions to the so called law firm handling this and was emailed days later that they would send a new letter why can't they just answer any question s anyone might have? ??? Come on we're all going to be dead before this is settled a for pennies excuse me but bend over again!!! and as for our unions they all sleep together never help me did it all on. My own 32 years of hell. I'm.still sick from that toxic. Environment! !!!!!!still have horrible. Amenity. Attacks where I can't breathe! !!!
On Jul 8, 2014 8:41 PM, "QT - Snowed" <
qtopic-44-gDC2EdHJvaLm3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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10:26 AM ET (US)
I agree. I'll dig a little deeper & see whats up.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
10:10 AM ET (US)
That is unAmerican, not to allow paper signatures...
11:47 PM ET (US)
My mistake, that's for the petition "Save the Post Office". I did ask Dianne about paper signatures but she said it had to be through the internet. I've had people sign but it never showed up. I'm not sure whats going on with that.
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