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National Reassessment - NRP

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10:18 AM ET (US)
/m4902 OWCP understands the health harm USPS has caused its employees. Remember, FECA is the PO's "insurance company". As such, FECA is trying to minimize payouts just like Allstate, State Farm, Geico, etc. A claims examiner told me "OWCP doesn't care about the cause of injury. OWCP's job is to provide the benefits under FECA".
08:17 AM ET (US)
  You need to go to your primary care doctor for your anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD for being paraded out of YOUR work place in front of other co-workers after all the years of service you put in. The humiliation of that alone can be to much for some people to cope with. Most people have pride in their job and the quality of work they do and to be let go for that can easily cause someone to lose their love of life, certainly hope that does not happen to anyone going through this mess! Your primary care doctor will refer you to a doctor that treats stress problems. Never knew a doctor that wouldn't treat a federal workers' comp claim mostly because they get paid top dollar. They have always paid my doctors, before and after my claim was excepted. I use to have panic attacks so severe on my way to work that I had to pull over, turn around and rush home before I literally pooped my pants. Sounds funny but I assure you it is not. Sometimes I would make it all the way into the parking lot at work and could not get out of my car. I felt this hypervigilant feeling, watching and looking everywhere. Just absolutely the fear of my life time, don't know how else to explain it. I became afraid to be around people I worked for and with for years!! I take Ambien just to be able to fall asleep and Xanax just to make it through a day outside of my bedroom. I don't leave my home much and find comfort in my gardens in my back yard. This isn't anything I ask for and use to be outgoing and trusting. Those things are dead to me now. OWCP is the target, the only one you can fight and win for the abuse each and everyone of us has suffered at the hands of the USPS! It is a hard claim to win and won't happen over night. It is still important that OWCP understands the health harm USPS has caused its employees. If everyone suffering this stress would put in a claim, OWCP would have no choice but to acknowledge and address this medical injury..
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08:45 PM ET (US)
Hi all,, DANG I just typed a whole paragraph and deleted it by accident..grr LOL I was just catching up on posts..Hang in there all..WE can get through this all. I haven't got very far on adding my stress claim. I have been getting worse, I have been having anxiety attacks while driving short distances alone. Isn't that crazy?? I mean WTH. I wanted to ask opinions of you all that have added stress to owcp claim. I am having trouble finding a psychologist that will accept OWCP in my area.Do ya think AEP will help find one?
also in reading past posts /m4864 BREW While you are writing NALC about issues, add Ron Watson in Washington DC, He is in the Postal Record, is director of retired members and also deals with OWCP for NALC 202-393-4695, ext. 877, or 800-424-5186. address is the main one of
National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO
100 Indiana Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001-2144
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10:13 PM ET (US)
Don't care to know your God. Mine loves everyone.
08:59 PM ET (US)
Goodbye Bradley as the saying goes don't let the door hit you in the !
08:39 PM ET (US)
I've no star by my name and I don't have any badges either, but I am a man who will be on the winning end of this class action suit. Because I have the paper trail ( a letter from the PO telling me they are going to find me a job in the private sector after 26 years as letter carrier, the last 9 years using a mail cart) and the work record. I'm gonna retire from this site for this second time and last time. I wish everyone the best. I say for the last time thank you Sandy for everything you have done, and are going to do!. Remember fellow Postal Employees GOD hates a coward and all conservatives. Best of luck everyone. If I don't see you in the future I'll see you in the pasture. BRADLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:31 PM ET (US)
  I'm not an expert on class action suits, yet have seen many of the usps ones come to an end that takes care of the defendant and the law firm. The difference that I see in this suit is that employees were fired for simply being injured on the job. We all know this is illegal and that's a plus, however, what I see happening is still in usps benefit. They kept injured employees from receiving an excepted OWCP claim for injury by doing what they did, and in the end injured employees will receive monies that would have been equal to a scheduled award. In other words if you don't put in a stress claim with OWCP, (that you will win), which is a huge fight, USPS doesn't show that this company has injuries to their employees anymore, and OWCP doesn't have to pay them a monthly check. That's all this is about. So, I'm certain that injured employees from the beginning out in Cali. where the NRP started, will receive more monies out of this suit, but it is still the USPS getting out of taking care of their injured workers through OWCP, which is a huge expense for companies that have injured employees. At the end of any excepted OWCP claim, you at anytime can opt out and except a scheduled award and kiss them goodbye. You see, I hope, what I'm trying to say, which is the USPS is saving wicked money when they did this NRP thing. So, pretty much what you receive will be based on your injury in a round about way that the USPS created. Crafty sons a you know what. They have grouped all the injuries into one big one and certainly will be saving some buck. Big question with this suit is, is it LEGAL to let an employee go(FIRE) because they got hurt. My guess is NO. Yet only so much money is ever awarded and don't think this will be any different. Should be for sure, but just as sure it won't. What USPS have done here in my eyes, is eliminate any injured employee from receiving what is rightfully theirs workers' comp. benefits(monthly checks) and getting away with paying the STINKING scheduled award final payment. It's unbelievable really, that those clowns came up with this. This is why I STRESS to all that you get that stress claim in if you are still on the books. Just my opinion of coarse!! Still time to reconsider your actions on this situation. It's well worth the battle after all you've been through. You know you still have fight in you left, put it to good use.
charles marigny
09:53 AM ET (US)
I'm from the San Antonio area and it was a hard hit for a lot of us. you have the higher ups that kept their jobs when there was nothing for them to do. I have lost a few friends from suicide illnesses, and just plain old political rudeness. like I said lost of homes, life, ect. all for the few hundred dollars they want to throw at you. one day all will be heard. I pray that day comes soon for the unjust that they have imposed on those unfortunate ones. I can never be hold again as I get older it hurts worse. but they do not care they have saved a few billion dollars the millionaire Congressman Darrell Issa behind the whole postal theme take the money and put it in a fund so they can distribute it to other agency's. The new social security how thoughtful. and it is all a matter of record. you cannot hide from the media or social media.
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10:39 PM ET (US)
No stars by name --- no response-- Bogus info being passed in this room by who knows who... Sorry
Deleted by author 08-24-2014 10:38 PM
08:44 PM ET (US)
If you are a McConnell class member, this case will determine your rights as a class member and any decision issued will have a binding effect upon you.The EEOC does not allow any class member to “opt out” of the class or choose not to be bound by a class complaint decision.A final decision by the EEOC finding that the Postal Service engaged in discrimination is binding on all members of the class and on the Postal Service. A finding of “no discrimination” is not binding on a class member’s individual complaint of discrimination. Although you may not exclude yourself from the class (opt out), you do not have to participate in this class complaint. If the AJ finds that the Postal Service discriminated against the class, you will have to file a claim to receive individual relief. In the event that liability is found, you will receive additional notice on how and when to file such a claim.If McConnell and the Postal Service wish to settle this case, you will be notified and given the opportunity to review the terms of the settlement, and to object or challenge the settlement. At this point a class member’s complaint of discrimination will have been settled. Realistically, any objections or challenges to the settlement by the class members will not override a settlement agreement between the parties. The EEOC Administrative Judge will uphold the agreement and the USPS will be off the hook.This is how the game is designed to play out.
Edited 08-23-2014 09:15 PM
10:26 AM ET (US)
Well said Charlie.
They have played with me for over 4 years and continue to do so today.
Presently are stating that I took LWOP on my own when I was NRP'd and I was denied OWCP at the same time and then was placed by the PO on LWOP for the next 4 1/3 years. Now it is effecting my earned time each pay period and will effect my service time. Next thing the PO will say there is no back pay owed for those years "as you took" LWOP on your own.
Always playing their games.
Edited 08-23-2014 01:16 PM
charles marigny
09:48 AM ET (US)
You know these so call class actions are a bunch of bull. the postal service dumps all this money in a retirement fund, and we are the ones get the shaft. Lives ruined homes lost, credit ruined, families displaced , and all you can muster is a few hundred dollars. where is the justice in that. and do not forget the fact if you seek out a new career you are limited on the money you can make. your whole life is screwed up because of an injury and no body gives a dam. this is what you call justice, this is what you will find (JUST US) no one cares you are just another pawn in the sick games of politics. the puppet master wins again.
Deleted by author 08-24-2014 10:38 PM
07:54 AM ET (US)
Goodbye Carrier as the saying goes don't let the door hit you in the !
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