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RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
09:07 PM ET (US)
It is only for PMR's or TRC's. And TRC's were eliminated, so only for PMR's. I am doubtful about your friend who was hired as a PSE. Something's not right there.
Cliff KlavenPerson was signed in when posted
08:55 PM ET (US)
/m1219 I know a rural carrier who looked into subbing rural route in their old office after they retired. They were told they could sub, but that if they did, they would recieve NO pension while subbing... needless to say, they passed on the subbing...

Seems nuts with the sub shortage that they won't let retired carriers help out without losing $$$... who's gonna do that??
08:35 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know the rule about pension offset for retired postal workers in pse jobs? I know there is no offset as a pmr unless you work over 180 days, but when I talked to hr they said if I convert to pse, there will be salary offset. The thing is, I have a friend who retired from carrying and hired on as a pse 2 years ago and he has not had a pension offset. Has he just been missed on the regulation and will he have to pay it back? Confused and probably out of a job.
07:59 PM ET (US)
Can you go back to being an RCA? There are also a lot of RCA positions posted too. Or even a CCA. CCA's seem to be in demand.
RCA/PMR/???Person was signed in when posted
06:37 PM ET (US)
It's just really difficult for us to accept. I don't know about the rest of you guys. But I was only PMR because I thought I had a future. I left my RCA position to become a PMR because I was in an office that only had one carrier and they were fairly new. Since then I've went everywhere they asked. I've been OIC in four different offices. Now I'm training a PSE that was just hired and about a month ago. It just really makes me wonder where my future lies with the USPS. I really do love working for the post office. If I drive past a really cool old post office I have to stop and check it out. I'm just really frustrated and almost ready to give up but I hold onto that little possibility that it will all pan out. Like someone else said earlier I will just be glad when it's over when loser or draw at least something.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
06:24 PM ET (US)
I don't think they can just convert people without requiring the test.
I don't know if they can give the test without opening it to the public.
USPS is still bound by all kinds of laws.
06:21 PM ET (US)
I agree about the veterans. They should be converting us to PSE's, instead of opening it up to the public.they say they are creating jobs, but they are taking jobs away from good workers, already employed!!
Edited 10-24-2014 06:22 PM
sad pmr
05:39 PM ET (US)
Driving 66 miles round trip to make 30 dollars as a pmr does not seem like a wise decision. The closest other 4 hour postition is 35 miles one way and the current pmr is applying.
Cliff Klaven
04:56 PM ET (US)
I don't think anybody should be blaming veterans for applying for jobs, but I agree that special arrangements should have also been given for people currently in the jobs (as pmr's) to convert to PSE's before opening it up to people off of the street... that's the usps's fault, not the veterans... we owe them thanks, not criticism... the usps tho, criticize away, they've earned it...
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
02:40 PM ET (US)
/m1211 That's correct.
Edited 10-24-2014 02:41 PM
billy joe jim bob
02:35 PM ET (US)
I was told that they would choose between the highest 3 scores. The high score was not the only factor.
11:45 AM ET (US)
m/1209 I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. I am a single parent to an infant and barely one in grade school. I understand your concern; however, I do feel for you given your lengthy postal history. Does this mean unless you can find alternate position elsewhere, you are looking at unemployment?
11:10 AM ET (US)
M1208 the only reason I know about it is because I questioned my APO repeatedly about when I would get an interview and he had to tell me
Edited 10-24-2014 11:11 AM
10:30 AM ET (US)
/m1206, oh my god. And so it begins. That's the worst news. Your 24 years of service is wiped out by a non-employee's 10 point preference? Was that really supposed to be the point of giving preference to veterans?

I'm just surprised you were told. Usually, at every company I've worked for -- except one -- the goal was to keep employees working until the very last minute, and then hit them with the 'by the way, you're laid off' on their last day.

I guess you weren't hit with that because they expect you to train this vet (for no additional pay) before sending you out the door?

Is there anything Dana can do (besides apply for other stations)?
Edited 10-24-2014 10:57 AM
10:26 AM ET (US)
/m1203, no, but I wouldn't expect to be told anything until the very last minute when it's too late. It's a small area with few jobs, so I would be surprised if someone didn't apply. They're not really supposed to discuss that stuff anyway. Hearing about it second-hand is normal. Having a supervisor actually discuss who potential applicants are sounds like a violation of some kind.
10:24 AM ET (US)
Yes, Mailroom, I have been a PMR at the same office for 24 years. Our hours have been reduced to 4 for 3 weeks now. I am here 6 days a week and learned this past Tuesday that a Vet from a neighboring town had beaten me out for my job. I am heartbroken as this is the only job I have ever had and live just 2 miles from the office. I also have a special needs child and it will be difficult for me to find anything comparable.
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