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02:49 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know if a PMR can transfer to same position in another office? Is there a waiting period after initially being hired?
08:00 PM ET (US)
And I was right. PM showed up and worked in our office for 3 hours and then left?? He helped worked mail and left??
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
11:53 PM ET (US)
I am suggesting we will not have an in house PM.(possibly). I probably worded myself wrong about it being a remote office. Not sure how they classify. They can have a L 7 clerk run an office with PM somewhere else. "If" it happens the clerk does not order supplies or pay bills.

Being OIC a couple of times, I have to say the worst part of being OIC was dealing with the others on the end of the computer. I love our carriers but hated their paperwork too. The actual paperwork okay, but geez, seems we've changed staffing up so much no one on top of what we submit
07:33 PM ET (US)
In addition to scores, I receive too many emails about failures- last mile failures, express failures, and so on.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
06:09 PM ET (US)
Hmmm. Interesting SouthernClerk........How are your bills paid ?.........It looks like You will be in charge of that....and ordering supplies too.....and ordering current stock too.......Yes ?

I receive to many emails about "scores"...that I have no control over as a one office team.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
07:16 AM ET (US)
I could be wrong but feels like we are going to remote office. OIC has only dropped by in past 2 weeks (tacs and cleanup with leaving). Supposedly have transfer back to PM the first of week (this has changed numerous times). BUT rumor mill has PM in another office for next 3 weeks. So even with PM back As person that is accountable, looks like I am running office by myself??
Ahh more weeks of no stamps and no change to work window.
10:31 PM ET (US)
I haven't set up a paypal yet for my office, since my cleaner prefers getting a check and there aren't any other needs for me to get one. All of my bills are paid either by the landlord or the district.

The addressing thing threw me off at first, you get in such a routine with the flow of buttons that any change messes you up. After the first few people it wasn't as bad as I thought. However I fail to see the point on doing it for flats and letters since the machines can do it faster than we can.
07:34 PM ET (US)
FWD - good to hear you are being appreciated. Hang on to that.

And yep, we should have been off . . . it was slow on the window. But that was appreciated to have a breather from how this week has gone.

Lenny-how do you like that address input on the POS? I thought it would be a bit time consuming, but I think I have it moving rather quickly now. The streets pretty much only ask for the first letter. I'm pretty impressed with the info available. It might even catch the occasional boo-boo of customers wrong addressing, who knows?
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
07:24 PM ET (US)
Lenny, have you set up a USPS PayPal account ?
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
04:15 PM ET (US)
My husband went to a business that operates with mostly Amish help, and came home and said they were closed today because all the Amish took off. So I said it was probably because of Good Friday, and that people would be calling the PO today to ask if they were closed. Short answer, NO, not in all the years that I worked there, and I am guessing, even before that.
03:59 PM ET (US)
Thanks for the pointer on the prepaid function for weighing letters. It's good that we all learn something from one another every now and then.

Were we supposed to be closed today for Good Friday? Haha...
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
10:54 AM ET (US)
Well, it turned out my APO PM didn't stop by for the WebBATS Audit but to tell me how self sufficient I was and to get my input on a few manual office things.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
06:15 PM ET (US)
My APO PM is going to stop by tomorrow.
I bet he wants to do the WebBATS Audit.
I already did the Caller Service part but I did not Certify it....just in case APO PM wants to check my answers.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
03:40 AM ET (US)
FWD - I agree about stock being zero or low but OIC never did grasp importance of keeping stock. Every month we ran out and now she has been promoted to PM at another office. Transfer is not until next week but she is mentally checked out of this office and either off or in the new office mostly. She just checks in on occasion . . . basically she is gone.

Lenny - with a pile of letters to be weighed, try going to prepaid screen. Top dynakey activates scale. You can quickly put letter on to get weight, one after the other. I will scale the letters, place in stack of differing postage and hand back to customer with correct stamps. Avoids all that inputting zip code stuff. I have sold a lot of .21 and .70's this way.
A lot of the time I can get stamps to customers, they put on while I punch in flats or parcels they have.
10:03 PM ET (US)
I had 5 Express go out today, surprisingly none were tax related. Normally only have one or 2 at the most, but 5 today, 4 yesterday and 5 one day last week was a lot for me.

Seems like Easter compounded the Tax rush this year. All the "weigh this....postmark that....need 3 stamps for my taxes...." made for a lot of workload that is not reflected in the revenue numbers. I got to the point where I simply had the small scale on my counter to weigh letters instead of typing in the zip, hazmat so many times.

Ebayers have been very slow this past month.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
07:50 PM ET (US)
Things need to be ordered, bills need to be paid and contracts need to be renewed.......there are not enough work hours.
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