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Deleted by author 09-28-2014 11:59 AM
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
05:43 AM ET (US)
This past week I had to call in to get some outside building repairs done.
The lights were changed and a piece of siding was reattached but time lock is still being worked on.

I will go in early this morning to see it the truck driver left the front door open with the door stopper all night. She does leave the door open in the mornings and sometimes the p o floor gets wet.
I am going to talk with the driver this morning.

I hope my equipment order arrives this morning.

The Density Test starts here this morning.

We were told by District to order our winter supplies by the 30th of this month. I will order salt for the walkway and maybe a new snow shovel.

I have a couple of bills I need to pay in eBuy if I have the time today.

I sold out of 70 cent stamps this week and had another customer ask for some yesterday so I will see if I can do an Emergency order for them today....maybe.

So much to do......so little time.....I better get to work.
Edited 09-27-2014 05:55 AM
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
05:26 AM ET (US)
Linda, I with you. I have at least 21 years experience and most of it is managing a post office. Now, with this new APWU victory, I will loose my 4 hour a day PMR job.
I will have to take the PSE test and hope to get my same office back....and with a pay cut.
Apparently the people at the top don't know the work we PMRs do. They should have asked us.
10:35 PM ET (US)
I am a 9 year PMR who has been running my office most of that time due to lack of postmasters in my office. We went to 4 hours a year ago, and now I find out that my job is being eliminated, thanks to the bullying of the APWU. So what now? I apply for a PSE job, no different than someone off the street? And my 9 years of hard work and experience mean nothing in this process?
08:42 PM ET (US)
Check this awesome site out:


Somebody scanned all of the old Postal Bulletins and put them in a searchable format. I found a bunch of good stuff about my office and the one in the town I live in.
09:02 PM ET (US)
Hopefully the fall out from this will not be bad for everyone. I will admit, I'm not effected now but feel certain the time will come. Not exactly what I wanted heading into pre retirement years.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
08:25 PM ET (US)
Hmmm. All the 4 hour offices will have to change over from eMoves to e1412.

From what I have heard and seen....Not everyone can run a manual office.
No POS here.
Edited 09-23-2014 08:35 PM
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
08:08 PM ET (US)
I don't know how this is going to affect me yet. No word of it over here.

Now .....how has NAPUS helped me ?.....being a Napus member for many many years has gotten me what?

Anyway, who knows,...... maybe this new award that will force me to become a clerk/PSE will be a benefit to me in the long run.
Fewer responsibilities....higher pay and more benefits than my present position.....maybe that won't be so bad.

Though,....I do like being my own boss and at present still do all the same work I did when the USPS gave me the last title of OIC a couple years ago,.....this award is going to force the APO PMs to do even more work.

Today I ordered stamps the new way and it was very easy and fun to do :)

Whatever the USPS decides to do.......my 20+ years of experience should be of help to them.
Edited 09-23-2014 08:37 PM
05:58 PM ET (US)
I foresee a glut of Postmasters in the short term followed by a major shortage in the long term. For one thing, there is not much incentive to move up for people like me. Why put yourself through all of the mental abuse? I am hoping to sit at my office for the next 23 years, but of course I don't see that happening at the rate things are going. Second, there is going to be a slim pool to pick from. In the past you went from clerk/carrier to level 11/13 PM, then up the levels. Now that there are no more 11/13 PMs- just clerks, there are going to be fewer people with the initiative or knowhow to move up the ranks.

As for solidifying my office, I have done quite a bit on that front, figuring something might happen. My daily workload is now sitting at about 7.3 hours a day, a good cushion from the zone of tolerance. My PTPM at my one office know how to play the same game and his workload is sitting around 5 hours. The other RMPO is squeaking by as a 6, I am trying to work on building that up with the new PSE.

Just when you think everything is all settled.....
12:53 PM ET (US)
Yes, FWD. How is this all going to effect you?
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 AM ET (US)
I am just wondering about our board originator, FWD. Hope all is well with her.
09:24 AM ET (US)
Yes, saw the award and I'm like ya'll . . . geez, the impact. I cannot help thinking they (USPS) knew this was going to happen though. As it is, it appears they still got a lower payscale for the overall big picture.
PM's took cuts to parttime PM's or moved or left. Clerks that were working those offices before moved or left. PMR's left.
Not sure in other areas but we've been short handed for YEARS now. PSE's hired don't stay. And the offices that they were supposed to fill with a PT PM were posted over three times. They would not fill??
So basically they will be filling these offices with the low end of the payscale, even if it is a clerk.

Am I reading this right? a PM that took a cut in pay to PT PM can remain. But when they are replaced, they would be replaced with a clerk, that could be getting paid more??? (speaking of a L6 office)(and if the clerk was an older employee)
It still is messed up.

Lenny, I haven't a doubt there is a new postplan coming. In our area you can see the preparation of it. The upgraded L18's in our area were not allowing PTF's to go into and were utilizing PSE's a lot. Then a movement seemed to come about that they "suggested" to some PTF's throughout the area that they should request to go to "certain" offices. My coworker was one of them, just last year. The "certain" offices were upgraded L18's. It was as if they knew eventually it will be the PTF clerks in these offices. Our upgraded L18's are supposedly overseeing other offices but they are not. Not one of them. We only have one L6 in the area and it is overseen by a L21. So our upgraded L18's are most likely going to get their Postplan changes in 2016 (if not sooner now), which means more displaced PM's. They will have the PTF's in place as they are going to have to do with L6's now.
Not saying this to worry you, but you are young. Take this time and get your office good and solid as a L18 and keep your RPO's viable.

Most PM's in our area are speaking of retiring anywhere from next year to three years out. For us, the old timers with much knowledge will be gone. I can see chaos on the horizon.
09:55 PM ET (US)
It makes me wonder if they will roll out a new postplan to offset this, that is my biggest worry. NAPUS explained the fate of most people. Basically said they got royally screwed. 6 hour PTPM's are grandfathered, but when they leave then the office will be filled with NTFTs, 4 hour offices get PSEs, no more PSEs for many 18's like mine, they will get/keep PTFs.

It will be interesting to see the fallout from this.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
08:49 PM ET (US)
I am just thinking of all the people I know that this will affect: The PSE in my old office, which is now a 6 hour office, and they were holding off posting, waiting for this arbitration result; the PM from the Level 13 (now a 4 hour office) where I live, who took a 6 hour office because she didn't want to be left out at the end of Postplan; the PM in the Level 13 about 10 miles away who has been trying like crazy for an 18 or a Level 17 supervisor, with no luck so far. But good for the PTF clerk who hung on in a former 16/now 6 hour office, which was posted for impacted PM's a couple of times, but got no bids: she will be able to stay where she is. Or the PMR's in the 4 hour offices, now what for them? Take the exam and try to be PSE's? Will be a pay cut for one of them. She had worked her way up to $18 an hour as a PMR, but I don't think the PSE's make that much. What a mess. Glad I retired.
07:48 PM ET (US)
Did you guys see the arbitration results for the clerk jobs in 4-6 hours offices? Wow! Wonder what the fallout is going to be from this?
09:11 PM ET (US)
/m13176 the new finger scanner are ONLY used for "arrival at unit" . . . so we still have to use the old scanners throughout the day.
Honestly it feels like it slows down distribution as you have to wait to make sure it scans after each scan.
You scan and want to throw package but you are waiting to make sure it is scanned. So you kind of find yourself waiting for it to tell you what route number its going to . . . even though you know already.
Its a minor thing and just odd. I like the finger scanner apparatus though. Light and easy to use. Its the laptop and program that are aggravating.
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