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Postal EEO Forum

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01:42 PM ET (US)
Just signing in to this forum, EEO is the only area of HR I have not worked!
10:41 AM ET (US)
I need a lawyer in Mississippi to handle my EEO case. Does anyone know someone?
07:47 PM ET (US)
Has anyone ever seen or received a regular retirement booklet from OPM? If so, are there appeal rights in it to go to the ?MSPB? If there are, what page are they on?
Disabled Myself
12:10 AM ET (US)
/11208 sometimes, persons who have mental disabilities are unaware of their particular disability, and do not realize that their symptoms are a cognizable disability, so with that being said, the individual could be very unaware or alternatively I denial that he/she is disabled.
injured knee
08:46 AM ET (US)
Can your OWCP treating doctor refuse medical because they have not been getting payment due to their own billing error? I went to my own primary care provider for my accepted condition. My primary care provider treated me and has referred me to my OWCP doctor. What are my rights and what should I do?
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08:32 PM ET (US)
EEOC posted their summer 2013 digest of selected cases. In doing so they also stated the following;

The Commission will now redact Complainants' names when it publishes decisions. There will be no change with regard to the way in which the Commission communicates its decisions to the parties. This change was made to address privacy concerns and to ensure consistency with the Commission's approach in the rest of its enforcement work and the investigations of complaints.- Ed)

I think this is a good idea. One of the redacted cases posted is my case.
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01:20 PM ET (US)
The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) seeks suggestions about possible study topics to aid the MSPB in ensuring "that federal personnel management continues to be implemented consisted with the merit system principles and free from prohibited personnel practices." Over the next few weeks the MSPB will solicit ideas from stakeholder. MSPB welcomes individual replies as well as those from stakeholders. For this reason, C4C would like to provide MSPB with our collective input. If anyone wants to share an idea that we can forward to the MSPB in an united fashion, please do so.

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01:01 PM ET (US)
Claims Of Hiring Discrimination At Dallas VA Medical Center

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – A team from the Department of Veterans Affairs will look into claims of racism, and discrimination at the North Texas VA Medical Center.
The claims were made in a letter from the union that represents employees at the VA.
The five-page letter charges that the local VA facility is involved in a “cycle of discrimination, abuse of authority, and blatant racism.” The human resources chief at the hospital in Dallas said the allegations are not true.
The complaint stems from the application process for the associate chief job, in the pharmacy clinical and education program. President Donald Burrell, and vice president Dr. Gerald Goodwin from AFGE Local 2437, wrote that an African American woman was the highest-ranking candidate for the job. She was never hired though. The union said candidate scores were changed twice, and they believed leadership had another candidate in mind for the position.
It’s similar to a complaint from 2010, where the union said another African American woman was passed over for the director’s position in Dallas.
“We have a philosophy where justice is not the order of the day,” Goodwin said. “The order of the day is let’s see what we can cover up. We want to ignore the facts. We don’t want to deal with the truth.”
Doctor Goodwin, who is married to the job candidate described in the complaint, Jerica Goodwin, said he knows of no more than three minorities in top leadership position within the North Texas VA.
Administrators strongly denied the allegations of discrimination. The hospital could not provide detailed numbers for minorities in top paying positions. However, it said in 2013 minorities filled 48-percent of the top three pay levels.
“The allegations of an overarching discriminatory practice are not true, but also we hope to engage our labor partners to see beyond maybe what their emotional history is,” said human resources chief Barbara Rogers.
Rogers explained that VA administrators from outside North Texas are often involved in the hiring of leadership positions. She said regardless of a number on paper, the VA owed it to veterans to get the best person for a job.
CBS 11 News has spoken to several employees who filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Complaints from employees have come up in several cases, Rogers said, because the union has encouraged it, regardless of the cost to taxpayers to defend the cases.
Neither the medical center nor union could give an exact number of complaints filed.
Both sides agreed though the continued disagreements had the potential to affect patient care.
“And it’s really, really difficult to prevent us from being distracted away from patient care,” Rogers said. “I can’t even express how much of a distraction this is.”
Goodwin said the two issues, are inseparable. “It distracts the administration from what we should be here for. Which is, to care of those who are going to battle, the widow and the orphan.”
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06:41 PM ET (US)
A disability can only be declared by the individual with the disability or their representatives
06:13 PM ET (US)
Yes I agree that he might have some type of mental disability. He isn't a mean or bad person. It's just gross when he walks by and there is a trail of foul smell from where he's walked. I am not exaggerating. The supervisor has many complaints but the problem still exists. Thanks for the info I will try to find something in labor relations regarding personal hygiene. If I find any rules pertaining to this matter I will give a copy to my supervisor, the union, and our MDO.
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03:43 PM ET (US)
sounds more like a labor problem than a eeo problem, however he could be declared as disabled also, if so that is a WHOLE different ballgame and you have to be very careful with how you treat him or you can wind up in a LOT of trouble. He may be the one with the EEO complaint.
Edited 03-24-2014 03:43 PM
02:51 PM ET (US)
Lol. I'll give it a try
Just a thought
07:43 PM ET (US)
Leave a bar of soap on his desk, and/ or his station
06:02 PM ET (US)
Hi I was wondering if there are any answers to this problem or if it could be brought forward as an EEO complaint. There is an individual who has been coming to work for years with a very terrible body odor problem. He also wears clothing that looks and smells like he sleeps in a ditch and gets up and comes to work this way. He also has visible dirt on his arms, hands and who knows what ecoli or other undesirable things live on this person. Management has sent him home time many times because of his offensive smell but he always returns to work in the same condition. Any suggestions?
Deleted by author 03-19-2014 01:56 PM
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12:50 AM ET (US)
mspb question, just call the judge and ask him or her or bettr yet email him or her
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