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NYC Wiseguy
10:07 PM ET (US)
All medical documentation with a diagnosis or prognosis should be submitted to the MEDICAL OFFICER only. A law, HIPPA protects your medical information. A case not too long ago costs the USPS $100,000 for having a medical note opened by a supervisor and left on their desk for everyone who wished to read it.
Obtain a copy of the HIPPA law and submit it to the supervisor or manager.
Knowledge is power. The more you know about your rights the less management can bully you.
True Patriot
09:05 PM ET (US)
Agency’s may be getting away with disability discrimination by saying medical information if only provided to the Agency’s FMLA office instead of the employees Supervisor claims no knowledge. Any back ground info appreciated - Supervisor claims no knowledge so she could not be held responsible.
Deleted by author 11-19-2015 08:46 PM
07:04 AM ET (US)
Your letter was very vague but you can take them in the office for touching your ass. Should've came back in after he was gone for two hours, you have to report it and it has to stop, it might end up like Cosby thing if you reported other women might also come forward.
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Deleted by author 10-27-2015 03:00 AM
NYC Wiseguy
09:21 PM ET (US)
Dindu..you have 45 DAYS to file the EEO complaint. 14 DAYS to file a grievance. I also suggest Postal Advocate. We worked a case together. You snooze you lose.
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
08:31 AM ET (US)

This is a hostile work environment.
WHERE was your union steward when all this went down? You had Weingarten and Miranda rights the moment they contacted the Police and the union needed to STEP in at this time!
Did they arrest you? Did they use the tape against you? So many questions here- You need to-

File the EEO-it automatically covers the entire PO so both manager and supervisor are included in one EEO Charge on this date- You only have a certain amount of days to file this SO do not wait... Just do it-

ALSO,File a grievance with your UNION as well as the EEO charge -- IF the union stewards are not very helpful or you feel uneasy do not hesitate to push above them to the union office- I would suggest you calling the union president or his representative or the National Business Agent for the union in this area you live and work in.

There is also something called a Chain of command letter (Certified w RETURN Receipt so you know who signed it), which will create a paper-trail and also puts the management on notice of a hostile working environment. NO ONE should ever have to fear being bullied or harassed at work and the USPS supposedly has a ZERO tolerance policy about Bullies which includes management. IF the USPS fails to respond to your Chain of command letter- starting with the Postmaster- then District Postal Operations Manager and Personnel/Human resources-then District Director, You are showing their failure to protect an employee from Discriminatory actions which can be deemed a charge or act of discrimination.- These are just thoughts and ideas but REMEMBER THE TIME Limits AND I also recommend LEGAL help- A postal Advocate or Federal Attorney- I have had experience with a Postal Advocate who from time to time writes in here and I recommend him- Great honest guy who would be able to help break this all down- The sooner you get legal rep on this the better because of the police action involved.

Sorry you are going through this and I hope this is helpful- You do not have to work like this as it will effect your mental and physical health!
Edited 10-26-2015 08:38 AM
Dindu Nuffinz
10:05 AM ET (US)
Question for anybody that can help lead me in the right direction or offer me
some good advice how to pursue my case.

I have a supervisor that every interaction that I've had with them has turned
into an incident between us because they don't know how to speak to me with
respect, that they instead insist on talking to me from the side of their neck.

I've requested to supervisor on at least 5 different occasions that I would like
to speak to a union steward. Instead of one being afforded to me, the supervisor
either completely ignores me or the last time I requested a union steward, it
picked up the phone and tried to hand it to me stating to me, here you go, call
one for yourself.

But this past week I had an incident brought towards me from said supervisor where
they decided to take it to the next level and (wrongfully) accused me of a crime
on the job where they claim that I damaged their car. Instead of following the
chain of command and speaking to the station manager about it first, they called
the local police department instead and wrongfully accused me of doing some type
of damage to their car. I have never done anything to this persons car, ever.
It completely blamed the wrong person. I believe that this was done to me out
of retaliation of trying to get back at "the man" if you know what I mean.

The officer came to the station. Manager comes to get me and states that there is
an officer that needs to speak to me. At first I had no idea what this was about,
because none of this was brought to my attention beforehand. I told the officer
that I would like some type of representation here with me. He stated it wasn't
needed. I said yes, I believe it is. He then again stated no, they are not, that
I only have a couple of questions to ask you, which in turn turned into an
interrogation event. I told him that I had absolutely nothing to do with anything
concerning any type of crime or criminal intent or anything of the such. He tried
to insist that I knew something about it. I once again stated to him, NO, I have
absolutely nothing to do with what this supervisor just wrongfully accused me of doing.
Show me the proof, officer. He doesn't have no proof, just going by the here say
that it told him, and cop is trying to insist that I did it.

Officer then goes on to state that building across the street has cameras on it,
that he has to go investigate and that if he seen me anywhere in the vicinity of
supervisors car that he's going to charge me with every charge he can charge me
with in the book related to said crime. I told him that not only am I completely
innocent of what I've just been wrongfully accused of doing, but that please,
by all means necessary, do whatever type of investigating you need to do, but I
guarantee that you won't see me in any video footage around this car, period,
but that I also do not appreciate him offering me a veiled threat BEFORE he goes
and investigates the situation, that he could have saved all of that speech from
being said. I then told him to suite himself as I've done absolutely nothing wrong.

I figured I'd take a moment to post my situation here and see what type of advice
any of you can offer me on how to move forward with a case in my favor. This wrongful accusation from supervisor is a direct retaliation against me from
incidents we've had in the past that it couldn't do anything against me with,
mainly because I choose my words wisely, enough that it had to find a different
approach to get back at me for setting it straight while at the same time saying
it in enough words that none of those words could be used against me in return.

I'm about to not only start an EEO complaint against supervisor and possibly the
manager, too, for not doing anything to reprimand supervisor, but more less taking
their side instead. I also want to go as far as suing supervisor civilly for
defamation of character, in which I believe is a clear cut case, since the first
that this incident was brought to my attention wasn't by any supervisor or manager,
but by the responding city police officer himself, instead of it being a postal
police officer or an inspector.

Where to go from here ? Any and all advice is most greatly appreciated in advance.
Edited 10-24-2015 06:06 PM
True Patriot
02:08 AM ET (US)
EEOC complaint, AJ ruled against me granting Post Office Motion for Decision Without a Hearing, also known as Summary judgment. I believe the next step is waiting for FAD which is always in favor of Agency.
Edited 10-20-2015 08:19 PM
10:11 PM ET (US)
 True patriot -what kind of appeal- i appealed my case to the merit board and the judge cited with me a paper trail is what makes a case , at least it did for me
True Patriot
10:59 PM ET (US)
I'm waiting for FAD - heard 99% of the time they rule in favor of the Agency. Anyone ever win on appeal?
Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
12:13 PM ET (US)
Andy /m11687
You cannot file a traditional EEO complaint against another co-worker, including union officials. If there are postal employees, including union officials, that are creating a hostile working environment, the employee has a responsibility to go to management and report the hostile environment. It then becomes management’s responsibility to ensure that measures are taken to provide a hostile-free work environment.
If an employee believes that the union is discriminating against them based on their protected group or class (race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or retaliation for protected activity), they should file an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the DOL, and provide evidence of a “Prohibited Personnel Practice”, which is their terminology for unlawful discrimination.
NYC Wiseguy
06:46 PM ET (US)
Under the law, both the president and his adversary are: City Letter Carriers, or legal term, similarly situated employees. Hope this helps. The local should have insurance coverage in the event a carrier is injured performing union work.
What does the membership think about the situation?
04:53 PM ET (US)
just want to clarify on EEO filing. a union officer in a midst of battle with the president and vice president of the local. the president has placed a unprecedented requirement on his duties outside the local by laws. is a union president liable as employer to employee under the EEOC rules?
02:37 PM ET (US)
The Union cannot charge you with anything. There is nothing inappropriate about paying a PTF Clerk Level 7 Lead Clerk pay when the work is performed.
10:39 PM ET (US)
If you follow orders and things are not right. Can you be punished for that? The situation is this. A PTF clerk is working High Level. Many PTF's had been doing that for more than 10 years. Now union want to investigate, because a PTF clerk should not be paying high level. Only the warranty of his 40 hours. They want to charge him with fraud. But the Postmaster and even the POOM manager fix TACS to pay the high level. Any sugestions before go to real Court?
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