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Postal EEO Forum

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Former USPS InspectorPerson was signed in when posted
01:53 AM ET (US)
@DCSPostalWorker, I did a google search of N.Y. City Wiseguy DoL reference and found this http://www.fmla.lettercarriernetwork.info/...omplaint%20Form.pdf but I suspect that either 1 of 2 things will occur if you file 1) the USPS leaves you unemployed and you fight to get back by order of an authorized entity (MSPB, EEO or Fed Court Judge) or 2) USPS get scared and gives you everything you want to keep you from going to the DoL. Don't count on the OIG or Inspection Service to get involved. I am not sure that an DoL wage and hour complaint results in a timely result. Maybe your Congressman will do an inquiry if you request but some reply "I don't get involved in HR issues". Keep in mind that under ELM rules the USPS does not have to pay wrongfully terminated employees if they are able to work and/or don't seek employment while terminated (duty to mitigate damages) and if persons are unable to work while they are terminated then they are not entitled to back pay. Good luck and the fight is real.
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N.Y. City Wiseguy
12:03 AM ET (US)
You can file a complaint with the Dept of Labor in matters concerning FMLA. Management does not like craft people going outside, "the system" as management has no control over the proceedings. DOL will represent you at no cost if they accept the complaint. The more you arm yourself with information, study EEO, MSPB and other laws the better the chance they will move onto someone who doesn't fight back. jus saying
10:49 AM ET (US)
KIMMIEK hope you win big post 11722. and we know the union is giving us all up,they have to much leeway.WE STAND AS ONE.
Former USPS InspectorPerson was signed in when posted
03:00 PM ET (US)
@DCSPostalWorker, unfortunately if you don't have MSPB protection status, money to fight in court or the Union won't put forth the effort to fight for you then the LCA is the only way I can see you getting back to work. The OIG and Inspection Service care little for FMLA issues and leaves it to management to deal with. FMLA law retaliation by termination is rarely enforced and management knows this so anyone going out on FMLA extended leave risks termination unjustly with a situation like yours. Now the USPS opens itself up for employees terminated on FMLA to apply for Disability Retirements. You have the doctors records that say your out of work and management terminates you (refuses to accommodate the sick) then generally you meet Disability requirements. If your out to care for a family member then Disability is not an option. Good luck and it is very unfortunate but a fact of life that this is the way the USPS operates for some/enough people.
08:04 AM ET (US)
Yes, my union rep knows and he told me that he thought this was a fair offer by Postal Management. In my opinion he either doesn't have a clue and should be removed as our local union President, is a chickensh!t and is afraid to fight for my rights, or has aspirations to gain a management level position one day and appeasing them.I have until tomorrow to sign the LCA or get removed. I want to refuse to sign and fight this and hopefully win. However, I really need my job back and and the five months off has caused a financial hardship for the family. I was warned about attendance last year for missing days here and there but they were all FMLA related to my health. I have several doctors who signed off on my FMLA paperwork and insist that my time off was necessary for my treatment/rehabilitation. Not related to alcohol or substance abuse. I was told by someone in HR that Postal management doesn't feel that my medical issue was not worthy of FMLA protection. I didn't know they had the power to overrule the law.

First of all, I suffered financial shortfalls that really impacted the family and even dented my credit a bit as I was unable to satisfy all my creditors but I am still, slowly, paying every one of them back and will fulfill my obligations. Second, I was released by my doctor(s) the first part of February and when I went back to work I was denied access to the facility and was told that they were in the process of terminating me. I was sent home and made it to step 3 and then sought out legal representation and his reaching out to HR must have got them to offer me my job back but I have to waive all future rights and will not get my five months pay re-reimbursed or all me leave they bled me dry with. For the record, I am a ten year Postal employee.

I just don't want to refuse to sign the LCA and then lose my job permanently. That would be devasting.

Thank you!
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
06:06 AM ET (US)
OMG you did nothing wrong and it is NOT fair! Does your union know this is happening? You need some form of representation as they CANNOT fire you for FMLA!!!
02:36 AM ET (US)
My station attempted to terminate me after I came back from three months FMLA leave at the beginning of February. It went to step 3 and they finally relented. They are offering me my position back but want me to sign off on an LCA and that I get no back pay or any other compensation for the five months I've been out of work trying to get my job back. I was told that this was not negotiable. I am thrilled to get my position back but feel this is unfair. Why would I not be compensated for something they now admit they were wrong on? Should I just take the job back and let it go? Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
10:36 AM ET (US)
WOW hard to say but I know that it can take years to reach settlement and damages are not what you think they are- YOU better tell him to cut her off immediately as she might NEVER repay all of this right away. HE needs it in writing too as IT sounds like she only has a verbal agreement with him.
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03:27 AM ET (US)
Need some help. A woman that works for the post office has borrowed some 50k from my current boyfriend over the past three years, which also works for the post office. She to this day is still borrowing money from him and he will not stop for fear of making her mad and not be able to collect on said debt. The reason is because of an eeo case she says she has in court.supposedly there is another hearing on the 28th. Once this hits the court level how many hearings is usual for these cases? It first went to court in may.i am trying to figure this out because i am trying to convince him she is taking him for a ride.Also these cases are not public record like criminal cases are so there is no way to look it up with her name either, or am i missing something?
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maggie2010Person was signed in when posted
06:22 PM ET (US)
Says: call me 510 913 2875
05:28 PM ET (US)
I was dismissed from the post office based on my attendance...but after reviewing the dates i was supposed to have missed, the dates didn't line up...per my dismissal letter which included the dates that i supposedly missed, but my actual clock rings showed i was at work on the dates they said i missed...unfortunately i was under my 90 day probationary period...do i have any recourse as the dates are false...please help
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
01:11 PM ET (US)
Pittman v. Donahoe

Status Update

As of June 7, 2016, the status of the case has changed. One class member filed a complaint in federal court. The District Court of Colorado issued an order on April 11, 2016, dismissing the class member’s complaint. The class member filed an appeal to this dismissal. USPS continues to take the position that based on the terms of the settlement agreement this complaint challenges the settlement agreement and the distribution process must be stayed until this dismissal is final. Continue to visit the website for status updates. (www.pittmanclass.com)
N.Y. City Wiseguy
05:23 PM ET (US)
Last post June 25th? All quiet on the Postal Front?
11:37 AM ET (US)
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02:20 PM ET (US)
@Former USPS inspector, I realize why people come to this forum. I myself was looking for info, of similiar cases etc. I also meant no disrespect to anyone especially disabled vets. I have one in my own family, so don't spout off to me about the audience of people who read these post. It seems you know a lot of the ins and outs of the EEO process, I'll give you that but the women I've witnessed myself are treated far worse than the men in the P.O. I didn't say men were not treated badly, it's my opinion that the union fights more for the men though, if they fight at all. The point I was making is the whole EEO process is a JOKE to whoever maybe the target. It isn't a just way of treatment. Have a good day Mr. Inspector.
Former USPS InspectorPerson was signed in when posted
10:29 AM ET (US)
@ kmkgreen, most of the people that come to this forum are just looking for some information that may help them understand and successfully get through their EEO complaints or other issues of a similar nature. Those of us that regularly post replies on this forum are merely attempting to help those that ask through our own personal experiences (don't make the same mistakes we have made). Please reread your post while keeping in mind that many persons here ARE not women but are maybe disabled vets (missing arm, leg, brain damage ect..) that have endured discrimination, abuse, degradation, name calling threats, and illegal actions and fraud by their supervisors also (taken from your below post). How does you being a woman afford you a higher status (as you imply) above others? Please remember as you post on this Forum who your audience is and that we are all here because we are victims. Relating to OIGs, typically an OIG will not get involved unless they can foresee some kind or tangible result from their investigative report. If the Post Office is not likely to take Adverse Action against an individual they receive a complaint about then the OIG wont work the case THUS referring your complaint back to the Post Office to handle internally (of which they rarely do). But this results in the Post Office retaliating against you for complaining to the OIG of which if you are subject to an adverse action because of your complaint its a crime. Now your best bet is to file an EEO if this occurs, because it is my experience that the OSC (Whistleblower enforcement) will not get involved unless they have an OIG report of which the OIG refused you in the first place. When you win your EEO/Fed District court case request an Congressional Inquiry from your local Congressman to order the OSC to take action against those proven wrongdoers in the Agency. Unless the misconduct of the wrongdoers resulted in a LARGE award (or public/political humiliation for the Agency) to the victim then the Post Office is not likely to take harsh (termination) action against them.
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