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03:49 PM ET (US)
Thank you all for the referrals, however maybe I didn't make it clear. I'm in need of an attorney that represents the federal sector, not an EEOC attorney, as I have already obtained and paid an EEOC attorney 18k to represent me and we have completed all the administrative steps required before one can obtain a private federal attorney. It's been 3 years since my formal complaint and over a year waiting for a hearing as the agency USPS is trying to get the administrative judge to render a decision without a hearing based on lack of evidence. I disagree. I was advised by my EEO rep that I hire an attorney who specializes in cases against government agency's . My EEO rep feels I have a very strong case however there's only so much he can do and we're just waiting. Most federal attorney's are out of DC and I'm in Calif. although they state it sounds like a valid case it would be to costly to represent me. Travel wise.
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01:32 PM ET (US)
11727... William Brawner is in CA, 626-267-8837 I have not used him, but he did answer questions I had about my EEO. Also, you can do a search for eeoc attorney for federal employees. Grady and associates 619-528-2530; 800-325-4529 Mesirani.

11729... Devadoss 888-351-0424/469-522-3089 Dallas, TX; C.B. Weiser, Marshall TX 903-938-6355 (I have good things about Weiser, and this is not the Weiser that is part of the McConnell team.)

Search eeoc attorneys for federal employees or advocates for federal employees.
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NYC Wiseguy
10:44 AM ET (US)
USPS...under law a EEO poster with all the information should be on display in a location where everyone can see it. If not, inform management to post it immediately as they are in violation of Federal Law.
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07:41 AM ET (US)
what number do you call for your eeo packet? thanx
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01:43 PM ET (US)
11729& 11727. JR Pritchett. Postal Employee Advocate.
10:25 AM ET (US)
Need a attorney for EEO Dallas any suggestions
01:33 PM ET (US)
has anyone have a update on Pittman v. Donahoe rehab class action lawsuit case,the website is down for 2 weeks pittmanclass.com
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12:27 PM ET (US)
Can anyone suggest a good federal sector attorney based on Calif. Seems all the good ones are in DC and advised it would be to costly to represent me. Administrative process complete, hearing requested 2 years ago and of course the agency is requesting that the administrative judge render a decision without a hearing claiming that no proof of discrimination excited. Time to move forward.
Lady of Light
03:59 AM ET (US)
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NYC Wiseguy
10:50 PM ET (US)
Your NLRB charges been, Colloyized?, meaning they are waiting on arbitration or a final grievance decision? I find it difficult to believe the membership allows this situation to continue on. Did you have elections? Anyone run against the prez? Hve you contacted your Business Agent?
Last resort, file charges against the union prez and have the members throw him out of office. If the members of the branch decide it is not worth the trouble, sorry your on your own. Good luck.
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
05:54 PM ET (US)
Oh yes- We filed 5 times with the NLRB. IT did no good- The bosses and the union is shaking hands behind closed doors. They witness for each other and misrepresent and LIE
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NYC Wiseguy
03:47 PM ET (US)
I don't understand how the union brothers and sisters elect this management wannabe for president. Have you filed labor charges against the union for failure of the Duty of Fair Representation clause? Have you filed charges against this management ass-kisser before the membership? You as a union member have the ABSOLUTE right to examine the union books, or better still have the books brought to the union meeting and allow everyone to have a look-see.
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07:01 AM ET (US)
We are about to have a trial before our EEO judge in Feb. after waiting over 3 years for this. We are represented but not by the union as the UNION president of that branch not only sided with the enemy here now known he is great friends with management and is corrupt. We have witnesses within the branch that says he pulls this crap all the time. SO it was necessary to hire for representation. The nob has been shines the past three years waiting for all of this and we just got past the global settlement issue... which was a joke as their attorney threw pennies at us. We now see the judge. This was a union member who was in good standing at the time this harassment all began. We brought up sanctions in many situations but our judge has stepped down and disappeared for 3 years it sat on someone's desk over at the EEO and our hands were tied- BUT not no more... IT is moving and the judge is looking to consolidate and send this to another judge in our state to hear this at once.

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NYC Wiseguy
05:51 PM ET (US)
What were the outcomes? What stage are these complaints in now? Do you have a rep? Is this person a union member? Was the offense serious enough to warrant REMOVAL of a manager, e.g. did the offense raise to the level that REMOVAL would be a fair and reasonable outcome?
While I was in NYC with the letter carriers once a month we would travel down to 7 World Trade Center to settle the many cases on hand. It was give and take. The cases were settled.
There are TIME LIMITS in the law. Management as a rule never meet the deadlines. You immediately file a Motion For Sanctions. Management cross-files stating they have too many cases. You again file stating the Agency has THOUSANDS of attorneys and the EXCUSE the Agency needs more time is not true.
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
10:39 AM ET (US)
NYC wiseguy- wishful thinking- After filing the first EEO- we had to file 6 more for retaliation and the REMOVAL of the USPS employee. So what you just said is incorrect.
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09:02 PM ET (US)
Ok NY. Wise guy how can I speak to you or your email I have a couple of questions
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