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Postal Letter Carriers

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09:23 AM ET (US)
09:13 AM ET (US)
has anyone every gone through and getting a contract route back to the city carrier routes. Our NBA keeps telling us that they are dealing with contract routes on a state to state timeframe. This contract route was to be changed over 10 years ago and still a contract route. any suggestions on getting this corrected.
NECarrierPerson was signed in when posted
12:31 PM ET (US)
/m5003 In the 2009 JCAM, see page 25-2. Article 25 is the controlling Article for higher level assignments, such as T6 positions. It says "An employee properly selected for a higher level assignment may voluntarily remain on the assignments as long as they remeain eligible, qualified and avialable in the immediate work area." It goes on to say that a "full-time unassigned regular" could be reassigned such that he would be removed from the immediate work area. If your carrier is not a "full-time unassigned regular" then he cannot be removed from the T6 temporary assingment.
11:49 PM ET (US)
NECarrier /m5000 Thanks for your comments. Thats the same thing myself and every other Steward I've contacted believe. However I can't find it in writing. Do you know of a step 4 decision or arbitrators ruling that I can cite?
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12:18 PM ET (US)
/m4999 file separate grievances for everything you stated.
NECarrierPerson was signed in when posted
11:41 AM ET (US)
/m5000 If a person requested assignment to a T-6 position and was given that assignment, that person may end the assignment whenever he wishes. Mgt cannot end the assignment when they wish.
01:02 AM ET (US)
When does a detail to a T6 string end? Can managmenteedn the detail befor the t6 returns to their assignment?
09:50 PM ET (US)
Question for all you legal eagles. I am wondering if my grievant's "due process" or "fair procedure" rights have been violated by management. It's a simple issue, the station manager conducted a PDI on the grievant, and the supervisor, who had nothing to do with the investigation, signed the NOR as the issuer. The Manager was the concurring official. Do we have a due process violation? The way the NOR is written it's as if the supervisor conducted the PDI. Since they had no direct involvement in the actual PDI, it's as if they are lying when they say "I determined" or "When I stated". At one point the grievant is quoted as saying "I just think I'm not getting a fair chance at this SIR (!)" Notice, SIR. The manager is SIR and the supervisor is Ma'am. Thoughts? I need to destroy this garbage. Thanks in advance for any help.
11:44 AM ET (US)
I do not have any info on Mr. Hernandez but I'd sure like to hear more about him, what he did and how he was nailed for it. I don't know how things are in the rest of the country but here in the SE the PO is acting crazy.
eeo rep
08:08 PM ET (US)
Anybody have info on Anthony Hernandez-Postmaster Pomona PO in CA being indicted on federal charges? Hernandez abused hundreds of employees with false charges. Good to him paying the price. Any info please post
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10:09 PM ET (US)
8.5.G G. Full-time employees not on the “Overtime Desired” list may be
required to work overtime only if all available employees on the
“Overtime Desired” list have worked up to twelve (12) hours in a day
or sixty (60) hours in a service week. Employees on the “Overtime
Desired” list:
1. may be required to work up to twelve (12) hours in a day and sixty
(60) hours in a service week (subject to payment of penalty over
time pay set forth in Section 4.D for contravention of Section 5.F);
2. excluding December, shall be limited to no more than twelve
(12) hours of work in a day and no more than sixty (60) hours
of work in a service week.
However, the Employer is not required to utilize employees on the
“Overtime Desired” list at the penalty overtime rate if qualified employees
on the “Overtime Desired” list who are not yet entitled to penalty
overtime are available for the overtime assignment.
07:13 PM ET (US)
JAY: what is the real truth is you find out what time is your last dispatch is. Like if your last dispatch is 6 pm and window is till 5:45. So if management is going to force nonodl to work over time they needed to max you out to the last dispatch first. If it doesn't get you to 12 hours then ask to start earlier to be max out. 80% of the mail is there first thing in the morning then you can start early to max you out. If you need to file grievance use Article 8.5.g. you will win everytime and management will not resolve it and you need to pursue it to DRT.
jelloPerson was signed in when posted
08:54 AM ET (US)
Maxed is 12 hours not 10
11:16 AM ET (US)
If ODL is maxed "on paper" can managment then mandate non ODL carriers even if ODL carriers get finished under 10 hours?
Old 22
05:40 PM ET (US)
egark/m4991--I spoke to our branch president. They spoke to the Postmaster, MSCO and Station Manager where this happened. The station manager was severely chastised and ordered not to do this again. Branch president said, lets give them the chance to correct, if it happens again we'll file. I appreciate your comments and help. I've saved it for reference "if it happens again". Someone will get poked in the eye for sure. Much obliged! On a different note, for your reading enjoyment, the same manager told a carrier today in the morning that they were going to be put on EP. I asked them if they were on the clock to which the response was, "yes". I said, then there's no EP. 30 minutes later the manager came and got me and the carrier and a PDI was conducted which at one point the manager told the carrier they were going to be put up for removal. No hostile tone, more matter of fact like. Carrier is a 27 year veteran w/the PO. I told carrier after manager left, don't worry, you didn't commit a crime and they can't start at the top and go backwards.....although...now that I think about it...and this manager...maybe they can! Scary!
Edited 09-05-2014 05:41 PM
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
05:06 AM ET (US)
Old22 /m4990 - what is an alternate steward? An alternate steward fills in when one of the regular stewards is not there. When the regular stewards are there, the alternate is not a steward and has no stewardly authority! Therefore, this carrier had NO representation at the II, a violation.

This is a serious violation of the union's rights under Article 1. Management doesn't get to decide who represents carriers. This supervisor needs to be slapped down, hard.
Edited 09-03-2014 07:14 AM
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