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Postal Test 473 Scores

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06:45 PM ET (US)
Applied in delaware for rural. My driving record isn't perfect due to speeding tickets but scored a 85 on test. Got an email for driving record which a mailed copy came back to me this past Monday. Then Tuesday I got an email to do drug test and background check. Still have not had an interview. Was wondering if my driving record was ok where they still had me go do drug test and background check?
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09:39 PM ET (US)
as far as I know scores do not transfer anymore.

take the test again.
09:33 PM ET (US)
I have taken my postal exam from GA. Will I be able to apply for positions from other states? and Would it work?
I am ready to relocate. TIA.
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06:02 PM ET (US)
/m1746 read /m1745 I do not know what else to add.
03:00 PM ET (US)
I got a 79.80 on the usps 473 carrier exam. What are the chances that I am hired? Did anyone get the same score or close to it and get hired and how how long did it takes if you got around that score? thanks.
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10:50 PM ET (US)
/m1744 any score above 70 can get you hired.

do you understand what being a rural carrier means?
use own car
on call
not many hours

try a cca you might like it better
09:53 PM ET (US)
I just did the 473 and scored 76.8, and I don't know if that's okay or not. I applied for rural carrier..Am I eligible to be called for an interview? How long does it take? Days? Months?
06:02 PM ET (US)
Ugh i scored a 78. Only had a day to study before exam. Im in Upstate New York, and wondering if anyone with a score like this got hired in this area?
10:47 PM ET (US)
How long before the test score is says immediately but 8 hours later. Still nothing?
Deleted by author 04-14-2016 12:22 AM
02:13 PM ET (US)
Took the 473 two weeks ago and scored a 75.3 (not the greatest score I know, I am in Delaware) I got two emails shortly after that, 1 for the background consent and one for the drug screen. I completed the drug screen, gave consent for the background and am on a pre hire list for a PSE position. I see a lot of people scored a lot higher than I did, I guess at some point I might get hired, not sure how this works exactly.
Edited 04-12-2016 02:21 PM
12:45 PM ET (US)
I scored an 87 today 4/11/2016 here in Orlando. My personality assessment I answered all honestly and yes some of them I knew were the wrong answer but hell, the more honest you are the more likely they will pick you. Pobodies Nerfect!! see what I did there

If you received a score that means you are eligible (Eg message 1734 you have a score, that means you are eligible). The key is to try to get the highest score possible and you will get chosen ahead of the line.

Lets say you got a 80 on the test, everybody that received a higher grade than that 80 will be called first for consideration and it then goes down the line until it gets to your score. So depending on the job you applied for and the location you live in it varies on if you will be called.

Britw- I am assuming you applied for the City Carrier Assistant job in your area. Yes the hours are varied and you will work many different hours but you will be first in line for the full time position if anyone retires, quits, gets fired and so forth. Usually almost all of the time you will be transferred to a permanent position. Its kinda like UPS and FEDEX, when you start as an employee with them you are usually part time for a year.
Deleted by author 03-24-2016 02:41 PM
12:24 PM ET (US)
@BritW 85.6 that's a decent score. How were you answering the personality assessment? Any strategy?
01:06 PM ET (US)
I took the 473 and scored a 85.6% with no vet preferences. I was extremely confident that I did well following the test. I figured if I missed some, it might be like 5-10 questions on the memorization section. Now, I'm really discouraged reading that vets can get over 100% based off of that point system and that what I consider a "B" average is pretty much a trash score. I'm really confused about the jobs...are pretty much all of them varied hours? The ones I applied for in my area are varied hours/varied days. Is there no real opportunity to build a career??
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12:25 PM ET (US)
/m1734 80.5 should not be ineligible. Scores below 70 are ineligible on the 473.
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