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U. S. Postal Service PTF City Carrier Employees

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08:39 PM ET (US)
I properly resigned, and I did not take any retirement contribution refunds.
Edited 10-29-2014 10:46 PM
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
08:31 PM ET (US)
Did you take a refund of your retirement contributions when you left the USPS?
08:00 PM ET (US)
I found out. My USPS SF50 shows, on line #8 I had contributed to FERS
towards retirement--which is a valid point.
However, I need more info to reply to them.
On the OPM.gov-Office Personnel Management website, under FERS Service Credit,
FERS Information >Service Credit.
They talk about making a payment for the types of service, in order to credit it
towards retirement.
OPM publications are not friendly users. It takes knowledge for interpretation.
It goes beyond my understanding.

I was hoping you could direct me to a good source. Thank you
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
06:50 PM ET (US)
J. Barr /m9253 - I don't know. I could do a lot of research to find out, but so could you.
06:44 PM ET (US)

I worked as a PTF mail carrier at the USPS from Aug 14, 1999 to Dec 28, 2000 (16 months).
When I was hired, the USPS accredited my four years USMC military service.
Eventually I officially resigned from the USPS to pursue and finish college.
I am currently a civil service employee for the USAF. They have acknowledged
my prior military time; however, they have not accredited me my USPS service time.
The reason:
A review of the documentation you submitted shows that you were a Part Time Flex,
employee with the Postal Service. As a Flex employee you did not have a
re-determined work schedule. Your separation action does not reflect actual
time worked for the period 08-14-99 to 12-28-00; therefore, we are unable
to allow service credit for this period of time. ???

Shouldn't the 16 months USPS time be calculated towards my current Service
Computation Date?
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
05:20 PM ET (US)
city guy /m9250 - yes, but where in there does it says a PTF can choose to remain a PTF?
city guy
07:20 AM ET (US)
I am under the impression management does not have an avenue to force any ptf to transfer. This clearly states that if a ptf elects to transfer.... Am I off on my interpretation...I will check with national as soon as I can.
city guy
07:17 AM ET (US)
I was looking at m-01824 this morning. "Part-time flexible city letter carriers who elect reassignment to another installation through this agreement will receive retreat rights back to their original installation. Retreat rights will be offered to the first residual vacancy in the original installation that occurs when
there are no part-time flexible city letter carriers on the rolls of the original installation. City
letter carriers who exercise retreat rights will have their craft seniority restored, augmented
by time worked in the other facility, upon return to the original installation. Failure to
accept retreat rights ends the opportunity to retreat back to the original installation.
During the term of this agreement no reassignments in the city letter carrier craft will be
made within or between installations or from other crafts, unless the reassignment is made
based on a mutual exchange, through the Article 12 involuntary reassignment process, or
pursuant to this agreement.
City letter carriers accepting a voluntary reassignment under this agreement will begin a
new period of craft seniority in the gaining installation.
Employees moving between installations pursuant to the terms "
sweatyrubberthumbPerson was signed in when posted
11:19 PM ET (US)
City guy - I would be interested to know where that is in writing as well. I have a ptf who wants to stay a ptf and sit on an aux for ever.
city guy
08:52 PM ET (US)
Im ok with that and to be honest when I asked them I believe they told me exactly where to find it but I do not remember...I will check into it so that I can backup what I say.
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
07:17 PM ET (US)
city guy /m9246 - I am with comfortablynumb on this one. Where does it say that? Let Messrs. Renfroe and Drass and your NBA give a specific cite. NEVER take ANYBODY's "word for it"! The brand new JCAM (Art 41.2) says this: Conversions from part-time flexible to full-time status are made in strict seniority order even if an employee is on limited or light duty. In the letter carrier craft there are currently no exceptions for any reason, either voluntary or involuntary.
city guy
06:38 PM ET (US)
According to Brian Renfroe and Lew Drass and my NBA it is concrete. I can research it more to find more information if you like. I personally have not read it in writing but I took their word for it. I can try to find out more if you want
06:34 PM ET (US)
/m9244 So is that written in stone? I need a concrete answer, not "I was told". There are ptf's in a nearby office. The senior one likes his job and wants to continue it. There will be a retirement in my office in 12 months and I would prefer that the junior ptf e-reassigns here. The senior one is a real runner and the route he does is an aux route. When anyone else does the aux it is 8 or better. Catch my drift? He is a runner who skips breaks and lunch, doesn't take the time we are entitled to (up to 5 to check truck, 5 to get ready for the street, 5 in the PM, washup b4 lunch etc. If he came to this office the 8 hour plus route will become an aux. That I am sure about. But..... if he could stay a ptf in his own office he would.
city guy
10:40 PM ET (US)
/M9240 I spoke with Brian Renfroe in person about this and other issues and your right...you can stay a PTF as long as you want.
10:44 PM ET (US)
You should appreciate that it's your choice

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