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U. S. Postal Service PTF City Carrier Employees

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the way it is
09:30 PM ET (US)
Since you put it that way, both!
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
09:00 PM ET (US)
the way it is /m9481 - I was hot today down south too. Oh wait, do you mean the southern part of the US?
the way it is
08:33 PM ET (US)
Hot today down south, whew.
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
11:42 PM ET (US)
Brad Carlton /m9479 - thinking is not good, reading the contract is better.
Brad Carlton
11:35 PM ET (US)
Ah ok I always thought everything started at the beginning of a pay period.
alaska mailman
08:20 PM ET (US)
Brad- New quarter starts July 1st
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
04:15 PM ET (US)
Brad Carlton /m9476 - the OT quarters begin at the start of the "calendar quarter."
Brad Carlton
03:42 PM ET (US)
Did the new quarter start yet? I got off the OTDL on June 1st but signed up again for this quarter which I thought started yesterday but maybe its July 9th. Anyone know?
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
08:45 PM ET (US)
Check the other forum, not going to get into this again. Beat of luck
02:33 PM ET (US)
Hi, I seemed to make a mistake on bidding, " bid on wrong number route and won bid " Is there any way to withdraw, void, ect... the successful bid? Any Info is appreciated,
 Ty in advance.
02:20 PM ET (US)
getting there, ty!
getting therePerson was signed in when posted
07:54 AM ET (US)
Arkansas: send endorsed mail back us UNC Unclaimed, process the UBBM inaccordance with local office procedures
11:51 PM ET (US)
I was made regular and put in another station as a regular as a floater then someone bid on my floater route. I am lost. Can s o me one tell me how to get the number to open routes?
city guy
08:21 PM ET (US)
/m9463 This has been answered by National many times but they haven't done a great job getting the word out. PTF's will be able to stay PTFs. They can transfer to make regular or just stay a PTF. I can say I have heard it personally from Fred Rolando and Brian Renfroe.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
07:32 AM ET (US)
Ludinuts (/m9466), very well put. Many of us feel exactly the same way.
04:54 PM ET (US)
Hi, I'm a CCA who has just finished his 90 day probationary period. I'm into my career now about 3 1/2 weeks. I was able to twist managements arm to let me stay on the clock as trg. ring and purchase my uniforms today. I have a question about vacant boxes. When I place a 10 day in-box hold on the FC mail, after the 10 days has passed, then what do I do? take it back, look for a forward if there is one and then toss in to CFS. Or do I fill out a Moved Left No Address card and put it....where? And what do i write on the mail before I put it wherever it is supposed to go? My route is an "auxiliary" route and has 1450 +- boxes. Lots of vacant ones I guess, because the mail is STUFFED into some of the boxes. Thank you for any help, and I'll watch for an answer!>>>>>>>>>>
In response to ludinuts>>>
I hear this from many different Letter Carriers. I believe I am going to get myself a hour and date booklet of some sort. Any experienced Carriers know where or what I can do to keep up with my hours?
11:14 AM ET (US)
It's more than scary to see how the supervisors and managers in this office lie and cheat and are so dishonest. One supervisor told me that a conversation he had in front of 5 people "never happened". He couldn't remember standing there 5 minutes before and saying what he said. Bold face lie and it didn't matter that he knew that we knew he was lying. What can you do if these are the people in charge and they don't have the workers best interest at heart in the least? What drives a human being to lower themselves to these standards just to make the numbers? They really believe the computer generated numbers and they think that taking someone off the clock while they are still working is the right thing to do because the computer said they should have been off. I have witnessed these people sitting on their butts calling this hardworking carrier names and planning to write statements to back up the write up that they had not yet given him because they had to wait to come up with something for the write up, while he was on the dock loading 7 trays of flats and 10 times the parcels. I watched this group of supervisors sit on their asses and work themselves into a frenzy talking like this to attack this poor guy that had given them a little attitude because he had just cased 7 trays of flats and they asked him why it was taking him so long to leave. I can see that the people that they pick to do that job must have to have a screw missing. They are bullies, liars, cheats and just plain clueless regarding the carriers and what the carriers go through outside of the climate controlled office. They learn from each other but I could never copy this behavior that I have witnessed from this rogue bunch under any circumstance. I just have to hope that there is an afterlife and they will be held accountable by the higher power when their time comes or Karma.
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
07:12 PM ET (US)
/m9464 that's exactly what i heard also
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