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U. S. Postal Service PTF City Carrier Employees

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10:27 AM ET (US)
Okay, so it appears that the local policy is one year,than you need to have a refresher course, also verified with one of the two driver instructors and said 1 year also. So, I don't have a grievance because management only requested 2 ton qualified drivers. I will live to fight another day.
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
08:39 PM ET (US)
Maildude- Your CCAs may not like it but those PTFs have been waiting a long time for an opening
12:44 PM ET (US)
That's what I thought already had one PTF transfer in and another wants to being a small office with a lot of small offices around us very few openings makes the cca have to wait, hard to keep them.
04:58 PM ET (US)
PTF has first dibs on vacant route, the 1 to 4 or 1 to 6 transfer only applies to FTR's
03:04 PM ET (US)
Question ? How many PTF's can transfer into the same installation ? Is it limited to one transfer or does the language not apply to PTF's and more than one can transfer in before it goes to a cca ?
Edited 01-24-2016 04:32 PM
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
12:30 PM ET (US)
/m9448 when the contract expires, if a new one is NOT in place, then the provisions of the previous contract will still be in force. My guess is that we will NOT have a new one when the current one expires therefore the PTF's will still have the opportunity to transfer into the regular route. And, in my opinion, when we do get a new contract it will still have the same wording in favor of ptf's. There are less than 1000 left, so I think they will still be offered the opportunity. Sorry.. I feel for you and the cca in my office. But consider the PTF who may have been a PTF for years with no paid holidays, no regular days off, no full weeks work . If it were you wouldn't you want that opportunity?
11:55 AM ET (US)
That's where I'm confused. So am I correct when I say after may of 2016 a ptf can not transfer in to my my small town office and take the job from under me? It would have to be before contract expires correcy? Or am I srong. They still can transfer on after. As like I said I'm the only cca and not ptf in office. But wouldn't be till November until this would happen. Please let me know thanks
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
10:52 PM ET (US)
/m9446 answer..When next regular retires the route will go up for bid in your office. Any regular carrier in your office can bid off his route onto the vacant one. If someone does bid then the subsequent vacant route will go up for bid if the other carrier wants to bid on it. When and if there are no bidders THEN the route goes on e=reassign for remaining ptf's outside your office. After that bidding cycle (21 days I think)if there are no bidders then the cca (you) would be promoted to regular. If there is a shop steward in your office make sure he is on top of this pending situation. Mgt has time limits regarding all the postings. Make them adhere to them. Same situation in my small office. I am not happy but our great CCA will lose the route to a PTF from a nearby office. What the ptf's don't realize though is that they can stay in their home office. They WILL NOT be displaced when contract expires. They are allowed to stay put if they do not want to transfer. Then they will certainly be regulars in their home office as carriers retire.
04:17 PM ET (US)
Ok, Question. If I'm in a small office and I'm a cca and a regular retires. The ptf gets gets regular postion I understand that. My question is the other regular I'd retiring in November of this yr. Can I lose this to a ptf from near by transferring in? Or as old contract is up in may. I guess just want to know if I can get screwed or will I become regular. Thank u
11:54 AM ET (US)
If you were on workers comp for 2 yrs does that time count toward yrs of service for retirement and seniority?
11:54 AM ET (US)
Does workers comp time count toward seniority? 2 yrs specifically
05:17 PM ET (US)
/m9442 Hoping that's the case. Senior PTF in nearby office is a runner who is sure to turn the route in my office into an aux route if he comes here. He just doesn't get it. He runs to please mgt but pisses his whole office by doing so. He does the route 30 min to an hour faster than regulars. He wants to stay in his office and with an upcoming retirement in my office, I hope he does. The jr PTF in that office "gets it" and he would be a better choice for me. Although, I am really hoping that no one comes because we have a great CCA and I want to see him promoted to regular.
09:55 AM ET (US)
City Guy /m9441 - I would say that is contrary to the intent of the Das Award, but it could also be possible that they have realized that getting rid of all PTFs, especially in small offices, is proving to be difficult, and so they will allow people who would rather stay PTF to do so.
City Guy
08:17 AM ET (US)
Brian Renfroe, Lou Drass and my NBA have all repeatedly said PTF's will be able to stay PTF"s.
10:48 AM ET (US)
PTF'S in my old station were converted to FTF. Fulltime Flex. You are a regular and your pay scale will show this.

However. Because you are still a PTF you can have first dibs on a route outside your area. I went from San Francisco District to the Bay Valley District to be closer to home. Its your choice. Only thing i had to give up was my office seniority in my new station.

You do have retreat rights. Once the last person who is a ptf in your old station gets a route you then have first dibs on the first open route thus keeping your office seniority.
08:11 AM ET (US)
I personally talked to Brian Renfroe director of city delivery He said if i want to stay a ptf for the next 20 years i will be able to.I work in a office with 8hr route and 4 hr aux
06:09 AM ET (US)
What is a Hat report?
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