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U. S. Postal Service PTF City Carrier Employees

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09:55 AM ET (US)
City Guy /m9441 - I would say that is contrary to the intent of the Das Award, but it could also be possible that they have realized that getting rid of all PTFs, especially in small offices, is proving to be difficult, and so they will allow people who would rather stay PTF to do so.
City Guy
08:17 AM ET (US)
Brian Renfroe, Lou Drass and my NBA have all repeatedly said PTF's will be able to stay PTF"s.
10:48 AM ET (US)
PTF'S in my old station were converted to FTF. Fulltime Flex. You are a regular and your pay scale will show this.

However. Because you are still a PTF you can have first dibs on a route outside your area. I went from San Francisco District to the Bay Valley District to be closer to home. Its your choice. Only thing i had to give up was my office seniority in my new station.

You do have retreat rights. Once the last person who is a ptf in your old station gets a route you then have first dibs on the first open route thus keeping your office seniority.
08:11 AM ET (US)
I personally talked to Brian Renfroe director of city delivery He said if i want to stay a ptf for the next 20 years i will be able to.I work in a office with 8hr route and 4 hr aux
06:09 AM ET (US)
What is a Hat report?
08:18 PM ET (US)
The latest Hat report released today says there are 878 ptf's left..
ShiversPerson was signed in when posted
09:24 PM ET (US)
Excesses or revert to ptf? Or is crossing craft possible to stay regular in home office if 8 hr route declines?
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
04:22 PM ET (US)
Lisa- You need to read MOU 1834. If your office took a transfer then the next 3 or 5 CCAs ( depending on the size of your office ) are in line to be converted as routes become open.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
07:20 AM ET (US)
The original question in /m9422 was if you a regular and your bid route drops below 8 hours, will you become a PTF? I think not.
06:04 AM ET (US)
egark /m9427 No one I know has said that. I just listed exactly what our NBA reported. I agree it's rather ambiguous, but they are his words, not mine. He's saying if you're a PTF and like the office you're in, just stay there . . . no worries about anything happening to you come May 2016.
ShiversPerson was signed in when posted
09:58 PM ET (US)
Yes egark I am the lowest seniority in office
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
08:24 PM ET (US)
Lisa /m9428 - where does it says 3 or 2?
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
07:45 PM ET (US)
/m9427 FYI there are 1176 PTF's left nationwide. I find it amusing that 4 are near my office.
10:12 AM ET (US)
I am a cca and my question is, when you get a transfer from another state to fill a vacancy for a route what is the rules of converting a caa. I was in understanding that you converted the top 3 cca's. Or is it only 2?
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
08:17 AM ET (US)
Huh? /m9426 - who said anything about being reclassified as a CCA? What happens in a small office where there is not 40 hours work?
05:18 AM ET (US)
/m9424 and /m9425 In a recent KIM Region 6 Report, Patrick Carroll, National Business Agent stated the following under the heading PTF and Conversion to Regular:

"In some areas in the region, local management is telling PTF employees they will have to transfer and relocate to another office to be converted to full time regular before the contract expires in May 2016. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the PTF chooses to stay in their office, they will not be reclassified as CCA's. This is just another example of the ignorance of many managers.

The bottom line is if you are a PTF and if you are happy working in the office you currently do, you do not have to do anything."
Edited 10-29-2015 05:20 AM
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
05:43 PM ET (US)
comfortablynumb /m9424 - pretty sure they have not worked it out yet as how to "get rid of" the remaining PTFs. It may depend upon how many there are. I could see them be all converted to regular status, and, if they work in a small office where there is not 8 hours work 5 days a week, they might be moved to a larger office.
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
05:37 PM ET (US)
/m9420 As few PTF's that there are, 2 are in an office 3 miles from my office and 2 more are in another about 10 miles away. When you say "must be eliminated by the end of the contract in 2016", how exactly will they be eliminated? Where will they go? Will they be forced? I have been asking this question for 2 years now and I'm still no closer to the answer.
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
10:31 AM ET (US)
Shivers /m9422 - are you the bottom seniority carrier in your office?
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