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diane cox
09:28 PM ET (US)
Atalla Ayan debuts tomorrow at Deutsche Oper Berlin as Ruggero in La Rondine, a Rolando Villazon production
Ed to Suzanne/Audrey
03:17 PM ET (US)
Suzanne, as for audience response it is my guess there must have been standing ovations at those performances, sadly audiences were not panned, so all we get is a taste. I like the new CD but not a big fan. Today's listening has been centered on His Favorite Arias, When Day Is Done and Make Believe CDs. Tickets for Neil Diamond Homecoming Tour at Barclays Stadium. Yes Mary spoiled him, the president grieved awful for Tad and Willie. Sherman lost his son Willie from.typhoid shortly before his March To The Sea, Jeff Davis young son of four fell from the balcony of the Southern President house, Longstreet three children just after being almost mortally wounded in The Wilderness so there were no winners. We could use the brains of Grant and Sherman today along with presidential greatness of Lincoln, if only!
Deleted by author 03-26-2015 01:09 PM
11:42 AM ET (US)
Listening again to the newest CD, I thought how much I'd love to hear the entire audience response to Mario. We're hearing just a little of it, but I bet it went on much longer. Realize this would take time away from the actual music, but wish we had access to it. Diane , you have the proof of how much people's daily lives were affected. GWTW brought this out dramatically. Ed, how can we blame Mrs. Lincoln for spoiling Robert, he was all she had left. She was maligned, but my heart goes out to her for her terrible suffering. Gail, we have or had "Sweet Adelines" here. Always wanted to sing with a group, but afraid not Barbershop..Good luck to you in the competition. Are you a soprano?
Gail Swartz
09:27 AM ET (US)
Heading to Houston for Sweet Adelines competition this weekend so I am listening to Mario and contrasting the two SP lps.. Hope the turntable gives me a passable sound. After listening to Mario on the CDs with headphones, I might have to endure. Still love to hear Mario sing anything! Been reading the Google site offerings and realized just how much Mario had to do to accomplish what he sang. Costa said that Mario was always well-prepared when he went in to record. Oh, joy, I found the sheet music to "I'll Never Walk Alone" and have been playing along with Mario. He sang as if he was worshipping God the giver of his Voice and life.
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06:48 PM ET (US)
Correction: It's "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling".
06:42 PM ET (US)
The Library of Congress added more recordings to its National Registry. A Joan Baez recording was added. I am glad "You Lost That Loving Feeling" sung by The Righteous Brothers, was added. I am also happy that the Broadway cast album of Broadway Musical, "Kiss Me, Kate", starring Alfred Drake and Patricia Morrison was added to it. But, once again, no recording of Mario Lanza was added. By the way, Alfred Drake made only one movie "Tars and Spars" with Janet Blair and Sid Caesar. It was the movie version of the Coast Guard stage play "Tars and Spars" starring Victor Mature, Sid Caesar, and Gower Champion. Just heard, on the news, some opera singers were killed in that plane crash in the Alps. Very sad, tragic !
Audrey Petrella
02:11 PM ET (US)

Why do you like Arias and Duets better than the new CD?? I have to listen to my Arias CD and then right after that the new one to see if I feel the same way. Haven't listened to Arias in awhile. Will try to do that tomorrow when the grandchildren are in school. Have to go to a wake this afternoon so won't get a chance to compare.

I too like Civil War history. A great grandfather of mine was in the Civil War towards the end but was in Wisconsin during then. Even though the North won there were "no winners" among the average people who suffered both in the North and the South. The only winners were the slaves because all mankind should be free.
Ed to Suzanne/Diane
12:41 PM ET (US)
Today it's back to Mario while I take up my honey do list and chances are I may find a new favorite. I probably will grab Arias and Duetsfor the afternoon, I like it better than the new CD.

As for Robert Lincoln he tried committing his mother to an asylum after his father died, it was she that spoiled him to the end.
Diane Cox
11:06 AM ET (US)
Suzanne - no need to apologize. The thinking is different here in the South, and I don't always agree with all of it. I guess because we were the losers in the War Between the States, it is still something that is discussed and thought about. The years after the war greatly affected almost every family, fortunes were lost, and life changed for everyone. Not just the plantation owners and the slaves, but the small farmer, and all the widows. I have 27 letters written to and from my great grandmother describing conditions of poverty, and stress. She repaired the family's shoes, and there were no chickens, cows or pigs, all of them having gone to feed troops. The house was partially burned, and one of her three sons killed. Since I do genealogy, often the records from that period and the 20 years prior have been destroyed when the courthouses were burned. Don't think most people here even remember why the war was fought, just the aftermath. But Sherman and Grant will continue to be the bad guys.

Enough - back to the topic of this forum - wonderful and best tenor, Mario Lanza. Passione is one of my top favorites. Listening to that voice, knowing his heart was in everything he sang, has helped me through life. Learning that there are many who feel the same way about him as I do has been an eye opener.
09:57 AM ET (US)
Ed, Passione is glorious, I agree, never can choose just one, whenever I think I have , Like "Che Gelida", another comes along. About Robert Lincoln, visited his home in Vermont a few years ago, nice experience. He was very successful in the railroad business. Aren't all kids embarrassed by their parents at one time or another. He may have been a bit of a snob, forgetting who caused him to be the person he was.Diane, I apologize for the phrasing I used in my last post. I feel sad, even now, for the terrible destruction. Wish there had been some other way. Never knew my grandfather, so I don't know if he ever spoke about it. Now to read the newsletter. Peeked at the cover!
Fred Day
12:51 AM ET (US)
Bill R: Does Roland Bessette identify who are the current 12 recipients of royalties from Lanza's CD sales from Sony/BMG?? Curious. Elissa is certainly one of them. Thanks. Ciao.
Chris Johns
08:41 PM ET (US)
Bill, great job as usual on the news letter and a special thanks to Rolond Bassette for his fantastic insight into Lanza royalties and the feature of purchasing music.
Ed to Suzanne
07:40 PM ET (US)
Suzanne,I've had Mario on for pretty much the whole day today and still think his last LP was the finest. The Mario CD has more to it the just great singing by Mario if you listen carefully you can feel his dedication to his art. It seems each note is carefully gotten to with ease. I favor Passione and always have, the final note there still gives me a chill.

As for Civil War, the several times I stood at The Lincoln Memorial staring at President Lincoln I stared in awe of this great man who would have done whatever to make peace. When Robert was at West Point his father gave the commencement address and he was embarrassed at his father's appearance. In 1864 at his graduation he was very proud. As for Grant he was spotted crying at Lincoln's casket.
02:28 PM ET (US)
Thanks Ed. Diane, we, here in the North are well aware the Civil War didn't change anyone's views in the Southern States. We've had friends who claim they haven't been welcome there when looking for employment. No one appreciates being the "Vanquished", but right was on our side. Horrible as the Civil War was. By the way, my grandfather was a volunteer at 16,found his name in the book of soldiers in a Civil War Museum in Philadelphia. We had his uniform at one time. His family was from Massachusetts. Bill , haven't read my issue yet, saving to savor! Ed, next time, give General Grant my regards.
Bill Ronayne
04:33 PM ET (US)

There seems to be a little confusion concerning the 70th wedding anniversary and the April issue of my newsletter, it's not an article but a variety of pictures throughout the newsletter commemorating it. Also this issue's quiz will focus on the anniversary. Here's a photo of the cover of the issue. If you're interested in becoming a member or just wish to purchase the current issue please contact me at wjronayne@optonline.net. Best, Bill
Edited 03-23-2015 04:33 PM
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