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Fred Day
12:25 AM ET (US)
Bonisolli may have been "a bit crazy", but he was very good. He had no fear of the high C, and sang it many times. He died the day after Corelli died. His two CD's of Neapolitan songs are particularly excellent. Ciao.
Dan Lawlor
10:37 PM ET (US)
Ed: have you ever heard of 'Il Pazzo' (the Crazy Man): Franco Bonisolli? He was dismissed by Karajan for throwing his sword into the pit in a fit of Divo temperament, and also for missing the high C in Di Quella Pira in Il Trovatore during performance, but at the curtain call, he hit it in an encore of just that note and held it, to prove he could do it. He was known not for the delicacy of his presentation but for sheer lung power...
diane cox
10:36 PM ET (US)
Anna Netrebko is a hoot however! She does great interviews.
Ed to Diane
09:26 PM ET (US)
Diane, I've always found sopranos to be more temperamental and high strung with attitude problems. I'll stick with what I like.
diane cox
08:05 PM ET (US)
I don't seek out sopranos to listen to either. Always the tenors for me.
Dan Lawlor
07:55 PM ET (US)
Ed: I was of the same mind for years...I hated Callas' sound...loved Victoria de los Angeles sound...and also Renee Fleming's...Zinka Milanov, Montserrat Caballe among others...never cared for Sutherland, but recently am enjoying her partnership in Norma with Marilyn Horne... they are growing on me...ha ha
Edited 10-22-2014 07:58 PM
Ed to Dan
06:40 PM ET (US)
Dan, I can't stand sopranosI guess it's a guy thing. Some are surely great but I'll stick with baritones and tenors .
Dan Lawlor
12:09 PM ET (US)
Matt: Here is another excerpt from Nicolai Gedda's autobiography:
 "Unfortunately (Maria) Callas' career was cut short, probably because she performed too many and too varied a sequence of roles at the height of her powers, which is a great temptation when one is in demand. Even if a soprano has the most technically well-equipped voice in the world, she cannot sing a coloratura part like Lucia di Lammermoor followed immediately by a dramatic Lady Macbeth. No voice can withstand such stress, and Maria Callas was no exception. By the time she was forty her voice was almost gone."
So, Anna Netrebko has performed both of those heroines at present. Let us hope and pray that her voice holds out.
Edited 10-22-2014 12:09 PM
Ed to David
07:32 AM ET (US)
David, that is in my top five favorites, man what a job he did on that one!!!! Thank you.
Deleted by author 10-21-2014 11:34 PM
David Weaver
09:17 PM ET (US)
Ed, that's actually the famous recording from Mario's first commercial session in New York City, 5 May 1949, with Constantine Callinicos conducting.
Ed to Diane
09:05 PM ET (US)
I love that aria and this must be the audition. Great from start to finish.
RenseWebmasterPerson was signed in when posted
08:15 PM ET (US)
If a derogatory message has been posted to on another site, and has been responded to on that site, that is sufficient. No need to involve this site as well.
Diane Cox
08:05 PM ET (US)
Deleted by topic administrator 10-21-2014 08:12 PM
Ed to Suzanne
12:01 PM ET (US)
Suzanne- Isn't it amazing that folks like Chopin, Beethoven, Haydn and others still have their music played over two hundred years later, their brilliance will last forever, while not very much interested in classical music nor that much in opera as some here I recognize their greatness. For me I will stick with our Mario as I've done all my life.
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