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Diane Cox
11:15 AM ET (US)
Listening to that disc with headphones, there is a gurgle on one of the selections. Too much saliva. Think it's on one of the Otello arias.
08:29 AM ET (US)
Fred-Many thanks for the info on that LP. I can't imagine any flaws on the LP,I really only listen to the voice. If Mario said flaws who am I to argue? It takes a lot of courage to get out on stage and be perfect, I've done classes at work with 250 people and even though I was confident in my material sweat rolled back behind my knees.
To me it was a good LP, the voice was incredible just listen to the finish of Because You're Mine.
Martino to Dan
06:05 AM ET (US)
Thank you my friend. I will look forward to receiving the disk.
Dan Lawlor
02:26 AM ET (US)
Martino: In appreciation for the sheet music, I have sent you today a CD of some of my concert performances. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Most of them were with members of "Opera Plus" several years ago...thanks again.
09:19 PM ET (US)
I bought that record probably about time I bought Magic Mario another great one. In LFL I enjoy Mario's interaction with his audience
Chris Johns to Fred
08:15 PM ET (US)
I agree Fred, it was a very enjoyable record. I remember the fist time I saw that record. A nice painting of Mario's face looking out the window of a record store on 86th St. In Bklyn. I was just a kid walking with my mother and I said "look mom, I don't have that album". In we went and out I came with 'A Mario Lanza Program'. As soon as I got home I played it and I was so happy to hear that it was a live concert with Mario not only singing but speaking. I LOVED IT and still enjoy it today.
Fred, the fact that Mario felt that way about the recording....have there been any alt. takes released that Mario rejected after recording. Thanks
Fred Day
07:48 PM ET (US)
Ed: Yes, according to the various Lanza bios, Lanza did not approve of the release of the Albert Hall concert, on LP, due to a few minor flaws. But it was released 3 months after Lanza's death. I am glad it was released, despite the flaws, because it was a wonderful concert. I wish there were more that were recorded. Ciao.
Deleted by topic administrator 09-29-2014 07:43 PM
Ed to Fred
06:47 PM ET (US)
Fred-Would you know if there was any truth to the story that Lanza did not want the Live From London LP released. When I bought it the title was called A Mario Lanza Program, seems his wish was not honoured as it came out in January 1960.
Pam Latham
11:19 AM ET (US)

Oreste Kirkop

Oreste Kirkop was born in Ħamrun (Malta) in 1923. He was the 5th child of a family of 10 kids. He started to realise his singing capabilities while singing in the shelters during war time. Afterwards he started learning from Maltese tenor Nicolo Baldachino. Oreste made his operatic debut in 1945 as Turiddu in Cavalleria Rusticana. He continued singing opera with visiting Italian companies and appeared in concert with Tito Gobbi and Maria Caniglia. In 1948, he met Maltese baritone Joseph Satariano who encouraged him to start an opera career in the UK.

In 1950, he moved to the United Kingdom and sang principal tenor roles with the Carl Rosa Opera Company, later with Sadler's Wells (1952) singing Turiddu, Mario Cavaradossi, and Rodolfo in Luisa Miller. He appeared on BBC TV as Canio in Pagliacci.

In 1954, Kirkop made his Covent Garden debut as the Duke in Rigoletto and later as Rodolfo in La bohème. A contract with Paramount Pictures led to the leading role of François Villon in the 1956 film version of The Vagabond King.

He sang opera at Las Vegas and the Hollywood Bowl and appeared on NBC TV in pioneering productions of Madame Butterfly, La traviata and Rigoletto.

In 1958, he returned to Covent Garden and retired in 1960. He got married in Malta on 15 August 1963 to his wife Therese and had two daughters, Anita and Susan. After getting married, he retired completely from singing at the young age of 37. He retirement was mainly due to heart problems after being told by doctors that he might die on stage if he continued his singing career after the age of 40. Oreste Kirkop died aged 74 on 10 May 1998.

Oreste was an Honorary member of the BMLS for a Number of years
Dan Lawlor
09:54 AM ET (US)
Last night I watched a movie on Youtube, called "The Vagabond King" with Kathryn Grayson and Oreste...and I was thinking, if Mario had stayed in Hollywood, he would have been great in that role, especially hearing him sing "Only a Rose" from that operetta...what ever became of Oreste? anyone know?
diane cox
08:22 PM ET (US)
The Weinstein Co. has moved back the U.S. release of “One Chance,” the biopic about about “Britain’s Got Talent” winner Paul Potts, to Aug. 29.

“One Chance” had originally been scheduled for release on Feb. 7 before it was moved back to March 14.

The film, directed by David Frankel and written by Justin Zackham, was screened in the Special Presentation section at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and released in October in the U.K., where it has grossed $5.8 million.
08:11 PM ET (US)
Did I just read correctly that there has been a movie made about Paul Potts? Is this true? It seems like there are others like Lanza, Tucker, MDM, Bjorling, etc. who should have movies made about them instead of Potts! Are there any full-length movies about Caruso?

Diane Cox
04:58 PM ET (US)
I'd venture to say there are people on the stamp committee who never heard of Mario Lanza and his accomplishments.
Dan Lawlor
12:44 PM ET (US)
On the subject of a stamp for Mario: I wrote the stamp committee a letter last year and got a bureaucratic response from them stating they have hundreds of thousands of requests yearly and decisions to make and they can't please everyone...so, such is the style with bureaucracies, eh?
Edited 09-28-2014 12:48 PM
12:25 PM ET (US)
A few years ago, some fans of Mac/Eddy(Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy)had Mac/Eddy postage stamps printed by Stamps.com. So far, the U.S. Postal Service hasn't honored them, either, on stamps. Back in the 1990's, Enrico Caruso, John McCormack, Paul Robeson, Marian Anderson, Lily Pons, Rosa Ponselle, Richard Tucker, and Lawrence Tibbett were honored on stamps. Long overdue for a Mario Lanza postage stamp ! There were fans of Tyrone Power, who were trying to have him, honored on a stamp, this year, in conjunction with his 100th birthday, this year. But it didn't happen. He served in the Marines, during World War II and was a Major, USMC Reserves. Also, it's time for an Astaire-Rogers and a Gene Kelly stamp. On the subject of Ginger Rogers, TCM was selling Ginger Rogers Milk Bottles. I didn't know she had a dairy farm with her ranch in Rogue River, Oregon area. Mario and Betty Lanza stayed at Ginger Rogers' ranch in Oregon.
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