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8th Ward

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Diane R. Johnson
01:18 AM cst(US)
People on our block have been very generous with their snowblowing on our Mulford sidewalks.
05:03 PM cst(US)
/m31189 yes, Dianne, we do - but the relevance was (only) to snow removal. Long ago, folks shoveled and plowed beyond their immediate borders. YOU and a dozen others, maybe more, are truly neighborly. When a former alderperson lived very near, our alley was snow-less. We have not had issues with snow removal on Hull Terrace (even before Ms. Rainey moved to the 'hood).
Candace Hill
04:43 PM cst(US)
The thing a snow buddy can do is to take down the snow piles at the alleys and the corners of the streets. Our block is very clear of ice and snow, we work hard together as neighbors to keep it so, but where the alley meets the street is terribly dangerous with many layers of ice. We live inside the block and have only a few sidewalk squares to call our own, but a neighbor lives on a corner lot and has much larger amount of sidewalk and corner to look after. Having a machine kind of evens the load.
Rachel Gottlieb
03:18 PM cst(US)
We also have many neighborly neighbors. I just thing clear sidewalks are very important for health. Elderly people can die from a fall and anyone can be badly injured. The patchwork if shoveling is substandard.
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> On Mar 5, 2015, at 2:53 PM, QT - dianneschuyler@sbcglobal. <qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:
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02:53 PM cst(US)
I disagree, we have many neighborly neighbors!
02:32 PM cst(US)
/m31186 /m31187 we so agree Candace and Rachel. We're having our snowblower repaired and do not anticipate delivery until the thaw.
Gone are the days when neighbors were neighborly.
Rachel Gottlieb
11:12 AM cst(US)
I'm with Candace! The city should maintain the sidewalks. We would kick in for a neighborhood sidewalk plow -- whatever that means. It sounds good to me!

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 10:21 AM, QT - Candace Hill <
qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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Candace Hill
10:21 AM cst(US)
I've read two articles now about the Ann Arbor Snowbuddy and our family would gladly join a co-op for a sidewalk snow plow in our neighborhood. I completely agree that pedestrians deserve the same amount of care and consideration that goes for cars and drivers, and everyone in a town uses the sidewalks at some time. From the article

"He considers it absurd that the city government maintains sidewalks in the winter by passing the responsibility on to individual homeowners.
"It's like taking something that's really a linear transportation corridor, it's one line, and dividing its maintenance responsibility into hundreds and even thousands of little links," he said, "and assigning that responsibility to people who have a widely varying ability and even interest in maintaining that walkway." Tinkerhess said not everyone is able or willing to clear their sidewalk in a timely manner, if they do at all, and that can be dangerous, and sometimes impassable for elderly and disabled people, and parents trying to push strollers."

Here's the link: http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index....uddy_ann_arbor.html

Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
07:49 AM cst(US)
Helicopters are overhead from time to time filming the moving of the house from Green Bay Rd. down Central to Crawford. Report from City Manager's Office is that the move is going well.The planning and logistics having to do with this move are extraordinary. Check out local TV news and you can see the project underway.
12:13 PM cst(US)
Thank you, Ann, and Mr. Caneva, for all your attention to these infernal rodents.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
10:53 AM cst(US)
On the matter rats eating cars:

Ald. Rainey,
Staff has gone out to the property, no burrows were observed. We will be treating the area around the parking lot and the lot itself. We will also be reaching out to the transit authority to assist with the embankment. The area will have bait boxes before the end of the day.
Carl Caneva
Assistan Director
Evanston Health and Human Services Department
2100 Ridge Avenue Room G206
Candace Hill
04:00 PM cst(US)
Hi Ann,

Are all the fancy cans still in place? Is it possible for the city to consider a few more garbage cans around the neighborhood, especially now that Howard Ave. has more business and foot traffic. Yeah, I know those people who throw things over the fence are already the worst, but perhaps an extra garbage can or two might help.

Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
03:42 PM cst(US)
Let me try that again:

Only public cleanup is of the clandestine kind.The sheriff's community service group, will come out after the snow clears upon request. I will request they make a visit to Brummel and tidy up.
Deleted by author 03-03-2015 03:40 PM
Sheryl F.
02:57 PM cst(US)
It's been so nice to get so many perspectives of enjoyment on having our little Skokie Swift nearby. Interesting about the new quieter cars!

I was thinking the same about volunteering to clean up behind the fence but I would think that the CTA would be considering the liability of that. I do remember that people have just done some clean up on their own in the past.
Jill Birschbach
11:05 AM cst(US)
Jeannie- ugh...We park in lot 18 also. We had rats chew our car's wiring two times within two weeks this past September while parked in that lot. Unfortunately it's a hybrid so the wiring cost us thousands to repair. We reported it to the city at the time. Fyi- we did file an insurance claim for this and it was covered. Bummed to hear this is still happening:(
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
08:55 AM cst(US)
Please be careful out there:

Good Morning,
Between 5am and 6:30am Evanston received ” of snow. Currently, the snow has ended for our area and rain is falling. The rain will be freezing on untreated surfaces so traveling and walking caution is advised. Rain will continue thru the morning and tapper off around noon.
Main roads and secondary’s roads are wet and slushy. Crews are currently working on all roads in an effort to clean them up before addition much colder weather returns tomorrow.
More updates will follow as needed.
James Maiworm
07:31 AM cst(US)
To everyone who parks in or near Lot 18, thought I would share this: I have been parking in this lot for years, and this has never happened before. Yesterday, when I started my car (which had only stood for 2 days and was nowhere near a dumpster or garbage can) I had to go immediately to the mechanic. Rats had chewed through my ignition wiring. The engine compartment was full of rat feces. I have reported this to 311, but I wanted to make sure I let the neighbors know as well. We all see rats all the time, even in this awful weather, scurrying up and down the street and the alley along the Metra tracks, but like I said, this is a new development. Crushed-up mothballs will scare them off if you want to prevent any issues.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
05:15 PM cst(US)
bad news

Good afternoon,
We are expecting a period of snow to begin in the very early hours tomorrow and then change over to freezing rain and then plain rain later in the morning.
Starting around 3 or 4am Tuesday a period of snow should occur until about 8am. About a ” to 3/4” is expected to accumulate before it changes to a period of freezing rain. After the changeover, freezing rain is likely until about 12:00 noon at which time the precipitation will change to light rain.
A light glaze of ice is possible before the pavement temperatures warm.
During the afternoon light rain and drizzle is possible as the precipitation ends. Very cold temperatures are expected Tuesday night and Wednesday.
Public Works has anti-iced all main and secondary streets. Overnight crews are on standby and will begin treating the roads as soon as conditions require in anticipation of the morning commute.
Additional updates will be sent as required.
James Maiworm
Assistant Director of Public Works Operations & Maintenance
Mike Perlman
02:08 PM cst(US)
And a few blocks west it becomes Lincolnwood again (around the Wendy's). Weird municipal borders. The center is called "Skokie Commons" according to a sign near one of the entries. BTW Longhorn restaurant near the corner is great! Good variety, tasty etc.
Edited 03-02-2015 02:09 PM
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 PM cst(US)
Thanks, Chris. It is Skokie - across the street is Lincolnwood.
Chris Granner
12:51 PM cst(US)
From my colleague who's wife works at Mariano's corporate:

"Moved to April 21 or even later (this is Skokie, right?) - was supposed to be earlier but some snafus with a variety of circumstances"

Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
07:45 PM cst(US)
Hi Cindi, you sound really happy good for you. Check in from time to time love hearing from you.
Cyndi Gage
06:35 PM cst(US)
Hi everyone! Just checking in to say "I'm watching you". Miss you all, but not the weather. We've found a new home in Denver, NC. Republican/Southern politics are interesting (we did not get here in time to vote, so don't blame Thom Tillis on us). We got our tax re-assessment in the mail, and apparently we are so awesome, we are worth a $33,000 increase on the value of the house we bought. Funny we got the tax notice before our first utility bills. We're 5 minutes from Lake Norman but there is no lake affect snow! Actually, not much snow to speak of. We did have our first ice storm. Not something to laugh about, but I do understand why municipalities shut down. Take care all, we miss you. (And I loved hearing the 'swish' of the Skokie Swift from our little spot on Harvard Terrace.)
John Hardy
06:27 PM cst(US)
The CTA has reportedly fully converted to the new 5000-series train cars on all lines, including the Skokie Swift. The older cars seemed to ROAR across the bridge over Dodge Avenue, the new 5000-series cars are much quieter across that bridge and along the embankment.

I have no idea what they did to make them so much quieter, but the new cars have some sort of active suspension. There are probably vibration-absorbing materials to lessen the impact of the wheels on the tracks, sound-deadening materials in the body of the cars, etc. Ben S. once told me "It's the wheels", perhaps a different alloy or shape. Whatever it is, I think the new cars are much quieter than the old cars.
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