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8th Ward

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Chris GrannerPerson was signed in when posted
01:06 AM cst(US)
Good morning 8th warders, I've just mopped up about a quarter of an incredible spill that's been occurring for the last, call it, day & a half, emanating from somewhere between my kitchen sink, along the copper pipe that connects through the basement and back up the kitchen floor to the back of the fridge, and the icemaker in the freezer. I've now turned the water off underneath the sink, and the drips that have filled both my catboxes in the basement (I'll just pause for effect here) seem to be subsiding. I've mopped up the water behind & under the fridge (along with everything else under there -- another pause for you), and where the water was dripping off the back of the fridge (lower right corner of the back of the unit) appears to no longer be dripping. The kitchen floor is a little dirty but dry; I've restored one catbox, removing the other and setting it aside for tomorrow, and replaced with buckets & tubs; the mudhole (now under the buckets) will have to wait 'til tomorrow but at least it's neither getting bigger nor going anywhere else.

My question is: who to call? I'll bet you $1M it's to do with the fridge...so do I call the appliance guy? But...the copper pipe, all the way back and down in the basement, was dripping too...could it be the pipe? (doesn't look like it, but...) and if so, do I call a plumber? This is me, thinking out loud...but please chime in if I've missed something obvious. Thank you for being there for me!
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
05:42 PM cst(US)
Chuck I have the document however it's a PDF file I cannot copy it and pasted on the message board. I don't know how to convert it. You send me your email address I will mail it to you and then if you want to post here, feel free, sorry.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
01:03 PM cst(US)
Chuck I am getting official details - will post here.

In the mean time - this is a good read!

Chuck MetalitzPerson was signed in when posted
11:57 AM cst(US)
Evanston Now tells us that the Mayor has proclaimed "Evanston Own It Day." What is that? I bet somebody here knows. Where can I find a copy of the proclamation?
Candace Hill
10:49 AM cst(US)
Debra, you might want to walk around the nearby alleys to see if someone took it for a spin. But, the junk trucks come through my alley every day and if someone left it in the alley it's on a truck now.

I saw Carl the bird the other day. What a handsome fellow.
Debra Comess
10:47 AM cst(US)
PS. Rachel, thanks for your offer. Currently, she just turned 5 and still needs a three wheeled scooter. I may be on the hook here for another KICK-they go for $135-$150. Plus, she wants THE one she lost, not a new one......5-year olds. She told me last night 'it's been a bad week for me, mom'. :)
Debra Comess
10:43 AM cst(US)
Thank you all for your kind comments and efforts (Anne's APB to Parks and Recreation) for the KICK scooter. No luck yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some Good Samaritan who may have found it will see the post and resond. I'm found to post some signs at the locations to see if someone found it there.
Many thanks again,
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
03:23 PM cst(US)
Dear Tim Brown, we've got your number,

All the best,
South Evanston neighbors
03:04 PM cst(US)
He came to our church in south Evanston one Sunday after service and said that he needed $15 for a trip home to the south side of Chicago to get his insulin. He would be sick if he didn't take his shot. I offered to call 311 to have the EPD take him to a local hospital for a shot of insulin if he was that sick. He declined my offer and left.
Diane R. Johnson
02:17 PM cst(US)
He's well over 6 feet- maybe 6'4". And he studies the neighborhood. I encountered him at the corner once and he knew which house I lived in, that I had twins girls and what kind of dog.
02:10 PM cst(US)
Last winter, he was wearing a black puffy jacket with some white design on a bit of it. He is quite tall, maybe 6 feet. He speaks very sincerely. The story he last gave me was that he need to get home to his sick or dying mother and had no gas money.
Candace Hill
02:07 PM cst(US)
From me he needed jumper cables for his car,
And the second time he came to the door and introduced himself as a neighbor, I told him, "I know exactly who you are, Mr. Brown."
Mike Perlman
01:56 PM cst(US)

Tim Brown
Mike Perlman
01:52 PM cst(US)
Janet: Tim Brown is an advanced scam artist. He will approach you (or ring your doorbell) on the street and state that he is a neighbor from "just over there", and have a story to separate you from your money. He had a Des Plaines address at one time but hung out in our area and I believe he has been arrested both by EPD and Des Plaines PD. I don't remember what he went up for this time; maybe Jeanne has the details. I had an old mug shot filed somewhere that either was in a news story or one of the people on the board posted it. If I can find it, I will put it up.

One of his usual stories is a sick child who needs medicine and he is on the way to the drug store but needs cash for the prescription. There are other variations and problems that he is dealing with. Hope this help.
11:39 AM cst(US)
For those of us new to the neighborhood, can you fill us in on Tim Brown? Thanks
09:30 AM cst(US)
Our old "neighbor" Tim Brown is scheduled to be released from prison on Thursday. Just in time for Trick-or-Treating!
Jeri Schmidt
07:38 AM cst(US)
I have found 2 dead squirrels in my yard this week-actually my dog found one
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:47 AM cst(US)
Re: Fwd: Re: District 65 wants to hear from you! Sign up today for a focus group:

Good Morning,

Below is a link to the District 65 Strategic Planning Focus Group information. Thank you for sharing!


Melissa Messinger
Communications Coordinator
Evanston/Skokie School District 65
1500 McDaniel Avenue ∙ Evanston, IL 60201
p (847) 859-8100 │ f (847) 866-7241

For information about District 65, visit www.district65.net.
Like Evanston/Skokie School District 65 on Facebook!
Follow us on Twitter @District65

Every Child, Every Day, Whatever it Takes.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:21 AM cst(US)
Debra I have the parks department keeping an eye out for the scooter and they will report to you if when found.
Rachel Sobel
08:16 AM cst(US)
Debra, if your scooter doesn't turn up, I have a RAZR scooter your daughter can have. Not pink, but she can still get around on it.
Susan Johnson
07:57 AM cst(US)
Ok, have to pipe up on this one. Running, with or without a stroller in the street: I started running again this fall after taking a few years off. As a driver I find people who run in the street even sans stroller most annoying” HOWEVER. I have found that if I try to run on most of Evanston’s sidewalks I MUST look at my feet. Our sidewalks are a mess. Broken, heaved up by trees no longer there, “fixed” but not fixed with wierd sploches of uneven ashpalt, Cement patched and then sort of shaved into a ramp, but in the span of about 8” so almost like a step….You get the idea. I don’t move all that fast when I am running. But all the same, try running looking at your feet and not where you are going. Its not like walking. So unless you are at the lakefront, or along McCormick, the street is the best place to run. Safest for your ankles at the very least. Add in a stroller to that mix, especially a double wide…think about it, those parents have to be in the street. You can’t see the sidewalk at your feet if you are pushing something in front of you. I think it is too much to ask that runners DRIVE to assigned running locations and then start their run. So peole have to get where ever they are running basically in the street. I can hope people who do choose to run in the street do it at non-rush times.
I’m not going to get into the race comment, I find any race comment offensive on our 8th Ward blog.
I will comment on the “privlege” aspect however since I also find that an inappropiate mention here. We have all sorts of “wealth” or lack there of in the 8th ward. I have no idea what ’type’ of family was running down the street. Perhaps it was someone like my sister-in-law who got her fancy running stroller at a garage sale for $40? If she goes running for an hour, 3 times with her little kids, she will be ahead of what you would have to pay a baby sitter to watch her children for 3 hours. You get your kids outside. And set a lifestyle example of the importance of staying fit and in good shape. Something I wish my parents would have taught me as a kid. Not to mention running outside with your children is far more affordable than joining a health club, and then paying extra to have someone else take care of your kids, while you work out. If the issue is that this woman has time to go running in the middle of the day….well why are we brining that up here?

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Debra Comess
01:16 AM cst(US)
Lost Children's hot pink and black KICK scooter lost in the 8th Ward, likely in James Park, eastern area by ball field, park by Dawes, or Levy Center. Else wise, in the kids park on Hinman, just north of South Boulevard (aka the donut park due to it's big blue circular merry-go-round). If anyone has seen it or knows of it's possible whereabouts, please contact me at 312-446-9200 or dcomess@gmail.com--it would be greatly appreciated. . My 5-year old is meltdown city. Reward if returned. Thanks so much! Debra (and Amanda).

Ps. We've run into the Guinea Hen again on our scooter hunts, but she's fast, bold and assertive....so we won't be catching her anytime soon.
Debra Comess
01:10 AM cst(US)
Lost Children's hot pink and black KICK scooter lost in the 8th Ward, likely in James Park, eastern area by ball field, park by Dawes, or Levy Center. Else wise, in the kids park on Hinman, just north of South Boulevard (aka the donut park due to it's big blue circular merry-go-round). If anyone has seen it or knows of it's possible whereabouts, please contact me at 312-446-9200 or dcomess@gmail.com--it would be greatly appreciated. . My 5-year old is meltdown city. Reward if returned. Thanks so much!
Jill Birschbach
11:18 PM cst(US)
Somewhat serious looking car accident right now at the corner of Howard and Clark/Chicago.
Lots of glass on the road and a smashed up car. I really dislike this intersection- people traveling Southbound on Chicago Ave use it to speed on that stretch by the cemetery. As a pedestrian in that intersection, just try crossing the street when aggressive people are trying to turn left onto Howard when they are Northbound on Clark- it's ok if you like playing chicken with cars.
10:13 PM cst(US)
When biking, strollering, pushcarting r any other form of transport on a road, just follow the rules of the road. Stop at stop signs, signal when turning. But also remember YOU ARE NOT A CAR. So if you are going to ride your whatever in a lane of traffic, you also must keep up with the flow of traffic and maintain a speed limit. If you cannot, find a bike lane or a side street where you will not be in traffic's danger or any other harms way.

As for what I would say to someone strollering down the middle of the street, most likely nothing if they are not causing any interference. Probably safer in the street to avoid pedestrians on the sidewalk!

Ans another word of advice, maybe even internet etiquette, if you have to mention a race, probably a good idea NOT to post it in a public forum. Take it to your other boards that you mention where you discuss matters of race.
Edited 10-27-2014 10:14 PM
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