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8th Ward

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Karen Johnson
08:08 PM cst(US)
Heading north on Asbury about 10 minutes ago....saw five squad cars flying fast southbound on Asbury and turning west into Cleveland Street. Any idea what is going on? The air had a heavy smell of fireworks or an explosive.
01:56 PM cst(US)
Detective Ostap is da bomb. For reelz. Dang!!!
Candace Hill
12:31 PM cst(US)
I've got a decent photo of Karl. I'm so glad I saw him once!
Kristin Lems
12:10 PM cst(US)
congratulations, Anna Ostap!

Just talked to the Tribune reporter for about 20 minutes about Karl. He is also amazed by the tale (tail?). Debby, expect a call! He asked me to characterize our block and I felt like Mr. Rogers with such glowing adjectives...I said, when we come, we stay. And talked about the happy diversity of ages, races, languages, occupations, Goli's home child care, the facility for developmentally disabled adults, the benches some of you put on the causeway just so people can sit down and enjoy things....yep, pretty lovely!
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:24 AM cst(US)

Evanston Police Detective Anna Ostap honored by ASIS Illinois North Shore Chapter
Posted on Wednesday Oct 29, 2014 in Award, Police

Evanston Police Detective Anna Ostap received the Officer of the Year Award from the ASIS Illinois North Shore Chapter for her life saving efforts.

In May of this year, Detective Ostap, who is assigned to the Juvenile Bureau, responded to a report of persons shot in Elks Park. Arriving on the scene, she came upon a male subject who had been shot multiple times with a large gaping wound to his back. The subject began going into shock and was bleeding profusely. Detective Ostap used her training as a Tactical Emergency Medical Officer within the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) and took immediate action to stop the bleeding. She maintained pressure on the wound until Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services paramedics arrived on the scene and were able to stabilize the individual. She remained with the subject all the way to the hospital where the victim was prepared for surgery. Detective Ostap is ASIS Illinois North Shore Chapter's Officer of the Year "for exhibiting exceptional courage, without thought of her personal safety, to protect human life."
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
03:15 PM cst(US)
Excellent report on 10 o'clock news last night re Jane Byrne services.
Mike Perlman
02:56 PM cst(US)
Helicopters also over the cemetery area
Candace Hill
02:56 PM cst(US)
Shoot! If I had know, maybe I would have walked down there and paid my respects. Or, perhaps later when the temperature gets above freezing.
02:25 PM cst(US)
In case you are wondering, the hullabaloo on Chicago Ave. is for Jane Byrne, who is being buried at Calvary Cemetery.
08:02 AM cst(US)

I'm Debby one of the main caretakers of Karl. My neighbor, Joshua, originally found Karl in May. I became involved in June once I realized Karl had taken up residency on our block. He consumed much of my life for 5 months, as I knew nothing about guinea fowl. And it was my pleasure! I miss him everyday but we did what was best for Karl.
We just took Karl to his forever home last Sunday. I'm a vegetarian so I needed to find a safe loving home for Karl. It's quite a story how all this happened! A network of people in many states were involved. It should be told and hopefully it will educate people on animal rights. And its a feel good story!
My work number is 847-869-2488 or 6485.
Ann Rainey
09:32 PM cst(US)
Re action in the Howard Clark area

Alderman, a fire in a Com-ED under ground vault on the Chicago side. They are determining the best way to put it out. It appears that Juneway will loose electrical power. Thanks

Richard Eddington
Chief of Police
Marge Shenk
08:20 AM cst(US)
There is a young man named Paul Elliot (pretty sure!) who lives in the 1400 block of Kirk with his mom, around the corner from me, and has done yard work/snow removal for a neighbor here. He fits the description you gave except he's late teens/early 20's. Sharp-featured face. His dad, Clark Elliot, is a Dawes parent.
Kristin Lems
12:04 AM cst(US)

Nice to see the links to the guinea fowls and learn more about this unusual bird. I guess Joshua won't mind this picture being posted, which I got from Debby. The guineas adore their own images, and this was how Karl was safely trapped and brought to the lovely guinea sanctuary in Mahomet. The amount of resourcefulness exerted by these neighbors is epic - I would love to have the Tribune write this up as an "alternate" Thanksgiving story! But I do miss him. I'd wander around several times a day just to spot 'im!
Jerri Garl
07:36 PM cst(US)
Sounds like Paul Elliot might be available. Look him up on Facebook.
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On Nov 15, 2014, at 11:37 PM, QT - Melba Swoyer <qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:
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07:00 PM cst(US)
Highly recommend Miguel Gutierrez
(773) 759-6614

You can let him know Mike Walden gave you the contact information
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> On Nov 15, 2014, at 5:37 PM, QT - Melba Swoyer <qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:
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Melba Swoyer
05:37 PM cst(US)
We are looking for a snow removal service to shovel our front sidewalk and front porch steps and large back driveway. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.
03:38 PM cst(US)

This is happening TONIGHT! STart your holiday shopping AND help support mens health though the Movember Foundation. And there are amazing items on the silent auction table from neighboring businesses!
Karen Johnson
03:34 PM cst(US)
Kids just returned from walking the dogs. They reported seeing a white guy (about 5'6") wearing a red coat walking two smaller, chubby dogs with ropes as leashes. He tied both dogs to a fence by an alley south of Chute School and started walking away. Then he saw my kids watching him. So he returned to the dogs, untied them and walked away.

We don't know if his guy was trying to abandon these dogs but it seems like a reasonable conclusion. So please keep an eye out for this guy and for the two dogs.
03:32 PM cst(US)
Well, Karen, I'm with you. Guessing we have met our "Tom" for 2014.
Karen Johnson
03:25 PM cst(US)
Anyone know a Paul Elliot who lives in the area near Oakton School? He just knocked on my door, said that he was a neighbor who lived a few blocks away, and asked if I needed snow removal assistance this winter.

I do not open my door for anyone who I don't know. But I have tiny glass windows about 1/3 of the way from the top of the door...he was about 5'5", white guy, dark hair, maybe late 30s.

I am always leery of some who says that they "live a few blocks away." If they are really a neighbor, why not say the street? I assume that he did not give the street because he doesn't know the names of nearby streets.
Edited 11-15-2014 03:29 PM
Deleted by author 11-15-2014 11:42 AM
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
05:09 PM cst(US)
Katherine Farriis I have boxes for you
Sheryl F.
10:12 AM cst(US)
Thanks Jeannie! I am hoping to finish up with my leaf duties today and with a helpful tip will be running over some of those oak leaves. And trying to get a few more windows washed before it gets really cold.
Ryan Kettelkamp
09:22 AM cst(US)
Our landscaper, who is being referenced here, actually goes a step beyond...he blows them into the street, shreds them with his mower and then distributes them to his clients as free mulch. He's one of the few contractors I'm aware of who provide this extremely thoughtful and beneficial service. How's that for eco & client friendly? Oak leaves, when shredded with a mower, make an excellent mulch that doesn't mat down when it gets wet the way that maple leaves do.
07:27 AM cst(US)
Sheryl F., don't feel bad. Furthermore, if you call it in in future, you can ask the desk to ask officers to "remind" or "check with" landscapers. No harm, no foul, and a record will exist if indeed later a pattern emerges.
Indeed: one neighbor around here was notorious for blowing leaves into the street week after week and never bagging them up.
I had to remind my own maintenance man of the law, and I do not hesitate when I see crews using gas-powered leaf blowers to call that in, too. Better safe than sorry.
Finally, if anyone ever sees anyone pouring anything down storm drains, call the police asap!!! You just don't know!
Edited 11-14-2014 07:28 AM
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