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8th Ward

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Ward Eight Is open - 629 Howard St.
Landlord for 135 Custer:
Hopeton Daubon
847 791 7127

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Illinois Power Marketing Company d/b/a Homefield Energy is the approved company supplying electricity to Evanston's aggregated customers from August 1, 2014 thru July 31, 2017.
When solicitors come to your door wanting your account - be prepared with this info!
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John Hardy
11:48 PM cst(US)
I saw Carl (I did no know he had been named) just a day or two ago. He was on the south side of the 1800 block of Brummel in someone's front yard. The woman there was tossing food to him from only a few feet away.

I spoke to a neighbor from the 1700 block of Brummel today and was told that another Guinea fowl has been seen around Mt. Trashmore. Apparently people dump unwanted birds there. I've heard a story or two about plans to capture Carl and relocate him, or provide a warm cage, but he still seems to be doing his usual routine. He does quite an interesting and loud vocal refrain in the late afternoons and around dawn. I've seen him fly into the trees, and he has been on at least one neighbor's roof at dawn.
Kristin Lems
11:11 PM cst(US)
Has anyone seen or heard from Carl the Guinea Hen lately? He's become a favorite strutter in the 1800 block of Brummel and the alley behind. His call is like a wheel that needs oil. Where does he sleep? Will he survive the winter?
Edited 10-23-2014 11:43 PM
Kristin Lems
11:10 PM cst(US)

Carl the guinea hen admiring himself in the glass
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
08:54 AM cst(US)
Everyone in the area described below receives an automated phone call and a written notice.

Alderman Rainey,
ComEd has advised us of a planned power outage scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, October 24th) that will impact 18 ComEd customers in the area bordered by Oakton St to the north, Kirk St to the south, Dewey to the west and Florence to the east. The outage will be from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. The outage is to allow the resident at 401 Dewey to safely complete some roof work at 401 Dewey.
ComEd is generally very good about providing proper advance notice of scheduled power outages. Please let me know if you receive any calls regarding this work. Thank you.
David D. Stoneback
City of Evanston
Utilities Director
Ben Schapiro
09:07 PM cst(US)
Before presenting information on the Library's 2015 budget it must be pointed out that the Library Board and the Library's governance is in compliance with Illinois State statute. Prior to the change to the Library Fund model EPL functioned as a City Department in violation of state law. Te Library as a taxing body is not some whimsical decision imposed by some nameless group as is sometimes implied but a deliberate act by the City Council to be in compliance. The Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

State statue strongly supports the idea of independent and self governing public libraries. Illinois Library Law is written to effect that at the municipal level. As a City department the library was subject to budget cuts that seriously undermined the library's ability to serve the public.

The 11% increase is to the Library's 3% share of the total Evanston tax bill.

Our 2015 proposed budget is driven in part by three elements:
• We have seven of our part time employees who qualify for healthcare benefits under the Affordable Care Act. With seven staff qualifying, The Evanston Public Library has more employees now receiving this coverage then the total staff eligible in all of the City of Evanston departments combined. The increase in staffing costs in the budget is not due to any new hires.
• Most of our employees are covered by the negotiated agreement with AFSCME and must receive a 2.6% wage increase in 2015. Our employees work tirelessly and deserve their raises and we must increase revenue to pay for them.

Revenue for the City of Evanston’s General Fund is raised through a variety of sources including taxes and fees. Growth in these sources is helping to fund the raises for employees in the City of Evanston. Unlike the City the library has only two sources of funding 1. Property tax levy and 2. Gifts. We anticipate non-tax revenue to be $818,187 in 2015.

• Funding for our capital needs was presented in concept during our 2014 budget proposal. In 2015 we will begin to fund the capital projects as described and listed in our multi-year capital plan. This plan was developed based upon the engineering and building assessment we received in December, 2013. Our facilities need to be properly maintained for the convenience and safety of our residents. We are carefully maintaining and upgrading our systems when needed to avoid future and more costly expenses. Library capital improvements will be done on a pay-as-you-go basis.

• Our 2015 budget does not include the addition of any new full time positions. Instead we are carefully adding hours to existing positions and creating specific part time positions to expand our public services. These additions include: 20 hours to support our work with District 65; 3 seasonal workers to assist with the Summer Reading Program; adding hours to the seven employees that will receive ACA benefits bringing them to full time and 20 hours to pay a Volunteer Coordinator to help screen, select, train and manage the work of our many, many dedicated and talented volunteers.
• With the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding by the City Council on August 11th and the execution of the agreement, the Evanston Public Library is now in compliance with Illinois Library Law. In compliance with the law: our unpaid Board of dedicated residents is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Also in compliance with State law, the primary source of funding for all public libraries in the State of Illinois is local property tax. This fact is especially important when we compare our per capita property tax funding to that of surrounding and similar libraries:
Comparable Libraries – Property Taxes Per Capita
                    Population Property Tax Support Tax Per Capita
Evanston 74,486 $5,032,097 $67.56
Skokie 64,784 $12,885,407 $198.90
Arlington Heights 75,101 $13,423,350 $178.74
Oak Park 51,878 $6,885,275 $132.72
Northbrook 33,170 $7,699,486 $232.12

 When applied to the value of the average home in Evanston, the increase is the price of a new book:
 $7.01 Estimated increase per $100,000 of home value
 $25.31 Estimated increase of Median priced home ($360,900)

The Director has been requested to provide information on EPL's out reach work across Evanston.
Michele Hays
08:49 PM cst(US)
Denise, as I mentioned there is a specific outreach program via Y.O.U through the community school project - I have asked someone to tell me exactly what they are doing; I know that they have been working with the school librarian to coordinate things like summer reading lists, library card applications, and all Chute families get regular newsletters and fliers about library programs for teens via the "digital backpack" (which is analog for the families who need it.) EPL also co-hosted a summer event with Ridgeville Park District to bring Youth Technology Corps in for a STEM program for 8-12 year olds: http://www.youthtechnologycorps.org/blog/2...-tech-and-youth/702 (I assume this was part of their program to combat summer learning loss)

I also know that there are specific efforts to target very young children all over Evanston via the LEAP program, which was recently expanded to include Oakton, and also covers child care centers and preschools across Evanston: http://www.foundation65.org/programs/kindergarten-leap/ We were very sorry to see Mr. Rick retire, he was one of the librarian instructors for the program while I was at Washington. All kindergarteners in D65 also get a field trip to the library with a tour, and take home a bag with a free book and apply for a library card http://www.foundation65.org/programs/kindergarten-library-tours/ These programs are funded by Foundation 65, but coordinated in a cooperative effort between EPL and the school district.

So, yes, there are specific ways in which the library is reaching out to south Evanston - mostly through the schools and park districts.

I hear what you're saying about the money - and I'm not saying that we shouldn't question it. What I'm saying is that we should get specific answers about all of those small amounts and be educated advocates for where we think our tax dollars should go.
Denise Beaudoin
05:01 PM cst(US)
Michele, I am curious as to what specific offerings the library has for the youth of south Evanston? Offerings that don't require the youth to travel out of south Evanston to take advantage of them? You can spend money and have these things available for the youth but none of this is going to force parents to be involved or informed so that their kids know these resources are available to them. Creating programs is one thing, getting kids to attend & participate are quite another. Living across the street from Brummel Park gives one an interesting perspective of some of the parenting, or lack thereof, that goes on in our neighborhood as I have seen very young kids spend their day in the park/neighborhood unsupervised by any adult. I hesitate taking my 8 year old grandson to the park when these same unsupervised kids are dropping f-bombs (and often times worse)and creating all kinds of havoc with no adult supervision. My point is, are these additional funds really going to benefit the kids who need them the most? And how are they getting this info out to the youngest kids who only have their parents to rely on for this information? Getting 8th Ward teens involved might actually be a bit easier since these kids are at an age where they can listen to the offerings, evaluate them and advocate on their own behalf. I don't know the answer to what it is they are doing so any light you can shed would be appreciated. Just know that it may only be $24 for this one, but all these "small" amounts that so many entities are taking out of our pockets all add up to a tax burden higher than most suburbs in the Chicagoland area pay.
Edited 10-22-2014 05:04 PM
Michele Hays
11:22 AM cst(US)
You know, while I agree that taxpayers should have been given a voice about the library board, I will say this: our library has become significantly more responsive since the change and I think we are closer to getting our money's worth than we were before.

I have been advocating for better library services in southeast Evanston for some time, and have gone to several Library Board meetings to that end. After hearing me speak, Karen Danczak Lyons, the library director, asked to meet with me to hear my concerns and my thoughts about how to engage our community. It wasn't her only visit to our Ward - last night, she and a staff member visited a meeting at Chute to present their work on literacy for all kids by 3rd grade...and they stayed to take notes on all the other issues presented at the meeting.

The library is taking on many of the community problems we have been complaining about for years - the ones that waste tax dollars. They have expanded the offerings for youth that might otherwise use their free time getting into trouble, and are doing the legwork to reach out to them (they have a specific partnership for 8th Ward teens with Y.O.U at Chute, for instance.) Just this week, in cooperation with the school district and other organizations, they brought YA author G. Neri to all middle schools. They have partnered with Northwestern to bring free technology programs to the loft to align themselves with ETHS's new STEM programs. They have set up free writer's workshops and other activities for middle schoolers (a group VERY poorly served by the City of Evanston.) Two upcoming events were created in cooperation with local PTAs - the upcoming Special Needs service fair and the Navigating Diversity series. For younger children, they're working with Parks & Rec to provide literacy programs at summer camps and reduce summer learning loss.

That's just work with parents: I know there are programs making sure library materials get to senior housing, and now programs reaching out to the unemployed (especially in lower-income areas) to connect them with the library's job training programs. They have created book pick-up and drop-off locations around the City for people who don't have a nearby branch. They're offering all kinds of programs online, including a foreign language class, online software training, and auto repair. They are working with the City's Economic Development office to offer free business classes to entrepeneurs and support for local small businesses.

I get that 11% is a big percentage (although my understanding is that it is not 11% of your property tax bill but an 11% increase of the library's portion) but keep in mind that the estimated cost of this increase is about $24 annually on a home worth $300K. I'd like to know about the specifics before summarily dismissing it solely as a "tax increase." Looks to me like library services could lead to service reductions in policing and education, as well as generating revenue with business and job creation, less unemployment etc. Plus, if some of that 11% is going towards providing service in the 8th Ward...well, it's about ^%&* time, isn't it?

I've been traveling to and from Cincinnati, OH, where I grew up. It has opened my eyes to how significant the impact of government is in a community, and how important it is for citizens to be an informed part of the process. We need not only to make sure tax dollars aren't wasted, but also that we are not being penny-wise and pound foolish. Cincinnati is a prime example of the latter: except in the areas where rich people live, it is falling apart - literally in many instances. By and large, citizens there ONLY get involved to lower their taxes; they don't have a culture of digging deeper to find out what they are paying for and deciding whether or not they need it.

Much of our property value depends on services we decide to (or not to) pay for - that's a major part of the difference between an Evanston home and a a Cincinnati home. That's why my tiny attached urban townhouse, half the size of my parents' beautiful tudor home that sits on a Cincinnati lot six times bigger than mine, is worth twice as much.

So, what, exactly, would the proposed library increase buy us?
Edited 10-22-2014 11:32 AM
09:07 AM cst(US)
Allowing another taxing body...I seem to recall we had no say in the creation of that taxing body. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Library Board just dumped that on us, and the only party who could have stopped it was the Mayor. She chose not to. Am I correct in my recollection of that event?
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
05:09 PM cst(US)
See that's what happens when you allow another taxing body.

Totally opposed to the 11% increase totally unnecessary I will vote against it. All city departments were asked to reduce 3% of their expenditures. That's what they did but the library increased personnel etc. Big mistake. I'm voting against however I can assure you most aldermen will support it.
Denise Beaudoin
05:04 PM cst(US)
Just read about an 11% increase in property taxes for the library for 2015--really? What happened to the full time fund raiser they hired? I don't know about the rest of you but I am so sick and tired of tax increases when the Mayor wants to fund one of her pet projects. I feel like I am getting taxed out of Evanston, the only problem is that property values are down so much I can't sell and get my equity back. Can't afford the taxes, can't afford to sell....
Michele Hays
09:20 AM cst(US)
Per Bernard and Network 2424, Joe Moore's office told them there is "no way" the dispensary could happen on Howard. Rogers Park neighbors are speaking out against it as well.

Note that most of the studies showing dispensaries having no effect on crime limit the specific crimes and also studied dispensaries in commercial districts. I think limiting them to commercial districts is a good idea.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
08:44 AM cst(US)
Jeri and all, there's every indication that this will not get a go ahead. Since the request was published in the newspaper, I felt it was important to make a note of it. However I will follow this and have been promised information when any is available. Will share all news.
07:32 AM cst(US)
We may as well all give our homes away

< replied-to message removed by QT >
Rachel Sobel
02:38 PM cst(US)
I'm not loving the idea of a dispensary at that site. Maybe just because it's been so run-down for so long, it seems seedy, like it would attract a disproportionate number of customers with questionable prescriptions or who wish to transact business with or rob legitimate customers outside of it.

I have no problem with one in downtown Evanston, but I know that address is in Chicago and the two sites have little bearing on each other.
Candace Hill
12:35 PM cst(US)
A big thank you to the kind folks at the Evanston Fire department. I've had a propane tank for a long-gone grill sitting in the yard for years and finally remembered to use the 311 app to ask the Fire Department to come pick it up for me. It was gone in less than an hour. One more thing on the long to-do list for me. I'm really pleased.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
12:06 PM cst(US)
FYI only - Keeping close track of this.

FYI – Medical marijuana facility MAYBE for 2321 Howard – Story notes Chicago thinks it may be too close to school or daycare facility.
Candace Hill
10:41 AM cst(US)
Candace Moore Hill
404 Barton Ave.
Evanston, IL 60202

The Wilmette Institute is on Social Media:



On Monday, October 20, 2014 10:37 AM, QT - Ann Rainey <qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
10:37 AM cst(US)
2321 w Howard St., Chicago - abandoned burger king property

Could this be a site for a medical marijuana dispensary? Any comments?
Chris Granner
09:14 AM cst(US)
Hey Meghan, you're most welcome -- hope you all enjoyed the show. Looking forward to Thursday night!
Candace Hill
04:15 PM cst(US)
My neighbor at on the corner of Hull and Barton has put some very interesting things in the alley West of Barton, in advance of bulk garbage pickup. We have already pulled out new blinds in the box. Interesting art.
Meghan Vinson
03:16 PM cst(US)
Thanks again for the YAMO tix, Chris! We are really looking forward to going tomorrow night!
08:53 AM cst(US)
And, just in time for Halloween, our old "neighbor" Tim Brown is about to come out of IDOC again! Scheduled release date is the 30th.
Carol Lounsbury
08:25 AM cst(US)
A thank you to 311 and the crew that fixed the potholes in the alley between Hull and Austin and Ridge and Barton!

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 10:57 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <
qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
02:56 PM cst(US)
Translation for my failure to review dictation :

Evanston residents demand excellent service and that is what we attempt to deliver.

 "Evan Stone ENZ demand excellent service and that's what we attempt to deliver."
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