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8th Ward

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Ward Eight Is open - 629 Howard St.
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Hopeton Daubon
847 791 7127

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Illinois Power Marketing Company d/b/a Homefield Energy is the approved company supplying electricity to Evanston's aggregated customers from August 1, 2014 thru July 31, 2017.
When solicitors come to your door wanting your account - be prepared with this info!
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Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:32 AM cst(US)
Snow parking ban information, please please read and follow:
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
03:22 PM cst(US)
Sorry about this!

Good afternoon,
Significant snow will be affecting Evanston starting later tonight. Light snow and flurries will begin falling between 7 and 8pm and begin to intensify around 10pm. Snow will then fall at varying rates until 4am Monday morning. Total snow fall expected at this time for Evanston will be around 10”. As the storm deepens winds will increase and gusts are expect to be around 35 mph from time to time. Temperatures will be in the upper twenties overnight and hold steady until falling later Sunday afternoon for a low Monday morning around 10 degrees.
Public Works has been aware of this storm threat for the past several days and has prepared all equipment and personnel for the impending long continuous shifts. All main and secondary roads have been anti-iced. The City has 3,500 tons of salt in storage and thousands of gallons of liquid material ready to use.
Public Works crews will begin operations tonight at 7pm and will work around the clock for the next few days. Operations will begin as soon as conditions require. After an initial application of salt Public Works crews will be focusing on plowing during the storm management phase and applying limited salt on main and collector roads. Efforts will be made to plow all streets curb to curb during the event as parked cars allow. Full scale cleanup will begin as the storm winds down early Monday morning and will be ongoing. The focus will be on clearing all streets in time for the morning rush hour and the start of school.
Parking restrictions are likely for Monday and Tuesday. Snowfall amounts and conditions will be monitored so as much advanced notice for any restrictions can be given.
More updates will follow.
James Maiworm
Assistant Director of Public Works Operations & Maintenance
Mike Perlman
12:28 PM cst(US)
I have gone into the archives (mine) and found the following about the Tribune / Red Plum advertising:
email - consumerservices@tribune.com;
phone - 800-874-2863
This was posted on this board in February, 2013
Natalie WatsonPerson was signed in when posted
12:14 PM cst(US)

I'd like to invite seniors of the 8th ward to Back in the Saddle, this Wednesday, February 4th, 1:00-4:00 pm at the Levy Center. This is a free event to bring the joy and health benefits of bicycling to Evanston's senior community. Come check out a variety of bicycles that are easy for maintaining balance. Hear from a distinguished panel of speakers about defensive biking, group cycling, bike safety, the new protected bike lane coming to Dodge Avenue, and Francis Willard's bicycling adventures in Evanston. Get inspired and get healthy!

Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
11:57 AM cst(US)
I love it when we get on something. Watch out!
11:56 AM cst(US)
Anyone know where to get hold of a real live person at the Tribune?
Rachel Gottlieb
11:51 AM cst(US)
It will absolutely make a difference to The Tribune if you call them, insist on speaking with a supervisor and e-mail to them the picture. You can point out that you and the police have a file on this guy and that now your file includes telling the Tribune about him. If he kills are injures anyone -- even a dog -- they will have quite the law suit on their hand. No business wants that!

On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 11:00 AM, QT - Jeannie <
qtopic-3-PTurbdRYBOn6hl24iI3@quicktopic.com> wrote:

< replied-to message removed by QT >
11:00 AM cst(US)
Absolutely certain, Mike. He stopped in front of 142 and threw them over the fence.
Mike Perlman
10:40 AM cst(US)
I believe there was a previous post a while ago about how to take yourself off the "drop off" list for those flyers; a number to call which may be more direct to a supervisor. I have seen a young lady with a bag over her arm dropping the reddish wrapped flyers and I have seen this guy delivering actual papers. Jeannie - you sure he was doing the flyers?
Karen Johnson
10:33 AM cst(US)
Hi Jeannie,
Glad to keep an eye out for him as well. Would calling the Tribune do any good? Because, while delivering their advertising, he is representing them and they are responsible for his behavior, especially when they have been informed that his behavior is dangerous.
07:52 AM cst(US)
Yes, he did pose for the picture. He is that arrogant.
07:51 AM cst(US)

Morning people, I have a favor to ask. I have had to call the Police twice in 6 days about this young man now, so if you see him, please call as well. Red Toyota Camry, license plate S94 2347, driven by a Hispanic male 17-20 years old, goes speeding — and I do mean speeding — through stop signs while delivering those infernal advertising flyers from the Tribune. I confronted him last Sunday morning and he didn't just admit that he had done it; he bragged that he never stops at stop signs. This young man needs an education before a child running out of the park gets hit. Here's a picture:
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
02:54 PM cst(US)
But wait there's more, sorry I hit send too soon. Please be sure that the coyotes will be relocated. The cemetery is assuming all expenses.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
02:54 PM cst(US)
Calvary Cemetery is also concerned about the coyotes. working with our staff, the cemetery has hired a wildlife trapping service and Barrows have been identified. Traps will be placed appropriately and we will be updated as the days go by.
09:46 AM cst(US)
Thanks, Ann! Go K-9!!!!
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:40 AM cst(US)
Jeannie, it was a traffic stop turned drug investigation and the police dog was called out.
05:54 PM cst(US)
Anybody know why EPD has been parked at CLyde & Howard for over a half hour now with lights going?
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
01:30 PM cst(US)
There are so many contractor trucks and vehicles at little beans, I cannot even Count them
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
12:09 PM cst(US)
Check this out:
2014 Top Business Stories Presented by the Evanston Chamber of Commerce | Evanston Top 100 News


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Ann Rainey
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
11:09 AM cst(US)
On the matter of gun charges, truth be told we don't have the gun. The assistant states attorney believes the charges levied are solid.
Deleted by author 01-29-2015 09:43 AM
Katherine Mitchell
09:06 PM cst(US)
I am concerned about the poor dog that was attacked by 3 coyotes at Elks Park. Did the dog survive? Was a den located by the animal warden? What time of the day did the attack occur?
Mike Perlman
07:02 PM cst(US)
From the press release, the subject was charged with Class X and Class 1 felonies; these are as high as you can go on the felony scale of things. Delighted that the ASA feels they have a good case for high charges instead of lower ones.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
03:24 PM cst(US)
Listing them all is good from my non ASA perspective - just not sure of the legal stratagy or if there might be more lesser charges to follow. Having sat in court rooms over the years with many of you re this kind of case and even worse, I have only a chaotic understanding on how this all works. Also, one thing I am certain of it that only the bare minimum of facts have been made public.

I am thrilled with the police work in this case; ASA pressed the charges we know about and the camera did the job.
12:22 PM cst(US)
I don't think I would vote to spend our time chasing after legally owned guns from owners that register them and do not commit a crime if it it not important enough to cite the criminals that use illegally possessed guns and commit crimes with them, then. I agree that you can't beat a class X felony- but you can add to the list of charges and make it difficult for the criminal to explain them away when in front of a judge or jury.
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