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8th Ward

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Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
10:42 AM cst(US)
Sam, Comcast seems to be back up and running.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
10:41 AM cst(US)
Alderman - the cause of the outage was a vehicle accident with a double circuit broken pole at Touhy and Kedzie

So this was not com Ed's fault - apologize for any implication otherwise.
Sam Goss
09:49 AM cst(US)
A bit of light flickering but didn't loose power. However all of comcast is down
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:44 AM cst(US)
Power on power on!
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:29 AM cst(US)
Per Dave Stoneback dir of. Utilities

here is a power outage in southwest Evanston that started at approximately 8:30. It appears to be affecting approximately 700 customers in the area west of Dodge between Main and Oakton and between Oakton and Howard it affects customers east of Dodge to Asbury.
It is very early into the outage, so they don’t know the cause. They are currently estimating restoration at 11:00, but again, they don’t know the cause so this could change.
Mike Perlman
09:23 AM cst(US)
Traffic lights out along Dodge at Oakton and north.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:04 AM cst(US)
Power outage at my house not sure of the area involved. I'm at 1707 Dobson. Must be the high winds and torrential rains! Anybody else?
Sheryl F.
11:04 PM cst(US)
A large box was left outside by the dumpster behind the businesses on Custer Street, south of Main, but before Washington Street. A musical instrument was accidently left in the box and the box was taken. Maybe for moving purposes. In the event that the finder sees this message, we would like to get it back. Please respond here. Thanks.
Sheryl F.
10:57 PM cst(US)
Our household has had bike lane discussions and we also are concerned about passenger doors opening into the bike lanes and have wondered how cars make their turns across the bike lanes. I'm not a fan of the way that this has been set up.

It would be interesting to have a community survey, now that the lanes have been around for awhile.
Deleted by author 07-23-2014 03:15 PM
01:25 PM cst(US)
WBBM reported McCormick closed between Howard and Main, Oakton closed between Dodge and Crawford. Just awful.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
01:07 PM cst(US)
Do not attempt MacCormack or Howard Street west of Asberry for anything it is a nightmare be back up on Howard Street heading west is terrible the back up on Howard Street heading east just east of Crawford is out rages

I'm doing this hands free dictation so if there's anything untoward that I've written please excuse I'm just trying to give you the information
Diane R. Johnson
11:39 AM cst(US)
Dory - per Trib, victim died. Suspected gang-related.

Diane R. Johnson
11:33 AM cst(US)
I have another concern about the bike lanes that run between a lane of parked cars and the curb. It seems kind of dangerous to try to parallel park in a space next to the bike path. The driver already is looking every which way while the car backs diagonally into the space before straightening out. It seems it would be all too easy to miss a bicyclist approaching after the parking maneuvers have begun. And I cringe thinking about those among us who aren't expert parallel parkers. (Having 2 new drivers in the family.) I can see why it may seem safer to put the bikers between parked cars and the curb, but those cars have to move in and out.

Not being a biker, I can only comment from the driver's point of view. I really really don't want to hit a cyclist.
Dory Blakeslee
11:26 AM cst(US)
When are these shootings going to end? (Rhetorical question) Thanks for the info. You have to get the news where you can since Chicago news sources seem to ignore Evanston crime.
11:19 AM cst(US)
Evanston Now reports that shooting occurred on Oakton and McCormick, victim drove himself to St. Francis, shooter was seen continuing south on McCormick to Howard, west to Skokie Blvd. Currently, they report that McCormick southbound is being re-routed at Main.
Hate to quote EN but that was the most complete info.
Dory Blakeslee
11:07 AM cst(US)
I just read on the Patch that someone was shot at Home Depot on Oakton? It was a little blurb at the bottom of another story. Anyone know if it's true?
Candace Hill
10:17 AM cst(US)
As for Northwestern and cycling safety who knows? Who asks? Who keeps track? There's a nice big new NU traffic facility on Ridge, who has walked in the door and called a meeting?

As for riding in city streets, this is where safe routes come in. One of the reasons I ride on the sidewalk east of Ridge all the way north is that I can obey every traffic law, am forced to wait at the lights, but can cross safely, meet very few pedestrians, and can go with the flow of traffic. It is a very safe route that keeps me following the traffic regulations and inconveniences no one.

The other day I decided to try a new route to Trader Joes because the intersection at Greenleaf and Chicago Ave. is insane. It is nearly impossible to turn left north onto Chicago Ave. from Greenleaf because the cars going west just REFUSE to acknowledge that I'm in the lane, that I have the right of way, that it's my turn, that the light has turned and it's my turn, etc. So, I went through the intersection, turned left into the alley behind Whole Foods and rode that alley all by myself with no traffic to the back door into the Trader Joes lot.

I used to curse at those guys speeding through the red lights until I had a huge realization. When I see them go through the light, I have SEEN THEM. Too often I have obeyed every rule, stopped at the curb, stayed right, only to have the car to my left decide to turn right in front of me. They just refuse to see me, no matter how big I am. Those cyclists who seem to be always in the "wrong" are seen. This is often also called motorcycle blindness and one of the reasons bikers seems to be extra flashy, so that they can more easily be seen.

I have thought more than once, did our beloved librarian die because of motorcycle blindness? Did she look to her left, behind her, expecting to see a car, and when she didn't, did not "see" the motorcycle.

You can point at lawbreakers all day long, I watched three different cars use a bike lane as a turning lane into the alley on Davis, clearly against all traffic laws on heaven and earth, but in Evanston the drivers have a very firm belief in their divine right to turn right, no matter who or what are in the way or create non-existent turn lanes that they just invent ij the car in front going straight is small enough to squeeze by.

One of the reasons I'm on Twitter is to engender conversation about Evanston, between Evanstonians who might normally not meet. Safety is a constant conversation. We can do it.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:45 AM cst(US)
My reference to resources had to do with thinking that things are tough so ....

Has city ever paid for an ad in the daily, come on Candace, has Northwestern never reached out to it's students regarding bicycle safety?

Evanston is number one in the state of Illinois in being a cycling city.
Lets just focus on the bike plan at the moment, I am a firm believer in education, however, I see cyclist go through stop signs, red lights, going down one-way streets all the time.

Do they really need an education to be told not to do that?
Candace Hill
09:33 AM cst(US)
I agree about the resources, but it's where we decide to direct them that's important.

I don't look at the Daily Northwestern every day, but has the city ever paid for a Cycling in Evanston full page ad that welcomes the students and then sets forth the rules for courteous and safe behavior on city streets, along with a map of "best routes"? Has the city ever had a table at Norris during welcome week (or whatever) that passes out good maps, notes for safe parking, and a silly pledge card to promise not to ride on the sidewalks? These kinds of outreach efforts require staff and outreach and understanding that you have to have the safe cycling conversation with every class, every year, Spring and Fall and THEN staff an officer at the corner of Chicago and Church on a Saturday to stop sidewalk cyclists in their tracks.

We can listen to neighbors who hate cyclists carp and complain or we can plan educational initiatives that require interaction. We have been so lucky in Evanston over the years as the number of bike/car incidents have been few and injuries rare. But now we have a dead woman who Could Have Been Me! Easily could have been me, and me at fault. So, before we put in a dozen new lanes I'd really like to see the sincere consultation on education and safety, with the funds budgeted and educational programs conceived and implemented.

Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:09 AM cst(US)
Based on the testimony last night by neighbors, the entire plan was held at the council level The direction to staff to address all their issues.

Interestingly, the majority of those surveyed were not the "pro cyclists."
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
09:08 AM cst(US)
However, Jeannie,, when it comes to bicycle safety we have tremendous resources available to us. So the lack of resources isn't the problem, it's almost the embarrassment of riches.
09:03 AM cst(US)
Candace, Diane, Michael, and Susan, thank you for so cogently expressing so many things that I have been unable to articulate. I was struck by many of the same things yesterday while riding my bike into the downtown area and home again.
As a driver and a cyclist, I am continually exasperated by the bad behavior, dangerous and risky, exhibited by so many on our roads (and as an avid pedestrian, I am equally exasperated by pedestrian conduct). My heart breaks for Gigi, and I am frankly amazed that she is the only fatality thus far.
I would agree that aggressive, mass education and enforcement are needed, and they are needed immediately. It's going to take a long time to reverse the trends in irresponsibility and endangerment; we need to start now. I am well aware of the issues in man hours and budgeting, but the problem is city-wide and pervasive (certainly far beyond Evanston's borders as well, but we are responsible for what happens inside Evanston). We must simply muster the political will to determine and execute solutions.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
08:11 AM cst(US)
Susan, your very thoughtful, on point, message below is on its way to our city staff.
Susan Johnson
07:00 AM cst(US)
Biking in the city.
I commuted for many years by bike, both in Chicago and in Minneapolis. I find the design of the bike lanes on Davis and Church to be some of the most dangerous I have ever come across.
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR CYCLISTS AND MOTORISTS IS TO BE AWARE OF EACH OTHER. The way the bike lanes are consturcted means NO ONE can see the cyclists and cyclists can’t see the cars. Until it is too late, and in the worst case ever it has been proved our bike lane design is totally unsafe, by the loss of a lovely woman trying to ride her bike safely.
Cyclists should NOT be hidden from Motorists. Turning right or left from our bike lanes is VERY hazardous!!! Perhaps desingers should look to Madison Wi or Portland OR to see how they consturct bike lanes. The other crazy thing about the bike lanes here is they just stop whenever it suits the people constructing the bike lane, so cyclists are dumped into traffic. Asbury is a great example of this. Bike lanes or an indication to watch for cyclists by painting a symbol on the road, should continue all along a roadway having a bike lane anywhere. ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE ISN’T ROOM FOR AN ACTUAL LANE AND CYCLISTS MUST SHARE THE ROADWAY WITH CARS. I’m not getting off my bike halfway up Asbury on Saturday morning on my way to the farmers market just becasue “my” lane doesnt continue on the curve at Crain. I can’t even count how many times I have been honked at on that turn. And honking at a cyclists is not only rude, if they aren’t super confident on their bike, it can startle someone so much they waver/become unbalanced and might fall off. Now you’ve got a bike and a person flat out on the road with cars…never good.
AS far as left turns. There should be a painted line with a bike symbol in the far left of the left turn lane. This helps cyclists know where to position themselves when turning left and more importantly reminds motorists they are sharing the road and to be aware of cyclists in big intersections. You end up with a lot of paint on the street, but there is a lot going on.
The other dangerous thing about having cyclists ride to the right of the cars is that passengers aren’t looking in side mirros before swinging open car doors as one can HOPE drivers are doing. I don’t expect a 12 year old to know to look to be sure there isn’t a bike coming before he/she swings open a car door. Luckily I haven’t hit an opening car door myself, but I do know people who have, and if they are riding fast, and hit an unexpeced car door they can end up in the hospital. Frequently you FLIP over the handle bars and over the car or into an suv door upon impact.
Frankly I won’t ride on either Church or Davis unless I really have to. And when I do I don’t use the bike lanes. They are incrediblaly unsafe. Unfortunately they take up a ton of our road, so riding in traffic isn’t easy as an option here as it was before we had bike lanes. The irony is amazing. Again I point to the very sad situation our librarian faced as she tried to go to work.
I hope the city does better research before they start painting green all over the city roads in a misguided effort to turn this into a cycling city. A cycling city is awesome but for it to be awesome — It has to be SAFE for all users: Walkers, riders, and drivers. I would love to live in a safe cycling city. Safe for all, and safe for my bike, since if you want to return to your bike intact you have to lock every bit up or it won’t be there when you get back to it. But that’s another issue.
That’s my two cents on our unfortunate, very expensive, new bike lanes..
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