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World Trade Center Memorial

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World Trade Center Memorial

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09:09 AM ET (US)
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11:36 AM ET (US)
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Jeff Johns
07:32 PM ET (US)
Contact the Port Authority, they could probably release the plans by now.
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KapilPerson was signed in when posted
10:09 AM ET (US)
I am really interested in learning as much as I can about the twin towers before 9-11. as they were created. How do I know that the underground shopping mall, but how did that all work. Zivame
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04:17 AM ET (US)
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09:55 PM ET (US)

World Trade Center Survivors' Network


World Trade Center Survivors' Network


Dear Members,

The 9/11 Memorial Museum has provided us with information about their
Docent Program, which we are forwarding in this email -- training will be starting in January.


Applications and additional information are available at the Museum

website, 9/11 Memorial Museum Volunteer Page.


Please send us send us a quick email to let us know if you've applied,

and/or if you do volunteer.



Richard Zimbler

World Trade Center Survivors Network



Forwarded Information

The 9/11 Memorial Museum is pleased to announce that we are
currently recruiting our inaugural Docent cohort. Docents, or

educational volunteers, will provide interpretive experiences (such

as artifact talks and thematic tours) to Museum visitors interested

in a deeper understanding of the Museum's content and collection.
Docents will receive an extensive four-month master class in

advance of the Museum's opening, becoming familiar with our

collection, exhibitions, and the history of the World Trade Center,

9/11, and the rebuilding of the site. This class will offer

behind-the-scenes access to our professional staff, experts in the

field, and our permanent collection.
A description of the position is included below, but a couple of

quick points:
Time Commitment: Docents are required to volunteer for at least one

4-hour shift/week and commit to working with us for a minimum of

one year, although we strongly hope for longer terms of service.
Training: Our four-month training will begin in January 2014, and

will be held weekly. We will offer identical Sunday and Thursday

trainings to fit participants' schedules. Subsequent trainings will

be held as needed.
We hope you consider joining us for this unique opportunity. To

apply, please complete an application at

9/11 Memorial Museum Volunteer web page.
9/11 Memorial Museum Docent staff


*** Museum Docent Job Description ***

Position Overview:
The 9/11 Memorial Museum's Docent Program plays a key role in the
Museum's educational mission. Docents, or educational volunteers,

provide interpretive experiences (such as artifact talks and

thematic tours) to Museum visitors interested in learning about the

World Trade Center, 9/11 and its precursors and aftermath, and the

rebuilding of the site. Our extensive training for these committed

individuals entails behind-the-scenes access to our professional

staff and permanent collection, ensuring a unique connection to

this historic institution.


Time Commitment: Docents are required to volunteer a minimum of

four hours every week and commit to working with us for a minimum

of one year, although we strongly hope for longer terms of service.

Training: Our inaugural four-month training will begin in January

2014, and will be held weekly. We will offer multiple training

times to fit participants' schedules. Subsequent trainings will be

held as needed.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: • Deliver short talks at key artifacts throughout the Museum, discussing their background and relevance with Museum visitors.
•Lead 45-minute tours of the Museum spaces to visitors, as needed.
•Continually study the Museum's collections, exhibitions, and content to ensure a thorough understanding of our institution, the World Trade Center, and the history surrounding 9/11.
•Ensure that all content delivered to Museum visitors is accurate.
•Take part in required docent activities and programs, including the initial 4-month training.

•College degree or equivalent preferred
•Professional experience in education, teaching, training, and/or
•public speaking highly preferred
•Prior docent experience in a museum setting desirable
•Self-starter, takes initiative, works well independently
•Excellent communication skills
•Able to interact professionally and appropriately with staff,
•volunteers, and the public
•Command of a second language appreciated
•Able to work weekends and evenings, as needed
•Ability to accept guidance, direction, and supervision; able to
•give feedback and share ideas appropriately and professionally
•Must adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality in terms of
•information regarding 9/11 victims, security and life safety incidents, and labor relations

General Information:
• Volunteer position
•Before working with Museum visitors, all individuals accepted into
•the Docent Program must pass a final assessment as a culmination of
•the training process.
•All candidates must submit to and pass a background check.


How to Apply:
•Visit 9/11 Memorial Museum Volunteer web page and complete an application for Docent Volunteer.

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade

Center Foundation, Inc. is committed to workforce diversity. EEO.
Jimmy SandowPerson was signed in when posted
06:19 AM ET (US)
Dear Joe Daniels,

I would like to make a donation.

Best Regards
Jimmy Sandow
Edited 10-30-2013 06:22 AM
Amina Ali
03:22 PM ET (US)
I'm a 19 year old Muslim girl and I just wanna say: What happenned on 9/11 was absolutely horrible. I was only 7 when it happened, but I know how tragic it was, and still is.
But I also hope this isn't a reason for more people to suspect and hate us normal muslims who just want to live as peacefully as possible. Please don't judge Islam harshly because of the misguided and murderous acts of a few.
Once again, my heartfelt condelences to the family and friends of the victims of that horrible day.
08:23 AM ET (US)
Something remarkable is happening where Greenwich Street used to run through the World Trade Center site. Kyle Leon Review
Martin Sandow
08:26 AM ET (US)
I had the pleasure to be on the memorial and it was very sad. I read on opzioni binarie that there will be a memporial every year. Don't know if that is true but it would be amazing!
05:19 AM ET (US)
This is one of many great examples of humble people organizing and working together as a community for a common good. Keep doing good. equipos de perforación
10:15 AM ET (US)
I think that we should still make some donations to the families that suffered from a great loss that day. I know that nothing will bring their relatives and friends back but at least they could pass through time much easier.
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