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The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists - Michelle Dawson

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Michelle Dawson
02:29 AM ET (US)
"British artist Stephen Wiltshire completes 4m-wide drawing of Singapore skyline" there are photos and a video, in which he answers a question about his favourite building

Also, from June (I just spotted it), "I’m a Scientist with Learning Disabilities and That’s Okay!"
Michelle Dawson
06:26 PM ET (US)
More photos of Stephen Wiltshire working on Singapore looks like he'll be done soon

And yet more photos of lightning in the UK, this time from the Guardian "Lightning looks like a giant electric squid hovering above London"
Michelle Dawson
05:24 PM ET (US)
Also, Stephen Wiltshire drawing Singapore, progress:
Michelle Dawson
03:53 PM ET (US)
"lightning striking the English Channel off Hove in Sussex" and other photos
Michelle Dawson
04:08 AM ET (US)
"Lightning struck more than 3,000 times in two hours in the UK" a few photos I'm totally envious...
Michelle Dawson
09:50 PM ET (US)
Stephen Wiltshire is drawing Singapore [link didn't work, trying again, sorry] nice photos and a time lapse video of day 1

"By 5pm yesterday, he had already completed drawing the Gardens by the Bay on the canvas."
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Michelle Dawson
04:54 AM ET (US)
For anyone interested in the current ruckus over "exceedingly ambitious" brain research [edited to fix the link, sorry] that's a pretty good short summary
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Michelle Dawson
09:43 PM ET (US)
A while back, an incredibly complicated Cochrane review on ToM-based autism interventions was published. I just noticed it's been put online free by the University of Edinburgh (good for them), here it is

It's worth a look to see how the authors attempted to address the question, and what ensued, including a huge amount of work. Full disclosure, I was asked to comment on a version of this paper, and this is acknowledged.

The upshot, in my view: "This evidence could imply that the theory of mind model has little relevance for educational and clinical practice in ASD."
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Michelle Dawson
10:06 PM ET (US) "Brain Art Competition 2014"

I didn't even know there was a Neuro Bureau. Or had forgotten (how could anyone forget...).

Actual brain images are so spectacular these days it's hard to improve on them. But I like the iceberg brain (a lesson in there?) and the spouting whale brain is brilliant.

There are videos too.

I'm behind in everything requiring language, sorry, because I keep using up all I have. Our post-IMFAR meeting was last week, that would be 7th annual and it keeps expanding. Now not only is it attended by McGill and Ste Justine's and others (in addition to HRDP and U de M), it was webcast too, though I am not sure where to. There was a huge variety of presentations (posters to look at too) which I think represented IMFAR well enough. I presented on ESDM, SMART, baby sibs, older autistics, and what was missing at IMFAR (studies of savants, and big negative drug trials presented elsewhere).
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Michelle Dawson
09:25 PM ET (US)
Sad news, Lorna Wing has died We met once, in Manchester in 2012, where she attended the NAS professional conference.

I recommend her early writing, including in the two editions of *Early Childhood Autism* (1966, then 1976), the first edited by her husband John Wing (who died in 2010, see ), the second edited by her.

In 1972, she reviewed Hermelin and O'Connor's 1970 book compiling their early experimental work involving autistic and other children, that was in JADD (but, paywalled), here is a quote:

"For example, one of the most interesting studies concerned the children's responses to a variety of visual displays. The autistic children spent less time than the other groups in looking directly at any of the displays, but a photograph of a human face was gazed at longer than were abstract patterns. This finding suggests that so-called 'visual avoidance' of the human face is a concept based on inadequate observation of the behavior of autistic children. It has arisen because people are consciously aware of the children's lack of direct gazing, whereas inanimate objects, which attract even shorter glances, cannot report on the phenomenon."
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09:36 PM ET (US)
re /m13579 (hey, how 'bout that number!) Very cool for our buddy Tommy, he finished right in front of (3 seconds ahead of) PEI's Kris Taylor. That's a ridiculously fast time (!!!!) Beyond impressive for his 1st Marathon and now he's qualified to run the 2015 Boston Marathon (as is Alex). Don't know if he will...

Meanwhile, Alex ran Leg #1 at the Cabot trail Relay. He finished in 12th place (out of 70) in 1:14:43(17Km). Finish line photo - Bagpipe photos there, tomorrow I'll load the videos I took... including bagpipes and guardrails...
Michelle Dawson
08:57 PM ET (US)
Tommy Des Brisay runs his first marathon, in Ottawa there are two videos, both highly recommended


Still no papers (and nothing at IMFAR) about successful autistic athletes, even though there seem to be a lot of them around. Looks to me like there would be a lot to learn from them.
03:29 AM ET (US)
Looking forward to perusing the IMFAR abstracts when I get a chance. It looks like some of this year's presenters found quite a few of those non-existent autistic adults, which is gratifying.
Michelle Dawson
07:55 PM ET (US)
Amazing new bird (and chick!) photos

Back very early Sunday morning from quite hectic IMFAR, even though I had nothing to present this year. Full abstracts etc are up, for those interested

Also for those interested, Jonathan Green is giving a free talk at the Montreal Children's Hospital at 8:00 a.m. (really, not a typo) Wednesday now that I look, I'm not sure whether you have to register. Title of his talk: "The PACT Social Communication Intervention for early Autism: Current Progress and Future Prospects."
Michelle Dawson
11:53 PM ET (US)
Just spotted: if you scroll down you'll find an update for April 2014, "Origin of the term ‘idiot savant’: a correction" from which:

"I am indebted to Michelle Dawson for doing the more extensive background on the term, and apologize to Seguin and Grabham for missing their earlier use of the term and their interesting discussion of the condition."

That's by Darold Treffert, for the background see very nice of him to run the correction

While I'm here the full IMFAR program is up, minus the text of the abstracts (which are embargoed until IMFAR decides they aren't, last year that was well into IMFAR) though you can get overviews of some of the panels, descriptions of the SIGs, lists of awards, etc.

And among other new visitors there are some beautiful blue eggs

As usual stuck for language these days, very sorry, fortunately there are data (and birds...). And huge congrats to Alex.
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