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The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists - Michelle Dawson

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09:30 PM ET (US)
 If the these behaviorist advocates admit autism is a neurological disorder, they will have to admit a lifetime of work is not just wrong but grossly abusive to the people these therapies were supposed to help. Not only that, they may be sued by families whose children became traumatized through therapy.

It's not about money, or progress it is about keeping themselves relevant the expanding knowledge of what is biochemical and what is neurological, and what is a real threat to their profession. Treatments are no longer determined to be hours and hours of introspection and behavioral adjustment.

 Freudianism, inner personality issues, as the cause of health problems has been losing support and belief for years. ABA and behavioral conditioning is no longer automatically accepted for every issue any more.

 Autistic people are now almost their only source of patients, with no ability to complain or have their need mets this is an event horizon a horror where the most disabled are exploited by the medical profession, to justify their therapies.

It's about keeping an outdated Speciality in practice. They may as well feel the bumps on the heads of autistic people and then name a treatment.
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Michelle Dawson
07:48 AM ET (US)
... and the full IMFAR 2016 program is up,complete with abstracts

Abstract for the poster I'm involved in is here and here are our conclusions:

"Conclusions: Our results are preliminary but suggest that increased repetitive behaviors do not interfere with object exploration in young autistic children. In addition, these children showed equal or greater interest in literacy-related objects, in striking contrast to their low MSEL composite and language scores. These findings raise questions about popular assessments and interventions for young autistic children."
Michelle Dawson
04:54 AM ET (US)
For those interested, Laurent has a new book out about early autism interventions
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Michelle Dawson
12:44 AM ET (US)
Alex runs the marathon and jypsy walks the 5k in Boston wonderful photos, big (belated...) congrats.

Also the IMFAR 2016 program is up, though the abstracts are embargoed until May 11

And there is a lot of debate over Canada's proposed assisted dying law, e.g. Joseph Arvay, by the way, was the lawyer for an ABA-promoting Auton intervention that was not accepted by the Supreme Court of Canada.
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Michelle Dawson
05:13 AM ET (US)
For those interested, ASAN finally posted their tax form for 2014, the pdf is on this page

I'm about as far from being an accountant as possible but it looks like the total amount ASAN received from memberships didn't increase from 2013 to 2014, it even went down slightly. Even if all ASAN members paid the lowest possible amount, which seems unlikely, ASAN's membership was at most about 350 in 2014.

On the other hand, Ari Ne'eman's salary continued its steep climb in 2014. In this respect you have to say his self-advocacy has been tremendously effective.

Beyond that, mostly I can only wildly guess as to how ASAN raised and spent their money, and of course all the information is long out of date by the time ASAN posts it.
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Michelle Dawson
10:13 PM ET (US)
Very happy to see: Valerie Courchesne won a star student-researcher award from FRQS (Quebec's big research funding body)

That's truly well-deserved. She was recognized for our study "Autistic children at risk of being underestimated" which was published online in 2015, see upthread /m13638 , and here again is where to find the (free!) paper

Can retire now, really! Or maybe not.
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Michelle Dawson
12:00 PM ET (US)
For those interested, I've added a few updates to my post about autism and assisted dying, see the comments which include a link to the panel's report and some musing about the notorious notwithstanding clause, which it seems ASAN wants to invoke.

There is also a new autism-relevant paper on assisted dying for "psychiatric reasons" in the Netherlands (open access). My related tweet is here
Michelle Dawson
12:46 AM ET (US)
Alex's excellent 2015 running highlights including the Boston marathon. Great photos as usual.

At a much slower, totally plodding level, this recent big-N study addressed the main point we made in a letter published in 2012 In fact that main point was first expressed in a tweet

And the new study supports that main point: self-injury in autism is still largely unexplained by the most strongly suspected factors ("These results reiterate criticisms cited by Forgeot d’Arc et al."). This is in great contrast to popular assumptions that self-injury in autism is easily predicted by autism "severity" or measured intelligence or verbal abilities and the like.

Of course it's also possible we still have no idea how to define and/or assess self-injury, "severity", intelligence, verbal abilities, and so on, in autism. In any case, things are far more complicated than is usually claimed.
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Michelle Dawson
09:50 PM ET (US)
Happy Christmas and holidays and all the best for the new year to everyone.

Here are lighthouses from all around the world
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