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The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists - Michelle Dawson

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Michelle Dawson
10:17 PM ET (US)
Weather bomb in the UK!

And some UK snow photos there are horses, there are sheep, there are cows, there are deer (humans too)

Here we have snow, blowing snow, freezing drizzle, ice pellets, rain--at the moment and/or just a short while ago and/or soon.

Also, new from Ben Goldacre (him again!), this time on data and privacy for sure autism-relevant
Edited 12-09-2014 10:20 PM
Michelle Dawson
06:19 PM ET (US)
Today, Mind Hacks turns 10 and still always worth reading

"This is the 4950th post and Mind Hacks has been going for 3652 days which means we’ve published an average of 1.4 posts a day, every day, for the last 10 years."
Michelle Dawson
10:49 PM ET (US)
Because I can't resist: "He came. He ran. He knitted."

"I would pass by someone and they would say, ‘Is that guy knitting?’"

There are photos and a video. It's got to be autism-relevant somehow.
Michelle Dawson
08:55 PM ET (US)
I had wondered how long it would take before someone would equate autism with ebola. As it turns out, not very long.

See "We need to call autism what it is: a public health emergency, no less deadly and devastating than Ebola."
Michelle Dawson
03:57 AM ET (US)
Two years ago today, Pam Button died

She was my friend and I miss her a lot.
Michelle Dawson
12:06 AM ET (US)
And the Dance Your PhD grand winner is... the tornadoes and trapezes!!

"When she isn't out in the forest gathering data for her Ph.D. in plant biology at the University of Georgia, Athens, Uma Nagendra spends a good deal of her time hanging upside down from a trapeze doing circus aerials. "It turns out that there are a lot of scientists doing it," she says. To combine the two halves of her life, she teamed up with her fellow aerialists to create the midair dance based on her scientific research. Nagendra's circus extravaganza (see video above) is the overall winner of this year's “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest."

Really interesting. I've had two circus performers as co-authors (both PhD students).
Michelle Dawson
11:03 PM ET (US)
Here are this year's Dance Your PhD finalists One is about tornados, and has trapezes.

Winners will be announced November 3, which is also the IMFAR 2015 (Salt Lake City) abstract submission deadline, which I forgot to post about here earlier (sorry!). See Rules have changed from last year in many ways.
Michelle Dawson
02:11 PM ET (US)
The term "evidence-based applied behavioural therapies" doesn't look promising, among other problems. It's probably petty, but I always wonder about the standards of researchers or journalists or grad students who can't find my email address.

For something completely different, Ben Goldacre (him again!) has a new book out in the UK, here is the intro

There's also another job opening at the NAS closing date very soon

The IACC is also looking for new people I've probably mentioned somewhere that the IACC shouldn't exist, in my view, but there it is

And... might be too late (there's no deadline?) but ASAN is (was?) looking for someone too a job that seems to include making sure autistic self-advocates are always on-message--this being what autistic self-advocacy is all about (right?).
11:04 AM ET (US)
Better yet, here's her request to others:
I am completing my PhD thesis on autism health care services in Ontario with a special interest in evidence-based applied behavioural therapies. I am a social scientist and so my project aims to explore some of the social and political implications of these therapies. I will be conducting a total of 50 confidential and anonymous one hour semi-structured interviews with practitioners, autistic people, clinicians, teachers, parent's, diagnosticians, and policy analysts.

If you are interested in being interviewed, or would like to hear more about my project, please don't hesitate to be in touch. If you are not interested in being interviewed but have some names you would like to pass along, that would be very much appreciated - but no pressure to do so.

Thank you,
Julia Gruson-Wood
10:57 AM ET (US)
Hi Michelle, I have a colleague writing her dissertation that challenges ABA. She wants to get in touch with you but your email has vanished from my contacts. If you still have mine and the time or will, would you please write me so I can connect you?
Thank you, Estee
Michelle Dawson
09:30 PM ET (US)
"Does WISC-IV underestimate the intelligence of autistic children?" that's new from us in JADD, sadly paywalled for now. Here's a bit from the discussion:

"Because RPM is a complex test of general and fluid intelligence (Neisser 1998), our current findings, combined with previous related results, challenge the recurring view that autism is incompatible with the development of genuine human intelligence (Hobson 2002; Vivanti et al. 2013). Similarly, our and previous related findings challenge the still-common view that autistic strengths are limited to rote memory, isolated 'islets' of ability (Happe 1999), or other simple low-level skills (Just et al. 2004, 2012). Instead, complex reasoning and novel problem-solving abilities may be important in autism. Accurately assessing these abilities, across the lifespan, should be a priority."

I'm going to add...that having had the great pleasure of working with Isabelle when she was a doctoral student way back in 2004 (...!), it's a total privilege to now have worked with her own doctoral students. I can retire now for sure! Or maybe not.

Also new, "Undulatus Asperatus: The First New Cloud in 60 Years" The Cloud Appreciation Society ("We believe that clouds are unjustly maligned and that life would be immeasurably poorer without them") gets a mention and of course there are photos.
Edited 10-11-2014 09:32 PM
Michelle Dawson
08:22 PM ET (US)
Catching up after some changes to my computer and how I use it. Still getting used to how everything looks and works and where all the furniture is and so on.

We had hail today (photo more photos and videos ), sadly I didn't manage to be out in it. But we are still under one of those awesome Environment Canada special weather statements, which warns us that "These strong Winds will no doubt blow lots of leaves off trees" (it's poetry...).

It is also sort of hailing big-name autism theory of everything papers, here are 2 which came out in rapid succession and are open access and I've tweeted a few comments about them if anyone's interested

Totally cool about Alex being an official entrant for Boston 2015.
02:59 PM ET (US)
Congratulations and the best of luck to Alex.
01:33 AM ET (US)
fantastic news jypsy, well done to both of you!
10:16 AM ET (US)
That is amazing, jypsy. Congratulations, Alex, and best of luck to you!
05:58 PM ET (US)
Alex is officially on the entrants list for the 2015 Boston Marathon.
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