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The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists - Michelle Dawson

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06:37 PM ET (US)
Everyone, please excuse me for having posted the aforementioned messages. I didn't think about the privacy issues with regard to the content of my message and this won't happen again.

Michelle Dawson
10:21 AM ET (US)
By the way that BBC thing ( /m13559 /m13560 ) is still up I've watched it. Setting aside the narration, there are a lot of really cool autistics in it. There's also a ridiculously cute pet rat. And, there's a short bit showing Antonia Hamilton's over-imitation task, which is interesting to see.

Also the IACC released a long statement on DSM-5 autism, it's here "the IACC has identified several pressing research questions..." etc.
Adelaide Dupont
05:40 AM ET (US)
Hi Anne-Marie!

I thought the diabetic ribbon was a very dark blue?

And, yes, "natural" and "organic" are trademarked.
Michelle Dawson
04:17 AM ET (US)
I've taken down messages /m13567 and /m13568 because they include claims and private information and so on that I don't think should be posted here. Subscribers will regardless get these messages, sorry. I have no idea what to do about this.

On TMoB, spam is deleted without explanation, so if you see deleted messages that aren't explained, they are spam, which we do get from time to time. When deleted messages aren't spam, if at all possible, that gets an explanation. This explanation isn't adequate but best I can do at the moment.
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Michelle Dawson
11:48 PM ET (US)
Sorry I know very little about the possibly relevant legal issues. I know just about enough about trademarks to read the autism literature, where trademarked treatments are an issue, as are patents.

The argument looks pretty silly to me. In case anyone's wondering, here is what Autism Speaks trademarks, with respect to the color blue: "Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue and Design are registered trademarks of Autism Speaks, Inc. All rights reserved."

As for ANCA, they sell stuff and they do a lot of marketing, which I guess now includes the gold thing. ANCA sells autism services which have never been fairly tested, they sell books and videos and memberships, they run workshops, and on and on

And, they've not only trademarked ANCA but also "Naturally Autistic."

If I were the Irish Childhood Cancer Foundation, I would totally ignore ANCA, which is a business, not a charity. There is an ANCA Foundation but it is not a registered charity--in Canada anyway. It is described as a "non-profit" here

I don't know how to look up non-profits, but ANCA Foundation does exist as a corporation in Canada (incorporated in 1998) Foundation&crpNmbr=&bsNmbr= not sure that link will work, you can go here and search the name

"Status of Annual Filings 2014 - Not due
2012 - Overdue
2011 - Overdue"

I could be missing something at the provincial level, where I don't know how to look things up. And I'm clueless about international issues. Any help would be great.
Edited 04-13-2014 11:49 PM
Anne Marie
06:43 PM ET (US)
That's how I feel Catherine. I think that many charitable organizations share colours, such as childhood diabetes having the colour blue as well as the dreaded Auti$m $peak$ people using the colour blue (well, the latter is definitely profitable).......
Catherine Armstrong
06:27 PM ET (US)
This reminds me of when I make up something funny on twitter, then along comes someone else who claims I stole their idea. I have never affiliated autism with blue OR childhood cancer with gold. It is too bad. I think colors,used for the social benefit especially belong to the masses and should not be copyrighted. I am no lawyer but that letter annoyed me.
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> On Apr 13, 2014, at 3:16 PM, "QT - Anne Marie" <> wrote:
> with
Anne Marie
06:16 PM ET (US)
Thoughts on this?
There is a group of people who started a "Light it Up Gold" for Autism Awareness page and campaign on facebook. The chemical symbol for gold is, of course, Au, and so the group has been using that in picture memes coloured gold with those letters in the middle.
The main admin of the group recently received this as a private message but posted it to the group's page (curious what legal leg they really have to stand on or do they simply feel threatened financially by a group attempting to raise awareness when they are trying to raise $)? Here it is:

  "Hi Peter, I am the administrator for the Lightitupgold Facebook page which is a campaign run by the non profit Childhood Cancer Foundation. Please see the letter below that the board asked me to forward to you.

To: Light It Up Gold for Autism

Re: Light It Up Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness

We have noticed your campaign on facebook “Light it up Gold for Autism Awareness” which is part of the International Naturally Autistic People Awards Convention and Festival, 2014.

We were quite surprised to see this campaign as throughout the world, blue is the colour that has become synonymous with Autism Awareness. This is much in the same way as the colour pink has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness. In the same way, Gold is the colour recognised throughout the world as being synonymous with Childhood Cancer Awareness. We at Childhood Cancer Foundation in Ireland run a campaign each year called “Light It Up Gold” with particular emphasis on the month of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month. This campaign is hugely important for our foundation in the context of raising awareness of childhood cancer generally and consequently is very important for all the various Childhood Cancer Charities that benefit from this. Likewise, there has for some time been a Light it Up Blue campaign for raising Autism Awareness and particularly during the month of April.

It is, in the circumstances somewhat unfair and insensitive of you to look to expand the World Autism Awareness campaign by seeking to capitalise on our already established Light it Up Gold Campaign. This would clearly infringe on the good work and goodwill generated worldwide by the Light It Up Gold Campaign and indeed by other “Gold” for Childhood Cancer campaigns which are run in other countries.

 From a legal point of view, in Ireland the Light it Up Gold campaign has been run by Childhood Cancer Foundation and will continue to be so. The logo “Light it up Gold” as appears on our website is the intellectual property of Childhood Cancer Foundation and it is questionable as to whether in fact you are entitled at law, to seek to benefit from creating confusion with the public in the context of raising awareness. Accordingly, in the spirit of charity and in consideration of the many Childhood Cancer Groups worldwide who campaign for awareness, fundraising and research, we would ask that you reconsider what you are embarking on so as not to infringe or offend the cause of Childhood Cancer Awareness."

I'd especially appreciate your thoughts, Michelle, since you are the only Autistic person I know of with an interest in - and a vast knowledge of - legal issues. Thank you in advance.
Deleted by topic administrator 04-08-2014 11:37 PM
05:33 PM ET (US)
um.. happy anniversary?

Next month is my 30th wedding anniversary (we lived together 5 years before that). According to the literature I don't think that's the way it is supposed to go..

That's a Purple Finch. He and the Goldfinches are singing their little hearts out in my back woods.
Michelle Dawson
09:42 PM ET (US)
Re /m13559 the BBC documentary "Living with Autism" is now on YouTube for all to see Haven't watched it yet though I think I'll prefer the video (now a total favourite) in /m13558

The CDC numbers, in case anyone wants them in full context, are here One bit of fall-out was that major autism researchers and research funders claimed in the media that until recently, autism was only diagnosed in people with intellectual disabilities. Which means major researchers/funders haven't read the autism literature, or they did and they forgot, or they did and decided to ignore it, or...?

The World Autism Awareness Day circus in early April this year coincides with a lot of anniversaries for me. 15 years since I disclosed my diagnosis and wrecked my future. 10 years since ASAT started defaming me (they still are), an example many others followed. 5 years since ASAN's objections to an off-message autistic communicating in public didn't quite prevent me from presenting research at a conference attended by a lot of autistics.

I keep going back to look at that beautiful red bird I'm clueless about birds but could s/he possibly be a cardinal?
Edited 04-03-2014 09:52 PM
04:27 AM ET (US)
A one-hour documentary called 'Living with Autism', presented by Uta Frith, will be shown on BBC television at 9pm on Tuesday 1 April. Here is information about it: The 2nd April is National Autism Day in the UK.
10:15 AM ET (US)
we won the snowfall contest out of the 3 maritime provinces but Cape Breton Nova Scotia won the wind contest -
08:07 AM ET (US)
I can hardly wait for Autism Speaks latest 1 in 10,000 stat...

Here's our blizzard stats, compliments of PEI's CBC weather guy:
"Charlottetown with 53cm of Snow, as drifts top out at 180cm ( 6ft ) or more. 126Km Wind Gust in Malpeque Bay Area last night at 6:30"

We lost power for 90 minutes or so in the late afternoon. Totally surprised when it came back as by then they had taken the power crews off the roads and the plows were about to be pulled. My "snow stick" is bare, but there's a drift a foot away that would bury it. Rain in the forecast Friday & Saturday as the temps rise to +5 & +8.

Thoroughly willing to let you win next winter's "who can have the most severe weather" contest Michelle. And of course, you're welcome anytime to come and get stormstayed with us. #Strormchips was trending om twitter in eastern Canada last night, such a tradition that even we had some, but our storm food celebration was really the waffles we made (after the power came back on) to go with the maple syrup we made the day before. Trekking tree to tree to gather sap just got really interesting...

And those poor little Junkos.... a good gust would blow them through the woods. I don't know if the ones I saw blow away ever made it back. They were riding the blizzard out under the spruce tree we "planted" for them out by the feeders this winter.
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