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Postal Part-Time Regulars (PTRs)

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04:18 AM ET (US)
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07:41 PM ET (US)
It's spam, Bartrom.
06:45 PM ET (US)
Huh ?
02:24 AM ET (US)
The Service convert to full-time prior to the effective for the Clerk Craft from other crafts when part -time flexibles or part-time regulars who are better.
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ATTENTION NALC CONVENTIONEERS ! Hey maybe you can help out the Phoenix delegation. Uh, Lew and Roger don't bother, you've proven your worthlessness.
  Lets Review: Phx carries who drive those two ton trucks were excessed because of the singular personal self (NEVER MIND) policy of the Phx PM. He gave the union 7 days notice that this was even happening on a Friday and gave the carriers about 4 hrs to make a life changing decision, (btw, contract says six months notice to regional), to become a ptf carrier or ptf carrier pending what happens to collections. If you chose ptf you were done in collections period. Couldn't even give them the weekend to think about it. And what did the union do on anything at this point? NOTHING! Sat there like a bloated kitty in the PM's lap. The union was/is perfectly willing to accept this short notice.-more later.
Needless to say employees said "hey we're regular, slot us as unassigned carriers," nope can't do it you have to be ptf carriers and start over. "But wait, you've made us carry mail before and our OPM clearly says we're city carriers." Sorry. PM also says PTR'S are too expensive compared to PTF'S (FOR REAL). At this point imagine a bobble-head with 576 on it...plus collectors really aren't needed he says. Incredibly neither the PM nor union have ANY ANY ANY idea what kind of volume the collectors handle, PM does not even know they do courtesy stops, businesses that do not get scanned which account for approx 10 routes!

PM does say he needs carriers bad in Phx cuz he can't do any hiring(contract not settled). So of 26 collectors plus 2 TE's guess where they all went? everywhere but Phx. 3 have gone to Phx but 2 are already out on heat related issues. Keep in mind collections always had at least two TE's working the same hrs as the PTR's, they had more than enough work.

So where has the work gone? to MVS and city carriers who have to be collecting boxes early because many of the times are at 1600 or later. Hey conventioneers, quiz Phx on that one.

Oh, gotta be an excess letter with a reason, right? Letter says "because of service standard changes." Huh? nope, no change before, during, and to this day. And what did the union do at this point? again, NOTHING! Took an APWU member to prod the collectors to challenge that fraud.
EXCESS LETTER II, WOO HOO ! So when challenged suddenly an "amended" excess letter appears, and just as bogus as EL-I but x's3. The reasons: Postal finances, staffing complements and my wtf favorite...drum roll! CARRIES HAVE SCANNERS ! Huh? union says they've had em' for 7 years. No numbers to back up anything.
And what did the union say/do about this letter ? ...think you get the picture.

The city carrier collectors have been doing 5-5 1/2 hrs routes for over 20 yrs. read: past practice. So when it's all said and done they are left with four routes in Phx and one in a nearby city. However, the routes are now 7 1/2 hrs routes and not one of the Phx routes will be done in less than 8hrs, the volume is too great and times way to tight. If past practices were followed there would be at least 1 more run and the lady 6th in seniority is having to resign because of young kids, that's why she was PTR. Oh more fun, the 5 people who did get the PTR collector runs all had to go to the carrier academy...why would PTR'S WHO WERE TOLD NUMEROUS TIMES...you can't be unassigned FTR carriers or carry mail have to go there. Conventioneers can you ask the Phx crowd this ? UNREAL !

More on notification. What makes this so pathetic is that the union was more than willing to accept this until challenged . It looks like the contract requires 6 months notice when excessing like this happens. Collectors thought it was at least 90 days. The union said they would grieve that and get more time. However when asked how that grievance was going they are suddenly told regional did have notification but didn't know they were sitting on it.... hello conventioneers, can you believe this. Can you imagine what the collectors could have done with an additional 83 days notice? not to mention possible months? btw, speaking of notice, from the time the collectors found out whats left to the time they have to report is one week and two days, their paperwork said 60 days.

So PM winds up with a net loss. An already overburdened carrier staff winds up with nearly all the collection work, stations or p&dc has to sort mail that was already done by collectors and service will clearly suffer and I'm guessing the PM has one of the most po'd and unmotivated carrier/collector operations in the country.

Happy conventioning
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08:38 PM ET (US)
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PTR 22
11:22 AM ET (US)
Hi, everybody. It is a goog time to change from PTR to a PTF on reassignment to another city or state or in the same office? Or stay as a PTR until everything get clear with the new contract?
Vijaykumar D R
01:55 AM ET (US)
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On Thur, 19 Jan 2012 06:52:59 GMT, QT - Vijaykumar D R
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Vijaykumar D R
01:53 AM ET (US)
name vijaykumara DR
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On 1/19/12, Vijaykumar D R <vijay.inglife@gmail.com> wrote:
> name vijaykumara DR
> Working in pg guest
> experance in 1and of years postal division
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> On Thur, 19 Jan 2012 03:13:57 GMT, QT - boots and handbags
> <qtopic-26-ajpQhS8VJky@quicktopic.com> wrote:
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Vijaykumar D R
01:52 AM ET (US)
name vijaykumara DR
Working in pg guest
experance in 1and of years postal division
computer besic expreance

On Thur, 19 Jan 2012 03:13:57 GMT, QT - boots and handbags
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05:50 PM ET (US)
/m612 Wish the union had a lot of power but it really doesn't. And I know info is changing daily but there's no excuse to not respond to members. I'd be embarassed about contract but still I'd give what news I had if I had to walk around and do it.

If you get hold of one, suggest an exact place for those weekly schedules. Or ask why a copy of it can't be posted on union board or bid board or some place under glass so it can't disappear.

/m611 Actually I like the idea of changing PTR 2 weeks early onto their NTFT schedules, helps everyone. Form 50 come from MN and should be in your hands near Labor day. Keep in safe place. You'll be lucky if your bosses don't jerk you around every Wednesday just because they can.
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