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Ocean breeze
05:51 PM ET (US)
RIKSNY >4547 You hit the nail on the head!!
PM 13 going to 6
07:11 PM ET (US)
The postmaster who is going to be the APO for our office has already declared herself as a "mini POOM"--that gives a clue how helpful she'll be.

October 1st. The day the post office committed suicide and it didn't have to be this way. I can't believe how short staffed ALL offices are--and yet they can make management teams to work on the Lean Six Sigma program to do stupid costly projects--the latest to come into the offices to see if they can re-arrange things for a better work flow.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
09:46 AM ET (US)
It's going to be a mess, for sure.
The problem with trying to contact the POOM is that once an office is an RMPO, the POOM is no longer their boss - the APO PM is. Some of them will be conscientious enough to take the time to learn what they need to know, and others will not even bother.
08:00 AM ET (US)
My APO only knows POS. Right now all her RMPO's are staffed with either PM's or seasoned PMR's. Hehehe. She does not know as much as any one of us....just was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Any time I have ever asked her about something ( twice ) she just said..."I don't know" and "when you find out let me know". Now the problem with that is that the MPOO ignores all emails from anyone other than APOs...so we have to search the dwindling number of PMs left that might know...IDK what they will do after 10-1.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
06:50 AM ET (US)
I feel like it is a job that is almost impossible to learn without working alongside someone for at least 2 hours a day for a year. Because of all the little oddball things that come up. I always said, in the Postal Service, we have a rule for everything; and every rule has 5 exceptions. It is pretty easy to learn the rule. It's the exceptions that make it difficult.
Level 13 PM w/a route
06:36 AM ET (US)
That's a good joke, onelook. The APO doesn't know emoves or e1412 or the manual scale--and that's the thing...you leave all these new hires all alone and they don't know if they are making mistakes with the customers because there is no one there to correct them and they could continually do the same mistake habitually and not know they are wrong. Poor customers.
11:21 PM ET (US)
I hope yourAPO has LOTS of time to teach your pmr or fix all the mistakes she will make.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
02:49 PM ET (US)
She does NOT become the PTPM automatically.
First they make it a 6 hour office.
Then they take their own sweet time posting it.
When they do post it, the first time they only post it for impacted Postmasters (impacted byPostPlan).
PM 13 going to 6
01:36 PM ET (US)
I am retiring May 2nd. I just found out that on Wednesday, a new PMR, hired off the street is coming in to replace me. I have a little over 2 weeks to teach them emoves, Webbats, ebuy, AVUs and other route things, and etc--she is going to be the replacement postmaster at level 13 until they reduce it to level 6 and then I don't know if she becomes the PTPM automatically or they post it.
I'm told this is the best band aid they could come up with. They have cut everyone so thin that they don't have any PSEs or PMR's or PTF's available to OIC. There is no more OICing. They are killing the postal service. They should move some of the upper mgmt. down to fill these positions and get dirty and see what it's like.
So, my last 2 1/2 weeks will be giving this person a crash course in my lifetime of knowledge--and they don't want me to teach her emoves but to convert to the e1412 3 days before I retire and teach her that. Talking about making my last days misery.
10:53 AM ET (US)
My POOM has done nothing but hold me back. I guess he thinks my office will be 6 hours that is my soft landing. I was going to stay and work the 6 hour office. But I'm out of here come Oct. Good luck to you POOM my PMR will be having a baby middle of Sept don't think she will be back to work Oct 1st.
PM 13 going to 6
11:50 AM ET (US)
Oh, it's not the POOM or MPOO, it's HR that is helping us. I've told my POOM in 3 emails that I am retiring on May 2nd (1st one at 50 days notice)and I've just been ignored--just to be told that on a telecon when mentioned by someone, she said she did not know. Sure.
We also don't have a PMR, so good luck to a person coming in here cold with one day of getting used to the office, no PMR to ask things that are pertinent to the office. We have a route. Plus now the person is going to have to take the 2 hour training to convert to e1412 by May 15th, plus by May 30th they want us to do the bank secrecy and other training AND and new credit card machine and training. I pity the poor soul! Need a younger, stronger person than me!
10:04 AM ET (US)
My mpoo does not try to help us at all.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
06:47 AM ET (US)
As difficult as it is with POSTplan, it is reassuring that mgmt. Is trying to find landing spots for those that want it.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
02:32 PM ET (US)
Some people are traveling that far, and/or trying out the supervisor jobs. If they are in their mid to late 40's they really have to be looking hard at what they want to do. Before I retired, our POOM was staying in contact with all the PM's that were still needing landing places & trying to help them out so that no one is left without a job, who wants a job. But yes, some people are going to have to make adjustments.
PM 13 going to 6
02:13 PM ET (US)
We just had a PMR hired for a neighboring office, he went to two days of Orientation and then the week of training and failed the test, so it's back to the drawing board to hire another PMR--a real nightmare.

Is any other district getting "nudged" by local services? They are really putting the push on Postplan offices--sending just them all the job openings and suggesting we apply--though if most of us are 13's we can't apply for 20's, can we?
They are also called us this week and wanted to know what we were doing about D-day. They are aggressively trying to help, I guess that's what you call it--like I want to travel 5 times further to a job or become a supervisor?
PM 13 going to 6
05:52 PM ET (US)
Yes the PMR's are taking tests in our district now.
I heard they are spoon feeding them the answers, but they are taking tests.

I wonder if our district just makes their own rules.
Edited 04-04-2014 05:52 PM
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