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Postmasters/Managers Discussion Forum

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03:50 PM ET (US)
only clerks I've seen scan boxes are at stations directly in front of the station, otherwise anything goes including mgmt scanning and collection boxes... er' just the scan?
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
05:57 PM ET (US)
Sure beats having a 2 hour lunch.
05:27 PM ET (US)
Scanning the blue boxes is not clerk work only. City carriers, rural carriers, HCR carriers, and clerks all scan blue boxes. This is very common to have the HCR scan the collection box because the post office closes before outside collection.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
11:00 AM ET (US)
I don't know, you have carriers scanning collection boxes every day in hundreds of offices around the country. Hard to claim it as clerk work.
P-Plan 2.0
07:53 AM ET (US)
Anyone out there having their HCR drivers scanning the blue boxes in 6 hour offices? I am seeing some 6 hour offices, with clerks, having their hours changed (again) so that they only have a 1 hour lunch (per the apwu). In doing so, some now leave the office by 2 or 3pm thereby requiring the HCR driver to go into the office, grab the scanner and scan the blue box at say 430pm. Is what it is, however, I am struggling to understand that the APWU will allow this to happen claiming this is "clerk work". Anyone else seeing this?
06:57 PM ET (US)
Fed up said they are pretty useless around their level 18 office. That is what I mean make yourself valuable. Ask for special assignments, volunteer to assist with web bat audits, become expert in something like TACS etc. Postmasters can no longer exist sorting mail and selling stamps.
06:51 PM ET (US)
It is distribution of packages. This is the only thing important right now. They want all packages scanned Arrival at Unit and distribution scan done by 7:30. There must be 10 min between completing distribution scan and any delivered scan or the out for delivery scan appears above the arrival at unit scan.
02:34 PM ET (US)
Curious. Anyone have their distribution times moved to earlier times. Repeatedly District has inched the distribution time earlier and earlier. Last one was 8:30 and we could only make about 10% of the time. Now District wants all the offices to be 7:30. We don't even get the truck till then??? if it arrives on time. Saturday it was 8:05 with only one person to break down. But you can be assured, we'll be on "the list".
02:26 PM ET (US)
POOMs are being squeezed by District too. Job security is not as solid in these levels either.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
11:59 AM ET (US)
They should make themselves useful/invaluable to POOM.

Won't help.
11:35 AM ET (US)
Postplan is over meaning we don't have any obligation to public for hours, etc. Now hours in RMPOs can change... routes can be changed. Since the RMPOs went to APWU, there is no incentive for HQs to care that these office levels should change. Too much trouble. An RMPO 6 going up to level 18 comes with a NTFT clerk so no flexibility. A level 6 RMPO going down comes with NTFT clerk who must work 6 hours. Same with 4 hour RMPO, going up means more expensive NTFT clerk, going down and APWU will file claiming that office should still have PSE. RMPOs are basically stations. To take a level 18 post office down to 6 hour RMPO means another NTFT clerk and sloss of flexibility. The 2006 law rewrote that post offices are managed by postmasters to post office are staffed by employees. So they could all become stations and postmaster jobs are at risk. This is a big reason the two organizations are merging.

There are a lot of rumors out there what will happen to level 18 that are not "Form 150 18's". All these office the Postmaster can't work over 15 hours a week. Phone calls are being made to see if postmasters are in the office. Postmasters who are working too much or not loaning their PTF clerk "allowing for free money to be paid" will have discipline. They should make themselves useful/invaluable to POOM. Yes, the worry is HQs could put in a lead level 7 clerk, and make it a level 18 station.
09:16 AM ET (US)
/m5244 if you are an upgraded L18 with RMPO(s) it would appear you would be okay. But I haven't a doubt they will continue PostPlan. The rumor mill in our area seems to think L18's with no RMPO(s) will become RMPO's themselves with no onsite PM.
Imagine it depends on staffing in the office also. POOM has made it clear he thinks our office should be a one man office. We're a midrange L18. We're gaining in delivery points but the volume has dropped, somewhat washes. And like you, our PM has little to do.
Former level 13
08:08 AM ET (US)
The way I understand is that they eliminated level 11-16. So, I think 18's are safe because I can't see any 18 going down to a 6. I feel that was done intentionally to save those offices from the beginning.
Deleted by author 05-03-2015 08:04 AM
02:29 AM ET (US)
Anyone heard if there are still plans to reevaluate all of the offices again in 2016 and if we will see a meaner PostPlan 2 as was originally discussed last year? It seems like the MOU has kind of pushed everything else aside. And the Plant Closure list is changing weekly. With the BUW limit of 15 hours, I am kind of useless around my small Level 18 office so I will no doubt be among the first to go.....again.
Deleted by author 05-01-2015 04:32 PM
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