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Postmasters/Managers Discussion Forum

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retired level 13 PM
10:09 PM ET (US)
I have known of some cases where they have put people in district offices to do light duty. You need to talk to HR or labor relations--do not make any decisions on your own. Things can get quite complicated.
09:55 PM ET (US)
And of course she would have to have a return to work form approved
Edited 04-01-2015 09:55 PM
09:53 PM ET (US)
I would ask myself 3 questions, just asking. #1 Can you use this employee to accomplish your goals? #2 Do you have the hours or can you justify your overage? #3 Will there be any contractual greivances filed? If you don't feel you can make a decision after the answers, call labor relations.
just asking
09:38 PM ET (US)
I have an employee who has been out for 6 months for cancer treatment. I spoke with her today and she wants to come back on light duty but is very limited on what she can do. I am new to all of this does USPS offer light duty?
09:45 AM ET (US)
There can only be one NTFT per 6 hour RMPO and one PSE per 4 hour RMPO. The PTFs at the level 18 will be the reliefs for those RMPOs.
new ptf
10:45 PM ET (US)
In my area the level 18s is getting 2 PTFs and has a NTFT plus the Pm... while the rest is cut and short handed....
09:38 PM ET (US)
First the 6 hour offices are really 6.5 hours a day. I guess if management wants to assume the extra hours and make it a 7 hour day they could. HQs will only give the districts hours for 6.5 a day. They are hiring additional PTF clerks in our district at many level 18 post offices to keep the PMs from working over 15 hours a week. All level 18s will have at least one career clerk.
retired level 13 PM
05:10 PM ET (US)
05:04 PM ET (US)
What area are you in retired 13?
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
03:01 PM ET (US)
Of course they can force them to do that.
They are managers now.
Not like when they were craft, with a bid job.
On the other hand, I think quite a few of them probably do not have the type of managerial ability to be any good at walking routes.
retired level 13 PM
01:33 PM ET (US)
The plot thickens. My office was a 13 and went to a 6 when I left. I wondered how the person would be able to get the mail ready for the carrier in time, etc. in 6 hours. Well, the hours were changed in July and now they have decided to add an hour a day to the office. Are they making up things as they go? I thought the offices were 2,4,6 and then jump to 18. Now they are adding a 7? The nifty now will be having to take a day off a week and then work in the main office to get 40 hours and be a regular.

They are also talking about adding clerks (permanently--not on loan) to some of the 18s around here so the postmasters can go to other offices to walk the city routes--postmasters who have never done anything with city routes. Can they force those postmasters to do that? I know one is going to check with Napus. Things are still changing.
08:26 PM ET (US)
Congratulations Undisputed PostalBS on your retirement, i hope you enjoy every day. I am waiting for my someday soon to join the ranks! I also hope things get better soon but have my doubts looking at the history of the past few years.
Undisputed Postal BS
05:11 PM ET (US)
Tomorrow will be my final day as a postal employee. With a combined total of 40 years of federal time, 30 postal,and the last 10 as a PM. Almost too a man/woman, I've seen a lot of good employees turned into terrible employees by management. I can say for a fact I've only worked with three competent managers through the years. As a previous union officer with NALC & APWU and a third generation postal employee, I must admit without the unions fighting the good fight, we would have accomplish nothing, and would have been paid penny's on the dollar to do it. I'm not sure what the future holds for the post office, but I really hope it's better than the last 15 years.
Edited 03-19-2015 05:15 PM
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
09:10 PM ET (US)
Well, that's your anecdote.
I knew many carriers who went out every day and did the best they could with what they had to work with. Yes, I knew some who were slugs, but they were the minority.
whats next
09:03 PM ET (US)
USPS has been tripping over a nickel to pick up a penny for years. They make bad decisions over and over again and never learn. Instead of listening to the people who actually move the mail they sit behind their corporate desk and come up with hair brain ideas! RIKSNY I watched a city carrier today spend 30 minutes at a gas station smoking her cigarettes and talking on the cell phone, I agree with RETPM...
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
03:35 PM ET (US)
more are than aren't.

That's your opinion.

In my opinion, there are more who want to get done and go home instead of fooling around out there. They have more interesting and useful things to do at home to be wasting time on the route just to be using up time.
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