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09:37 PM ET (US)
Just hope they are more upftont and honest about the options for employees affected by this than they were in 2012.
The Harbinger
01:12 AM ET (US)
Here comes the Son of PostPlan. Read all about it at www.savethepostoffice.com
Edited 08-21-2015 07:03 PM
09:32 AM ET (US)
Let the POOM know the APO will not cover your office.
retired level 13 PM
07:02 AM ET (US)
I did not stay as RMPM but when we submitted our leave slips to the POOM, WE had to write who was covering and THEN they would approve it. We had to find our own coverage which is sometimes impossible. Sometimes they would put out a mass email to all offices to ask if anyone could help cover, but that rarely worked. Most offices are pretty stingy about lending out and yet in the "old" days when I had two PTF's, I leant out to 12 offices regularly. That was the good old days when they let me have 2 clerks to cover 25 hours total for the week which allowed them to be available to help other offices. The PO should consider hiring extra people like that, but they really don't care. When are they going to start weeding some of upper management?
09:34 PM ET (US)
I am a 6 Hour encumbered Postmaster too. I know that you can approve your own leave slip 3971 and submit a self approved leave slip to your APO ahead of time and they are suppose to cover your office. The APO that I am under has 3 PTF clerks and they do not want to cover this office because they are use to making their own schedule so, they are saying that the APP is denying my leave and I can not be off. Does anyone out there have proof that a 6 hour postmaster can approve their own leave and the APO will have to cover the office? If my APO had their way I will NEVER have a day off ever. Help?
retired PM
12:02 AM ET (US)
That was how the original message about Saturdays came across 6hr PM. After asking questions things changed to "well since you are not a full 40 hour office you will be working Saturdays unless you need a day off. In that case the PM of the APO office was suppose to be responsible for coverage in your office, even if that meant they had to work it themselves. We all know that would never happen, so yes it is easier to work it and not rock the boat. Borrowing is a much bigger pain in the Ass than it's worth, I think they like it that way!!
6hr PM
09:59 PM ET (US)
So I am a PTPM, 6 hour. My understanding was that our office was supposed to have a either a PSE or nifty/ptf clerk ( i lost my PMR) to fill in on Saturdays and A/L etc. Being told that my APO is to provide coverage of which they have no one (the only clerk they have is the OIC). So I have no relief. No problem; I am a PM and that is the way it is. However, I am thinking (maybe incorrectly) that the Union is going to have a field day with grievances when they find out that I (and others in my position) are working Saturdays. My understanding is that Sat is a clerk position. I have mentioned it to my POOM but she is non committal/vague in her responses. So I am thinking that either 1. they are waiting to see how things shake out come the reval period in Sept or 2. The Union has bigger fish to fry and they are letting this fly under the radar for now. Again, working Saturdays is whatever for me; I am a Postmaster. I will do what I have to do for my office/community. As far as borrowing an employee, while possible, it is a pain in the ass! Bring them in, issue them a drawer & keys, train them (manual),let them work, bring them back and count the drawer, etc. Not practical in my world although doable. Anyone have any insight or suggestions? Not looking to rock the boat...
11:26 AM ET (US)
If you have a jumbo collection box and the numbers no longer justify it do you just go to the next smaller size, standard, and then monitor those numbers or just have no collection box at all? what is policy? thanks
retired PM
11:30 AM ET (US)
You are right, RMPO Level 6PM. Upper mgmt. has no clue how much employees who care and are willing to go above and beyond increase the revenue for the office. I was sad my level 13 went to 6, as it is a commuter town and not convenient for the customers. It was bad enough when they changed the window hours from 8 to 9 and left the two hour lunch and closed at 5 as people were used to, but now they have changed it more in line with 4 hour office hours 9-12 and 1-3. 3 pm for a commuting town. The school is across the street and parents and teacher liked to come over when school got out. I'm sure that hurt things majorly. And of course, I believe, it is master plan to change it to 4 hours--it already closes at 3, you can't get much worse for service in that town. Makes me ill.
If the PO really wanted to help themselves, years ago they should have had many offices close early one day but stay open late on Thursdays like the DMV to make things more convenient for the public. They cared more about businesses than the little customers. :(
RMPO Level 6 PM
11:16 AM ET (US)
I am right along with you level 18's in worrying where my job will stand. After the annual office audits for the lower level offices, I worry that my level 6 office will go to a level 4 (PMR)office and I will have to make a difficult decision about where to go from here. I'm sure my revenue went way down because I was out on an injury for 6 mos and the person covering my office was very rude to customers, was poorly dressed (sometimes in her pj's and other times dressed like a street girl, I'm told) and just plain unprofessional. Also, next Sept, I will be faced with the decision of staying a PM or convert to a clerk. What to do???
retired PM
05:04 PM ET (US)
I think they did not know themselves as they did not know the repercussions of the union's involvement--but they should have guessed. It was a real raw deal what they did to us. I was a PM who chose to retire a year earlier than I had originally planned. I have two friends who transferred to 18's and are getting a little nervous. I am sorry I had to retire with less money but so glad not to have the major stress and aggravation.
They are in the communication business but don't communicate to their employees
01:21 PM ET (US)
Renaming offices is easy. Thats already been done for offices lower than 18. Any of us (myself included) who moved to a level 18 trying to keep a job are probable more at risk than those smart enough to stay in their office and were able to switch to the clerk craft. It will be interesting to see what happens after they are done with chopping the POOMS. I just wish whoever makes these decisions on cutting employees would just be Honest and Open from the beginning instead of after employees made choices they now have to live with
retired PM
07:03 AM ET (US)
Actually, "somedaysoon", I think you might be right. I would think they would have to rename the PO levels because it would get pretty confusing--this level 18 needs to bee run by clerk, this level 18 needs to be run by PM. But that's "logically" thinking, and we know the PO doesn't use logic.
09:51 PM ET (US)
I would't be surprised if all "new" level 18's are in jeopardy, it just takes a click of a button to move the RMPO to another office. No differant than route DUO's to another office. It's hard to believe anything we are told since all the changes made after post plan was announced.
12:13 PM ET (US)
To Minnesota 5267 I think that the "New" Level 18s without RMPOs will eventually fall into this category. I do not think Level 18s with RMPOs will have that issue. A RMPO exceeds the scope and scale of a lead clerk's contractual duties.
01:46 PM ET (US)
so are any level 18 offices worried about losing the office to a lead clerk. we could have a supervisor manage several level 18 office out of a higher level 20 office and eliminate the level 18 postmasters...
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