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Mail Handler Discussions

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302memberPerson was signed in when posted
12:33 AM ET (US)
To send NO message to the membership when having knowledge of such information is unacceptable, even if this may change, respect needs to be given to its members. Communication to its members is key in a union.
owl ladyPerson was signed in when posted
09:56 PM ET (US)
..changes not finalized yer...you r listening to misinformation..calm down...yes changes coming but wait till it is official..hey t
302memberPerson was signed in when posted
02:16 AM ET (US)
What does it say about a union when it has been notified by management about excising of its members from installations within its local and chooses not to tell them anything, You tell me what you think it means.
excessedPerson was signed in when posted
08:10 AM ET (US)
I was told by my supervisor it's going to get really bad next year. How many people here getting excessed? No one is even talking about it. She said this is just the first round. When the tours change, we are going to get more screwed.Where are we supposed to go? The steward here said he doesn't know anything about this but the supervisor showed me the charts. She said the union was notified. They said they werent. Where can i find a safe place to go?

Oakland-22 mail handlers and 55 clerks
San Fran-10 mh and 102 clk
San Jose-2 mh and 25 clk
North Bay-15 mh and 31 clk
LA-50 mh and 162 clk
Hawaii- 6mh and 28 clk

there was more but I didn't write them all down.
YAMONPerson was signed in when posted
12:06 AM ET (US)
Mha, I say yes it is a violation. You would have priority scheduling over casuals and would be entitled to reach 40 hours prior to a casual doing so. Get with your steward and tell them to grieve it!

Anyone from Local 303 La area familiar with a Supervisor name of Wanda Luis?
MHA EMPLOYEEPerson was signed in when posted
10:30 PM ET (US)
Mail Handler ISCPerson was signed in when posted
01:10 PM ET (US)
Bell out, Attending Meeting? As you said, "Only 20 or so members attend this". Believe me, more than 20 or so members read this site and are better informed because of it. That's why there had been questions asked during Executive meeting that would not existed if it wasn't brought up here.
Ruben's questions and Tony Coleman's letter of how funds are used, when they are posted. CD buying and etc. When they quit posting it we are not going to be able to review it and question it outside. Everything will stay inside the purview of the 20.
There are 2,000 members and it may be simpler to open our computer to find the questions and answers than going to the free lunch.
So what did you learn beside nobody ask questions?
Mail Handler ISCPerson was signed in when posted
12:43 PM ET (US)
302member, Here is the Question and Answers for MHA Fishgold Arbitration Award dated Aug 8, 2013


All Ernie had to do was to search it and print it out without sending the 7 members to the SAMLU conference about it.

Allen Mohl, who is the Contract Administration Manager(NPMHU) could had been invited to SFO as an alternative to flying 7 out. If the concern is expenditure for this union, where was the thought of this alternative? Either there was no thought of an alternative or expenses was not a factor!
So you have 5 members of the Executive Board minus one who is a no show, voted for this. 4 heads could not come up with an alternative to a better solution.
Just think, with 7 members going, what would they come back with that 2 couldn't write down or tape. Is the MHA contract that hard for them to understand to have any misunderstanding?

Here is an article by Local 303 president talking about SAMLU


In it, he said, "I decided that it would best benefit this Local if I selected council members that would most benefit from the SAMLU training opportunities. I want Council members that would return to the Local and share what they learned with the masses".
Which 5 council members are going and the 2 pee-on shop stewards? Now if we think about what was said about "being fair" by Bell out, maybe the other 2 should come from Redding and Fresno since they are so far north and south of Oakland base.
Also since Tony Bell is a no show, he certainly is not one of the 7.

You would think since the SAMLU will concern MHA contract, the representatives going would come from the office that have most of those employees.
Do you know who the 7 members are?
302memberPerson was signed in when posted
11:27 PM ET (US)
Bell Out, nobody hates anyone, but you must see a pattern here. The council cuts general membership meetings from 4 to 2,remember Ernie wanted 1, this was posted, they stated cost to the union for this proposal that easily passed. Earlier this year the executive board voted yes on Ernie's proposal to send 7 members from the local to the SAMLU conference, I believe held in Miami at $2800.00(also posted on the union board) per attendee at a cost to OUR local of $19,600.00. The topic of this conference was to discuss the contractual language of the MHA's. This was what was discussed at the union training in Reno in March, so Nothing New could be learned from this conference that Was not discussed in Reno! Facts! Now lets find out WHO went on Ernie's coattails(that we paid for) to Miami.
Mail Handler ISCPerson was signed in when posted
12:16 PM ET (US)
General meeting? Apparently the 20 or so attendees doesn't ask questions and a few who do will be out voiced by the opposition. Past video shown disrespect to those who question policy and spending and then ignored in answers.
Now we find the general meeting is cut in half because the council feel the general meeting is just free lunch for everyone. Cutting expenditures is the explanation so I guess not asking questions, not providing answers justify the cut..
Basic fact is, less info and accessibility is on the rise.
This forum helped get your official in posting Information they wouldn't otherwise reveal. Money is power and if you question where the power is then maybe for fear of committing a crime they will talk a little.
Now that they are cutting the meeting and not posting anything, we will find only half as much and twice as long to know anything. Before, meetings were published, now employees will depend on word to mouth but those mouth are full of food and no words.
Bell out, even your participation and your few friends is now cut in half. So you like half as much answers and twice as long in finding it out acceptable?
The unchecked expenditures is not the councils money. Just like they started to explain how much they spent for the picnic is only when it was questioned on this site. The 20 attendees didn't bring it up first,
Mail Handler ISCPerson was signed in when posted
02:34 AM ET (US)
What votes? 25% of total members voting speaks for the 75%. Counting the people actually voting the winning party were but a few vote difference. This is a major loss for the majority. Yes, blame the majority for not voting and deserves what they get.
When the council is loaded to one side they have the majority. And I really believe whoever run against Ernie, you'll vote for Ernie anyway.
I don't hate Ernie or anyone. You people use that word very loosely. I just find him very incompetent. You don't need to hate to have an opinion.
Your comment of only 20 or so people attending the general meeting. Nobody comes back and talk about it. Not even about what they ate less anything about union business and now we find they don't want to post and cutting meeting in half.
So, as a non shop steward you claimed to not be. You think this forum is not a place to air union business? What do you think this forum is for?
I think you are giving Ernie too much credit. Just ask those who were excess how much help he had given them, especially the Oakland employees. Then ask the Sfo to San Jose. Now try asking those SJS who can't get retreat rights.
Try asking the full timer regulars who became PTFs what kind of help he was. Ask those PTFs who gotten EEO to win thousand of dollars that Ernie should had done.
This is a forum to talk about incompency that if you posted it on postal property it would be torn down by the stewards. Why do your side don't want the truth to be known?
When the council voted to increase Ernie's pay but then heard the grumblings on the floor and believe me it included many non voters, they decreased the amount. So..not everything the council votes for are true representation of the members. Even the decreased amount is too much from what I hear.
Look at how the controversy of accounting that it got Tony so frustrated he brought it up in the meeting. He even did an article on a Dec treasurer report.
This forum prove to be more successful than the general meeting of 20 who don't ask questions but only there to eat.
I agreed with you, The postal service is a dying business, the postal union is a dying organization and the council wants to pay Ernie more money for less representation, information and help to its member? Go figure!
Haven't what they say and printed truth enough?
Bell OutPerson was signed in when posted
10:17 PM ET (US)
when was the last time you attended a general meeting ISC and voiced your concerns at one of the meetings. you keep on saying the council doesn't want to hear from you. evidentally no cared because no one goes.

so you are assuming everything. they are excluding members, they don't want to hear from members. you can't exclude anyone or respond to anyone when they don't go.

i just find it funny that, as much as people complain on here, they don't do much. they don't vote, they don't go to meetings. heck, they don't even run to make change(s).

but thats very typical.

all those attend are you stewards. now i know that is a lie. i go with several people from my branch and we aren't shop stewards. perhaps, you just have this hatred for ernie and nothing more. but of course, i would love to see you run next election.

you must be foolish to think that ernie could stop excessing. it's the nature of this business. postal worker from all crafts, from across the country get excessed all the time. as well as consolidations and closures. if excessing is your concern in this dying business, perhaps you should start applying for other jobs.
Mail Handler ISCPerson was signed in when posted
04:22 PM ET (US)
302member, the council had the gall to actually vote to cut the meeting but not providing member any solutions to keep informed. yet they voted to increase Ernie's pay. Get more do less! It would had been simple to say, we will now use the union office to accommodate the "20" attendees.
With the impending RIf coming, no words at all by Ernie on his thought of how it might affect local employees. I would use plural thoughts but is asking too much.The front page of this site expressed their concerns yet nothing from this local union. You would think it will not affect anyone due to their silence. It will be too late to act when the time comes. Ernie will be sitting on his hands again as he did the excess.
Twice a year meeting, when will Ernie tell Redding and Fresno if a Riff will affect them?
Edited 08-09-2014 04:23 PM
Mail Handler ISCPerson was signed in when posted
04:02 PM ET (US)
Your statement reveal a lot about the attending members thoughts.
2,000 members and represented by 20.
What a laugh that the council couldn't even accommodate 20 member 4 times a year.
$26,000 was what was reported as Meeting Expenses. That's $1,300 apiece.divided by 3 months. What the hell you eat for $400?
Just like you said, what is fair? All those attending are your stewards. If the meeting was held in Redding or Fresno, how many from here would you think would go there? Silly analogy of what is fair.
Tell me, how many people attend the Redding and.Fresno meetings?
Vote or not to vote? What the difference? When the council doesn't listen to members or cut the meetings, they are telling you that we don't want to hear form you. The latest action is what, just to reduce expenditure? They are telling Redding and Fresno we want to see you twice a year and once a year if Ernie can have it his way. I still believe it a way to pay for Ernie's increase in pay!
302memberPerson was signed in when posted
03:42 PM ET (US)
I am a member that is very tired of my union's activities. I have looked long and hard for reasons to remain a member, Its responses such as bell out, who is most likely a rep of this union," The council does not and should not have to come up with simple alternative for members to attend" that makes US members think "Do I want to be a part of this?"
Bell OutPerson was signed in when posted
03:34 PM ET (US)
fair to all locals? what about redding? what about fresno? how many folks from those two branches attend general meetings? how far are they from Oakland? What if general meetings held in those to places? how many from san jose, san francisco, sacramento, oakland would attend? Fair?
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