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Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks

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SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
06:41 AM ET (US)
RJ that 5 secs to add a street address at the POS will most definitely be made up in processing and distribution. Anyone working the counter is capable of providing service. Our customers come first, sorry to hear yours do not. I am not counting beans at the counter, I provide a service to my customers. Lines are part of the job, even moreso due to staffing and not so much due to that extra 5 secs to input more data to expedite delivery.
02:47 PM ET (US)
Southern you dont make up service in processing. Lines are lines. It WILL increase lines no doubt. WE ARE or were a service organization. Now we are bean counters. Customers come last.Most of th packages that are brought to our office are correct. Errors in the plant.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
05:21 AM ET (US)
Clerks and carriers both have taken on more responsibility through the years. It certainly requires the clerk to be more accurate. It is not uncommon to receive a package from plant that does not belong to our location, only to find clerk typed in wrong zip (which caused the missent).

New positions? I would not hold my breath. Our office has worked short a clerk for years and all signs show they want it to be even less.
01:55 PM ET (US)
They just keep adding more responsibilities and not adding any new positions for window clerks. Even though the input will help the delivery process the customer will have to wait in line even longer then they already do.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
09:01 AM ET (US)
It may cause a slight increase in window time for customers but it will be made up in processing and in distribution. If anything, if I were a carrier, I would be concerned. As a window clerk, it adds to the job security.

If you haven't noticed, USPS is moving to a package delivery company. Its a very smart move.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
03:48 PM ET (US)
a system that was made to speed the process of customer service.

I kind of doubt that part. I imagine it was designed by accountants, for accountants, to make the accounting easier for them. Just going by the results, anyway.
03:28 PM ET (US)
Thats right RIKSNY 63 days and its ALL yours!! Do you even have a POS at your office or do you not have any customers. The people here who have busy windows know this is a rediculous addition to a system that was made to speed the process of customer service. Now the POS is no better than the IRT was. What a waste!!! Its good to see your still The smart ass you have always been on here RIKSNY.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
12:52 PM ET (US)
I for one will not
continue to do this.

That's right, honey, you just do whatever you want to.
07:08 AM ET (US)
OMG!!! Now we are going to have to input addresses into the POS. They think lines were too long before. Who is the CRAZY person who came up with this. Service what service. they could care less about the customer service.The POs has been turned into a useless asset. There are way too many extras now that actually makes the Pos slower than the IRT was. I for one will not continue to do this. These people have lost their minds. MAybe they are trying to drive the window clerks out. This will do it. It changes the job for the worse to the point that it will be so stressfull only a few will tolerate it . WEll Done to the MORON who came up with this.
03:13 PM ET (US)
how long does the usps have to send you to on the job training before you have to retake training
10:07 PM ET (US)
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09:54 PM ET (US)
anyone have any problems on the window with the pvi machines? the credit card and the damn pos unit touch screen. I hate all the touching just to send a darn flat rate envelope or a stamp for that mantter.
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