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Maintenance Craft - Postal

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Deleted by author 05-10-2016 11:16 AM
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
03:38 PM ET (US)
/m26666 there is an ongoing argument whether or not a schedule for full-time regulars needs to be posted unless it is a holiday week or management is going to make a change to your bid hours on a temporary basics.
it san diego management post schedules every week because it shows annual, schedule changes and it has been done this way for 40 years.
Iceman 20016
03:03 PM ET (US)
work schedule
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
12:25 PM ET (US)
/m2664 what kind of schedule?
Iceman 20016
12:18 PM ET (US)
is management required to post schedule and when is supposed to be posted
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
09:54 AM ET (US)
/m2662 your job description, kinda.
as a maintenance mechanic you are an entry level mechanic doing low technical semiskilled tasks. and you assist higher level maintenance employees.

want to stop become an MPE or an ET.

position descriptions should be posted in your office.
these do not have the latest level listed
Iceman 20016
12:39 AM ET (US)
were in the contract does it state that Level 7's are only allowed to vacuum and ET are to do all other work and get all the overtime.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
04:30 PM ET (US)
/m2660 find 513.5

04:23 PM ET (US)
How do I file or begin a request for advance sick leave?
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
10:28 AM ET (US)
/m2658 "has allowed me to be an asset to the post office in all crafts from clerk to mail handler to labor to safety and future maybe supply chain management."

if you truly believe that to be true, place your hand in a bucket of water and then remove it. did you leave an impression?
positively postal
09:01 AM ET (US)
Slowing down is never the answer. The culture in the post office of "slowing down" has ruined the new hire and has employees feeling entitled to not do their jobs to the fullest of their abilities which only hurts them in the long run. Especially if their young. Its hard in the post office when your a worker and the person right next to you is a slouch and getting paid the same money, I know. The one benefit in the post office is there are thousands jobs. When I feel unappreciated, I find a new craft. It is important to learn all skills possible to be able to have this choice and qualification for different crafts. Educate your self and take back what they are trying to take from you which is your moral. Moving has allowed me to be an asset to the post office in all crafts from clerk to mail handler to labor to safety and future maybe supply chain management. I say this to say, don't let the negativity in the post office corrupt your work ethic. If you cant get what you want from union , management or otherwise its your choice to change it.
10:41 PM ET (US)
postal worker 2655: the "new position" should be posted as a new position and qualifying parties bid on the "new position". Then the most senior should be awarded the position.
Iceman 20016
06:59 PM ET (US)
back so tired management has the right to ask you to preform work just because your a ET doesn't prevent you from doing repairs. If you and your Union Steward look at Job description or your qualifying requirements you will see that you should be able to do manual work. If you cant handle the work than retire and rest your back get well soon I hope this helped you with your Issue
Postal worker
06:23 AM ET (US)
This is a situation that has come up and I would like to know if it was handled correctly:
- There are four MPE's with the same tour, start time and days off,
- MPE who is 3rd in seniority has 'grandfathered' seniority for preferred assignments.
- management wants to change start time of one MPE by a few hours.

Who do they offer the change of hours to first? Is it offered by seniority/forced by juniority -or- is it offered to the person with seniority for preferrred assignments first?

I was under the assumption that seniority for preferred assignments was for jobs that are posted. This change was not posted.
back is tired....
08:48 AM ET (US)
Thank you for the input Jay. Also, the maintenance shop steward works at another plant and is sometimes hard to get in touch with. I did finally get talk with him. He told me that I was correct about job assignments and to request him the next time they side don't go by the contract.
It's very unfortunate that at this point in my career I will most likely be forced into what post 2649 suggested.
And start slowing....down.
06:33 AM ET (US)
Well have read the National bargaining agreement lately.You have a Dog in the fight and a lot of fight in the dog. Contact your local union President for your craft and demand your rights for respect and dignity.Have them explain articles 1,15,& 16.Don't fall for just anything.Get the facts and stay on track.Action Jax

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