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Postal Motor Vehicle Service

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09:04 AM ET (US)

how to become a Postal vehicle Driver? By a Test.
Anonymous mvo
01:48 PM ET (US)
I think the problem at least in our level is upper management of each facility.
MVS Sacramento
01:19 AM ET (US)
Your Management might actually care about your drivers than ours does. We always get lame remarks like if you don't like it then you should quit. Sounds like they all went to management classes to me to learn people skills. NOT
Anonymous mvo
05:47 PM ET (US)
Hey MVS Sacramento, ya at my facility the 30 hour runs aren't like that, and some of them have 2-3x more stops/work or than many of the senior 8 hour runs.
good backlinks
08:41 AM ET (US)
W8wFIe Major thanks for the post.
MVS Sacramento
04:50 PM ET (US)
Undesirable? Heck, all the 30 hour runs here have weekends off. If you want a 40 hour run then you need to be a senior driver or have split days off. I keep reading on Postal Reporter and APWU that these runs are suppose to be desirable. Not desirable to the drivers, Just for Management to make us miserable. They should make all the regular 40 hour runs with 2 days off in a row and then make the NTFT runs to fill the void. I know it is to hard for management to figure out how to do this though.
04:37 PM ET (US)
That's something the union needs to look into, they trying to make the mvs craft employees unhappy as much they can because they want to use those sorry ass contractors
Anonymous mvo
05:15 AM ET (US)
Anyone afraid they are making these 30 hour positions so undesirable, that no one will take them to justify contracting it out.
08:53 PM ET (US)
Industry CA. P&DC, has 14 regular MVS drivers. 2 p.s.e. And about 4 clerk/drivers. Management plans to post 10 MVS bids. Will they be able to excess jr. regulars? Can they eventually contract all of MVS? What's the latest with the future of MVS as a whole?
06:08 PM ET (US)
Word of advice. Don't believe anything they tell you. And if they tell you that get it in writing. Welcome to the post office.
new guy
04:28 PM ET (US)
I have been with the Postal Service for a year. I would like to know the rule I am a full time tech. They said if I worked this job for six months I would get it. I have been detailed into a lead tech's job for four months. Is this true
Harry Nut
10:14 PM ET (US)
...that's right, it must be a local ONLY MOU approved by members. Phx has several Sun & rotate runs.
09:49 PM ET (US)
Re: 2664.Sorry I couldn't get back here sooner. I have been quite busy. Usually a degree of anonymity is the decorum of internet bulletin boards. So I'll just say that I work at one of the larger NDC's. The contract language I used starts in article 8.2.d and refers to the mou in appendix B page 312 rule 7, FTR & NTFT in 200 man hour installations will have consecutive n/s days, we did not negotiate any changes to this rule. All ndc's are 200 man hour, I don't know about all the p&dc's, but I would think so. Go to your next locals' meeting and ask some questions. If management put split n/s days on ntft bids on their own it should grieved weekly. The language is in the jcim. Let me know if you need it.
Harry Nut
10:29 PM ET (US)
This is the same scam the self serving types in Phx are trying belch about. They can't even come close to managing what they have, read:PSE's and now they are going to manage NTFT ? and while you're at it beat them with every conceivable safety issue you can, they've been getting a free ride in this area way too long, especially those of you volunteering your cell phones.
MVS Sacramento
03:12 AM ET (US)
Top TTO, What plant are you at? I'm sure we are a 200 Man hour installation here in Sacramento.
01:43 AM ET (US)
Re: 2657 MVS Sacramento. If your facility is a 200 man hour installation all regulars whether FTR or NTFT must have consecutive N/S days. We've beaten management on this issue many times for thousands of dollars. They finally gave up and posted only FTR bids during the last bid cycle. The language is in the contract. If your steward is caving in on this, then call the NBA Jerome Pittman or Mike Foster the national MVS director.
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