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Laura Williams
07:34 PM MT(US)

LOST & FOUND from Band In A Hat! Located in Town Hall.

Please claim during business hours (or by replying here) and pick up by this Friday, March 6th or it will be donated! Thanks!
Sally HempyPerson was signed in when posted
05:53 PM MT(US)
Such a beautiful report on our hero, Beth. For all who have known this special lady through the years, none are surprised. And yes many heroes have emerged from that never to be forgotten period in our community.
05:44 PM MT(US)
Great tunes this week at The Merc!

Thursday The fantastic artist KORT McCUMBER plays- We'll have country pork ribs on thursday, teriyaki style with golden sauce, spring greens with seasame dressing and veg and rice.

Friday- Tapas and an early show with BILLY THE MOUNTAIN- that's Kevin Dooley and his friends who are always great. Small delicious plates.

Saturday- REGGAE SKA DANCE PARTY! We are always SO excited for this high energy amazing feel good fun time band- THE ALCAPONES!!
Barbara and Ken Lenarcic
05:09 PM MT(US)
Congratulations to Jamestown School Assistant Principal and long time resident BETH BROTHERTON upon receiving the Red Cross 2015 RECOVERY HERO AWARD!!!!!! There is a (too) short article in Page one of the Local section of today's Camera and also see the following on U-Tube......

American Red Cross 2015 Recovery Hero - YouTube
Video for Beth Brotherton Red cross▶ 2:42
04:18 PM MT(US)
Be careful driving through town. There are some deep potholes covered with water so hard to see. We blew a tire just below the Fire Station.
Edited 03-02-2015 04:33 PM
12:10 PM MT(US)
Wow, Sal - That is an incredible collection of photos. THANK YOU!!!!
Sal DeVincenzo
11:42 AM MT(US)
Melting like crazy here at 8600' slush in the sun snow in the shade...
On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 11:23 AM, QT - Ben Perry <
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Ben Perry
11:23 AM MT(US)
Allan, conditions at Peaceful Valley/Camp Dick were superb on Saturday afternoon. It snowed a bit last night, so it should be fresh and fast again today.
10:52 AM MT(US)
looking for a ride down to boulder any time today. 303 444 1601
Allan Mueller
10:39 AM MT(US)
Xcountry ski Question: Anybody have a sense of the relative quality of Xcountry skiing at Tahossa or Camp Dick?
Allan Mueller
10:37 AM MT(US)
Thanks all, esp Tom and Laura, for an excellent evening from the HAT!
Sal DeVincenzo
10:36 AM MT(US)

All Band In A Hat Photos ... Love to you all Jamestown !

Sal DeVincenzo
09:16 AM MT(US)

Mr Eric Flink
1st Place Hat B.I.A.H #8
Laura Williams
12:30 PM MT(US)
TWERKING JEZEBELS!!! Now THAT'S a great band name!

HA HA! Thanks Michael for summing things up eloquently and perfectly in less than 200 words (as opposed to my thousands)!
Edited 03-01-2015 02:26 PM
Michael B./ JAM
12:26 PM MT(US)
Wow ! Special thanks to all of the musicians who participated in JAM'S grand social and musical experiment known as Band in a Hat. What an awesome show you put on. The amazing Miss Lynda Bell and the children were beautiful beyond words. Thank you.

A big "Hats Off" to Tom and Laura Williams without whom this event would not happen.

And also a very special thanks to the people of Jamestown and guests that always support this event so well. Approx. 1,500.00 was raised last night! Give yourselves a pat on the back. All of this money will eventually go back to the Town in some way or another

Between JAM, The Merc, the 4th of July and other community events I think this town has perfected the art of entertaining itself.

Go Jamestown !
Laura Williams for JAM
12:04 PM MT(US)
BRAVO! Please join me in a STANDING OVATION for every single person involved in Band In A Hat 8, the most EPIC event yet on so many levels! That's right, stand up from your chair right now and applaud one last time as you sip your coffee or other drink and read the following BIAH 8 AfterThoughts and expression of immense warm fuzzies...

As my dear husband and sound man extraordinaire, Tom Williams profoundly said at the end of the night, "Every single musician came out of that show a BETTER musician from the whole experience." Nothing compares to this unique and special event from a musician standpoint. THREE CHEERS to every musician who participated, stuck it out beyond the challenges, committed to rehearsals while lugging equipment around in all kinds of weather, worked amicably with others of all ages, styles, and levels, chose very eclectic songs, and played an absolutely monumental show, which ultimately helped to bring our Jamestown commUNITY back together again! Special thanks Josh Evans for leading the HAT-ennany at the end for a truly spontaneous, unrehearsed all-star jam and to Tom Williams for providing stellar sound in a complicated situation with so many members, instruments, and stage changes! HATS OFF to our amazing HATMASTER, Jovan Fish, for sticking to the stage and providing witty jokes, comments, and announcements!

While it always seems sad to prepare for so long and play a show which passes in the blink of an eye, leaving some of us slightly lonely and longing for purpose, we encourage ALL bands and musicians to keep playing together!!! At least two bands from former BIAH events continued playing shows and one is even recording a CD in a studio as we speak! May you all JAM ON with our full support!!!

SUPREME RECOGNITION goes to the incredible Lynda Bell, leader of the Kid Bands!!! This woman has devoted her heart and soul (and a BUNCH of time and energy!) to creating the next generation of fine musicians (while also playing in her own BIAH band!!!). She has a remarkable way of discovering and enhancing the individual talents of each child regardless of age, inspiring them to create a great show that they OWN with pride, and puts it all together in a nice, neat little package that wows the audience every dang time! I will never forget the sight of the PARENTS standing behind and beside these kids with full support and tears of pride! Thank you, Lynda, for your dedication that inspires us ALL in so many ways!!!

EXTREME GRATITUDE extends to Sal DeVincenzo, who voluntarily spends much of his time and major talents preserving the history of Jamestown and each JAM event through photos and video recording. This is a priceless service which is deeply appreciated, again, on so many indescribable levels!

MANY MANY THANKS to everyone who helped with BIAH 8, most notably the CLEANUP TEAM at the end of the evening, those who stuck it out beyond exhaustion and in spite of any potential intoxication -- Jake & Mike Brotherton, Sky Iannuccilli, Kristi Rutledge, Julien Schmidt, The Mans boyz, The Williamsesssss, and all those who lingered until the bitter end, putting the stage away properly, gathering trash/recycle, returning Merc glasses, and ensuring that the Town Hall was left in pristine condition, thereby securing our venue for future JAM events!

KUDOS to everyone who helped SET UP, most notably Tom Williams, Julie Perry, Kristi Rutledge, Buddy Khim, Louie Maurer, Erika Archer, DON from the Mennonite group, and Nancy Farmer for the beautiful, handmade number "8!" Thanks to Beth Brotherton and those who worked in the chilly, cold lobby collecting admission and selling baked goodies, which helped JAM to earn over $1,400 throughout the night (the most money EVER made at a BIAH event)! Special thanks to all commUNITY BAKERS and to those who contributed to advertising in the programs!

CONGRATULATIONS to the TOP HATS of the evening and to everyone who wore a hat! I wish we could have awarded prizes and recognition to ALL of the many creative hats in the audience! Erik Flink took First place with a clever depiction upon his noggin of the evacuation helicopter landing in Elysian Park beside the sign "Please Keep Off the New Grass!" Second place went to Josh Evans for his playing card top hat on which he laboriously spent 20 hours making from scratch. Third place went to Anne Breiler and her pink flamingo hat in honor of our dearly departed Joey Howlett. Honorable mention went to MeMe (pronounced may-may), who actually wore a BAND IN A HAT on her head! These fine folks will be featured in the next BIAH program and have earned full bragging rights!

Finally, our deepest appreciation extends to the Town of Jamestown, who has fully supported YEARS of JAM shenanigans and realizes how important it is to HAVE FUN in the midst of hard times brought on by the flood and in our everyday lives. This is the beginning of a new era for JAM and we hope to bring in new members with fresh ideas, more epic events, and a deeper sense of commUNITY! But we couldn't do it without the support of our Town.

HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU -- our patrons, volunteers, supporters, and those who have read this entire excerpt of my mind! Stay tuned for much more to come from JAM and for our next meeting date, at which everyone is welcome to join!
Mary Loven
11:24 AM MT(US)
Books, Books, Books
Are you a wine maker or do you brew your own beer?
Or maybe you know someone who has a birthday coming up and a beer brewing book would be the perfect gift
I have about 50 brand spanking new books on wine making and beer brewing including top sellers like "Extreme Brewing, Deluxe Edition by Sam Calagione.
I also have several books on Home Cheese Making
These are going cheap........ the more you buy the better the price
If interested please call 303 449 1148 or email me and I'll forward a comprehensive list, maryhubbard333 at hotmail
11:22 AM MT(US)
Poem du jour:

Unsanctioned thought from the American Sniper fanboy lurking
on the intertubze, keeping us safe from druids,
republicans, Rational Thought, and muskets:

The rest of the world is sick of America’s interventionist shenanigans and its
moronic exported culture of burgers, Grand Theft Auto, and twerking Jezebels.

11:18 AM MT(US)
Sunday thought from the melted fuel pools in Fukushima:

"Don't you ever miss the days when you used to be nostalgic?"
Wendy Ingham
11:14 AM MT(US)
In the planning ahead department. I will be renting my Bar K home again, available August 1, 2015. Craigslist posting 4912473932. Thanks!
07:08 AM MT(US)
Sunday Reflection: https://sundayreflectionjt.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/fire-station/
Nancy Farmer
11:24 PM MT(US)
BEST BAND IN A HAT EVER!!!!!! From The Twinkles to the Black Rose Collective and everybody in between - the bar has been RAISED! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME SHOW!!!!! Thank you JAM! Jamestown rocks, and the love is spreading beyond our borders - WOOHOOO!!! WELL DONE, EVERYONE!!!! (it takes a village, and our village is coming back!)
05:31 PM MT(US)
Kelly, we are moving back to JT May 1st. I anticipate needing help getiing resituated. Will get in touch when we get to town
Kelly Kyte
04:27 PM MT(US)
Hello Everyone!

I am looking to make some extra cash before I take some time off this summer. If anyone needs house cleaning I am willing to work for $15/hr. I have been a housekeeper in two previous jobs and am very thorough. You provide the cleaning supplies and rags :). I could be available for baby and or pet-sitting as well. Any small jobs that I could help with? Just let me know.

I do work full-time at the hospital but just email me and perhaps we could work something out.

Thank you for the support! I am happy to again be a part of this little town.

Thank you!

Edited 02-28-2015 04:28 PM
04:14 PM MT(US)
Is anyone vid recording tonights performances?
Karen Zupko
03:07 PM MT(US)
MISSING: unopened 10 - 20 lb plastic bag of sweeping compound that was living in the back of the Town Hall. Anyone know where it might be? Have checked the area a couple of times. Thanks!
julie c-k
02:55 PM MT(US)
KIDS BAND STARTS AT 6:30 Doors open at 6...
Sally HempyPerson was signed in when posted
01:57 PM MT(US)
They are "scheduled" for 6:00.
Mark Wisch
01:35 PM MT(US)
What time do the kids' bands start playin'?
Laura Williams for JAM
08:14 AM MT(US)

TONIGHT!!! Do NOT let snow, cold, or cost stop you from coming to the most unique event on the planet!!! 4 randomly chosen bands and 1 kid band will keep us all warm with music they've created over the last 8 weeks.

JAM proudly presents...
6 p.m. at JimTown Hall
$10 suggested donation (Remember, this is just suggested! Give what you can or want to benefit JAM, which ultimately benefits us all!)

BYOB and some extra dough for the amazing commUNITY bake sale. Wear your goofiest or classiest HAT for a chance to win a prize in our Hat Contest.

MANY THANKS for your support!
Alex Meeker 20 Main St
07:40 PM MT(US)
20 Main Street.......open workshop.....Saturday 11:00-2:00....watercolor workshop.
But please come even if drawing or another art form is your thing.
Call with any questions-303-444-6716.
See you there
05:03 PM MT(US)
JT History moment
I met Ray Imel recently, and found him to be a Jamestown history treasure.
He contributed to an oral history, excerpted below, and linked to.

We moved to Jimtown in 1934, and we lived there until 1947. But my grandparents also had a house at 701
Pearl Street that house isn’t there anymore, but the one similar to it is still there next door. So
we were down every weekend or you know, on Saturday we’d come down to go to the
groceries and movies and do all that fun stuff.
I remember the first traffic signal at Broadway and Pearl, which was done, I think, in 1934. We’d
come down to my grandparent's house my brother, Don, and I. Don’s two years younger.
We’d say, “Can we walk down and look at the traffic light?” And we did. And we’d walk down
to Broadway and Pearl and just watch that traffic light. That entertained us for a half hour
the novelty of it a lot of people too, yeah.

Entire transcript here: http://oralhistory.boulderlibrary.org/transcript/oh1585t.pdf
David MPerson was signed in when posted
04:12 PM MT(US)

That was a great ski in amazing conditions. Here's a pic from the Fireplace Meadow with Mark, Tim, Emma, and Jessie. Get out there if you can, superb skiing!
LuLu & Chris
02:12 PM MT(US)
Got it all covered. Thanks for the love, neighbors!
Mark Williams
12:46 PM MT(US)

Ski Jamestown! Thanks for helping blaze the trail David, and for putting the word out there about the great XC-skiing available here locally,and trail etiquette that will help preserve the experience while we've got the snow. It is indeed a rare opportunity.

There's great skiing up through the Cline open space property on to the chimney and beyond. Five of us went up this morning.
Edited 02-27-2015 12:46 PM
LuLu & Chris
10:26 AM MT(US)

Could anyone help us out Wednesday through Thursday or Friday? My sweet Grammie went into hospice. Chris leaves for Alaska on Wednesday morning. We're looking for someone to stay at the house with a recovering Philbert and the two kitties. No medical care for Philly is required, he just needs to be mellow. Baxter will be elsewhere. We'll have the fridge stocked and cash. Please contact me ASAP, 4five9o4o6.
Julie Perry
09:00 AM MT(US)
Also during happy hour at the Merc tonight, we will be celebrating Ben's big 4-0 b-day. Swing on by...I'm making a cake.
Kim & Elizabeth M
08:47 AM MT(US)
If people need a house energy use guy we would highly recommend Randy Bates, InorOut Smart Energy, who recently helped us with Boulder County Certificate of Occupancy energy issues, blower test. His charges are reasonable and he is particularly up to speed on dwellings in the Incorporated Area of Jamestown and exemptions from required HERS ratings etc. On a related issue (we use some recycled foam for insulation) we also discovered that Jamestown are more easy-going on the use of repurposed materials.
Laura Williams
06:52 AM MT(US)
HELP NEEDED for Band In A Hat!

1. Tom (our sound and stage guy) has caught the crud and is feeling awful. He needs some help TODAY setting up the sound and stage starting at 1 p.m. in Town Hall.

2. Volunteers are needed to collect admission and bake sale money in the lobby from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in any shifts you like!

3. Help is needed to set up and decorate tomorrow (Saturday) at 1 p.m. AND to clean up directly after the show.

Please call (72o) 8o8-4815 or just show up if you can help and MANY thanks to our commUNITY for stepping up!
06:09 AM MT(US)
Wendy and David, Thanks for not being whiners. Auto repair is worse than going to the dentist sometimes and in unfavorable situations, like having to spend money on your car can suck. Your attitudes help make my job easier.
11:00 PM MT(US)
Pizza Night returns to The Merc!
Grab a pizza pie and check out the early show:
Flynn & Co.
Happy Snow Day!

Also Sat- you can enjoy band in a hat at the Town Hall and grab dinner to go from The Merc: Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches with sides in cute little cardboard boats.
Wendy StokesPerson was signed in when posted
09:01 PM MT(US)
Hollis, I returned the flashlight earlier today! Such nice people you work with. w.
David L
09:00 PM MT(US)
The best part about owning a Subaru? Having Hollis as your mechanic. That and it's ok in the snow as well. That is all...
Gayle Towner
06:54 PM MT(US)
Anyone have a recommendation on a place that could replace the radiator in my Dodge Caravan for a decent price? It's been leaking coolant really bad and Jason's pretty sure there's a crack in the radiator. The sooner the better! babyrosegrl at gmail dot com. Thanks!!
06:29 PM MT(US)
well robert,we'll bring that to a screaching halt,i think it was accidental
05:24 PM MT(US)
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been helping me out during
my convalescence from knee surgery. Whoever left the beans 'n rice
yesterday - wow - you sure like spicy - me too. And those who
have plowed(CB, SC), visited and fed me.

Even my family has treated me decently for a change ;-)
David MPerson was signed in when posted
05:03 PM MT(US)
I've just gotten back from a fantastic X-country ski up past the Blue Jay and up to the "Fireplace Meadow". It is a rare joy to have such great ski conditions right in town. I'd encourage all the skinny ski enthusiasts to get out there, it's great! To the walkers, during this very short XC ski season in Jamestown, if you can refrain from walking on any of the ski tracks you find around town it would be so appreciated. "Postholing" a ski track nearly ruins it, especially in this soft, limited base snow. If you do walk it would be so great to see a parallel walking track. Obviously this is a challenge around the park but if possible it's so appreciated. Thanks!

Bring on the snow!
04:59 PM MT(US)
A heads up - that the band is coming to play still... So you can come see 'em!
04:20 PM MT(US)
Craig - You da MAN!

From - Your pals on Spruce St.
02:46 PM MT(US)
Hey Wendy Stokes, Would you look in your car and see if there's a flash light in there that belongs to Brown, the nice man that went for a test drive with you at Hoshi.
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