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Stand strong Jamestown, we're on our way back!

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Road Closures/Updates: Boulder County Roads

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02:07 PM MT(US)
Ode to A Road:

'O mud pit
'O puddle riddled bumps that reel
No matter how you turn your wheel
'O brave toiling travellers of the night
'O time it takes to make it right
Stay strong, o slammed and rattled cars
Remember that we've come so far
'O spirits and fenders dented
'O tires and moods punctured
Ho! To the journey and the journeyers
Bless us with silence and paved surfaces
For now, a beer at the Merc suffices

I love you all
Whatta trip!
and Shekinah the Honda
Town Hall - ErikaPerson was signed in when posted
01:55 PM MT(US)
Road Delays:

As we mentioned previously, these schedules will continue to be revised as work is completed, materials are delivered, and schedules are updated. The latest schedules will be emailed and posted on the Town’s website. Please see the revised schedule below for delays.
REVISED: Lower Main Street
DEI is completing the storm sewer construction on Lower Main Street. After that, they will need about a week to make the final grade and place the road base.

DELAYS for road construction from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
     Tuesday 8/26 - Saturday 8/30
     Tuesday 9/2 - Friday 9/5
REVISED: 12th Street (Above Mesa St)
DELAYS for road construction from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
     Tuesday 8/26 - Saturday 8/30 – Culvert installation and road construction
     Tuesday 9/2 - Friday 9/5 – Culvert installation and road construction
REVISED: Ward Street
DEI will pour the top slab of the box culvert this week. After the pour, the concrete will need to cure for 1-2 weeks. Once the concrete is strong enough to hold traffic, DEI will begin final grading of Ward Street. The final roadway grading could require some road closures. Velocity is beginning work on the permanent repairs to the Water Treatment Plant. They are proposing to work M-F only right now. Construction should extend through November. Expect DELAYS on Ward Street caused by Velocity.

DELAYS for culvert construction from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
     Tuesday 8/26 - Saturday 8/30
     Tuesday 9/2 - Friday 9/5
David MPerson was signed in when posted
12:42 PM MT(US)
There are a few homes/land newly on the Market in the area. If you're curious, have a look at a few of my listings here: http://www.davidmans.com/listings.htm Thanks!
Cynthia Ashley
10:17 AM MT(US)
Wood up for grabs: 4-8 pieces of 2' x 8' planks and some smaller boards; a few nice bark-covered pieces about 3' x 1"; some pieces of posts. All could be used in a building project, or cut up for firewood. My landline is not functioning (thank you Century Link!) but you can stop by Sunday morning between 9:oo - 11:00 am, or Monday afternoon. If I'm not home, the wood is under the carport, in a hanging holder, and there is some resting against the carport railing. Help yourself/selves!
09:53 AM MT(US)
I've recently been advised to undergo a dental gum/teeth deep cleaning procedure called Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy. I would appreciate comments from anyone familiar with this treatment as to its efficacy. It is expensive.
09:35 AM MT(US)
File a complaint with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission if Century link has not been providing the services you pay for. They should be out of businesses for pure breach of contract IMHO. Please don't let them get away with not servicing 'last mile' customers.

I've filed 2 myself the last 2 years. There is power in numbers. Your complaints, all justified.
Tara, Jamestown Mayor
04:55 PM MT(US)
A beautiful article about Joey:

Tara, Jamestown Mayor
04:55 PM MT(US)
A nice article about our community coming home:

Anne B
02:49 PM MT(US)
Jon, I have your package from Fedx. Ward St was closed.
02:39 PM MT(US)
When we moved back, our phone did not work after it was supposedly 'switched on'. I had to make an appointment with a technician, but had incredible difficulty getting through to a human being to do this. Finally, when I got through, an appointment was scheduled! Viola! I had to take a day off of work so they could come sometime between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and noon, but no later than 5:00 p.m. But, sometime before that appointment, my phone began working! Unfortunately, because it is so hard to reach a human being, I could not inform anyone at Century Link that my phone was now working. However, there were still some computer issues so I thought, all right, go ahead and come. Imagine my chagrin when I saw the Century Link truck drive by my house on the day of the scheduled appointment without stopping! I couldn't get out the door fast enough to stop them. My internet seems to be working now, anyway.

Yes, Kevin, for being in the communications business, they sure seem to have trouble with communication. Until you get a hallowed Technician! If you ever get the number for a tech, do not throw that number away! Save it for later, when you are sure to need it again.
Anne Breiler
02:07 PM MT(US)
FYI Jimtowners, I'm watching the storm from Alex Meekers, and there has been some undercutting of the road in front of Bill Taylor's place---Don't drive close to the stream side of the road!! Be safe
Eric Knouse (Ranger Ric)
11:50 AM MT(US)
Two homes downsizing.. great deals (Left Hand Canyon)

7791 Left Hand Canyon

saturday 2014-08-30

start time : 9:00 AM

Two homes downsizing.. great deals

This Saturday come sort through a rich assortment of old and new household items. Sewing supplies, fabric materials, miscellaneous hand tools, 10" Miter Saw, Antique Rocking Chair, Antique Chinese Governor's meditation chair, Antique vanity w/mirror, construction materials, bucket of nails, staple gun, liquid nails, caulking guns, misc books, gas lamps, table lamps, kitchen utensils, camping items, camping utensils. And much more...., etc. Begins a 9AM close down at 1PM. Take a left at the bottom of Lee Hill go up the Canyon past the fire station 1,000 feet look to your left.
Town Hall - ErikaPerson was signed in when posted
11:01 AM MT(US)
Colorado Spirit has informed us that they will not be available in Town Hall this Saturday, due to the Labor Day weekend.
10:42 AM MT(US)
Sylvia's mother says she likes Dr. Hooks song.
Thelma Lou
10:10 AM MT(US)
Sylvia's mother says, 'Sylvia's busy
Too busy to come to the phone'
Sylvia's mother says, 'Sylvia's tryin'
To start a new life of her own'
Sylvia's mother says, 'Sylvia's happy
So why don't you leave her alone?'
09:33 AM MT(US)
Does anyone want to give or sell a smaller cistern? Ideally under 250 gallons?
Thanks. Oak
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
09:32 AM MT(US)

Martin Gilmore Trio are three talented musicians- coming to Jimtown today.
Don't miss!
Jerry Welner
09:26 AM MT(US)
Latest from Century Link.
We got a telephone call from from CL asking if our telephone was working! Unfortunately Sylvia answered the call and said "yes". She missed two good answers: "No" and "Only the one on Porphyry, not the one on 12th Street".
09:00 AM MT(US)
Announcing the Jamestown Recover Plan: http://jamestownconnect.com/2014/08/29/ann...stown-recover-plan/
08:28 AM MT(US)
Any body going to CostCo in the next little bit?
Call me, please.
Oak 720-2six-six-4067
Jerry Welner
07:01 AM MT(US)
A little history about our phone problems and Century Link as I know it. I called them from the Merc on Wednesday around 6:00 PM. I was very careful to explain that most of the south side of JT was out, even though they kept insisting that I give them my address. They couldn't find my address on Porphyry View in their records. They insisted I was on 12th street. I insisted I was on Porphyry View. Anyway, they said the problem would be fixed within 24 hours. (6:00 PM Thursday).

To make sure, I called Thursday morning, went through the same argument about my address, and was told the phones would be fixed by 11:00 PM on Friday. The woman stood her ground and insisted it would be Friday.

Yesterday around 4:00 PM I was driving up 12th street toward my home and saw a Century Link truck at the side of the road with a very confused looking driver. I got suspicious and asked him what he was looking for. It was my house on a non-existant address on 12th Street. He had partial information from my first call. He had my name and phone number and my wrong address. But he didn't know the phones were out on Mesa.

Century Link is in the commumications business.

PS: Hey CL -- I live on Porphyry View.
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
09:55 PM MT(US)
So Friday and Saturday will be great-

Friday we have The Martin Gilmore Trio and Jovan is making some fantastic small plates.
You can enjoy the afternoon with great tunes and yummy food.

We are REALLY excited for the food and the music.
Dominic will have the smoker workin all day for a real meal AND THE BOTTOM DOLLAR STRING BAND is gonna be fantastic.

We also just got a great addition- The Bruce Hall Brothers are opening for The Bottom Dollar String band. Donny from the Gasoline Lollipops is coming with the 10 years guitar player for The Dixie Chicks to play tunes to get the party started.

They'll start at 6:30, so come have fun all night.
08:50 PM MT(US)
Tara, thanks for getting the phone repair expedited. When I called yesterday they said next Wednesday. I talked to the CL guys and the cable was cut by construction across from the school.
alexander graham bell
07:13 PM MT(US)
kent,please inform me i dont remember a POHONE,but i like the name time for a new device, the POHONE
kent weeks
06:37 PM MT(US)
Hi all. My pohone started working about 5, 5:30.
06:34 PM MT(US)
Century Link is working at the intersection of Anderson and Mesa St. at 6:30 p.m.
06:16 PM MT(US)
My calls are not going through either in Bar K. Fullsignal internet ok.
05:16 PM MT(US)
"Ooma Telo" internet phone or VOIP works pretty good. you could even have one for a backup.
Town Hall - ErikaPerson was signed in when posted
04:56 PM MT(US)

Jtown kids telling Senator Bennet what's what during his visit to Jamestown today.
03:54 PM MT(US)

An idea for JT...
Town Hall - ErikaPerson was signed in when posted
03:42 PM MT(US)

Thanks, Tara! It was fun getting a bucket if ice water dumped on my head in your place. Besides, I think I was a rather convincing stunt double for you. Cowboy hard hat? Check! Megaphone? Check! Flannel shirt, clipboard and EMS vest? Check!
Edited 08-28-2014 03:47 PM
Tara, Mayor
03:26 PM MT(US)
Re: Century Link

The technician is onsite found a broken cable along Mesa. They're hoping to locate and repair it today. More updates as I receive them.

Lynda Bell
02:46 PM MT(US)
Thanks Hollis!
Tara, Jamestown Mayor
01:47 PM MT(US)
Erika, you're the best! Thank you for "taking one for the Town"!
Mark Wisch
01:46 PM MT(US)
Thanks, Tara
Tara, Jamestown Mayor
01:41 PM MT(US)
Re: Century Link

I have escalated this within Century Link. There is a technician currently on his way to Jamestown to investigate the 3 service tickets they've received. They haven't received any alarms, which is apparently unusual when there's a big problem affecting multiple customers. I will receive an update before the end of the day today based on the technician's trip to Jamestown. Hopefully by then everything will be resolved. I will continue to share as I receive updates from Century Link. Please let me know when your service is restored.

Tara, Jamestown Mayor
12:14 PM MT(US)
Does anyone have a ticket number for the Century Link outage? Please email me at mayor@jamestownco.org.

Thank you!
Jennifer Beauvais
11:37 AM MT(US)
Hi there, Jamestown Folks--I am not sure if this is the place to post this, but I want to offer my support…Post flood, I'm still hearing about a lot going on in your neck of the woods and wanted to let you know that I'm offering in-home play therapy and individual counseling services, meaning that I would come to you rather than you having to come to Boulder (I cruise around with a big suitcase of toys when I work with children). If you think you might be interested, you can call me at 720-984-1207, email me at mountaingen@gmail.com, or check out mountainfamilyhometherapy.com.
John Hardman
10:52 AM MT(US)
Does anyone have a "dog crate" they don't need. John 303.939.9797 when the phones work or 303.898.2205 Cell
Tara, Mayor
09:37 AM MT(US)
I'm actively working to escalate the issue within Century Link. I will keep you posted as I'm able to get more information. The Town Hall will also have the latest information I have.

David MPerson was signed in when posted
08:52 AM MT(US)
JoeK, leaving Boulder in about 10 minutes. Call me asap if you want me to grab that bearing. 720-530-0097
08:34 AM MT(US)
Hi Tara,

The phones went out around 3:30 pm yesterday. From talking to people it sounds like the problem is along west Mesa west of the school and then everyone above Mesa up to the Meisners.

I was probably one of the first to call it in from the school which is working. Support was not too responsive but it is in their system under my phone for my house. But obviously it's an area issue.

I am working online from Vic and Kathleen's so I have access to email if you need more information.
08:30 AM MT(US)
If anyone is coming up to Jimtown from boulder today before 5 and could stop to pick up a 13$ bearing from orielly's I would pay you back upon arrival and sing your praises, literally if you like.
52o 2419O12
kent weeks
07:31 AM MT(US)
My phone is'nt working.
Tara, Mayor
05:54 AM MT(US)
Re: Century Link

Could someone please send me details about the issue with Century Link? I'm happy you see if there's a way to escalate this issue this morning if it's still an issue. Please email me at mayor@jamestownco.org.

Thank you,
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
11:21 PM MT(US)
Tomorrow- Thursday-
Strangebyrds are Ray Smith and Cari Minor
Great tunes

Dinner is:
Lasagnas made with lots of Farmers Market veggies and basil cream... Tomato basil salad , Italian sausage or not, Garlic bread and Caesar salad .
(Also a vegan gluten free version )

Come on over!
Kate Carbone
11:01 PM MT(US)

My little town. (From the northwest ridge of Howlett's Gulch.)
mary bowles
10:51 PM MT(US)
Is the jaguar sculpture one of Rabbitt's?
Erika you Rock!
10:24 PM MT(US)

Thanks for being you! (1st one on left!)
Edited 08-27-2014 10:25 PM
Kevin W
10:01 PM MT(US)
Re CenturyLink, are they really saying that it will take until the 5th? Did they diagnose the problem?
I’m guessing Sen. Bennet’s visit tomorrow is a photo op. Maybe some messaging (to the Senator’s staff and to press) could be, “We’ve been making remarkable progress with the recovery, but we suffered a setback yesterday when CenturyLink’s services failed for half the town, and we were told by the company's representatives that it would take over a week to restore phone and internet service.”
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