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Volunteer Coordinator
10:08 AM MT(US)
Thank you to Larry H. who solicited Land Valley Seed company for the seed donations! Please come and check them out in the town hall. They are sorted so you can make an easy selection.
You rock Larry!
Mike Kent
09:56 AM MT(US)
My daughter Romy needs a good cheep car - around $1,000 - call me 303.449.4223 or post... thanx
09:45 AM MT(US)
State law requires that any public road in Colorado considered open to cars is considered open to all vehicles/users, including equestrians, pedestrians, cyclists etc. Tara has worked hard to advocate for keeping James Canyon limited to access, however the irony is that the large trucks still pass through Lefthand, which is fully open. The cycling community has done very well with their education campaign, and we are seeing very low use numbers. We should all be aware of the fact that there will be multiple use types on the road and plan accordingly.
09:28 AM MT(US)
with all thats going on in the canyon at this time why are bikers even on the road rite now ,i dont get it
08:59 AM MT(US)

08:54 AM MT(US)
Stream Max Live on the radio from Berklee..NOW
Paul Murin
08:27 AM MT(US)
While we're on the subject of bikes in the canyon, I just wanted to throw something out there--if you're passing a bike, you MAY want to wait until you're not doing it around a blind curve. I have had a number of close calls with cars on the wrong side of the road because they were passing cyclists. It won't kill you to wait a few seconds until you're not on a blind curve before passing.
Jackie D
07:54 AM MT(US)
I am so sorry for the people who knew Nic and his family, such a tragic accident. Really happy you got a toilet Leesa, I wonder when you might be up for some bussiness , I have gotten a voucher for a lot of accupunture, which I really need, and if you can't do it, I should find someone else. Wishing you love, light and healing through your healing process, also just found out about a new cure for ...you know, based on chineese herbs, but made into a pill. I am sure we can figure out how to get the chinese herb, rather than the drug. I might need some also. Best wishes to you and your health!
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
09:42 PM MT(US)
Wednesday night is PUMPKIN NIGHT so B.Y.O.P. and get on over. We'll have newspapers for messy carving, an oven going for pumpkin seed toasting, designs for pumpkin faces, and a sweet dinner special too. Don't miss the chance for pumpkin gutting with your neighbors . :)
Leesa Bolden
09:06 PM MT(US)
Praise the lord... I have a toilet with running water. Indeed I do.

SO... I am going to begin moving in this weekend and I need some help during the week painting, cleaning... and over the weekend moving stuff.

Let me know if and when you can help if you can.

Thanks everyone,

08:07 PM MT(US)
JA, thank you for the photos of Nick.

On Oct 20, 2014, at 6:17 PM, QT - JA wrote:

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06:17 PM MT(US)

06:14 PM MT(US)

Photos of our lost friend Nick
Julia Summers
02:52 PM MT(US)
We were on our way down yesterday and saw the same cyclist. He was heading down the wrong side of the road on a blind corner. Very dangerous!
On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 2:40 PM, QT - Sengan <
qtopic-19-ttG9iqmEC2K@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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02:40 PM MT(US)
There are already cyclists on the road, despite the sign at the bottom of the road.

On my way up yesterday afternoon, I had a close encounter with a cyclist was riding down the Canyon (going the wrong way) on the asphalt on my side of the road in a blind turn.
While I understand not wanting to ride on gravel, it was shockingly dangerous.
Deleted by author 10-20-2014 02:00 PM
11:48 AM MT(US)
Door to Door Organics has arrived! Co-op members, come on up!
11:08 AM MT(US)
Once the barriers have been installed, there will be new striping in the canyon. It should help alleviate the new lane configuration confusions......
11:06 AM MT(US)
The cycling community is being educated by the cycling community, and there are signs up to that effect. Essentially it's the original law, single file when there is a following vehicle. Sunday's was a soft shoulder/pile of rock incident.
11:06 AM MT(US)
Chris, do you know if there will be a new center line painted in the canyon?
09:33 AM MT(US)
I heard there was a cyclist incident / accident sunday morning in the canyon...
Lawrence Hittle
08:12 AM MT(US)
Sometime Monday morning there will be a box of individual flower seed packets in the town hall. Free. Some perennials but mostly annuals for a quick burst of spring color. Lotsa varieties. An opportunity to bring back some color to the town. Come and get ‘em.
Rob G
07:53 AM MT(US)
Has the cycling community been alerted to the fact they need to ride single file under those circumstances?
07:18 AM MT(US)
Hi Pat-
Lefthand canyon has been open to bikes for quite some time. James Canyon has not been enforced vis-a-vis cyclists. I don't have a hard opening date, however it will coincide with the completion of the roadwork. One of the "new" additions will be jersey barriers in strategic locations. They will narrow the passage area where they are installed dramatically. Motorists SHOULD NOT pass cyclists in the jersey barrier zones, I can think of at least one that goes directly into a blind turn, which will really mess up someone's day. The County has installed single file signs at the various canyon entrances and cyclists are expected to ride single file when there is following traffic throughout the canyons in Boulder County.
Pat Japenga
10:25 PM MT(US)
I almost hate to ask this, in the wake of the recent death in the canyon, but has there been talk yet of when the canyon will officially open to bikes? Or how it will be opened (e.g. weekends only? official announcement or by word of mouth)? I suspect there will be a lot of pent up desire by cyclists to ride up here, which will be great for the merc business but challenging for drivers.
10:02 PM MT(US)
Does anyone have a single mattress we could borrow for about 2 weeks?
07:50 PM MT(US)
Catching up on the QT after a hiatus following my mom's passing in September. Hugs still appreciated. Also walks (3o3-544-o3o3). I missed the big Jamestown Recovery kick-off but still hope to join a group and contribute somehow. Sal, I've shared your labyrinth photos far and wide. SO beautiful. Steve, thanks for continuing the Sunday Reflection. Tyler Stokes is awesome for windows and more, and also an excellent human being. Laura Williams for dog sitting of course. Jeff at Fred's Propane is steady and reliable. Was with Fred's 12 years without a hitch if you don't count the flood.;) And much appreciation to Rainbow and The Merc for feeding my visiting family such spectacular meals over the past month. Most importantly, so very sorry to hear about the death of Nick. These men and women feel like extended family after all the months of waving and saying thank you. It's heartbreaking.
On Oct 14, 2014, at 12:25 PM, QT - Annamaria wrote:

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Anonymous Coward
02:36 PM MT(US)
 ... We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing. Thankyou Jamestown for the concern and support.
John Hardman
01:21 PM MT(US)
Thanks for your posts Mark. Very sad story. The flood took another life. Hope it is the last. God Bless Nic's family in this difficult time. Nic is in His glory now.
Edited 10-19-2014 01:24 PM
Louie Maurer
12:41 PM MT(US)
Maurer Maintenance is currently available for your construction/maintenance needs. My previous phone number is no longer in service because I have recently moved to Mesa St., but I can be reached at 303 525-8737. Please feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you lickety-split.
Mark Gosbee
12:40 PM MT(US)

Hey Joe,
This isn't a very helpful pic, but the guy was always working! So Nic was the guy that drove one the excavators, not the guy with the cowboy hard hat that drives the loader.
Nic and Chris were working a lot in front of my house and I had interest so I got to know them. R. Oxly may have a better pic of him, as we were both giving them food and drink, and swapping stories from time to time.

My last memory of Nic is on LHC the morning before he was killed, I was talking with him and he said he wanted to bring his family over for a BBQ and to see the work he has been doing. His face lit up when I told him how much I loved the creek work he did and thanked him from all of us. He was beaming, it was my last time seeing him, backlit with the morning sun behind him, eyes glowing and a huge smile knowing he had succeeded in making a difference. I will always remember him this way.
Deleted by author 10-19-2014 11:53 AM
10:40 AM MT(US)
Karen, Yes it is unfortunate that many solar tax and rebate incentives have expired, let's hope some are reinstated soon. In reference to cutting propane use I was referring to THERMAL solar systems that only capture the Suns energy as heat, not electricity. Thermal systems are much less expensive up front and payback much faster than PV(electric) systems. Especially in our cold winter climate where heating is often the largest bill to pay. Domestic hot water is a major gas burner in most households.
Air based space heating systems are generally the cheapest/simplest to retrofit and can provide lots of heat(10k's-100k's of BTU's per day) for up front investment in 1-5k$. Typically paid back in 2-3 yrs. DIY for <1k$ and you might payback the first year.
10:29 AM MT(US)
Was nick the jolly fellow who ran that big grader?
If anyone does have a photo it would help many of us put the face that we have all surely seen to his name.
Condolences and prayers for his family, friends and coworkers.
Sandy Greathouse
08:44 AM MT(US)
Good Morning Anne B. We have unsweetened chocolate 303-443-4754
08:25 AM MT(US)
Sunday Reflection: http://sundayreflectionjt.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/toms-tee-pee/
Anne B
07:43 AM MT(US)
Morning!! Just wondering if anyone has unsweetened chocolate powder in the pantry?? I need about 3/4 cup??????
Way High Radio
10:56 PM MT(US)

Just wanted to let everyone know that Way High Radio is now streaming at wayhighradio.com Don't forget about the funraiser Hallowhen? on Saturday, November 1st from 2 to midnite at the Historic Ward Church.
Karen Zupko
09:17 PM MT(US)
Thanks for the info, Sally. I think those credits and incentives no longer exist because after only six years folks were breaking even and maybe getting some payback by being able to sell back to the utility companies. Funny how that all disappeared. But good for you and anyone else who was able to take advantage of what no longer exists. A new colorado governor might be able to do something about that!
Jamie P
06:38 PM MT(US)

Maybe I'm biased but kyles meal is AMAZING! Come on over for delicious dinner and music!
Sally HempyPerson was signed in when posted
05:31 PM MT(US)
Karen, in particular...as of Jan.2 2015 we will have recouped every penny we put into our 9.5kw rooftop solar system. Yes, we had it installed in the fall of 08 and yes Xcel provided a big discount that year and yes the Fed. Tax laws gave us a big credit on our taxes and yes, we waited until Jan. 2 2009 to "turn it on" because the state of Colorado had passed a bill...effective in '09 that gave us another tax credit. We have never payed a penny since 1/2/2009. We have received monies from Xcel. There is no gas service up here in Bar-K so we have propane. This feeds the dryer...when we use it...the stove, hot water heater and furnace. We have 4 units/thermostats that control in-floor heating...BUT a tall stove pipe from the first floor, which we feed with wood heats the loft and first floor adequately due to a large fan that we control pushing warmed air downward. Unfortunately, all these incentives do not exist today. UNFORTUNATELY!
Mark Gosbee
03:22 PM MT(US)

Rest in Peace friend Nic,

I played some flute and said some prayers at the accident site today. Hung some frost hardy flowers and said goodbye.

Rest with the Angels
Karen Zupko
02:48 PM MT(US)
JOEK: Yeah. Clean power of the sun. Install solar system. What? $20000? Boulder county discounts, credits? The only thing I've seen goes to large utilities - water plants, etc. Nada for go the little guy. Do it yourselfers - not impressed. Exception: RVs.
The Millsite Inn
02:47 PM MT(US)
Organically Grown Farmers Market on the porch at the Millsite Inn in Ward today featuring Orchard Fresh Apples, seasonal veggies and more!! Also, there is a fabulous band called Banshee Tree playing until 4:30 ish!! Come check it out!! Its a beautiful day for a brewski outside!!
Rob G
12:26 PM MT(US)
Can anyone or does anyone have a picture of Nick they could post?
Colleen Ostlund
10:14 AM MT(US)
Thank you, the lamp is now sold.
10:12 AM MT(US)
this is very sad,so tough on mr nicks family so very sorry. does anyone know the name of the operator who wears the blue cowboy hat ,nice guy
Tara, Jamestown Mayor
09:43 AM MT(US)
As things settle down we will work with Duran to find out how the our community may reach out to help support Nick's family. I know your kind word and heartfelt sympathies mean a lot to them. You are a really special community.

Colleen Ostlund
09:37 AM MT(US)

One more item. This is brand new and has two extra glasses with it.
three zero three, 786 nine seven five five
Colleen Ostlund
09:35 AM MT(US)

Attached is the picture of item which are for sale.
Please call me if you have interest or know someone who might.
303 seven eight six nine seven five five
Edited 10-18-2014 09:36 AM
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