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Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
09:03 PM MT(US)

Kimono Kid
06:46 PM MT(US)

06:45 PM MT(US)

Happy Guy
06:43 PM MT(US)

Zombie Pig Butcher
Edited 10-31-2014 06:43 PM
05:21 PM MT(US)

Mesa Street's very own street walker. If you don't believe me keep an eye on her and watch her move around.
lynn wilber
02:38 PM MT(US)

Aieeeeeee . . . . .! My annual Halloween Existential Nightmare is on me again. There's a Hellhound on my trail. Whether to watch a triple feature of "The Thing" series, All upmteen Texas Chainsaw Massacrees, The chicken guts and jello Circadianism of the Night of the Living deadnaughts, or somnambulate through the direness of fakes like "The Stuff." What would Joe Bob Briggs do . . . . Hmmm. . . maybe a juicy dose of Evil Dead. Just a whistlin' in the dark. SVH
Jamestown School
11:58 AM MT(US)
In case you have been hiding ..... and forgotten what day it is .....

Don't forget about the Jamestown School Halloween Party this evening from 5:30 - 6:30!

And if you are "too old" to come to the party (HA! No such thing as too old!), don't forget to have your candy ready for the ghosts and ghouls!

Trick-or-Treating starts at 6:30! The l'il haunts will be travelling from the school down Mesa Hill and around Low Main this year; avoiding the dark dropoff of Andersen Hill.

Get your Jack-O-Lanterns lit, and enjoy the evening!
Auguste and johns
10:03 AM MT(US)
needed dog sitter for the winter. please call Auguste for more details 303 447 8759
Alex Meeker 20 Main St
07:16 AM MT(US)
Watercolor open workshop at my studio,20 Main Street-Jamestown-Saturday 10:00-!:00.
No charge, but asking for small donations.Please bring your materials.
E-mail with questions/ alexmeeker@msn.com
I look forward to seeing anyone interested in attending.
Dj Chad Zygoat
08:27 PM MT(US)

this is just a reminder for my show on all hallows eve <Friday 7:pm> at the Merc. this will be my 13th show. what makes this one special is that the soundtrack will be completely original. thanks again to Rainbow for allowing this tradition to continue. come down, get the heck scared back in you.....
06:37 PM MT(US)
Wendy StokesPerson was signed in when posted
05:27 PM MT(US)
We have a lot of Burches around town these days! Welcome Mary Louise!
Laura Williams
04:15 PM MT(US)
JAKE - WAS MAVERICK FOUND??? I hope "a friend" didn't call animal control...I never trust those anonymous posters.
a friend
02:21 PM MT(US)
Jake, hope someone didn't decide to call animal control!
Mary Louise Burch
12:30 PM MT(US)
Hi! My name is Mary Louise. I am a friend of Deborah Haynes and renting a room in her house at 51 Main. I am very happy to be here and look forward to being a part of your wonderful community.

I am also looking for work. I am a care-giver, case-manager, excellent cleaner, organizer, cook, and I love animals (pet-sitting). I also have a resume with lots of administrative experience working for non-profits, educational institutions, and health care facilities. If you or someone you know needs a person to help with any of the above services please contact me anytime by e-mail: mlburch11@gmail.com. You can also try me by phone at (505) 359-1172 (cell doesn't work in JT) or (303)541-0991 (land line). It would be great to work in Jamestown or the surrounding area but I am happy to travel as well.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

Thank you,

Mary Louise
11:26 AM MT(US)
Anyone going to Costco who can grab me a bag of dogfood?
Love, oak
Dixon & Jean
07:58 AM MT(US)
Happy Birthday to Ernestine Burch !!!!!!!!
Anne Breiler
05:57 PM MT(US)
Thanks for bringing the "Grab And Go" at the Merc, Robert. It was fun seeing the morning crowed today!!!
Ryan Ludlow - Forester
04:34 PM MT(US)
Boulder County Forest Health Outreach eNewsletter – Oct. 29, 2014
Today’s Forest Health Outreach update covers the following:
*Forestry Tip of the Day: Join us for “Waldo Canyon: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” – Oct. 30
*Article: High Country News - A New Wildfire Protection Approach in Colorado
*Video: Colorado State Forest Service- Video #4

*Forestry Tip of the Day: Join us for “Waldo Canyon: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”- Oct. 30
Please join us for the October Wildfire Awareness Month keynote presentation on Thursday, Oct 30 at 6:30 p.m. Deputy Fire Marshal Kris Cooper, Colorado Springs Fire Department, will share his lessons learned while fighting the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Keynote: Waldo Canyon: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
When: Thurs., Oct. 30, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Description: The 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs killed two residents, destroyed 346 homes, burned 18,247 acres, and forced more than 30,000 people to evacuate. At the time it was considered the worst wildfire in Colorado history. Deputy Fire Marshal Kris Cooper will share lessons learned from the fire line.

Where: Boulder County Regional Fire Training Center, Boulder Reservoir, 5565 N. 51st St., Boulder (Directions: drive through Boulder Reservoir’s main entrance, continue past the recreational facilities to the end of the road where the Fire Center is located.)

*Please try your best to arrive for the presentation early. We need to lock the gates to the Reservoir at 6:45 p.m. sharp and no one will be allowed access to the presentation after that time. Thanks for your help!

*Article: High Country News - A New Wildfire Protection Approach in Colorado
Take a look at this great article from High Country News highlighting our new Wildfire Partners Program. Web link: http://www.hcn.org/issues/46.14/a-new-wild...pproach-in-colorado

The 2014 Wildfire Partners Program is currently at capacity. However, additional homes will be accepted into the program in 2015. Visit www.WildfirePartners.org to find out more and add your name to the 2015 program waitlist.

*Video: Colorado State Forest Service- Video #4
Take a look at the final segment of the four-segment video series produced by the Colorado State Forest Service. This one focuses on Colorado’s Wood Products Industry: Essential to Long-Term Forest Health.

Watch it here: http://vimeo.com/98376500


Ryan Ludlow | Forestry Education & Outreach Coordinator
Boulder County | Land Use Department
2045 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
720-564-2641 | rludlow@bouldercounty.org
*Visit our website to join our Forest Health Outreach eNewsletter
04:19 PM MT(US)
I ran into a delightful surprise ...
The Merc is open 8-10am weekdays for grab 'n go food like
coffee, muffins and burritos.

How many times have you said "I want to support the Merc" -
well, here's your chance!
01:51 PM MT(US)
Reminder: Jamestown Support Group tonight, 6:30 PM at the JT Community Church.

All are welcome!
01:43 PM MT(US)

Costume swap: I'm looking for a unique new costume and will bring a few of mine to the Merc at 8. I have a great Queen of Hearts and devil's costume; both Frederick's of Hollywood and will fit women sizes 6-12. I'd only like to part with these particular get-ups if I can trade for something good. Can we make a deal?? (jillbielawski at gmail)
Edited 10-29-2014 01:48 PM
Jamie P
01:17 PM MT(US)
TONIGHT at the Mercantile we'll have a delicious finger lickin chicken dinner with lots of yummy sides! Come visit me and Kyle Williams!

We could also make tonight an unofficial costume exchange. If you've got some costume goodies that you want to see someone else utilize - bring it down! BUT Everyone will be in charge of removing their items at the end of the night. (Thanks, Jill for the idea).

I could also use a sequins top if anyone's got one of those for me to borrow this weekend.

See ya at the Merc!
Jake Brotherton
01:02 PM MT(US)
Hi everyone, my dog maverick has apparently learned how to escape my locked and shut apartment. A few helpful townies have already obliged in putting him back inside. If you happen to see a tan little dingo-esque dog running around the Merc, and feel like trying to put him in the lower apartment next door it will be greatly appreciated. Now I just have to learn how to deal with a phase shifting dog that can walk through walls.
11:58 AM MT(US)
Kitty Looking for Good Home! We have a VERY friendly, young, female, tabby cat looking for a new home. We will be taking her to the humane society in a few days if we can not find a place for her.
Give me a call. 757-871-2314 or at home 720-565-0216.
11:52 AM MT(US)
Get your candy cauldrons ready...Halloween is coming to Jamestown!

Halloween Party for the kids:
Friday, October 31
5:30-6:30 PM
Jamestown Elementary School

$3/child or $5/family

Fun games and prizes!

All proceeds benefit:
Jamestown Elementary School

(Please feed monsters prior to party!)

Trick-or-treating around Jamestown afterwards!

Parents: Please avoid sending the kids down Andersen Hill in the dark this year!
David MPerson was signed in when posted
10:54 AM MT(US)
Prescribed burn at Heil Ranch: http://tinyurl.com/prow3ud
Town Hall
10:47 AM MT(US)
We have had inquiries about any potential fires north of Lefthand Canyon, and we have been told by the county that there are prescribed burns going on.
Thank you!
Chris Sheldon
10:20 AM MT(US)
Hey neighbors, I just wanted to give you a heads up about the music I have planned for this Saturday, November 1st, at the Mercantile in Jamestown. Back in August I brought up a group that featured my friend Robby Peoples singing and playing a mean harmonica. Someone asked me after the show if he had sold his soul to the devil, he was so good. Well that's a big affirmative and I'm happy to say he'll be coming back on Saturday with his good buddy Mason on the bass this time. Also coming up to play with us for the first time is another great singer and guitarist from Denver, Jonah Wisneski. This is a great lineup, plus you never know who else may pop up for a tune or two. Wear a costume if you are feeling so inclined as there will be a contest with prizes! I hope to see you Saturday!
07:40 PM MT(US)
Need a ride tomorrow:

Is anyone heading down the canyon tomorrow afternoon between 2:30 and 3:30 who could give Mason a ride?

Thank you,

Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
07:30 PM MT(US)

THURSDAY- Whale Tales are playing- some good old folk Rock Americana. It's getting colder so come warm up with a rich German meal. We'll have Choucroute Garni (that's a fancy name for sour kraut and sausages) with Spatzle, German veggies and bread.

FRIDAY- It's Halloween! Come in before the Elementary School Halloween Party with the kids for early Spaghetti Dinner, and then come by after trick or treating or handing out candy to check out our own Jamestown Halloween tradition: DJ CHAD ZYGOAT spins to the scary movie:

SATURDAY- Mark your weekend calendar now! MR. LEON HILL and Friends are doing the last fish fry of the season! Put on your COSTUME and come party with THE JAMESTOWN HALLOWEEN BAND SHOW CURATED BY CHRIS SHELDON.

The winner of the costume contest wins a $20 Merc gift certificate and a heck of a lot of pride.
Sal DeVincenzo
04:17 PM MT(US)
Still needin a ride up the hill ... Anyone going home from Boulder to Jamestown or Bar-K ???
I'm at Wolf's 303-443-6095 or my mobile 303-907-0499 Appreciate it...
Marjo Curgus
02:41 PM MT(US)
Hello Greater Jamestown Community!

We just posted a Jamestown Recovery Plan project update on the work of the Community Planning Groups. The six groups began meeting the first week of October and includes around 70 people working to develop recommendations for the plan. To read the update go to http://www.jtstrong.net/news

To provide you an opportunity to learn more, we will be hosting a one hour community meeting on Tuesday, November 4th at 6:00 p.m. at the Jamestown Town Hall. Join us for coffee, tea, and cookies and a very short update on the planning process followed by plenty of time for questions.

For more information on the Jamestown Recovery Plan go to www.jtstrong.net

Marjo Curgus
Del Corazón Consulting
02:02 PM MT(US)
There was a car upside down in Lefthand creek on Mon Oct 27 around 5pm.
Does anyone know more about that accident?
Anne H.
11:34 AM MT(US)
I'm one of those households of one, Nancy, and I too have invested in water saving toilets, a front loader washing machine and a water restricter on the shower. When the ditch is running all of my outdoor watering comes from it. I run my dishwasher once a week, do only one load of laundry most weeks and use very little water and yet I pay for two bathrooms. I don't mind paying my fair share, but I can't afford to subsidize larger households, duplexes and/or multiple buildings on one lot. And now a surcharge!!!???
Way High Radio
09:18 AM MT(US)

We're starting off Hallowhen? with an "Open Mic". Bring your songs and words and be heard.

Hallowhen? 2014 / Schedule of Events

2:00 - Opening
2:15 - Open Mic
2:30- Open Mic
2:45- Bear
3:00 - Bear
3:15 - Bear
3:30 - Blair
3:45 - Blair
4:00 - break
4:15 - Banshee Tree
4:30 - Banshee Tree
4:45 - Banshee Tree
5:00 - Banshee Tree
5:15 - Banshee Tree
5:30 - break
5:45 - Ben Hanna solo
6:00 - Ben Hanna solo
6:15 - Ben Hanna solo
6:30 - Ben Hanna solo
6:45 - break / tweener
7:00 - break / tweener
7:15 - Band Lish Stone Experience
7:30 - Band Lish Stone Experience
7:45 - Band Lish Stone Experience
8:00 - Band Lish Stone Experience
8:15 - Band Lish Stone Experience
8:30 - End silent auction / Raffle
8:45 - break
9:00 - Blue Mtn Jam
9:15 - Blue Mtn Jam
9:30 - Blue Mtn Jam
9:45 - Blue Mtn Jam
10:00 - Blue Mtn Jam
10:15 - Blue Mtn Jam
10:30 - break
10:45 - DDP
11:00 - DDP
11:15 - DDP
11:30 - DDP
11:45 - DDP
12:00 - DDP
C & M Williams
08:46 AM MT(US)

Have a ghoulishly good Halloween! This picture is from the early 1990's when the controversial traffic calming structures were installed in town.
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
09:31 PM MT(US)

Don't miss Max's show tomorrow live from Berklee online at 9 Am Mountain..
 Next best thing to having him here...almost


 Click "Listen Now"
09:19 PM MT(US)

The only fair way to charge for water.
Jamestown Elementary
08:18 PM MT(US)
I should have said 'both' ends of town, instead of 'either'. We need someone at both ends of town. So that's two people.

Maybe I should hang out at school more often so I can learn how to write more better.
Jamestown Elementary
08:15 PM MT(US)
Halloween Help Needed: Any JVFD or LHFD members who would be able to stand at either end of town to slow traffic down to a safe speed during prime trick-or-treating time this Halloween Night.

In the past we have had JVFD wear their uniforms to give the festivities an official air. It really helps, and the parents appreciate it a lot.

Is there anyone free on Halloween Night, from 6:30 - 7:30, to help out with traffic safety for the kids?

Thanks much, JES Parents and Staff
Double Flusher
08:09 PM MT(US)
From a hygiene perspective. Tax the lawn waterers.
Rob G
07:01 PM MT(US)
Water usage-
As we have been going through the permit process for our septic system rebuild,the county and state look at the bedroom count. Seems sensible to me but what do I know. Just sayin....... But I'd also be up for metering. I don't have an issue with paying for what we use.
Nancy E
05:18 PM MT(US)
counting bedrooms and /or bathrooms isn't really fair to folks who are single, without children, work-at-home using one or more bedrooms as an office, seniors, etc. who may have multiple bathrooms and multiple bedrooms but are only 1 or 2 people, and not using as much water as a household of 4-5 with one bathroom. We personally also invested $$ in water efficient dishwasher, clothes washer, and toilets--so 2 people using less water.
Matt Kohlhaas
04:49 PM MT(US)
How about counting both bedrooms and bathrooms?
Kent Weeks
01:37 PM MT(US)
Tim, Kent here. I believe the bedroom count would be more indicative of a residences water use. Pay the surcharge and get on with it!

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 12:46 PM, QT - Nederland Food Pantry <
qtopic-19-ttG9iqmEC2K@quicktopic.com> wrote:

< replied-to message removed by QT >
Nancy Farmer
01:29 PM MT(US)
Hey Lulu, your voicemail box is full. You can borrow my immersion blender, but I'm not going to be around after noon tomorrow, so pop in and pick it up tonight or in the morning if you want it - I'm at 67 High Lake now - Karen A's old place. (2nd drive on the left - flamingo just before the turn in. Local digits end in o171. :)
Nederland Food Pantry
12:46 PM MT(US)
In addition to regular Nederland Food Pantry on Thursday 10/30 and 11/6 and Saturday, 11/1 and 11/8 please note the following special events:

Sat., Nov. 15th 9:30 – Noon -Services Fair
Food Boxes from EFAA, Free Flu Shots, Reps. From BC Health and Human Services, BC Care Connect, Legal Aid, Catholic Charities and Lutheran Services.

Sun., Nov. 16th 12-3 – Ned Community Thanksgiving
Bring a potluck dish, and your own plate, cup, & utensils
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and drinks provided by Town of Nederland.
to volunteer http://tinyurl.com/mggvtlj or debdandrea@gmail.com or Janette Taylor 303-258-3586

Sat., Dec 13th 9:30 – Noon - Holiday Baskets
All the fixin's for special holiday meals! Toys for kids! Hats, mittens, winter clothes!

Regular Food Pantry
ONLY the first Thursdays in November and December(Thanksgiving and Christmas fall on the Last Thursdays)
& Every Saturday 10- Noon
Lynda Bell
11:53 AM MT(US)
In need of a reasonably priced vehicle for a family member :

Any one have a lead on a reasonably priced reliable vehicle ($1500-2000 range) for a family member?

If so, I am available at -

Lynda Bell
three oh one - six seven six - seven two six three OR

Thanks in advance friends!

Thelma Lou
11:36 AM MT(US)
Well dagone it, bathrooms, bedrooms, outhouses, gardens, whatever? It seems purty simple. My dog might get a bath once or twice a year, which he hates by the way, but in my house it's the peoples that use and sometimes waste the water. Why some days the line to the "lil house on the hill" is loong. Specially day after the "chili blow out" or Taco Bell takeout.
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