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David MPerson was signed in when posted
01:35 PM MT(US)

This is a beloved old "baker's cabinet" that came from our cabin in Ward. It is quite functional and really pretty beautiful despite many years of service. It has a Corian countertop that also slides inside the top shelf unit. It's about 3.5' wide, 2.5'deep, and 6' tall. We're reluctant to get rid of it but have no room for it. An alternative would be having it enjoyed somewhere with an option to get it back? We'd sell it to the right person too. $75?

We also have a Murphy Bed frame that fits a Queen sized bed. This is all in one piece and ready to mount to the wall. Works great. $50.

At 99 Main St. 3/459-0203
Edited 10-25-2014 01:35 PM
David MPerson was signed in when posted
01:25 PM MT(US)

We have a few things for sale/give away as we anticipate the removal of the shipping container in the yard. This is a small chest of drawers with all functional drawers and a rattan(?) opening chest with a single drawer. It is full of old VHS tapes, primarily kid/family stuff. These are free for the taking and currently in front of our house.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
11:12 AM MT(US)
Also, Henry's looking for a ride to Boulder around 6PM tonight. Anyone headed down from Jamestown/Bar-K? He's pretty flexible too. His number is 303-667-2375. Thanks!
David MPerson was signed in when posted
11:08 AM MT(US)
Hey, looking for a thin black neck tie to borrow. If anyone's got something I could use for a couple days I'd appreciate it. 3/459-0203 DavidAT jimtown.org

Matt, let me know if you need some help with the girls.
Jan Reed
09:32 AM MT(US)
Update: Matt appears to be ok to care for the children. On a general note Please remember to wash your hands frequently. Thanks. Jan
Jan Reed
08:58 AM MT(US)
Is there anyone who can come pick up Matt and Julie's children ASAP, The parents have a stomach virus, the children have already had it and are symptom free. PLEASE CALL ME AT 303 FOUR FOUR 9 9 seven six one. Thanks.
kent weeks
09:03 PM MT(US)
So I've got 10 baths of varying sizes but only three bedrooms. How much water can the house use? Every city or water district that I recall used the bedroom rule. Maybe that wouldn't work in Jimtown, but it seems fairer.
07:36 PM MT(US)
Mark Wisch - Ballots are not forwardable pieces of mail. I suspect your ballot went to the address you had in town. I suggest contacting the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office. There's still time to get it straightened out. If there are others who did not receive ballots, this may be true for you as well.
Nancy E
04:49 PM MT(US)
Yes, Mark. We got ballots, blue books, etc. this past week.
04:38 PM MT(US)
You should have received your ballots by now I think. Mine came beginning of the week.
Mark Wisch
04:25 PM MT(US)
Has anyone received their ballots in the mail, yet? Jackie and I have not.
Deleted by topic administrator 10-24-2014 02:23 PM
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
10:06 AM MT(US)

FRIDAY- The very talented very own child of Jamestown- SARA FARMER! 5-8 Jovan's making some tasty little plates, (his favorite one being homemade pierogis with radish pickles and flank steak.)

SATURDAY- PARKIN LOT is a fun Folk Rock Band- good to dance to and have a good time. Kyle is making smoked pulled pork plate with slaw and all the fixins. A great night to come on out.
Leesa Bolden
10:03 AM MT(US)
DELAYED but that's OK. No moving in party this weekend... :(

It will be early next week before I am ready to begin moving into my home.

I will have the clinic open (in some form) for acupuncture... next Sunday November 2nd.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone...

joe reichertPerson was signed in when posted
07:31 AM MT(US)
Question to the Merc: What kind of music does Parking Lot play ? Is there a dinner for Saturday night ?
04:50 AM MT(US)
I will be holding open workshops down at my studio,this Saturday,10:00-1:00 , at 20Main street, in Jamestown.
This will be every Saturday morning , as long as people are interested.
Please join us .E-mail me if you have any questions regarding the workshop.
See you Saturday! Alexmeeker@msn.com
Lawrence Hittle
10:46 PM MT(US)
I’ll second that notion, Alex. Things are gradually coming back. That last cold snap and wind we had knocked the color out of the trees and forced the leaves and pine needles to fall to the ground. As I walked the path along the edge of the creek, they are covering up some of the sand, and gravel, and beach front appearance the flood left behind. We should look pretty good in a few more seasons when it is all covered up and our alpine appearance returns. Even better, I was hiking about 300 yards above the Blue Jay mill site and ran across a young bull moose. Things ARE returning to normal.
Steve Hull
10:16 PM MT(US)
The bird posts are motivating me to keep my eyes and ears open; thanks for all the informative sighting news Jimtowners & BarKers!
Edited 10-23-2014 10:16 PM
Sal DeVincenzo
08:30 PM MT(US)

water ouzel
Betty Dowe
08:26 PM MT(US)
Alex, we had a dipper-bird behind the house this spring. It was the first we'd seen in years. We felt that it was a "sign" of a return to normal too. I'm now waiting for the first fish sighting.
Alex Meeker 20 Main St
05:27 PM MT(US)
Well, the american dipper is back......otherwise known as a water ouzel. The dark gray bird that dips up and down as it goes upstream while feeding. I don't know if anyone else has seen one, but this is the first one I've seen since the flood!!
 This tells me that things are starting to return to normal. I've also seen rabbits in my yard, first time since the flood also.So let's hear it for coming back !Yeah !
Town Hall - Erika
02:21 PM MT(US)
A reminder that we are taking up a collection to hand to Nick's family tomorrow at the service in Greeley. If you'd like to donate some cash or sign the card please come by the town hall before 5 today. (Feel free to put notes / cards in the after hours slot in the front door and we'll pick it up before we leave in the morning)
Michael B./ JAM
01:10 PM MT(US)
JAM MEETING this Sunday 3:30 at the Brotherton's house. 12 Mill St. All are welcome. Come help plan or create the next JAM event. There is talk of a possible upcoming "Band in a Hat" in 2015 as well as some other ideas. We will start out with short meeting and then JAM a bit. Bring instruments if you would like. Snacks and beverages are welcome as well.
Rich Kane
12:32 PM MT(US)
I have an Asko setup, and have used Hi-Tech Appliance (303) 665-0951, who are a certified repair shop for Asko. They were good. I also have used Bruce who owns Appliance Master (303) 494-9147 for my fridge, and he is GREAT. I've recommended him to several friends, and they were all thrilled. Because he is independent, he is cheaper then Columbine. My friend Jen, up in the Bar-K, has a dryer that is down, maybe you guys could get the same shop come up to make to house calls. Call me 303-443-9546 if you want Jen's #
Sandy Greathouse
11:34 AM MT(US)
There is Mountain Strong apparel available for purchase at the Town Hall. Both the Mountain Strong design and the kids design. There is also stationary and mugs with the kids design available. Great Christmas Gifts!

Sweatshirts Mountain Strong Design - Navy 2XL 6 available
Sweatshirts Mountain Strong Design - Navy Med 1 available
Long Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy 2XL 3 available
Long Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy LG 1 available
Long Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy Med 1 available
Long Sleeve Kids Design - White 5 available
Short Sleeve Kids Design - White 3XL 2 available
Short Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy 2XL 2 available
Short Sleeve Kids Design - Grey 2XL 3 available
Short Sleeve Kids Design - White 2XL 2 available
Short Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy XL 1 available
Short Sleeve Kids Design - Grey XL 12 available
Short Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy LG 1 available
Short Sleeve Kids Design - Grey LG 8 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - White 2XL 1 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - Pink 2XL 1 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - Grey XL 2 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - Pink XL 1 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - Grey LG 2 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - White LG 1 available
Ladies Short Sleeve Kids Design - Pink LG 1 available
Youth Short Sleeve Mountain Strong Design - Navy LG 1 available
Youth Short Sleeve Kids Design - Grey LG 1 available

Mountain Strong Hats - Green 14 available
10:47 AM MT(US)
Thanks Lou, didn't realize you did appliances too. The dryer already hitched a ride to eerie with a friend who works in Lafayette though.
Fyi not many places will service the Asko brand, only other place I found was in golden, called like 7 places in longmont and they kept suggesting columbine or American appliance
Town Hall - Erika
10:30 AM MT(US)
Kirkland’s schedule for the work on James Canyon Drive. This project is being administered by Boulder County Transportation:

Thursday Oct 23 – General clean of James Canyon Drive
Friday Oct 24 through Sunday Oct 26 - No work
Monday Oct 27 - Milling of street
Tuesday Oct 28 - Paving of street
Wednesday Oct 29 - Grinding of JCD
Thursday Oct 30 - Striping of JCD
Town Hall - Erika
09:52 AM MT(US)

Nicolas Arredondo Uribe
Edited 10-23-2014 09:52 AM
Town Hall - Erika
09:50 AM MT(US)
Volunteer(s) wanted for Town Office tomorrow, Friday, from 8:30-1:30.

Town staff will be attending the service for Nick tomorrow. We're hoping to find a couple of people to cover phones and greet people at the front desk. If this is something you can do, please reach out to erika.archer@jamestownco.org.
Mark Gosbee
08:33 AM MT(US)
Nicolas Arredondo Uribe Obituary
Date of Birth:
Friday, December 6th, 1968
Date of Death:
Friday, October 17th, 2014
Funeral Home:
Adamson Funeral & Cremation Services
2000 47th Avenue
Greeley, Colorado, UNITED STATES
Nicolas Arredondo Uribe, 45, of Greeley, CO passed away October 17, 2014
following an accident in Boulder County.
He was born December 6, 1968 in Durango, Mexico to Teodoro and Juana (Uribe)
Nicolas had a smile that would brighten everyone's day. He was a role model
husband and father who loved spending time with his family. He enjoyed
playing pool and volley ball. Nicholas was everything to his family and will
be missed by his children who loved and adored him.
He is survived by his wife of 24 years, Cecilia; children, Benito Arredondo,
Josue Arredondo and Ivett Arredondo; brothers and sisters, Soledad, Ramon,
Juan, Guerreros, Felix, Lorenza and Ofelia.
He is preceded in death by his parents, Teodoro and Juana Arredondo; and
Services include; Visitation Thursday, October 23, 2014 from 5-7 p.m.
followed by Recitation of The Rosary at 7 p.m., both at Adamson Chapel. Mass
of Christian Burial 10 a.m. Friday, October 24, 2014 at St. Peter Catholic
Church, 915 12th Street, Greeley. Interment at Linn Grove Cemetery.
To extend condolences to the family go to adamsonchapels.com.
louie maurer
06:34 PM MT(US)
I know columbine comes up to jamestown they charge a
A minamum price I think it is 130.00 but I agree with
Dave if would like me to look at it I charge 35.00 to
Diagnose 3035258737
05:51 PM MT(US)
Columbine comes up in Longmont- think that they are still there (havent been in a few years)
1108 Francis St, Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 776-2215

Hope this helps
Nancy Farmer
04:06 PM MT(US)

Lovely cat tower in great condition - who wants it? It's too big for my space and Miss Kitty doesn't really like it, so it needs a new home. Any takers? 3o3 four 59 oh 1 7 1
Edited 10-22-2014 04:07 PM
Jamestown School Goblins
03:59 PM MT(US)
Do you LOVE Halloween? C'mon, you know you do.

Jamestown School is inviting any interested community members to help with the Halloween Party this year. We are looking for fun-loving, spooky-minded individuals to set up a haunted house, fish pond, mummy wrap, or any other creative activity you would like to propose. The party is short but sweet (from 5:30 - 6:30) on Halloween Night. It will be held at the school. Set up will take place on Halloween afternoon; specific time TBD. Some materials will be provided.

Come celebrate Halloween with the goblins at Jamestown School!

You can contact Beth at school or Annamaria on the QT if you are interested in increasing your fun-factor on Halloween night.
01:47 PM MT(US)
So specialty appliance does not do service only sales, they actually suggested columbine in eerie... I'm gonna call around longmont
Town Hall - Erika
01:21 PM MT(US)
XL black columbia shell with hood left in town hall a week or two ago. Is it yours?
01:14 PM MT(US)
Thanks for the gunbarrel tip Ben I'll givem a ring.
Don't have the time or inclination to troubleshoot it myself, it's not my dryer either I'm just the haul guy.
Edited 10-22-2014 01:15 PM
Town Clerk
01:02 PM MT(US)
Tom Hering,Boulder County Transportation, requested that residents report any incidents or problems that you might experience in the canyon during the overlay project to him directly at 303-819-4437.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
11:52 AM MT(US)
You tried digging into it JoeK and maybe troubleshooting yourself? I've found dryer's generally very simple appliances to fix. It's usually just a case of switching out old/failed parts.
Ben Perry
11:49 AM MT(US)
JoeK, I drive past a place called Specialty Appliance in Gunbarrel every day. Their website shows that they carry the Asko brand.

Please don't consider this a recommendation, since I've never used the place, but it's at least a local option.

11:18 AM MT(US)
Anyone recommend an appliance repair shop in boulder or longmont for an Asko(Swedish brand) dryer? Just called columbine and they closed down their boulder shop last year. I'd rather not drive it to eerie...
Ranger (Ric) 720-684-8444
10:25 AM MT(US)
WANTED -- small broken oak wood pieces. I am seeking broken oak wood scraps for this coming winter. If you have small oak scraps that you would like me to remove at no charge to you. I will be happy to come to your location to clean up (remove) the scraps. Please contact me at 720-684-8444.
Jamie P
10:00 AM MT(US)

I'm so excited about tonight because it's PUMPKIN NIGHT at the MERC!

We'll have Halloween coloring pages, garbage bags for messy pumpkins and Kyle's making pumpkin potato soup with jalapeño cornbread and salad! We'll obviously be roasting pumpkin seeds too.

It's B.Y.O.P. and tools so come prepared! We'll see you tonight!
Edited 10-22-2014 10:02 AM
09:34 AM MT(US)
OB you know we love you, but do you not see why at this juncture in our plight,people are not understanding why we are dealing with bikes now,we want the canyon done they are just another interference, you dont see the danger here???
09:33 AM MT(US)
They will be striping in Lefthand and possibly James canyon today. Please don't forget that the speed limit in the canyon is still 20 mph.
06:08 AM MT(US)
Noam Chomsky takes a day off !!!
06:06 AM MT(US)
Some wooden pallets and a shop vac and antifreeze - in front
of my red house
Jamestown PO - Anita
10:44 PM MT(US)

Plow, sand, and salt Post Office parking lot
Shovel and salt walkways

Monday thru Saturday by 8:00 a.m. (as needed)

Must be able to accept credit card payment
Rob G
10:30 PM MT(US)
Chris don't take it personally-
There are good riders out there too. I used to ride a lot... a whole lot, and may be again. But I, like you, didn't take or impose unnecessary risk on myself or others and had a firm understanding of really simple physics== Me on a bike against a car or an SUV not good.... Please don't misconstrue. It is a subset of riders, the teams and club riders that are the worst and the occasional solo riders. I followed one down today- There was plenty of opportunity for him to let a car or two around, to be courteous, it has to be a two way street (Pardon the pun)but he was clearly making a statement and a really self serving one at that. I don't begrudge anyone for wanting to ride the canyons. But the pervasive attitude of the cycling community here is really crappy. Thanks for all of the help for the town and residents in need, but when I donate somewhere- it does not buy me a seat at the table. Simply put- Respect is earned, not doled out or mandated. Commerce built the roads and paying taxes maintains and repairs them. The cyclist I dealt with today has culpability and I should be able to identify him. He can me by a simple glance at my license plate. Several times in the last 17 or 18 years of my living, paying taxes and being a property owner I have given cyclists my tag numbers and name and asked them to please call the sheriff to settle the matter right now. I even gave a guy change for the pay phone outside the Merc one afternoon.
Sorry..... Greathouse on another long winded rant. In short. Chris it's not you. It IS a group of people that will never read this bulletin board though. Sorry- please don't be offended my friend.
When are you moving home?? It'll be good to have you guys back!
Edited 10-21-2014 10:32 PM
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
10:10 PM MT(US)

We are SO lucky to have the brilliant band TAARKA returning to the Merc this Thursday. They are nationally renowned, absolutely beautiful, and put on a really lovely show. For those of you who don't yet know of them, please check them out online. We have friends on the East and West Coast who are jealous that we get to have them come play for us here!
And is that weren't all-

Big Al the Super Hippie is making this season's specialty- Posole with Tamales. We're looking forward to it, see you all soon!
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