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Laura Williams
12:31 PM MT(US)

This one goes out to Hollis!

Thanks to all who help SAVE OUR BEARS!!!
Laura Williams
11:14 AM MT(US)
Hi Mary! I am very interested in going in on a box of orange bags. I don't have a town list yet and don't remember your number. Can you please call me at (3o3) 545-55o2?
Mary Brown
10:56 AM MT(US)
Is anyone interested in going in on a box of Western Disposal garbage bags? I think they cost $220. Can't remember how many are in the box. It's the cheapest way to buy them. Please call if interested. We are on the Jamestown phone list.
David L
07:22 AM MT(US)
First time the grass in my yard has cured since the flood as well Rob. It looks like a return to our characteristically arid late summer / fall conditions.

Julie, thank you for collecting signatures for the end of life legislation. I signed this, and canvassing is thankless work, so thank you.
Rob GreathousePerson was signed in when posted
07:13 PM MT(US)

Pretty interesting-
Gillespie gulch would ordinarily run from mid/late April to early/mid July. It has run continuously since the flood, we noticed today it has quit running in the last day or two for the first time since September 2013.The photo was taken on May 12th, 2009.
04:19 PM MT(US)
Sal, did I miss the picture of everyone in front of the firetruck? Can you help me get that image, if I have? THANK YOU!

Also, Jordan we want to buy peaches from you! Hope I don't miss it!
Eric FlinkPerson was signed in when posted
03:22 PM MT(US)
I can vouch for the effectiveness of electric fences with bears, they hate getting shocked. We have kept chickens for several years and have lost exactly one to a bear. Since I surrounded my coop with a horse fence, no bear issues. Fox issues are a different matter...

They are pretty simple to install. If anyone is curious I would be happy to show you our setup.
Winston Churchill
01:54 PM MT(US)
We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.
01:45 PM MT(US)
We use an electric fence around our compost pile. Works great!
12:45 PM MT(US)
Any one want to play haystack country club
Tommorrow like 10ish or whatever🏌⛳️
Laurel Wanrow
11:27 AM MT(US)
Thanks, Laura!
Michelle DurantPerson was signed in when posted
11:22 AM MT(US)

I ran into a sow with two small cubs this morning while running slaughterhouse gulch. All three are black, the sow has a brown muzzle, no ear tags.

If your home has been frequented by bears, please get on top of eliminating scents that other bears might follow. Seriously consider investing in electric fence or electric window guards. It's cheap, incredibly effective, and widely used by people protecting property from bear damage. It's not just for beekeepers and chicken coops, and as easy as stringing Christmas lights. If you need help installing, help will be there! I home breach is not a lost cause if it's dealt with swiftly.

As always, please put away any visual lures such as empty camping coolers, bird feeders, etc...

The hyperphagia stage is upon us, and we've got a great opportunity to test our mountain aptitude. Let's do this!
Laura Williams
11:10 AM MT(US)
I will get the phones for Karen Z!
Colleen Williams
11:09 AM MT(US)
FYI - More tips on how to bear proof your house and prevent home invasions. This may help.

Laurel Wanrow
10:44 AM MT(US)
Is anyone is going to Boulder today and could take 20 min to stop by Best Buy and pick up a land line phone for Karen Z? She'd like the Panasonic 4 pack. Her new phone jacks were installed.

Please let me know so I might pass on the message--and avoid a trip just for the one item myself!

I'm at 7o3-475-2448 or laurelwanrow AT gmail DOT com Thanks!
Edited 07-24-2016 10:45 AM
Erik J.
10:13 AM MT(US)
RockyGrass (one) 3-day ticket (7/29-7/31)...still available. Looking for face value ($150). Email or voicemail if interested! See contact info in my post below. Thanks!
Allison Jaynes
10:03 AM MT(US)
For those in town who were/are having repeated bear activity: please, ask for help! There are individuals in town who would volunteer their deterrents (e.g. shock mats) or time to secure and protect your homes. These problems should be known to the community - it affects us all - and the solutions can and should be determined by the community. I don't understand why the early break-ins were kept secret for weeks until it came down to the 'call DOW' point. (The process of asking for help with bears is something the new SOB hopes to tackle, but the QT or calling Town Hall always works.)
Erik J.
09:31 AM MT(US)
Hey! I've got 2 extra 3-day RockyGrass tickets for next weekend (7/29-7/31). If anyone's interested, shoot me an email - ejaani@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at 30three-90nine-709six. Thanks!
Rob GreathousePerson was signed in when posted
09:30 AM MT(US)
Does anyone have a phone number or email address for Brian Mork? The number I have has been disconnected.
Thanks! 3-443-four7five4
Edited 07-24-2016 01:23 PM
Dancing Bird Gardens
09:18 AM MT(US)

jan reed
08:51 AM MT(US)
Tessa, yes I need your 3 day camping on site pass. 303 44nine nine 761
08:34 AM MT(US)
Is anybody looking for a RockyGrass 3-day onsite pass?
Tessa at tigger dot net
03:53 AM MT(US)
Sunday Reflection: https://sundayreflectionjt.wordpress.com/2...24/javayne-and-oak/
Laura Williams
11:24 PM MT(US)
Sal DeVincenzo
10:45 PM MT(US)
"Sometimes it doesn't take a village"
For the second or third time now we have seen baby foxes on the road midway down the switchbacks and above. Please be on the look-out for them..they seem pretty clueless with cars...and they are tiny.
Tim Stokes
08:48 PM MT(US)
I think that some things, difficult as they are, are individual choices. Some houses have been targeted by the bear numerous times. Others, like ours, not at all. If an individual who goes to bed every night knowing that there is a large likelihood that in the wee hours a bear will break into his or her house, and cause further damage - not to mention the danger issue - decides that they need to make the call, even though the town hasn't come to a consensus on the issue, I can't blame them.
Dancing Bird Gardens
07:11 PM MT(US)

On the sunnier side of the street.....

The farmer's market will be happening tomorrow morning from 9-130 in front of the Merc.

This will be a bit bigger than usual. We have partnered with our friends at Ollin Farms in Longmont to bring a wider selection of produce this week. On offer: Kale, swiss chard, summer squash, big bags of basil, pea shoots, cucumbers, carrots, onions, and the first TOMATOES of the season.

I'd love to see a strong show of support for this more expanded offering, so we can know whether to keep expanding.

We will also have beautiful ceramics by Joy Boston and as a new addition, from Nederland, Corrie Bradley will be bringing her line of handmade soaps and home cleaning products. Check her out here: www.keepitcleansoaps.co

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Thanks for all the support!
05:51 PM MT(US)
On the levity side, folks can probably find a good distraction on JimFlix.
04:29 PM MT(US)
Its really my freedom ,since i had this discussion yesterday its no diff than flag burning,frreedom brother ,but because i am not trying to be mean to anyone i guess if you want to remove it go ahead,jesus is seen in many forms though
Terry P
04:01 PM MT(US)
I stopped by this mourning to say goodbye to Isis the bear. As it will be for all of us, it is his time. Adieu, Isis. We failed you.
John Hardman
04:00 PM MT(US)
I am really here and a Christian. I don't care for the picture or the attempt at humor.
Michelle DurantPerson was signed in when posted
03:53 PM MT(US)
Hollis, I'm working on that.
03:31 PM MT(US)
Really,i think a little brevity is whats needed right now,relax it was not meant to insult you,since you choose To be anonymous are you really here
Edited 07-23-2016 03:32 PM
03:30 PM MT(US)
Between the heat and the bears... Anyone have any good news to share?
The Mercs dinner menu sounds great!
03:23 PM MT(US)
Up until a few days ago, I had only heard of one bear break-in. When I hear of one break-in, it doesn't really raise an alarm. Seems bear break-ins come in waves. Maybe if all of the others had been made known it would have given more people pause for thought and opportunity to take adequate measures. I completely understand why some may not want it known. Maybe if you could report the incident to the town hall or to a fire dept. member in confidence and remain anonymous, then they could decide whether or not it's necessary to inform the residents of Jamestown.
I can't think of a better place than the QT for the word to get out....
To Moderator:
03:13 PM MT(US)
Please remove Skip’s post.
It is vulgar, vile, offensive,blasphemous to over 2 billion Christians, and inappropriate for a community and family forum.

Thank you.
Jese engwall
02:21 PM MT(US)
I appreciate everyone's thoughts on the bear issue and just want to say I'm sorry I said "ass holes" in relation to people killing the Bears. I admit I don't have all information but it's upsetting and hope we can be better at hazing so as to avoid a tragedy in the future
David L
01:33 PM MT(US)
Not knowing who called the bear into the DOW, it seems inappropriate for me to judge. I think if you feel threatened or unsafe you are totally within your right to call the authorities. I'm not sure how that is a community decision. Far better that than the alternative, taking matters into your own hands and potentially getting hurt.

I feel like remarks that alienate or disparage that person or persons further plays into the victim shaming that David M. originally described. For what its worth, the bear broke into my house. I haven't been living there the last couple months, and there was no trash, only dry food in a corner cabinet. So the personal responsibility argument in my mind only goes so far.

As a rule I never post encounters with wildlife on the QT. For one, they happen with such great frequency at my house it's not worthwhile. But also I worry that some people will react to a situation I'm comfortable with (a bear in the yard for instance) with calling the DOW or taking matters into their own hands.

My two cents. I think one reason we live in the mountains is we don't want to be told what to do or do everything by committee. Jamestown is a community, and a wonderful one at that. I'd just rather we gave each other the benefit of the doubt.
01:15 PM MT(US)
 Years ago we have helicopters hanging over our decks to see what we were doing. They didn't know what we were thinking though! But now we have the Q tea.
01:14 PM MT(US)
Thats a good question Julie,very sad outcome to this bear,but maybe they will try s release,i disagree about their natural food sources,i hike all over this area ,all the berries are ripe or real close,we had a good spring so its out ther,we just stay vigilant and bear wise this problem will pass like every other season,I LOVE YOU JAMESTOWN
12:53 PM MT(US)
Dinner tonight!!!

Sorry for the late post!

Pan seared Alaskan Cod with a mango coulis
Buttered Brussel sprouts- just try em!
Coconut rice cakes
Fresh crunchy salad with a corriander lemon dressing
Vegan option is stuffed mushrooms with all the rest of the menu.
Everything is GF
Julie C-K
12:51 PM MT(US)
Just curious.... With multiple bears in Jimtown how do they know they "trapped" the nuisance one?
Laura Williams
12:41 PM MT(US)
Thanks for that, Kelly. I, too, appreciate the diversity and respect every person and their opinion, even though I might not agree or have the same opinion. The communication is what makes this community unique and I wish that the people whose homes were ransacked were more open about it. One resident said that she knew of many more homes that were broken into than were reported on the QT. This should not be the case. We should know about these things so that we can battle it together!

The DOW does, in fact, read the QT boards (not only ours) and gets the messages in their email just like many of us. However, this situation was called in to them. This was not a community decision, but I hope that in the future, the community can be called upon BEFORE having the DOW up, as we have done in the past. Sadly, there really is no hope for this particular bear as it's too conditioned to find food in homes now and cannot "unlearn" that.

For the record, that photo that Shane posted was NOT the problem bear from Jamestown. It was a stock photo posted to make us FEEL. The Jamestown bear was trapped this morning and was still alive as of 10 a.m. this morning. We should be careful about posting things without knowing the true facts. I plan to contact DOW to learn what happened to this morning's trapped bear and whether or not she looked to be nursing a cub.

Keep it up, mountain friends. Communication is KEY!!!
12:23 PM MT(US)
Hi guys. Because I don't actually live in Jamestown, I've been withholding opinions about the bear situation. But I've read every post from every person. It's true, we are a community comprised of many different people and personalities and points of view and priorities. It's normal for there to be differing opinions. That cannot be helped. Honestly, it's something that I appreciate about living among honest human beings, the diversity. The full spectrum of opinion and personality. It keeps us balanced as a community. But this situation ended with not a unanimous vote, not a community decision, not a neighborly sentiment. It ended with a single (or few) people acting with their own opinions being the the most important. Not unanimous, but unilateral. Which is not really a word I would usually use to describe this community. It's interesting to see how people react when there is anonymity afforded. It's kind of like how a person changes when they're in their car versus facing someone in person (road rage etc). I understand that someone posted that it could have been the DOW reading our posts on the QT, but somehow, I doubt it. I would imagine they are paying their people not to troll on community websites for evidence of bear bothers. I'm sorry for the person/s who called this in. I'm sorry that they chose to do something about it before say, making an effort to have a community meeting about a decision or how to make a communal decision. I'm sorry that they will know who they are and know that they betrayed some of their friends, neighbors, co-existors.
As for Shane's post. I have to say that it's never easy to bear witness to the atrocities bestowed upon any living thing, but for me, I face them. I feel that it's the very least, albeit late, thing I can do to honor the bear's reality. As humans, we get to turn our heads at things we don't want to see. This bear never had a chance or choice and I honor it by looking upon this immensely sad photo and seeing all the details and facing all the reality of it's death.
Laura Williams
11:28 AM MT(US)
I have learned that we are not the only community on the Front Range with bear problems. Other people down the canyon from us are having bears entering their homes as well, only they do not have a QT message board for the DOW to read and take action. Their windows are open at night and their food is not secure in their homes, so there are bears elsewhere learning these bad behaviors and more will die as a result. It's not just us.

With the recent fires, the flood taking out a lot of their food sources, and more of a bear population in general, we can expect this problem to continue. Please keep doing your best to eliminate food smells and sources around your own home and to haze the bears whenever possible, as well as join the Save Our Bears committee when we get rolling again.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary only rescues animals who have been abused or exploited by humans, such as roadside attractions, zoos, circuses, private ownership that didn't work out, etc. They do not take in wild bears, however, may consider a cub that has been abandoned, depending on how young it is. There are other sanctuaries out there who may be able to help and this is something the Save Our Bears committee will explore. I also hope to explore better ways to work WITH the DOW and to form a "hazing posse" like we used to have up here years ago. Stay tuned for more and keep doing your best. And keep a lookout for that cub.
Laura Williams
11:05 AM MT(US)
Jese - can you please give me a call on my cell (72o) 8o8-4815? Need to ask you a question...
Jese engwall
10:51 AM MT(US)
Oak, I agree this was not a community decision. I had no say in it either. I completely agree with your sentiments. My statement simply meant we are all part of this community and I wish we would have dealt with it differently. We need to live harmoniously in these mountains WITH the native creatures. It makes me so sad to see humans being such ass holes. I hope that is clear. Also, I acknowledge that I am fortunate not to have had any problems with bears so far. I hope that is due to my caution with food trash and cleaning recyclables.
Edited 07-23-2016 10:55 AM
10:31 AM MT(US)
To Jese and everyone who sees this horror as a "community" decision.
It was NoT...
it was a decision by a few people who felt threatened and chose to have a beautiful wild and free original citizen of this land exterminated. We, as a community, never got to decide. We just got to post ad infinitum on th is frustrating box of buzzing disappointment, and here is one more frustrated post for you all.
Yesterday, someone i spoke with about the bear said "someone's going to get hurt", meaning a human.
Someone did get get hurt. It was never going to be one of us. It was going to be the Other. The Other constantly bears the brunt of our selfish desires for security and abundance. The Other is so often M/Other Nature.
Someone got hurt. Someone's life was ended. Someone holy and majestic just doing what they do to survive, which is so much less violent and damaging than what we do everyday to survive.
Sal DeVincenzo
09:09 AM MT(US)

Does anyone have connections with http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/ in Keensburg?
Wonder if we did a Gofund me fund drive and donated the proceeds to them if they might help Jamestown with a more "bearable" solution....
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