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Nancy Edelstein
12:04 PM MT(US)
RE: Andersen Hill--done!

A tip of the hat also to CPG6 that had the aesthetics of the reconstruction as their top issue--listening to and taking into account all of our concerns, e.g., as voiced at community meetings. And to the CPG6 members who helped do things like set up the paint color choices. Thanks for your contribution to this project!
Cal-Wood Education Center
11:09 AM MT(US)
Job-opening: Prep Cook/ Dishwasher

Cal-Wood Outdoor Education Center is a non-profit organization located about 5 miles outside of Jamestown, CO. We work primarily with school groups, but during weekends and summer months we cater to adults groups who use our lodge and cabins. We take pride in providing homemade meals for our guests.

Duties: Dish washing, clean-up, some food prep, assisting head chef.
Morning and evening shifts available. Morning: 6:30AM-1PM, Evening: 2:00PM-8PM
Qualifications; desire to work in kitchen; will train.
Must pass background check
Salary: $10.00 per hour
Start ASAP

For more information: Please call 303-449-0603 ext. 8 or e-mail resume to kitchen@calwood.org
Cal-wood Education Center
2282 County Road 87
Jamestown, CO, 80455
10:36 AM MT(US)
Hi all! I'm looking for a ride down to Boulder - around Casey middle school would be awesome - around 1 pm TODAY!! If you are going to Boulder around then, please call 3034492492. Thank you so much!!
Andrew Barth
10:34 AM MT(US)
Hello - I just wanted to provide some clarification on what to expect regarding travel when work in Lefthand starts again at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. The one-hour delays will be primarily in the stretch between US 36 and Olde Stage Road. The road will open each half-hour from 6 to 8 a.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the road will open each hour. Expect flagger-controled delays (much shorter) in Lefthand between James and Olde Stage as they work to finish the road base and prep it for paving, which should happen in mid- to late-June. Until paving is complete, Lee Hill is still the best bet for a delay free or minimal delay (a few minutes) route. After paving is complete, it should be fairly smooth sailing to Olde Stage Road, but work will continue below. As they get a firm grasp on the work in the lower canyon (likely in July), major operations will move up to the new bridge between James and Lee Hill and the new culvert at Glendale Gulch. I'll post more information here as I receive it from Kelley Trucking. Please let me know if you have any questions - 303-441-1032 or abarth@bouldercounty.org. Have a great weekend and a fun holiday. Andrew - Boulder County Transportation
09:56 AM MT(US)
Anne, envy is the word. Thinking of you and your beautiful surroundings.
08:15 AM MT(US)




Check em out
07:51 AM MT(US)
Photo radar at 4th and Lee Hill
Mark Wisch
07:18 AM MT(US)
Canyon is open, if you so choose.
Edited 05-27-2016 07:22 AM
Dee & Catherine
08:16 PM MT(US)

Read the message about the clothing, coats and hats below...
Dee & Catherine
08:15 PM MT(US)

there are more things than we had time to photograph...
Dee & Catherine
08:14 PM MT(US)

why are they sideways?
Dee & Catherine
08:13 PM MT(US)

here's another image
Dee & Catherine
08:10 PM MT(US)
more coats and stuff, we have to take them down and donate what folks don't claim...
Dee & Catherine
08:08 PM MT(US)

Clothes & Coats at town hall left at Nolan's after the flood...
Dee & Catherine
08:00 PM MT(US)

Right after the flood there were many people who came up to Nolan Farmer's for refuge, leaving behind some nice coats, hats, toe-shoes, and other items. We have taken the items down to the Town Hall, they are in 2 large black trash bags, and we promised our mayor that we will come back for the items next week if they are not claimed by then, and donate them. Some of the coats have things in the pockets, so we wanted to give people the opportunity to reunite themselves with their stuff. Although Nolan remembers some people who were there, it is like a blur, so if you can remember if you were there, or anyone else who may have been, try to get down to the Town Hall for your things. I'm posting pictures of some of the items. Dee's cell phone number is 720-838-4439, if you see something you want me to put aside with your name on it so you can come claim it later, I'll do that for you before I take the donations down.
Anne Breiler
05:33 PM MT(US)

Neighbor's, I arrived in Cantwell Tues. evening to this view. Since then, it's been cloudy, but not too cold. The ferry trip was uneventful. I've seen an Orca and humpback whales, porpoise, a very large moose, and lots of rabbits and birds!!!! Now I'm knee deep in boxes and wondering where it will all go!!!!
    I miss you all, and will be in touch again soon.
04:15 PM MT(US)
thinking it might be fun to have a kazooo jimbillie parade up Anderson Hill.
anybody wanna play?
Town Hall - Erika
02:54 PM MT(US)
Forestry work to begin the second week of June:

We've been notified that the Forest Service has awarded the following project (RFB) to Cutting Edge. They are anticipating that they will be starting work by the second week in June. The RFB project is located on the ridge lines south and adjacent to Jamestown.

From the US Forest Service:

As a follow up to the information we shared with you last year, we are moving forward with plans to complete some vegetation management work near Jamestown. See attached map for exact unit locations. The project (Task Order) is called RFB (which stands for Ridge Fuel Break.)
The RFB Task Order is a manual (chain saw work) contract that will treat just over 200 acres on the ridges south of town. This task order is part of the implementation phase of the Jamescreek Fuel Reduction Project Environmental Assessment (JFRPEA) signed in 2004. The contractor will be using a chainsaw to cut vegetation along the ridgetops and then piling the slash which later be burned when the vegetation has cured and burn prescription parameters are met. These ridgetop treatments were important components to the overall plan of the JFRPEA because they provided vegetation breaks between smaller watersheds and prepare to establish boundaries for subsequent prescribed broadcast burns. It is anticipated that the contractor will begin work in the next one to two months and the work could last for about one to two months due to the limited access and steep terrain.
Angie at Cal-Wood
11:52 AM MT(US)
If anyone has a snowmobile they want to sell, let me know! We are looking for one to get around the woods for burning slash piles in the winter. Nothing for racing or anything like that. Thanks! angie@calwood.org
08:47 AM MT(US)

Saturday night dinner by Kelly:
Tequila marinated Fish Tacos- three tacos stuffed with pan-seared Alaskan Cod, pickled onions, cilantro, and Sriacha aioli served with black beans & rice and zesty Asian slaw

All is GF
Veggie option available
Kid's options available
07:18 AM MT(US)
Joan Rivers Reemerging After faking Death, PROVES Michelle Obama is a Man

If you’ve been researching into the conspiracy theory about Michelle Obama being a man, then last week was your dream come true.
Joan Rivers reemerges with good friend Clive Davis, which should suggest. Another good friend of his, Whitney Houston also faked her death.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see, the similarities between The Woman with Clive Davis and Joan Rivers are the same.

Sheesh - and I was worried about chemtrails!
06:03 AM MT(US)
This should greatly reduce the traffic induced dust storms on Lower Main and East Mesa St.
Unfortunately it will increase the dust on Andersen.
I'm assuming the uphill/downhill school hours traffic directions will be as before...
Mark Wisch
10:48 PM MT(US)

Jackie and I just drove down Anderson Hill and across Anderson Bridge and back up for the 1st time in 2 years and 8 months, just 'cause we could!
10:21 PM MT(US)
Anderson Hill open to traffic celebration:
can we have Nascar Drag races.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
09:03 PM MT(US)
From the Long-shot Dept, is anyone flying into DIA late Friday with an extra seat for Emma to get a ride back to Jtown? That would be so very cool! I think she gets in a bit after 11. david ATjimtown DOTorg Thanks!
Joy Boston
07:01 PM MT(US)
Robert, the makeup class involves covering your face with several inches of clay, letting it dry for a week and then firing it in a kiln. It's very hot, but you might enjoy it.
I'll sign you up.
04:49 PM MT(US)
Free pair of AquaLung scuba fins - bought a month ago.
I hoped to use them as fins for lap swimming, but they are too long powerful for that use, so I got short ones.
They are hanging in front of my house - free, or you could buy me a beer at the Merc some time.
04:46 PM MT(US)
Hi Joy,
The potters class sounds wonderful, but my interest is in a makeup class.
My foundation and mascara skills have been, lagging to put it mildly.
Could I get that separate?
Town Hall Urgent Request
03:21 PM MT(US)
Does anyone have a fence post driver we could borrow quickly this afternoon? The kind used to drive the green fence stakes into the ground.

Please call (303-449-1806) or stop by the Town Hall. We're happy to come grab it from you. We will return it promptly.

Thank you!
sherry spitz
10:26 AM MT(US)

Lost dog in Bar-K on Tuesday night. Her name is Sadie and she is wearing a brown leather collar with her name (Sadie) and phone number (720-320-4605). She is a blue healer/Australin shepard. If you see her please call. She is very shy.
Town Hall - Erika
10:03 AM MT(US)
ATTN: Residents along Lower Main St.

Thursday, May 26
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Tomorrow (Thursday), work crews will be repairing two sections of inlets tomorrow along Lower Main St. between 29 & 15 Main. The work should have minimal impact to traffic on Lower Main as the work is along the side of the road. Intent is to complete the work in one day, with a minor touch-up possible on Friday morning. Please take care moving through the work area as there will be trucks and equipment on the side of the road. People will be on site to assist traffic through the work area.
08:48 AM MT(US)
oh yay, laura, tommy, elise!
when? where? welcome home!
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
05:58 AM MT(US)
Laura that is great news.....when / where ?
10:48 PM MT(US)

Chris Sheldon and friends are coming to play their monthly residency. If you haven't heard em, check out some of the best music around.

Rainbow's making Lemongrass Chicken


See FERAL HEART - blues Americana, and PIZZA


Laura L WilliamsPerson was signed in when posted
09:42 PM MT(US)
The Williamsesesssss are comin' home, Jamestown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joy Boston
07:35 PM MT(US)
Forgot to mention, the class is $195 for the 8 weeks and because July 4 is on a Monday, we will have a makeup class the following week.
Joy Boston
07:08 PM MT(US)
I'm teaching an All Levels Pottery Class at the Boulder Potters Guild on Monday afternoons 1:00-4:00PM
starting on June 6 for 8 weeks.
If you are interested, go to boulderpottersguild.com. Under classes go to Class descriptions and Registration and you can register via PayPal.
The class includes clay, firing and 3 practice sessions each week.
Email me if you have questions
For David L & Sarah
03:35 PM MT(US)
Update: if you would rather write a check or give cash to David & Sarah without going through Go Fund Me ( they take 10%), there will be an envelope at the TownHall for their collection. I will bring the envelope to David every week.
Please make checks to David Lindquist.

Thank you
Julie C-K
Alex Meeker 20 Main St
10:32 AM MT(US)
Many people are requesting that I start up another session of stained glass. I'm ready to offer a spring/summer class.
What I need is to have enough students to make up a class. So please call me 303-444-6716.......or e-mail me
alexmeeker@msn.com and let me know if you are interested in taking the class.

I need 7-8 students,so please contact me even if I have spoken to you. Class is typically held on Sundays, and I think we could start a class in a few weeks. Please contact me if you need the exact details regarding the class.
Thanks Alex
Town Hall - Erika
10:30 AM MT(US)
New travel restrictions for Lefthand Canyon flood reconstruction project effective May 31
One-hour delays; No weekend restrictions

Boulder County, Colo. - Travel restrictions associated with the flood recovery reconstruction/restoration of Lefthand Canyon Drive and Left Hand Creek will change starting at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, May 31.

In order to greatly reduce the overall duration of the project, Boulder County has permitted significant travel restrictions for both cyclists and motor vehicles during the final five months (anticipated) of construction:

Between U.S. 36 and Lickskillet Drive – May 31, 2016 through the end of the project (Nov. 2016 – weather permitting)

30-minute delays:
6 to 8 a.m. – Monday through Friday
4 to dusk – Monday through Friday
The road will open every hour on the hour and every half hour during these two time frames

1-hour delays:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Monday through Friday
Road will open on the hour for a single pass in each direction
The pass may be slow as it may be guided by pilot cars or only allowed in one direction at a time

Limited number of 2- and 3-hour delays:
The dates of longer delays will provided to the public at least seven-days in advance via the project website and listserv – www.LefthandCanyon.com

No closures or delays:
Saturdays and Sundays
Holidays – Memorial Day/Independence Day/Labor Day/Veteran’s Day

Olde Stage Road and Lee Hill to remain accessible

The contractor will do their best to maintain access to Olde Stage Road and Lee Hill Drive with minimal delays in order to facilitate east/west travel into and out of Lefthand and James canyons.

You can find complete roadway travel restriction information by visiting www.LefthandCanyon.com. While visiting the site, sign up for the project listserv to receive weekly and timely construction updates and up-to-the-minute information on roadway closures and travel delays.

For more information, contact Andrew Barth at abarth@bouldercounty.org or 303-441-1032. All current Boulder County Transportation project information is available at www.BoCoConeZones.com.
Edited 05-24-2016 10:31 AM
For David L & Sarah
10:22 AM MT(US)

Hello Jamestown Family!
Not sure if you heard the news but David Lindquist and Sarah Spinner are engaged!

Sadly, many of you already know Sarah has been fighting cancer for awhile now and with much heartache recently has been given 6 months.
David and Sarah are now living together in Boulder and are trying to accomplish all of Sarah's wishes.
Her main desire is to travel until she can't. They are trying to work with Make A Wish foundation to go to Hawaii.
I asked David permission to give Jamestown this update and to ask for your help in achieving their goals.
Below is a link to Sarah's Go FUnd Me page and feel free to donate to their cause.


However if someone has a timeshare or vacation home that they could use for a week or however long that would be awesome too!
Please feel free to email David with the details:

Thank you! Let's help them have the greatest 6 months!
With lots of love-
Julie C-K
Burt LoupeePerson was signed in when posted
09:32 AM MT(US)
Thanks for doing that Vic. We came home and it seemed we were the only yard where it had rained. ;-) Then we realized that hose had burst. Very odd and glad you caught it.
Vic Harris
08:51 AM MT(US)

Sunday I shut off outside water at faucet as hose had sprung a leak and was spraying water on porch.
Vic Harris
08:48 AM MT(US)
Last T'ai Chi class of the Spring tonight 6:30 at the pavilion in the Park. Classes will resume Tues June 28 .
10:52 PM MT(US)
Hi Burt. Give me a call and we can talk internet. 3O3 44 four 8I 4O.
Lynda Bell
09:13 PM MT(US)


Dinner from 6-on
6:30-7:30 Wild Mountain Kids perform their brand new CD hot off the presses "Here in Jamestown" with their studio band.
8-10 All Star Band

The kids will be selling their CDs and will be manning their very own kid-run merch table.

Come hear the stories and the history of our town over the last four years represented in our kid's songs. Meet their all star studio band, and their producer. All original music written by the Wild Mt. Kids.

This is a chance for the kids to celebrate with you - greater Jamestown community - their vision of our beautiful community. As it says in one of their songs "The Little Bridge had brightened the way! (the little Jan Dorsey bridge to the future)

Where blue skies will shine again, and people will sparkle once again. I still believe in it.
- "Here in Jamestown"
Edited 05-23-2016 09:21 PM
Eric FlinkPerson was signed in when posted
08:59 PM MT(US)
Hi Anne! Glad your trip is going well. But I thought you were headed north... Judging from your picture it looks like you are at the south pole! :-)
Edited 05-23-2016 09:31 PM
Anne Breiler
08:38 PM MT(US)

Hello Jimtowners. Pic of sunset on the ferry!!!! Just got off this morning and am in the Yukon now. One more day!!!! Critters still doing great, and I'm having fun seeing friends and beautiful scenery. Steve E, I had my passport!!!!😅---on problems!!!! Love to you all----
Kim and Elizabeth M
04:22 PM MT(US)
Small door in frame, half glass, door H79.5" W31.5" (Rough Open. H82", W34") Used in construction phase, new door now in place. Free. If not claimed tonight will go to Resource tomorrow. Also free, aprox 50 sq ft of laminate flooring, light oak. Ring 3zero3 44nine 1614
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