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Welcome to the Jamestown Quick Topic Bulletin Board!

Stand strong Jamestown, we're on our way back!

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David L
10:21 PM MT(US)
Looking for someone to take my lease (and hopefully want to stay) in a studio cottage in Boulder off the hill. Tiny (~300+ sq ft) for $850. Advantages are privacy (it's a standalone house) and location -- walkable to CU, Pearl Street, I've run the Flagstaff trails from my back door, and it has it's own yard, in a quiet cool neighborhood. Disadvantage is size for money, no laundry. Does have a good size shed for storage. Let me know if you've got someone, it's kind of a cool spot for the right person -- labguydavid@gmail.com.
10:10 PM MT(US)
Cheers to Russell and Marcus - so proud of you guys!!!
Best wishes on your rebuild! Here we GO!!!!!!
06:56 PM MT(US)
Cheers, MArcus and Russ
And welcome home, all you weary travelers!
Love to you
Marcus Kyte
04:56 PM MT(US)

 Today Marks a huge milestone for our Community. Today we begun building our new house and the first to be rebuilt in Jamestown. Please Cheers your evening glasses to a new beginning!
Deleted by author 04-24-2014 04:54 PM
Town Hall
04:05 PM MT(US)
Yummy food just.delivered to the town hall. Lots of bread, sweets, cauliflower, and more. Come and get it!
Deleted by author 04-24-2014 12:15 PM
Town Hall - Erika
11:18 AM MT(US)
A HUGE thank you to the volunteers in the JT Town Hall Office these last couple of weeks:

Martine A
Lynne B
Javayne J
Dave C
Christy H
Patti O
Marilyn F
Anne K
Deborah H
Oak C
Nancy F
Robert H
...and Rabbitt!

Here are the shifts that are currently uncovered. Please write me a note if you'd like to volunteer (It's a great way to raise money for the town, since every volunteer hour earns money toward the rebuild!) - the invitation is open to the entire JTown area (Peak-to Peak to Lefthand): erika.archer@jamestownco.org

Friday - 4/25
8:30/9-11:00 – OPEN
11:00-1:00 - OPEN
3:00-5:00 - OPEN

Tuesday - 4/29
3:00-5:00 - OPEN

Wednesday - 4/30
8:30-12:00 - OPEN

Thursday – 5/1
8:30-10:00 - OPEN

Friday – 5/2
8:30/9-12:00 – OPEN
12:00-1:00 - OPEN

Saturday – 5/3
8:30-1:00 – OPEN
Richard Jenkins
10:01 AM MT(US)
Can anyone recommend a reliable roofing contractor/company??? 3 oh 3, 442 eighteen sixty eight.
Chris & LuLu
09:43 AM MT(US)
We've had a few folks ask about the sump pump system we have installed. We HAD to install this system to protect our foundation and to create useable basement space. Water percolates up in the basement area and all around our house. This may be a different scenario for you guys down there, but it may be helpful info for someone.

The system was done by Complete Basement Systems in Denver, the only company we could find that does this sort of professional installation. In short, we leveled out half the length of the house, put in a heavy-duty vapor barrier, laid an interior french drain system that funnels to the pump, dumped road base, and then pour a concrete slab with rebar.

Our pump has been operating 24/7 and it is doing great, but the inspection is included in the transferable life-time warranty so a representative is coming up next week. Reason being is that sump pumps in general are intended for sprints not marathons.

If anyone is interested in getting a quote for this type of system (and they do Radon mitigation, too), we encourage you to call Michael at 72o.3o8.2o63. I don't have our appointment confirmed yet, we told him any morning next week. Michael said that will give discounts if they do multiple installations in the same neighborhood. Be sure to let him know that you are our neighbor, so he can plan his schedule accordingly.

Hope this information helps anyone out there with major water issues.

Anne B
08:00 AM MT(US)
Donna Gail, please give me a call when you get this. Anne
Laura Williams
10:08 PM MT(US)
JAM is at it again, planning a "Welcome Home - Picnic in the Park - Hooray for Rebuilding - We're all workin' hard but gotta have a little FUN too" event coming SOON to a pavilion near YOU...

Saturday, June 7th from 1-6 p.m.
Elysian Park in Jamestown

CALLING ALL MUSICIANS!!! If you would like to play at this event, please call me at (3o3) 545-55o2 or email lauraDOTwilliamsAThotmailDOTcom

More details will follow...now go write that date on your calendar!
Thelma Lou
08:54 PM MT(US)
I get so confused by you JimBillies and your phone 686237's
07:24 PM MT(US)
Hi everyone,
 I am looking for about 8 metal downspouts if anyone has some laying around or about to be demoed. They don't need to be in great shape but I do need them unpainted. A nice thin paintjob might be workable but thick paint is not suitable for my project (solar heater). MUST be metal.

Also I have a large collection of glass to give away to anyone interested. ~13(I think) matching patio doors with no frames (double pane with seal in good shape). also a couple with metal framing in good shape. A few smaller windows with wood framing too. wood frames need to be sanded and refinished but in pretty good shape for salvaged, free windows. They were replaced with triple panes at a friends house and have been stored inside a shed since. If there's no takers I'll just haul them all down to resource in a week or two.
desertdidje at GEE mail
5twenty-2for1-9012 cellular
Town Hall - Erika
11:19 AM MT(US)
To the Greater Jamestown Small Business Owners:

The Town is trying to determine if there is enough interest amongst Jtown small business owners to warrant coordinating a workshop in Jamestown for the purpose of answering questions about upcoming small business grants. This is the money that is available to small biz owners from the CDBG-DR money (the federal $$ that came through HUD).

If you think you might be interested in such a thing, please send an email to: erika.archer@jamestownco.org

Here is a little more info about the grants:

* Any business - for profit, non profit, property managers, agriculture businesses are eligible to apply

* The business owner has to have applied for SBA loan money - the first round or upcoming EIDL loans and have been denied or still have unmet need after receiving loans. So if Jamestown business owner have not applied yet they need to in order to receive funds- i.e. that is the first step and Jamestown businesses should start that process ASAP. We are here to help them put the applications together.

* Businesses don't have to have been in business 3 yrs. They must have been on a documentable trajectory to profitability. If they were a start up, they needed to have a solid business plan.

* The grant funds are reimbursement grants and deconstruction and reconstruction costs are not reimbursable (that opens a whole can of worms around environmental issues and 3 year tracking). All other business overhead costs - rent, utilities, payroll, inventory, etc are eligible

The workshop would be for the purpose of explaining how to apply and to answer any questions.
11:09 AM MT(US)


DECKER. is coming to play.

These guys are absolutely great. An amazing show from Arizona- come check 'em out, you won't be disappointed.


It is time Thursday for our third annual Bacon Fest for dinner. Great tunes and bacon. You can not go wrong.
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