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Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
05:30 PM MT(US)
Hey there is a truck turned over in lower lefthand so take lee hill up to get around, and come have some dinner and beer because we are open.
Edited 10-01-2014 05:32 PM
Colleen Ostlund
05:26 PM MT(US)
The dog looks like Lady of English Bill
05:12 PM MT(US)
I just came up and the road is still closed at Buckingham Park. Best to take Lefthand rather than Old Stage.
04:38 PM MT(US)
Any updates on canyon status?
Town Hall - Erika
04:28 PM MT(US)
If you'd like to take a closer look at the Recovery Budget Tara went over in the community meeting last night, it starts on page 10:

Pat Japenga
03:33 PM MT(US)
As of 2:45 today, there's a tipped over rock truck near OHV area in lower left hand, so Lee Hill is your only option until that gets cleared
Town Hall - Erika
01:32 PM MT(US)

Sweet dog hanging out in and around Town Hall today - anyone know who her people are? 303-449-1806
Eric Flink
11:55 AM MT(US)
Hi Nina, I am leading the first meeting of the Living with Nature group this Thursday evening at 6 PM at the Williams' house. We will be selecting the two team leads at that meeting.
11:14 AM MT(US)
Hi - could someone on the Living with Nature subcommittee please post when the next meeting is scheduled and who the chair person is?
Thank you!
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
11:04 AM MT(US)
AND also!


Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
11:01 AM MT(US)
Hey Neighbors!

This Thursday we have PAUL CATALDO coming all the way from Ashville NC to play-

Here is a review-

There is some great playing, some beautiful singing, and some nuanced, sensitive, idiomatic performing, but that’s never the point of it: this is a man with something to say. Something warm, generous, sad, majestic, lonesome, gritty, weatherbeaten and true.

AND Since it is the last Wednesday night of the Boulder County Farmers Market, we'll be clearing out the place to get veggies to go with one of Jamestown's favorite meals- MEATLOAF AND MASHED POTATOES
Town Hall - Erika
10:53 AM MT(US)
St. Vrain Creek Master Plan Recovery Alternatives Available for Review and Comment:

Anne Breiler
08:23 AM MT(US)
I just noticed that the notice about Iris bulbs and my chiropractor was entered with Bill Burton's name since he used my computer while he was visiting. The bulbs are at MY house on Main St. and are hanging in baskets under the Juniper Tree. Help yourselves!!!!
Town Hall - M.E.
03:46 PM MT(US)
The Town has lost water pressure and Jon is working on it.
Bill BurtonPerson was signed in when posted
01:13 PM MT(US)
An article on the debris flows that formed during the Sept 2013 rainfall event in the Front Range came out today in GSA Today (GSA stands for Geological Society of America, which is headquartered in Boulder). There is no online link (sorry) but here are some snippets from the article, some of which you probably already know. There were two periods of intense rainfall, from 4:30 PM to 5 AM on Sept 11-12, and from 3 PM to 11 PM on Sept 12. A rain gage on Porphyry Mtn. measured maximum rainfall rates of 38 mm/hr (1.5 in/hr) during the first period and 30 mm/hr (1.2 in/hr) during the second. A map of total rainfall amounts shows Jamestown getting about 275 mm (11 in), just south of the area of maximum rainfall in the mountains (300+ mm, with the area right around Boulder getting 350+). The vast majority of debris flows occurred on south-facing slopes, and burn areas were only slightly more susceptible to debris flows than unburned areas. The Overland burn area produced 70 percent of all burned-area debris flows, situated as it was near maximum rainfall. The authors estimate that the minimum amount of rainfall necessary to trigger debris flows is about 75 mm (3 in), which is lower than most other geographic areas--surely Howlett Gulch moves with even less rainfall than that? They caution that because such events in the Front Range are so widely spaced in time, local people are not aware enough of the potential hazard.
Town Hall - Erika
12:02 PM MT(US)
Come on out to the Community Meeting tonight at 5:30 in the Merc!

(Rainbow is cooking meatball subs and kale salad!)

We'll be discussing:

* The latest update on the Roads (including the blasting schedule for the end of Ward St.)
* The latest on town water and the Boil Advisory
* A Zero Waste grant that JT is applying for that could help reduce your trash bill, keep the bears safer, and help revitalize our flood-stripped dirt.
* Updates on Andersen Hill

...and so much more!
Edited 09-30-2014 12:26 PM
11:20 AM MT(US)
I think that only guys with vasectomies should apply for Dedra's job, and post photos of their procedure ;-)
Steve Hull
11:00 AM MT(US)
Lived in Boulder off and in again since 1994 and visited here in the 1980s. It has changed ALOT and continues to change on many different levels, Some changes I personally like and others I'm not to crazy about.

I wish other states in the USA could get their economies to improve, and their culture / communities to implement some of the positives Boulder is known for (I'm a big fan of 'open space' areas for example). Another example: If the original 13 colonies states were so concerned about 'freedom' and 'liberty', why weren't any of those states able to legalize MJ--- why does it take Colorado to be more progressive and lead the charge? (This isn't a pro MJ rant but see where I am coming from?)

If other states had more bike trails,nature intact instead of paved over,art/music scenes without subdivision sprawl (for example),then perhaps so many young people people would not be moving to the more preferred state of Colorado.

In closing,In a way I think it is indeed a shame that the 'Californication' of Colorado is taking place but that is the trend. There is no stopping it.

I wasn't 'born' here. I'm a transplant from the East Coast when I left after graduating high school, Colorado has many more things to offer me still than the state I grew up as a child.

I will look back at a more 'quaint',less populated Colorado I encountered in the 1980s with nostalgia.
Karen Zupko
10:32 AM MT(US)
KAREN S. http://www.bouldercounty.org/dept/assessor...appealsprocess.aspx. I've used this process to appeal my property taxes. I used this a number of years ago and the process was easy, as far as time and effort involved. I was successful and found the Assessor's office folk very helpful and even welcoming. Boulder Bookstore and probably the Boulder Library has, has a book specifically on appealing your taxes in Boulder county. Must follow the time line for doing so. I think the individual statement property owners receive in the mail can start you off in the process.
07:09 AM MT(US)
Social Media temp job Oct 7 - Nov 12

Would anyone like to participate/support World Vasectomy Day, (the second annual global event to bring awareness of the role men can play in becoming part of the conversation about family planning), by taking over the posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc that we will be creating to build momentum for this day? It would be regular updates and seeking supporters/fans to help us publicize this educational event, and reporting back to us on the metrics. It would take about an hour each day. Pay: $400 Reply to dedra at pcisys dot net
Jeff HohenseePerson was signed in when posted
06:09 AM MT(US)
Nancy, I'd be happy to help you unload a truck on Wed. Jeff
08:02 PM MT(US)
i agree karen,boulder has changed its pretty much unafordable to live there unless you have a high paying job,professional type,very upper middle class now stumpski sorry bud you must not see the changes that have taken place,over the years.
Sally HempyPerson was signed in when posted
05:48 PM MT(US)
Sally Hempy Nancy, I can be around...Harry has an another appointment for another interview at 9...but we will try, absolutely to give you a hand. Got the address. Just so happy to have you back.
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
05:10 PM MT(US)
Open Jovie tonight! 5-8pm! We've got meatball subs, burgers and sides including kale salad! Get out of the rain and into the Merc to sing us a song!
Mark Wisch
04:26 PM MT(US)
Thanks Nancy; I was told the wrong time. I'll call my mis-informer.
04:09 PM MT(US)
I'm getting mouse. Thanks.
03:46 PM MT(US)
Hi, All,

I just wanted to let you know that I entered to be in Open Studios this year and was selected! This is a first for me, so I wanted to let you who have been my greatest supporters know!
Here’s where you can see my work:

Friday, October 3rd, Opening Reception 5:30 – 8:00 in McGuckin’s Plaza next to the Pedestrian Shop
Saturday and Sunday, October 4th and 5th, and 11th and 12th from noon to 5:00 at my home studio, 3018 14th Street. Follow the yellow signs to STUDIO #54.

In addition to watercolors, I’m showing oils and encaustics.

I’ll be exhibiting with my studio partner, Molly Hargarten, who also does glass, so please drop in and wish us luck!

Hope to see you!

03:23 PM MT(US)
Karen S. I have lived in Boulder for 43 years ....I must disagree,with you. I found Boulder to be a wonderful place and not elitist at all. I am sorry you have to walk 2 miles in the snow everyday...you chose where you live. I think maybe your personality has changed as I find Jamestown and the surrounding area to be filled with kind and loving people....getting better and stronger because of recent developments. I suggest you start looking on the bright side of life....many people would give there eye teeth to live where you do.
Think positive you will be happier for it. Remember better here than Seacacuss, NJ!
Nancy Farmer
02:02 PM MT(US)
Is anyone available to help me unload a UHaul truck on High Lake Road Wednesday morning before 10:30? I had thought I'd do it later in the day, but the possibility of rain is higher later in the day and I'd like to get that truck off the hill before then. Also, it's less likely we'd be moving stuff in the rain. The best way to reach me is my cell phone at 3oh3 5nine8 1883 - please leave a message. Thanks!
01:59 PM MT(US)
Does somebody have a wired USB mouse that I could borrow one day this week?
3-- 44 four 8 1 four zero
steve.edelstein at gmail dot com
Nancy E
12:36 PM MT(US)
Hi Mark--Not sure what meeting you're referring to. But the long term planning Orientation tonight starts at 6:30, not 5:30. Hope you can come.
Mark Wisch
12:03 PM MT(US)
5:30 is awfully early for a meeting, for those of us who work until 6, and then have to commute home to Jamestown. Not everyone is 9-5.
Karen S.
11:54 AM MT(US)
Robert H., thanks for article on affordable housing; or rather, lack thereof. I pay MORE in property taxes than a friend who lives in Frederick whose house is right on the paved road, with trash, water, and electricity services. In comparison, I take my trash to the dump myself because there is no trash collection option, have no water or electricity services (well and solar instead), and not even plowing hence why I snowshoe all winter long 2 miles each day. Clearly these facts are in defiance of the principle of "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION". In other words, I pay for things that are not available to me. In addition, I have no kids so I am paying for schools that do not benefit me. "Liberal" is SUPPOSED to mean there is some caring about others, not just the super rich trust funders and soft handed computer "workers". Boulder is not liberal, but elitist and exclusionary. In general. We are the next Aspen, sadly. What I call a degrading, sinking, culture. One not based in reality. The personality of our area has changed, for the worse. I wish I knew how to change it back to the down to earth place and people it used to be. Most of us are in Jamestown, or maybe Ward. The mountain communities should have our own county to properly represent who lives there, and our values, and separate financially (taxwise at least), from the trustfunders and all those who don't have to work for a living.
11:30 AM MT(US)
Utility locator service was on Mesa St. and marked where buried cables were under the road with orange flouresant paint. It either got washed or plowed away.
Dancing Bird Gardens
09:51 AM MT(US)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the market on Sunday!

It was great to be back, especially on a beautiful day like that.

We are planning to do the same thing next week, see you then...
Donna Rabbitt
08:41 AM MT(US)
Call Roland Farmer now if you want it before someone else does.



> On Sep 29, 2014, at 8:07 AM, QT - TC vonrabbitt <qtopic-19-ttG9iqmEC2K@quicktopic.com> wrote:
< replied-to message removed by QT >
08:26 AM MT(US)
Dear Town Government:

I talked to the CenturyLink service guy on the Mesa hill yesterday and he said he was repairing a cut cable. That's apparently what caused the outage for some folks. Earlier in the week there were some workers installing pipe along that same stretch so that was probably the crew that did it.

I have a request, that staring IMMEDIATELY, the contractors be required to first confirm with CenturyLink where the buried wires are BEFORE they start digging, and obviously, take appropriate precautions to avoid cutting the cables.

This is the second cut that I am aware of in a relatively short period of time. I'm sure you understand how vital phone service is here both for emergencies and livelihoods. If Centurylink were able to respond quickly it wouldn't be as big an issue. But they can't. CenturyLink response times are horrible and just getting someone to understand that their is an area problem is agonizing and time consuming.

Thanks in advance for addressing this problem ASAP.
Edited 09-29-2014 08:28 AM
TC vonrabbitt
08:07 AM MT(US)
If still available, I could use it. Mines leaking.

Sent from my iPad
Nancy E
09:22 PM MT(US)
As Allan said about last Wednesday's Long Term Planning Kick-off meeting, it was "Kick ass!"

Now the "real" work begins with the Community Planning Group (CPG) Orientation MONDAY Sept. 29, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall, and then the CPGs' first meetings the following week.

At the Orientation, we'll be going over the process and timeline, and each group will meet briefly to set up a meeting time and to select Co-chairs.

If you weren't able to attend the Kick-off and now can't attend the Orientation, just go to the website at JTstrong.net, look through the info there, and sign up online for a CPG.

Again, we're talking about the future of JT. This is about designing the future JT that WE want to live in--keeping the best of the past, and identifying and resolving issues that existed before the flood, and new issues that are a result of the flood. And maybe some things we hadn't thought of but it's time to handle them.

Let your voice be heard.
06:41 PM MT(US)
If the water contractors have finally cleared out and we have room to work we are planning on coming up next week to do some heavy work around our purple house on ward. Tree removal and grading. Bringing heavy equipment, tools and Xcel is on board to help with power lines but would be happy to hire some local manpower. It's a push to get it done b4 winter so we can move forward inside. Our schedule is set for the 6th - 12th but we will be up on Saturday to check our access unless are grand baby is making her big arrival on earth.
Sal DeVincenzo
06:34 PM MT(US)

Just missing our old friend.
05:41 PM MT(US)
Hey Sterling, read this site.
Deleted by author 09-28-2014 04:24 PM
01:07 PM MT(US)

Yes, JT Farmer's Market is open. Feels like normal.
More photos here: http://adobe.ly/1Cyn5Mr
Bill Burton
01:05 PM MT(US)
Jimtowneres, Just dug up some more Iris bulbs for your planting pleasure. There are still some purple, and this latest batch could be purple or yellow. Baskets will be marked. Help yourselves.

Also, my chiropractor, whom I really like, is offering Jamestowneres a $20.00 initial visit. She's one of the best, and I've tried a lot with all the moving around I've done.
Dr. Ann-Marie Barter, 1260 S Hover Rd. Suite D, Longmont 303-652-0900

Farmer"s Market was Great!! Thanks for coming back!!!
Jamestown Farmer's Market
12:45 PM MT(US)

SO delicious! Make sure you get down here!
Deleted by author 09-28-2014 12:25 PM
Angie Burnham
10:38 AM MT(US)

Hi Everyone,

I will present a program called “A Flood of Grief” on the afternoon of Sunday, October 5, 3-5 p.m. sponsored by the Grief Support Network (GSN). It will take place at the Adi Shakti Kundalini Yoga Center at 6717 Valmont Road in Boulder.

The event is free, though a donation of any amount to the Grief Support Network will be greatly appreciated.

All of GSN’s programs are heartfelt and helpful to people. This one will be the same. It will focus on ways to understand and cope with the grief many of us feel about the changes wrought by the Great Flood of 2013. I will share my Earth & Sky perspective and help us orient more strongly to nature and the land. I will also answer questions about trauma. Part of the program will take place outside the building, weather permitting.

If you live in an area that suffered a lot of loss, please consider attending. If you know people who were hit hard by the flood and are having trouble with the losses, please pass this along to them.

I would love to have your presence and the presence of anyone you know who you think might benefit. You do not have to register; you can simply show up.

all the best and blessings,

Linda Weber, counselor and author
Boulder, CO
08:19 AM MT(US)
Sustainability in action.....
Locals bring your own jugs (or jars) for apple juice @ the Farmers Market this a.m.
08:04 AM MT(US)
Sunday Reflection: http://sundayreflectionjt.wordpress.com/20...8/jamestown-church/
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