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USPS Plant Closings

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Deleted by author 12-11-2014 04:53 PM
Cregory Carr
11:12 AM ET (US)
  I am one of 5 remaining employees unassigned(?) to East Texas P&DC. The plant is closed and for sale. Because of the manner in which the APWU and USPS decided to interpret the contract, employees were not allowed to be excessed beyond 50 miles. Thanks to the protections afforded to preference eligible veterans, we could not be forced into lower level jobs (as determined by OPM !!! NOT !!! USPS management !!!). It's been difficult putting up with the harassment and intimidation tactics of the USPS Dallas District management team, but they have not been able to force us away. Currently they have detailed us locally and assign us work outside of our occupational group to keep us "busy". Some of our prefvets have "voluntarily" accepted lower level jobs, retaining their pay levels, so they are now custodians receiving ET pay.
If you are a prefvet and your facility is on the chopping block you may be able to avoid having to move if there are no jobs available at your level. I am proof of that. Good luck to those of you facing this challenge.

Some info that may help:

The American Postal Worker - November/December 2002 (Vol. 32, No. 6) page 9

Questions About Veterans Preference

The following are APWU responses to frequently asked questions about Veterans’ Preference:

Q: Can a preference eligible employee be excessed from a section or installation to an assignment at the same wage level?
A: Yes.

Q: Can a preference eligible employee be excessed from a section or installation to a lower-level assignment?
A: No.

Q: What does the contract stipulate when excessing reaches a preference eligible employee and the employee’s seniority will allow only a lower-level assignment?
A: The contractual requirement is that the excessing must stop. Involuntarily moving the veteran to a lower level would require a Reduction in Force (RIF), but any employee in the regular work force who was hired before Nov. 20, 2000, is protected against involuntary layoff or force reductions during the term of the National Agreement.

Q: Can the preference eligible employee be skipped?
A: No. Skipping the veteran would violate Article 12 and the craft seniority articles, and could not be done unless in accordance with a special memorandum of understanding. The excessing would have to stop.

Q: After excessing or a reduction of employees is announced, what happens if a preference eligible employee volunteers to be reduced?
A: Unless the preference eligible employee first was provided with an opportunity for a specific same-level job, the voluntary action would violate the RIF rules.

Q: Can a preference eligible employee be excessed to unassigned status?
A: Yes, but only within the same installation.

Q: As an unassigned worker, can the preference eligible employee perform lower-level work?
A: On occasion, yes. On a daily basis (temporarily), yes. There has been a Merit System Protection Board decision that permits putting an employee in a lower-level assignment on a temporary basis. We are now seeking a board decision on the definition of “temporary.” We do not believe that this definition will include a situation in which a preference eligible employee remains unassigned for years, with no attempt to assign the employee to a same-level assignment.
pdoggPerson was signed in when posted
07:53 AM ET (US)
Our bidding ended On Mon. 12/8. We are scheduled to start our new jobs on Jan. 5th. That's in Syracuse, NY
Edited 12-10-2014 07:53 AM
Will RobinsonPerson was signed in when posted
12:48 AM ET (US)
Thanks, PV. Have I told you lately that it's always nice to get your response to a question? I always know you're right.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
10:15 PM ET (US)
/m3004 same in san diego ca
Will RobinsonPerson was signed in when posted
05:05 PM ET (US)
Anyone else facing plant-wide schedule changes up for bid this week? We're a receiving plant for a closure in April, and we're gearing up to move mail processing operations back a tour in order to be in line with the new lower delivery standards coming in January. We're told that changes we're bidding on beginning Friday Dec. 12th will not take place until January 10th, just in case Congress decides to postpone the change in delivery standards another year.

What's going on in other places?
postal concern
11:52 AM ET (US)
Congress is turning up the heat in Donahoe's kitchen. About time. Plant closures are not the answer. I just wish the media would tell the entire truth about the financial situation. We are NOT losing money. Congress is stealing it! Yes, stealing it. The 60 some billion already paid into the retirement fund has been transferred to the national treasury. Why do we never hear about that fact? Our leadership is either A: Completely incompetent or B: In bed with the privatizers. Or C: Both
Deleted by topic administrator 12-01-2014 07:48 AM
02:59 PM ET (US)
Just found out Wausau is closing in April instead of January. Don't know why. Hopefully it's written in pencil because it's sure to change again.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
08:44 PM ET (US)
/m2999 this place is on top of the closures and has nothing as of my post.

05:23 PM ET (US)
Our plant manager just walked through and said he heard from SLC that all the closures were cancelled and the four walls cancelled too. NO early outs either. However, he's been denying that it would all happen since the very beginning. Has anyone else heard this news?
07:04 AM ET (US)
Wasaeu and Madison Wi to Milwaukee are the only moves in January. All other previous January closures have been delayed to later in the year.
the mechanic
10:36 AM ET (US)
To find the spreadsheet with consolidation dates click on: http://about.usps.com/news/service-alerts/welcome.htm then select: USPS Facilities Status then select: 2015 Network Consolidations You will need xcel or another spreadsheet program to open the file. I use open office, it's free and it works well; just google open office. I think 4.1.0 is the current version of the Open Office Suite.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
09:08 PM ET (US)
it is going to be a zoo with cancelling mail at 6 am and the critical entry time of 8 AM.
08:54 PM ET (US)
We heard about this via the mail handler union president. Plant manager tells us nothing!
My understanding is that when the service standard changes are implemented (Jan 2015) our operation run times will change to correspond with SLC processing.
I guess we will find out soon.
Where's Waldo
08:08 PM ET (US)
We are hearing that the "four walls" program has a plan B. A facility slated for Phase II Shut down commencing 01/10/15 would remain open but only do SCF sorts on a reduced number of DBCS machines (some would be relocated, some scrapped). Here is the kicker: The District (the right hand) gave the APWU notice of excessing all ETs in an office commencing January 2015, they were then given different excessing information showing excessing of 1/3 of the ETs in Jan 2016 because they needed to keep ETs for plan B; however, headquarters (the left hand) apparently does not know anything about this as the spreadsheets avaliable at About.usps.com or at RIBBS show no changes. SNAFU or FUBAR ? I say SNAFU
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