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USPS Plant Closings

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08:21 PM ET (US)
Yes, just for clerks. The contract expires and will continue to be honored until new one is negotiated but the 50 mile clause is an ad on so they don't have to honor it any more. Most likely that is what is going on on your delay and ours.
leavingPerson was signed in when posted
08:18 PM ET (US)
/m31202 -- Stressedout -- Why just for clerks expiring in May? Sorry.
06:36 PM ET (US)
Sorry if this is a dumb question but....is the 50 mile radius for clerks expiring in May? Is this due to contract expiration? If this is true, I suspect that's why our mail starts leaving 4/18 but we have been told no excessing until July. Pretty sad.
Will Robinson
01:24 PM ET (US)
Even the plants not scheduled for closing are going to be impacted in a big way, it seems. Our manager was told that we have about 20% too many employees in our city-wide installation. If we can't somehow justify those positions, there will be excessing.
12:44 PM ET (US)
Our mail handlers all got their locations and we(my husband is mail handler) are on our 10 day advance leave to find a house. He is being sent 3.5 hours in good weather and traffic away. The clerks (I am a senior clerk) have been left in the air. One day they are going to the plant my husband was sent to then the next day they wee told never mind. At this point they will report fir duty at out office and get assigned daily to cover in our 50 mile radius. Since I was senior enough not to be forced into that situation I had to use the 21 day postings on e-reassign. I lose retreat rights but I DO keep my seniority. I think they are holding of on clerks for the May expiration of the 50 mile clerk limit. Good luck to us all!
08:34 PM ET (US)
There should be some activity starting, but then again nothing has been said here(Northern Mn) from the beginning. Got a great talk from Plant Manager that if we did really good maybe we wouldn't close hahahahahahha. This with less than a month to go. Love management, the blind leading the blind.
06:59 PM ET (US)
/m3097 L, what facility are you from? Clerk, mailhandler? What's your age and seniority? You don't know where to show up for work after April 18th? WOW!! Is everyone getting this treatment? My curiosity is outweighed by my sympathy for you. I retired with the Jan 31, 2013 buyout because my P&DC was "on the list" and we didn't know for sure what would happen or when. I never regretted leaving even though I know now that I could have stayed until Sept. 30th (2015) and excessed to another P&DC only a few miles farther away. I would not have been able to deal with the uncertainty of such a major change, especially if management isn't keeping the employees informed. I hope things work out well for you and that you're OK when the dust settles. GOOD LUCK!!!
04:02 PM ET (US)
Excessing in two weeks and six days. Where are we going? Be nice to know where the "landing spots" are. Be nice to get a straight answer instead of being treated like a mushroom; you know, kept in the dark and fed $hit.
02:13 AM ET (US)
The only early outs offered at our plant was the same offered Nationally. A few of the senior clerks stayed and the ones who didn't want a carrier job transferred with their seniority thru ereassign.
11:41 PM ET (US)
/m3049 Best, I am not sure if you are asking or stating, but Mail handlers do not have the 50 mile MOU and yet they are still paid for their moving expenses. As Clerks our MOU 50 mile radius is not just about the distance when they have to pay our moving costs but IF they can move us with out special union permission. When the MOU ends basically there will no longer be a distance restriction but as far as I can tell they would still have to pay the moving expenses. The moving expenses and relocation leave is a USPS thing. The 50 mile limit with the clerks is part of a Memo to the APWU contract. Either way in my case at least my husband is already getting the monetary benefits so I cannot other than paid leave to relocate and the general payment as a mail handlers spouse.
11:00 PM ET (US)
Be forewarned, when the MOU on the 50 mile limit expires in May. Also, ANY voluntary reassign (21day included)over the 50 mile limit, negates any relocation expenses available through the USPS?
06:00 PM ET (US)
/m3091 I am in the Western/ Portland District, Bend, OR so this does not stop ours. But yes it is the 50 mile limit that is slowing things down. There are 7 smaller(some very small) towns with in that radius. Because of the moratorium 1-2 years ago the withheld jobs had to be filled by converting the PSE's filling them into PTF and FTR's last fall. Now there are not any positions available. Mail Handlers do not have that 50 Mile limit so my husband is going. Since I am a clerk I am left trying to sort out my own position and seniority. Information is really limited with in the district and they keep changing it. Latest update: EDIT: The impacted juniors are being detailed in Portland. Can't be excessed because of the 50Mile limit. From what I understand though all of us are eligible to bid on the 21day listings on e-reassign. I am not sure if any of them have been given that information. I had to find it on my own since I am senior enough to stay. I have gotten more useful information from you all here than I have from my own managers and Union. For that I am so grateful to you all.
Edited 03-16-2015 08:31 PM
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
05:41 PM ET (US)
/m3091 good catch.

this might be because overtime at the san diego plant is out of control according to a friend of mine. they are a few days behind, in processing.
Edited 03-16-2015 05:42 PM
05:29 PM ET (US)
USPS Pacific Area Cancels Most Involuntary Reassignments

01:02 PM ET (US)
/3089 ok thank you for that information. Good to know. I will make sure it gets passed along to the others in my office.
meisterPerson was signed in when posted
02:18 AM ET (US)
/3087 The only way you'll retain your seniority on eReassign is through the 21 day listings. All available bids in your district are being withheld and employees will be involuntarily assigned to them if noone chooses them. I went through a closing , lost my seniority because I didn't stick around for a job to be assigned to me. But I did
get a position in a highly sought district with a waiting list that I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't have priority status so it worked out for me.
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