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Remote Encoding Center Employees

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YoPerson was signed in when posted
04:36 PM ET (US)
I can't believe the Post Office can't get a better deal for a Lagoon day LOL if I'm not mistaken you can save 10 bucks by bringing in a coke can or something HAHA
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
03:33 PM ET (US)
/m41162 Careers are covered by a nat'l contract which has sections that deal directly with Rec centers. Union and PO are negotiating now for the next one. Till the next one gets signed, the current one remain in effect.
SLCstudentPerson was signed in when posted
03:22 PM ET (US)
/m41162 No, it's not a yearly "contract" like pses have.

I've seen my fair share of bad behavior thats been mentioned, but I always think it's interesting when people comment on the perceived unfriendliness of people at the rec. Its solitary work...so it's not personal, I just think people get used to being solitary, period.

Related: I always laugh at the morale building events that the supervisors put on like the fair that's coming up. It's like they want us to interact and participate, but its still in an isolated way! You can submit art or food to showcase a talent.. but people can only come look at it or try it on their own breaks. There need not be interaction, and if it's just a name attached to the art/whatever chances are I won't know who it is anyway. Its bizarre!
queerkeyerPerson was signed in when posted
12:05 AM ET (US)
/m41160 Is there a contract to being a career?
porophilerPerson was signed in when posted
12:01 AM ET (US)
/41160 Thank you that was useful.
slc vdlPerson was signed in when posted
11:10 PM ET (US)
/m41157 PSE conversion to FTF makes you a career employee which basically means about $2.50 more per hour, holidays, more vacation, 13 days sick leave a year, guaranteed 40 hours a week, very good health benefits. To become an FTR you will need bid on shifts that become available and win one, which sometimes can take a while because it's based on seniority. The wait atm is about 1 1/2 years, though that could slow down depending on how many more employees are hired. There has to be a 50/50 ratio of careers vs PSE's.
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porophilerPerson was signed in when posted
11:41 PM ET (US)
Okay after reading a few things it is where I work. Nice to meet you guys, we might actually know each other faces. : ) I love to talk to people but too many people at the REC and some only just avoid you (most of them..)

I'd like to understand more about FTR FTF, generally PSE conversion. Couple more months it'd be a year working here for me. I don't plan to stay here forever but converting into something better with more pay would help a lot.

Deleted by author 08-29-2015 11:39 PM
porophilerPerson was signed in when posted
11:26 PM ET (US)
Is this SLC Rec we talking about?
ApocalypsenowPerson was signed in when posted
12:10 AM ET (US)
/m41144 If someone has nodded off, here's what I recommend. Walk past that person and as your walking past you "accidentally kick" the wheel of their chair. Apologize loudly to them "So sorry". Now they are awake and you haven't assaulted anybody.

I get people bumping my chair usually 2-3 times a shift any way and I'm awake. The worst is that person who has to trade chairs and has to continually ram their chair into you several times. They never say sorry or excuse me. And if your real lucky they hit you with the chair they are taking out and the one they are bringing in. And it's either an older lady or a heavy set male. (I know I just described half of the workforce).
Last REC StandingPerson was signed in when posted
03:54 PM ET (US)
/m41152 Just like anywhere common courtesy is expected. I would say I'm surprised anyone thinks poking is an ok thing to do, except this is the REC. Last night I saw someone drop about a dozen ice cubes on the floor and leave them there, so yeah I guess poking would be par for the course.
ChocolatePerson was signed in when posted
03:15 PM ET (US)
/m41144 Just like kindergarten.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
01:42 PM ET (US)
/m41144 Never touch--it's actually an assault and big no-no. Just be happy the grannies you had to relieve are continent.

Back when I was 25 and not an old, used to watch some lean in towards the console and catch themselves with a start. Or fall to the floor with a crash.
Davi19Person was signed in when posted
01:23 PM ET (US)
New FTFs would see an increase in wage from $14.69 to $17.34.
FrestressPerson was signed in when posted
12:43 PM ET (US)
Hello rec peeps! How much raise would a PSE to FTF get if converted? Or is there any change of rates? Tia
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