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Remote Encoding Center Employees

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Bouncy ClerkPerson was signed in when posted
11:48 PM ET (US)
Having been @ Lehigh Valley REC '94-'00 (2nd online, after SLC), I remember the mad dash of people all but running to the bank of payphones in the cafeteria area: only a handful of people had cell phones at all! We used to get grief about splitting out our headsets because we had 8 keyers tied to a single radio propped up on the window ledge(back when you could get network TV on an FM channel).

After we shut down, I ended up @ the plant loading the mail for others to key>> for all the crap people wanted to complain about, the REC was a pretty decent gig.
Last REC StandingPerson was signed in when posted
10:37 PM ET (US)
/m40483 Other than COA, why is the REC needed? I guess I'd say for PARS, P-RES, FRES, APPS, and our soon to be new system F-PARS.

I don't know which comment I've enjoyed more the past few days, the ones from PSE's complaining that it may take a few years to get a career position, or the criticism of our REC from someone who obviously has no idea what we do.
Reality checkPerson was signed in when posted
07:55 PM ET (US)
COLA raise? LOL! CPI has been negative the past two months. Your official COLA is ZERO.
slc ghost keyerPerson was signed in when posted
06:11 PM ET (US)
anybody know if we are getting our COLA raise this month?
mulligan2Person was signed in when posted
05:22 PM ET (US)
Last Rec Standing.... You used the magic word, PROFITABILITY,. Not many remember when there were 55 RECs or why there were RECs in the first place. In the beginning of Automation the OCRs were not very good and human eyes were needed. Many improvements later they became better and we are where we are today. For those that key, out of 1000 images you get how many get improved that so they can be sent? It is really up to the sender to address properly. Like any other business, when expenses becomes greater than the profit changes happen. The milk man and his route is one example. Other than COA why are RECs needed?
3+1Person was signed in when posted
04:52 PM ET (US)
Geez, glad to see after five years of retirement from the Wichita REC, SLC has the very same problems as we did.

But we had one more. Our Manager. From 1995 to 2008 when he was forced to retire. He is now 67. After five years as an acting supervisor I quit. MREO rushed up to me and asked why. I told her I was done working for a lunatic.

His name was Richard. He was sentenced Nov 12, 2014 for a crime committed on Dec 25, 2011. He raped a twelve year old. On the above web cite it says "Crime Severity Level: Off the Grid".

My 15 years in the USPS had more, almost, conflict than my 22 years in the Air Force. And that was Viet Nam and the cold war.

You guys deserve a raise.
Deleted by author 03-04-2015 01:52 PM
Last REC StandingPerson was signed in when posted
01:02 PM ET (US)
You are banging your head against a brick wall. Management never has, never will, care about morale or anyone's feelings. They don't care at all about the opinions of clerks. They are perfectly fine with the high turnover rate of PSE's/TE's. I heard a former manager say in a stand up, "I've got hundreds on the register waiting to take their place." If you give them you're lecture on profitability, they would point out that SLC was the REC chosen to stay open, and one big reason was our low cost per thousand. I'm not saying any of this to be rude, they are just the facts.
SLrec biatchPerson was signed in when posted
12:10 PM ET (US)
Sorry, I should have been more specific. You may use a cell phone during your break, but you have to go to a specially designated area away from your computer to do so. So if you're in the middle of the room, you have to dash out of the room, in order to just check a text.
KrissyBeanPerson was signed in when posted
12:08 PM ET (US)
I remember some of the rules being ridiculous when I worked there. But no cell phones during breaks? Has that always been a rule?
If so, it was on paper only. Everybody was on the cell during breaks.

I always felt like the employees were treated like third grade children.
Edited 03-04-2015 12:14 PM
SLrec biatchPerson was signed in when posted
11:46 AM ET (US)
If you want the REC to be more profitable, then you should stop insisting people suck it up.

If you want efficiency, you need to promote a better work environment. The only reason I'm staying is because I'm under the impression that people are being converted a lot more quickly.

As to your points:
1) why do people think that others should suffer just because they did? This makes no sense.
2) There are plenty of companies paying health benefits on the spot, starting at $15.00 per hour.
3) The rules about no water at the computer terminals of any kind are silly. EVERY computer job I've worked for the last 13 years has allowed you to have snacks close to the computer.
4) Why no cell phones DURING breaks? That's just a rule for a rules' sake.
5) You are wasting money by making these rules hard for incoming people to follow. If you lose just 300 employees per year, you have to train at least 340 of them in order to make up for it. Over 10% of the people flunk out per training class. That's 40 grand GONE that went nowhere in productivity. And that's not even including the amount of time and money spent on the Trainers' salaries. Within the next month, you lose what, another 20%? That's another 55 grand gone. You might get 1 months work out of them, if that. You're wasting 95 grand just to get one months work out of 60 people.

To train the rest, when you could have possibly kept them, is another 230 grand.

This is assuming there's only 300 people lost per year. I'm guessing it's more than that, seeing how quickly my own training group has gone down in flames.

One of the biggest things hurting productivity in every company is the fact that old timers think that newcomers should be forced to face stupid rules just because they did.
Edited 03-04-2015 11:49 AM
UtesFanPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 AM ET (US)
SLrec biatch- You don't get regular pay raises as a PSE. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (maybe it's changed since I converted). All PSE's are paid the same amount no matter how long they've been a PSE. They do get occasional cost of living raises, but that's all until you get converted.

As for the comments about what a horrible work environment, it just makes me want to laugh. I have worked at MUCH worse places. And wanting conversions to happen faster. Sorry, suck it up and pay your dues. We ALL had a time where we were a PSE (or most of us a TE). Believe me, PSE's get things much better than TE's did. We couldn't get any type of health benefits and we had our 5 day breaks every 3-9 months. It took me 6 years of no health insurance, of bad schedules, no holidays off and lots of 5 day breaks for me to make career. Looking back it was well worth the hassle. Either be grateful that you have a very good paying/easy job or get a job somewhere else!
Deleted by author 03-03-2015 11:57 PM
face-in-the-crowdPerson was signed in when posted
09:57 PM ET (US)
While I feel most group leaders at the REC do an amazing job that I sure would not want to do, there is a certain group leader on Tour 3 that needs to leave the Nazi persona at home. This person was overheard saying "You are NOT denying overtime are you??!" upon being handed a 3971 at the resource center. I was under the impression that was an issue dealt with by our individual supervisors, not group leaders with pretensions who have no idea what issues such as another job, school, child care, etc might cause an employee to be unable to stay for overtime.
SLrec biatchPerson was signed in when posted
06:47 PM ET (US)
Also if the REC leadership wants to save money by increasing efficiency, they should check out shift work syndrome. If it is possible, they should get rid of being open 24/7. It's been proven that people who work the swing or grave shift make more mistakes, even they think they've adjusted to the new time schedule.
SLrec biatchPerson was signed in when posted
06:40 PM ET (US)
ok, so if you stay a PSE for 4 years.....how does that affect pay raises?
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