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Remote Encoding Center Employees

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MACKPerson was signed in when posted
02:00 AM ET (US)
I am a union member. Besides reading the newsletter and the website, I guess I should start going to the meetings to be better informed.

Today I scaled back and didn't push myself so hard all day. How my sup thinks she is motivating me to be a better employee is beyond me. I'm going to stop focusing on speed and work on my breaks. My sup is obsessed with my breaks. "You were logged out for one minute here on this day. Do you remember what you were doing for that minute?" My last review, the previous day's efficiency was 87.5%. "Well that's not OK, it needs to be 88%" From the feedback from my career co-workers, it seems you can key as slowly as you please with high error rates as long as you are a robot and have perfect breaks.

I think my sup is just one of those ppl who would never give a perfect rating or be too positive, because then there wouldn't be any room for improvement. This is my 8th supervisor in 8 years. Some of those sups felt like friends or at least allies and I looked forward to chatting with them at review time. Oh well, can't change her or the rules so I'd better focus on what I can control and go from there. Being informed about my rights and not feeling intimidated is a great place to start.
Terry StrongPerson was signed in when posted
07:05 PM ET (US)
If an REC slowed down, they would stop breathing.
Last REC StandingPerson was signed in when posted
10:14 AM ET (US)
I know what you mean MACK. When I was a new career it took years for me to stop feeling intimidated by management, and to find out what they can and cannot get away with. You have to find those things out from the union, your supervisor has no problem looking you in the eye and lying to you. I wish someone had told me when I first converted that it's always ok to *politely* disagree with your supervisor, and to ask for a steward if you even suspect it's necessary.

Your supervisor sounds like a nasty piece of work. If I were in your position I'd probably slow down out of pure spite. Sounds cynical I know, but that's what 21+ years of having to fight, just to get some common courtesy, will do to you.
MACKPerson was signed in when posted
09:58 PM ET (US)
Thanks for your thoughts, Last Rec. That's some good advice you've offered and definitely worth thinking about.

I will for sure push back a bit the next time I meet with my supervisor. I admit I have been a bit of a silent yes-man from my 6 years as a TE/PSE. Your supervisor doesn't like you? Buh-bye to your job! I know a few non-career employees who have keyed successfully at other RECs, transferred here, and were let go with no warning or explanation. If your supervisor didn't like you, you were not renewed. End of story. By keeping a low profile, I got 360 day appointments while more vocal long term keyers got 6 months or 90 days.

I've been a career for 2+ years now. I need to get over my old PSE mentality. I guess my last straw was when my sup noticed I had slipped to 99% in Short Name. She said I needed to step it up a notch and get that back up. Excuse me? I know I am not the fastest keyer out there. There are lots of ppl who key accurately and quickly. But to constantly emphasize areas of work that are not part of the contract is a problem. Especially when all that is said is negative with no appreciation or acknowledgement of above average keying or performance. The focus on only the negative is a drain on me.

Like I said, I know there are many ppl who key better than me. But what is so discouraging is that the ppl I talk to on my breaks, the ppl I have lunch with, the co-workers who are my friends at work have WAY lower stats than me with high error rates and do not get the same criticism from their supervisors.

I have already posted here that I have 40+ PACS. I did finally get one of the new Silver PACSs for 10 perfect KPRS in a row, so that was a nice surprise. I know the PACs are just a dumb thing the REC came up with and are not recognized elsewhere in the postal service. My friend transferred to the plant and when she asked about PACs they laughed in her face! Focusing on staying injury free and not getting wrapped up in my supervisor's ego is some great advice. Thanks again!
Last REC StandingPerson was signed in when posted
10:00 AM ET (US)
So I've heard that manager Christina is going around asking people for ideas on how to save the REC $100,000. This after they added all the new managers & supervisors. If they'd created those positions when Wichita first closed and PRES volume was overwhelming, fair enough. But no, they did it when volume stabilized and the REC is slowing down. When engineers are working on a PRES update to reduce volume and Amazon is starting its own delivery system. Now they create new management positions, and wonder how they can save $100,000? Someone doesn't understand basic cause and effect.

Of course their solution is to micro-manage keyers. Here's the thing though: our job doesn't have a keystrokes per image requirement, and it's never going to. Feel free to ignore your supervisor if they nag you about KPI, they can't discipline you for it and they know it. If you're comfortable pushing back a bit, ask them when exactly we got an agreement with the union regarding KPI, and see how they backpedal.

KPI harrassment is such bullshit anyway. We have very little control over keystrokes. If I get a bunch of rejects or rescans for an hour, then my KPI looks pretty great. Someone else who has to key the Kohls return address over & over suddenly has high KPI, but they're working much harder. Bullshit to harass the person doing a better job.

If I ever find someone hovering over me as I key, I'm going to tell them they're distracting me and causing me to make errors I have to clear out, thus raising my freaking KPI.

I wouldn't knock myself out trying to win a supposedly Golden PAC. They once gave Golden PACS out to anyone with perfect attendance for December, and as soon as people tried to use them they were told no, because of mail volume. There's no way management will let you use any PAC, golden or not, on a day with heavy volume. If you're going to concentrate on anything in your keying technique, make it staying free of injury. That's the real thing that will help you in the long run.
MACKPerson was signed in when posted
01:53 AM ET (US)
The OWL at the top should have been my first clue:

"Somebody's watching you..."

Months ago, Tour 2 supervisor Liz said management was doing a Lean Six Sigma on PRES, as it was our lowest performing platform.

That's when they had the surveys by the microwaves asking for our input about PRES, remember?

Since then, they've moved PRES out of the "talking section" and implemented the Reduced Keystroke Competition with a GOLDEN PAC AWARD as part of the LSS task initiative. Melissa talked about standing behind keyers and watching them unnecessarily add keystrokes. This hardly seems like watching for lags or other problems in the program. Extraneous key strokes in PRES are now most definitely being addressed and highlighted in recent employee evaluations and reviews. Just ask your fellow employees who have had a quarterly review in the past few days.

I have personally witnessed my supervisor hovering over me lately. I key over 100% in every platform with less than a fraction of an error percent in any platform, including COA. Why bother? I'm going to get 'constructive criticism' regardless. All I ever get from my supervisor is "Well, if there was anything for you to work on...it would be this." Gimme a break. How about Thank You? Nice Job? I appreciate your dedication? Your years and years of perfect attendance? Thank you for keying so accurately and quickly?

I find it incredibly discouraging to morale to be micro-managed in such an obvious way.
Nobodys businessPerson was signed in when posted
06:24 PM ET (US)
actually only Supervisors do the CARE assessments, regular pse's, ftf's, ftr's and group leaders no longer do these. The LSS's are mostly watching people keying in each system to watch for lags or other problems in the program. Has nothing to do with watching actual peoples keying habits.

It's sad about Rachel, she committed suicide
MACKPerson was signed in when posted
05:58 PM ET (US)
It's part of the CARE assessment. You know the info sheets posted around the REC with the multi-color owl at the top? There is a two-sided sheet being filled out on those clipboards evaluating your posture, keyboard position, monitor alignment, both feet on the floor/footrest, etc etc. All the ergo stuff. You will receive it on your next quarterly review.

Pretty creepy, huh? Like we are not micro-managed enough.
RECKeyerPerson was signed in when posted
01:27 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know what the LSS tasks are that are being assigned? I keep seeing keyers running around the workfloor with clipboards or hanging out at ops, watching other keyers and seeming to jot down notes periodically. Does this have to do with the various "tasks" mentioned in the LSS training session? The supervisor answering questions during the LSS video didn't offer any details whatsoever regarding specifically what those tasks would include, but encouraged us to sign up blindly regardless if we were interested in spending some of our work hours on vague "non-keying tasks." From what I can tell, it looks as though the volunteer keyers are gathering information about the work floor or maybe keyers behavior? My best guess is that they are planning to use wherever information they find toward publishing some kind of new metrics to tell us, once again, that we're hideously inefficient and just too damned expensive to justify as employees? Hopefully someone here has some additional insight as to what's actually going on with all the clipboard note taking suddenly going on and what the LSS "tasks" are supposed to be?
SunnygalPerson was signed in when posted
03:18 AM ET (US)
I was feeling so ill due to the lack of AC the other night. :( And did anyone know Rachel that passed away at only 23? 😓
diabeetusPerson was signed in when posted
02:28 PM ET (US)
Where da breeze at?
Mr. DerpPerson was signed in when posted
02:52 PM ET (US)
The mail volume is really starting to pick up. Almost 650,000 on PRES last night when I left. That's the highest I've seen since last Christmas! If it keeps rising, overtime could be right around the corner.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
06:56 AM ET (US)
/m42995 Are you getting less than fellow PSEs? If the others are getting 40 hours, I'd say you should ask boss why. Better yet, ask union.

/m42994 There's no set limit in nat'l agreement. So it's all subjective, and why mgt and union are fighting over attendance all the time.
LeomeoPerson was signed in when posted
05:50 AM ET (US)
Hey... if you are only scheduled for 4 days as a pse... is it because you are not doing well enough? Is your job in danger?
SiaPerson was signed in when posted
02:32 AM ET (US)
How many red marks can you get for attendance as a Career for the year ?
Deleted by author 06-15-2016 01:48 PM
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