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Job Injury Help and Information for U. S. Postal Service Employees

On The Job Injury Help and Information
Please visit our homepage Postal Employee Network
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jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
02:35 PM ET (US)
On the insurance subject I was going to call my insurance and informed them that my husband will be on Medicare a&in so do I need to inform them because like you said snow it would cover co-pay we read somewhere about gap insurance I am the insurance carrier we are trying to do the right thing economically
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
12:11 PM ET (US)
Clueless- Your premiums should have changed in January. Call your CE, they may have missed the request for change. Hopefully you did upload or send your change request to OWCP. If your husbands copays are high you might want to reconsider. With My Medicare and bcbs combined I don't pay any copays. It's well worth keeping right now for me.

As for your Health premium reimbursement you will have to get your premium adjusted first. Then send copy of your benefit statements and request for reimbursement to HRM
CluelessNYgrannyPerson was signed in when posted
11:34 AM ET (US)
Hello everyone! Usually I just pop on and read a few pages, but I don’t post, until now. I have a question about my health benefits. This past open season I switched from Family to Self. My hubby now has medicare and it’s cheaper for him to have his own ins. How long does it take for them to stop taking the Family rate out? And the overpayment of premiums? How do I figure that out? Its been a few years since I received a refund. Thank you.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
09:27 AM ET (US)
Jjmv- That info is not available on ACS right now. I would call.
jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
04:22 PM ET (US)
Can we check on our eligibility like our accepted condition do we have access can anyone let me know I know at one time we couldn't
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
09:43 AM ET (US)
Email me at shopping-wizard@earthlink.net. And I will send info.
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
02:38 PM ET (US)
Rick &/or Snowed. I saved the info for the new advocacy organization but it disappeared. Can you please post it again? Thank you.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
09:31 PM ET (US)
Your non work related injuries and restrictions should be reported to your CE. The SECOP is there to evaluate your work related conditions. If you get a job offer you need to inform OWCP of all your restrictions in a rebuttal. They must consider them at that point.
backrackPerson was signed in when posted
01:24 AM ET (US)
Hope this does not get too long. I had a second opinion appt and I got pneumonia (diagnoised 3 days before appt). I tried my best to get to that appointment. Could not hold my head up much less drive 2 hours to appt. Cancelled day before. Called QTR (place that OWCP uses to handle dr appts but you prob already know that) to cancel. Wrote letter to CE included short note from family physician that I had pneumonia. Got letter from CE and SCE threatening benefits cut off. I called CE and CE says I am lying about what QTR said to me which was that she would notify dr office and OWCP and that she would make note of pneumonia. I write letter to CE to record my side of conversation in my file. I called QTR to see what was noted. Lady wrote exactly what she said she would and did notify both dr and ce and her case manager) Get rescheduled appt for second opinion in mail. Been to him before (common 2nd opinion dr, old and not working) He thought I could work in 2012 with restrictions and PO would/could not accommodate so they wanted to rehab me but I had to have more surgery about 3 weeks into the rehab process thank God because that stopped that mess. The second opinion in 2014 said I could never work again at all (I know unbelievable). Well now I have knee brace on because both knees are in need of replacement. I have five (5) claims and I am receiving benefits for a neck injury (surgery etc) but none of them are for the knee. How can I explain this to dr so that he will take into consideration this knee problem and all the other problems I have now. (diabetes, kidney disease, pain, hbp, arthritis everywhere etc) I have been on OWCP since 2007 under different claims and have DR approved and SS approved but both at deferred. I don't want to give up on my benefits cause the PO broke my body and I want to fight to keep my benefits coming. All help appreciated.
neicePerson was signed in when posted
11:36 PM ET (US)
bigcitycarrier - You can do an anonymous report pretending you are a customer and complain that you see a woman who works for the post office throwing mail away. Even though that's not the truth, that will get the inspectors to watch her bring the mail into her house.
bigcitycarrierPerson was signed in when posted
10:59 PM ET (US)
What would you do. My husband recently had a employee leave his job. Housing was provided as a benefit. The wife of the employee is a non-career PMR. When my husband went to inspect the house he noticed a lot of UBBM and magazines in the house that did not belong to them. The "mail" has been burned as they cleaned the house out. They have a few things left in the house, including a clearly marked new USPS ladder. I am also a postal employee (NRP'D). I work in a different state/district than her but am concerned about what I should do if anything. I don't want to be involved but I also don't want to have anything to do with a ladder on a place my husband manages and have someone think I took it. I also hate she is helping herself to mail that should be forwarded, or any mail that is not hers.
 I think she is the type to accuse me of anything if she found out I ratted on her, and I don't need any more stress in my life, but I do feel something should be done.
There is no resentment towards them for leaving his job, they left on good terms, or so he said.
throwed under the busPerson was signed in when posted
06:32 PM ET (US)
Snowed/m12592 I got the information on yesterday. Yes, I will be calling on today. Thank you
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
05:12 PM ET (US)
Have you tried the advocate group?
RCSurferPerson was signed in when posted
04:44 PM ET (US)
Background: Was on OWCP from 2/2012-4/2016 Electing DR effective 5/1/2016. I informed OWCP in Jan 2016 I would be making the switch over May 1. I had a 2nd opinion in Jan 2016, he agreed that the USPS was culpable for my injury and that I was still experiencing problems because of said injury; despite that, he said I could work 8 hours a day. My doc submitted the rebuttal late Feb-early March 2016. About the end of April I received notice from OWCP that since there was a discrepancy in my ability to work between the two docs I would be sent to a referee physician. May 6 I received confirmation that I was off the roles of FECA and over to DR; May 10 letter informing me that because of being retired my claim examiner had changed. Now today I receive a letter dated 5/11/16 stating that "... a conflict in medical evidence exists in your case and therefore a Referee Examination must be conducted. The nature of the conflict is: To determine whether the claimant's continuing disability is causally related to employment and the physical limitations/restrictions imposed by residuals from the work injury."

I called and talked with my new claims examiner asking if I still needed to go since I was now on DR. He said yes that my previous examiner told him that I would need to go because I could switch back to OWCP at any time. I told him that I would not be doing that (and in my mind I'm thinking wouldn't it be cheaper for them to send me for the referee exam at a later date if I decided to switch back). I said I thought the only discrepancy was over wage loss and the amount of hours I could work and since I choose retirement wasn't that null now? He said I still needed to go to this exam and if I didn't go they would cut off covering my medical bills.

My questions: Not really understanding the legalese/medical statement of the conflict. Are they now trying to say my continuing problems are not work related (even though their second opinion doc did agree they were culpable) and they are trying to cut off my medical now? If their Referee says I need to have a FCE do I have to go? Because after all they could say I might switch back to OWCP at anytime. I thought all this nonsense ended when you went on DR.

Any one have any experience with this? I was breathing a sigh of relief and now I'm all tensed up again.

Also my past two 2nd ops were scheduled by an outside company, this one for the Referee came directly from the DOL is that normal?
Edited 05-16-2016 05:07 PM
throwed under the busPerson was signed in when posted
09:21 PM ET (US)
jjmv/m12584 I totally agree with you. And what do I do when I am just simply walking in my home or can't sweep my floors for pain being a level 9 and can barely walk and you thing I can carry mail and twist for 2 hours at a productive rate. You got to be kidding me. then you get a doctor who does not care or does not have time and just trying to see every patient he can squeeze in and not write a medical narrative. I have got to find another doctor. I have been begging for weeks for an appointment in order to get a refill of pain medication. What do I do? Please somebody, I am literally begging. You would think working for the Federal Government we would be treated a lot better.
throwed under the busPerson was signed in when posted
09:13 PM ET (US)
Rick Owens/m12586 Thank you, Rick
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
07:27 PM ET (US)
Snowed /m12587 - It's not required to be an IRS approved non-profit to have a .org domain.

Example? almost ALL politicians running for office.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
01:49 PM ET (US)
thanks Rick. Hopefully this group will really help those who need it. Since their web domain is .org, I thought they were not for profit.
jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
02:23 PM ET (US)
The unions don't want to help us they refer us to a lawyer or a advocate where does the union think we should get money from do they not realize we are unemployed because we were injured in the job ; I smell something fishy with that picture
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