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Job Injury Help and Information for U. S. Postal Service Employees

On The Job Injury Help and Information
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neicePerson was signed in when posted
08:58 PM ET (US)
on my way out - As long as you keep sending your requests to owcp requesting your cd for your claims for the date after you received your last owcp cd, owcp will not charge you. But if you keep asking for your whole chart over & over again, then owcp will charge you.

I never requested anything from the post office.
on my way outPerson was signed in when posted
07:57 PM ET (US)
Hi all: sent a request for all three of my worker comp cases files both to workers comp and to good ol usps. Got a letter yesterday that usps wants 32.00 per hour over 2 free hours for research(??), and 15 cents per page for any over 100 pages. Bill over 70.00, which I don't have. Called them yesterday and left voice mail for each and said how could I pay, since they made sure I didn't get paid and said I supposedly comitted w.c. fraud. One called me back, and she said I had to turn in another request in WRITING, if I wanted them, and I had to pay on pick up. I asked for c.d., and she said they didn't do c.d.'s. Any suggestions?? If suggestion, where can I find info to send to her?? Any help appreciated. Thx!!!
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
07:55 PM ET (US)
bobby, when you reach full retirement age WC gets reduced by the portion of SS earned while a federal employee. And you get full SS benefits. This is probably not until at least age 65 for you.
bobby bakerPerson was signed in when posted
05:36 PM ET (US)
Hello if. I'm getting my. WorkComp but. Turn retirement. Age. 62'do I continue.with. My. Wc payments. Since. I'm still disabled ,or. Does. The. Wc payments. Discontinue. And I get only. My. Social. Security?I. Know. You are not allowed. Both and. Wc vwould. Be. More
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
12:46 PM ET (US)
You may desire to read this PEN editorial today...

Is USPS Building a Database of Employee Health Information


Rick Owens - PEN
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
10:17 PM ET (US)
don't worry should be good...someone needs to key in the payment.
checkchickPerson was signed in when posted
08:43 AM ET (US)
/m10789 I called HR injury comp and asked about what CE told me about not being able to buy back til I was back to work she said she had the paperwork and it was sent to Eagan but no i couldn't start buying it back til I returned to work. She said it had to be bought back through payroll deduction. It makes no sense that I could not just cut them a check and buy it back. Also, I have been totally off work since aug 8th when my surgery was, I have been submitting my ca7s every 2 weeks and have had no trouble getting paid. I check the OWCP web site everytime I submit form to make sure they got it. usually it states, certification pending then certified then paid, this week it states certified(initial adjudication) keying for code. Does anyone know what that means? Whats keying for code? Am I going to have trouble getting paid?
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
11:23 AM ET (US)
the USPS is doing anything they want. Talk to your union about the work refusal. As for your new compensation case, dont trust HRM to send everything in on time. Call OWCP and as soon as you get a claim number, upload all your medical directly into your case file yourself. You can do this by googling: "Ecomp OWCP"...there is a link on the right to upload documents. If is better to have a duplicate copy in your file rather than no copy. Did you file a CA-1 within 30 days of injury? If so, you should be paid COP while you are waiting for a decision. Good luck.
newtothisPerson was signed in when posted
07:29 PM ET (US)
Hi, I just sent off the forms to be approved/disapproved for workers comp... I went to the po with my restrictions and they said they didn't have any work for me. Can they deny me work or do I have to wait until its approved to work with restrictions?
on my way outPerson was signed in when posted
07:54 PM ET (US)
Checkchick: Last year called injury comp, person helped me fill out form to buy back sick leave. She told me I had to pay 25% to buy it back. Told her no problem. We worked together on it for about 30 minutes. Sent it into to her. Two days later went back to me with DENIED written across each ad every 6 pages of it. Called her and asked why she did that, and she told me post office does not ALLow us to buy our leave back. HUH?? Workers comp got so mad at me when I kept calling them about it, they sent me a letter notifying in Big bod letters, it was up to the agency if they would let us buy our leave back. Workers comp has Nothing to do with it. Please keep us posted on this, as I have an EEO on this. Also, on your travel, send it to OWCP in Kentucky, post office doesn't deal with travel.
checkchickPerson was signed in when posted
02:44 PM ET (US)
I've been off work for work related injury since feb,I used my SL til claim was accepted and approve in May. I have filled out the paper work to buy back my leave and it was submitted in June.HR says they have submitted everything and are waiting for owcp to pay their portion and then I will get a bill from Eagan and I can set up payment plan. I call CE he says theres nothing in my file and even if there was they wont process it til I.m back to work. Is that correct? I had surgery on shoulder 6 wks ago and will probably be another 6 wks before I return to any kind of duty. Am I not allowed to start buying back my leave before I go back to work? Also, do medical travel expense forms get sent to HR or do I sent them directly to OWCP? Thanks if anyone knows
Brownbomber2Person was signed in when posted
02:24 PM ET (US)
I just got off of the phone with Ellis clinic. I was told I would have a reply last Friday afternoon, they still have not taken the time to respond and the receptionist said they don't have time. I am now two weeks into a 30 day time limit, which they know about and say they don't have the time to respond. I have a feeling that this is going to go no where. I would recommend that anyone thinking about this clinic, look elsewhere if you have other options available fairly close to you. Now if I go somewhere else, it will just look like doctor shopping and my case will get denied. Dr. Ellis talks a good game, but does not follow through with the delivery.
MailladyRt48Person was signed in when posted
10:37 PM ET (US)
I also went to Dr. Ellis back in April 2013 for my SA. OWCP sent me to a second opinion doctor of their choosing and he told me that OWCP was rejecting Dr Ellis cases because they felt he was siding way too much for the employee. I don't know if this helps but I thought I should mention it.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
10:48 AM ET (US)
Thought some of you may be interested in reading the article I wrote/posted at PEN's blog this morning:

Postal Employee Injuries Lead To Cluster Box Mail Delivery and the Cost of USPS Workers' Compensation

Here: http://postalemployeenetwork.com/news/2014...-box-mail-delivery/

Rick Owens - PEN
Brownbomber2Person was signed in when posted
08:18 PM ET (US)
Just a heads up for everyone. Hope this is the right forum to post it to. Dr. Ellis staff is not the greatest in the world, they do not reply in a timely manner and when I sat in the office waiting for my appointment with Dr. Ellis, the girl spent a lot of time on her cell phone when she should have been working. Dr. Ellis spent the first hour, preaching to me out of the bible and telling me that the churches had been lying to me about what was in the bible. He said that he knew the truth. Not a very reassuring visit with him. Now my report from him has been denied. This was a 13 hour drive for me and I personally wish I had seeked help elsewhere. I am supposed to get a letter from him explaining his report and I cannot get a response of any kind. You may have better luck, but I personally feel I made a mistake going to him.
John828Person was signed in when posted
03:36 PM ET (US)
Anyone have any idea how long it may take to receive ruling on motion filed during SSDI apppeal? My lawyer filed brief in August hoping judge would rule in my favor, removing need for hearing.....
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